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Wild Nail Boutique


Hi, just wanted to share a French song with you (Tomorrow's Earth). Play it if you like... God Bless / All the best, Phil.
Hello, Where are located??
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the beautiful Lu for having me today for my personalised "It's all about you" workshop. I hope I didn't give you headache with my 1001 questions, which you did encourage and answered splendidly! I had a fabulous time and learnt a lot, and I'm excited to try some of the things we discussed. Thanks Lu, I'll definitely be recommending you x
I am absolutely in love with my nails, Lu!! I can't stop smiling when I look down at them and feel all girlie ❤❤❤ Thanks a million
Are you able to do my nails, full set. I've inboxed you but I never get a reply. I'm free Mon, Tues or Weds, first appointment or last appointment
Its done ! We proudly present our new Acrylic Line! And its no all, we have enlarged our sortiment, Acrlic powder, Finish Gel, Shell Sticker, 3D Color Powder Filer and Buffers. By KKSP - Krisztina Kalmár www.kkspshop.com www.diffusion-art.com Catalogque:http://www.diffusion-art.com/wp-content/uploads/diffusionart/Catalog_Katalogus.pdf If its now allowed to post on your page, just delete it Thanks!
Jade McDonald Lu is absolutely ammaaaazinggg ❤️
Jade this is were we need to go ###
Have messaged you regarding appointment tomorrow 🙂

Wild Nail Boutique located in Modbury, SA Specializing is custom acrylic & gel designs IG: @wildnailboutique By appointment only.

I am a fully qualified Nail Technician offering unique, custom sets of nails and take a lot of pride in my work. Feel free to throw concepts of colours, ideas or things you like and watch me create a custom set of nails just for you! I try not to duplicate my designs and will always add a little twist so that you walk out with nails that stand out from the rest. Handpainted art and sculpted 3D work is at an extra cost, as this requires extra time. Stamping designs are offered as a cheaper alternative and look fabulous on nails! Not only do I offer acrylic, but also offer gel polish services which can be applied to both natural and acrylic nails. Gel polish lasts 3x longer than regular polish, and artwork and glitter can be applied over the surface. I run on quite a tight schedule between appointments and 'mum duties' so I ask that children are not brought to the appointments. This can at times throw the appointment times out and there are also too many hazardous products in the salon for little fingers to get in to. Exceptions are made when a client would like their child to have a polish only service. Prices are below and are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to ask for a quote. I can be contacted via facebook or text and will get back to you as soon as I can xo ☆★☆ PRICES ☆★☆ ★Acrylics★ * colour or glitter $70/ refills $60 * french $70/ refills $60 * natural overlay $50 * designer sets from $80 * sculptured stilletos from $110 * backfill (cuticle only) $40 * gel polish add $10 to any acrylic service * removal from $30 * repairs from $7 each ★Gel Polish/Mani★ lasts 3x longer than regular polish, applied to natural nails or enhancements * $35 includes removal and colour change * $25 removal only ★Nail Art★ full set minimum charge * stamping (featured in most pics) $5 pair * hand painted from $5 pair * 3D sculptured nail art from $2.50 each * swarovski crystals $1 each, $15 half nail pair, $25 full nail pair (extra will be charged for longer enhancements) * 9 carat gold and silver nail rings available ★★★ VOUCHERS AVAILABLE ★★★ ★★★ Feel free to ask for a quote ★★★ ***Prices are subject to change without notice***

NAILS - 8th June!

It's been a loooong few weeks!


I'll just leave this here as a reminder NOT to purchase or hire any DIY kits 😂

Ha ha ha too good not to share. 🤣🤣
Hang In There chicks. Sending virtual love

LOL 💁🏻‍♀️

come on... admit it 🤣🤣🤣

Before anyone decides to comment, please keep in mind that each state has enforced different laws and restrictions & I am 100% abiding by these here in SA.

Certainly know who offers what lol

Everyone with nails- nail tech
Bangin brows- brow tech
Lol missing the brows, fresh colour and laser treatments

Keep positive ladies, I’m really hoping this won’t be for too long!! 🤞

Lol missing you ladies already x

[03/24/20]   Hi Ladies

My decision hasn't come lightly but I will be postponing all appointments until further notice due to the current circumstances.

Unfortunately there is no "social distancing" with nails. Even though we have been classified as an essential service and can continue to stay open, I won't be, in hope that playing my part will help reduce the risk and #flattenthecurve. We have several people within our family and close circle who are in high risk groups and I cannot take the risk any longer.

Please ignore all reminder texts... I AM NOT OPEN... but need to keep all your names and times in so that I can stay organised with appointments once this chaos is over. If you receive a message and want to double check that I'm open/closed, please message me and I'll let you know 😊


And to all the healthcare and emergency workers, some of which are family and my closest friends, THANK YOU ❤ if there is anything you need, please let me know!

There are people in the community like myself, willing to support every single one of you, from leaving groceries and cooked meals on your doorstep to picking up/ searching for TOILET PAPER (wtf has this world come to lol 🤯)

You have the most vital roles in the next few weeks and we all need to keep you safe, well fed and rested where possible. You legends ❤


Please stay safe, take care of yourself, loved ones, friends and community and be KIND to each other... see you on the flip side ✌🏼❤

[03/24/20]   Contacting clients regarding appointments for next week

Not even kidding, every year I ask that you reschedule your appointments if you are sick and unwell. There are absolutely zero exceptions to this due to the current circumstances.

I will not risk my health or the health of my family because you want your nails done

The girls in the salon will not have their health put at risk because you want your nails done

I will not allow the health of any clients to be compromised because you want your nails done

... in other words, nails don't take precedence over health! So please be mindful, alert and aware.

No beating around the bush with this post.... blunt and straight to the point because it's important that this sinks in.

[03/09/20]   Behind in messages... I'll do my best to get back to everyone this week x

[03/04/20]   I've had to make a few changes to some appointments. Please go by the reminder messages sent out from the system- I've altered them to send out 72 hours prior to your appointments. If you do not receive a reminder, please contact me.

[02/26/20]   I'll be replying to all messages over the weekend, thanks for your patience x

So who is guilty here?? 😂 90% of you are!!!

Tap 👍 if you can relate 🙄 Credit: Isabelmaynails 💅

[01/17/20]   Good evening!

Just a couple of things... Please read! ❤

🌿 I'll be going through my inbox on Sunday and getting back to everyone. If you don't hear from me by Monday, then please send me a friendly reminder- oversights are common!

Currently on a break with the kids so I haven't really checked messages at all because I know that I will forget to get back to everyone.

🌿 Updated price lists will be sent out to all clients currently on my books. Please take note that some services have slightly increased in price due to the increase in product cost from suppliers. Other services have decreased, as I have been able to source products at a more competitive cost. I will touch further on this when I send through the prices to you.

🌿 I love that my regular clients are super organised like myself and have booked in advance. Just please remember dates will change through school holiday periods, public holidays, student free days and any other school related events that may arise at short notice... Oh and of course, when I have a sh*t tonne of assessments due 🙈😂

Have a great weekend and you'll hear from me soon x

[01/04/20]   Will respond to messages in the next couple of days and then I will be M.I.A to spend time with my kids for the school holidays.
Check my posts below for available/unavailable dates x

#sorrynotsorry 😂❤

Just putting it out there! 😂

[12/29/19]   I'm back to back tomorrow, so please keep in mind that I won't have the time to do hectic sets unless it was organised prior to your booking.
Thanks and see you tomorrow!

[12/23/19]   Thanks to all my awesome clients that made today run smoothly, and for your patience when I was running a little late.
Super huge thank you for all the coffees and cold drinks!
Seriously, you ladies made my day ❤

Bewitched Nails & Lashes

VERY IMPORTANT FOR CLIENTS! That first nail A = terrible structure, too thin, possibly done at a Chain Nail Shopping Centre using Dental Acrylic banned in many Countries, will easily break or rip your natural nail.
B & C = Both great structure and balance, shows Nail Techs knowledge and training, has your safety in mind, strong and durable within reason.
C = possibly to balance natural “ski-jump nails” (very common in nail biters), and those with misshapen natural nails.
So next time your wondering why a Trained and knowledgeable non-shopping centre Nail Tech is ‘building your nail correctly’,THIS is why. 💕💅🏻

[12/14/19]   Christmas festivities start early from my end due to lots of people and lots of places to be 🎅🏼🎄

ill slowly work through my inbox over the weekend and hope to get back to everyone by Wednesday. It is a crazy hectic month and I can appreciate people like to be organised, but please be patient.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!

Speak soon ❤

Current and prospective clients!

Current clients, please let me know if you would like to continue your appointments in 2020- 90% have already confirmed and committed.

Prospective clients, if you haven't been in touch with me in the last 8 weeks, please message me and let me know if you would be interested in a regular spot with me- please include the following information:
☆ gel mani or acrylic nails
☆ how often you would like an appointment : please note that my slots run on a 2/3/4 weekly basis only
☆ preferred day/s and day or after hours

These spots aren't guaranteed and will only be offered if my gaps coincide with your availability.

🌿🌿🌿 Before you message me please take in to account that I'm a no BS tech/business owner who runs a super tight ship. When I'm not nailing, I'm studying full time and being a mum to four. I am very time poor as it is and have a very low tolerance for time wasters, no shows and constant cancelations/reschedules, because I simply can not pull extra hours out from my handbag to accommodate after I have twiddled my thumbs. My professional relationship with my clients is fun, loyal and understanding provided you turn up to your appointments and don't screw me around. I put in 100% in to every set and I'm honest if it's just not my day- we all have those days! If this sounds like your cup of tea, message me! ❤

EDIT: this is for both current and prospective clients. Current clients, if your work or social commitments are all over the place and you aren't sure if you can 100% commit, unfortunately I am not the right tech for you. There may be techs who are more flexible with their time and are happy to wait around, however this is not me at all.

[12/10/19]   All outstanding late fees need to be finalised by the end of this week for any further bookings to be considered.

It's my busiest month of the year, this week alone I've had 3 reschedules/cancellations/no shows... in the last 7 days I've had a total of 5 for various reasons... I also study and run a household of 6- unsure where people think I can fit them in???

I have had girls on my waiting list for over 12 months, who frequently touch base with me to ensure that I am still aware that they are still wanting to get on to my books. At this current moment, I have very little hesitation to offer them these spots as I am beyond my limit.

Things are going to be running a hell of a lot differently next year.

On that note, if I have clients this week and next week who are flexible to shuffle their appointments, please let me know via message- I have a couple ladies who would like to swap due to unforseen circumstances x

So who's guilty? 😂

⭐️Goooooosfraaabaaaaaaaa 🙄 Get the perfect fun nail tech Christmas gifts here for yourself, your nail tech or a friend (Designs by @celinaryden) - www.teespring.com/celina-ryden

Couple of reschedules for the 23rd. These are my last two available spots for the year.
Message to book, deposits are required upon making a booking. 60 minute spots- 3D artwork is not an option in these slots x

Wild Nail Boutique

These are the only days that I have some bookings left! Please be aware, a couple of these days there is only one or two spots.

JANUARY 2ND- this is the only day that I have some spots! All other available dates in January have been booked and I do not have anything else until February.

DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED... check my policy for how these work and when they are forfeited! No exceptions.

Have you booked your appointment?
These are the only days I have gaps, spots are limited and an extra day or two has been added as my study will be wrapped up for the year.
January date below: this is the only day left in January where I have a spot! Otherwise you will need to wait until Feb.

I have taken all my regular bookings 12 months in advance, which makes me super nervous but all you ladies know the drill, when my study schedule changes next year, as will these appointments.

I will open up regular bookings to new clients in Feb 2020 x


These are the only days that I have some bookings left! Please be aware, a couple of these days there is only one or two spots.

JANUARY 2ND- this is the only day that I have some spots! All other available dates in January have been booked and I do not have anything else until February.

DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED... check my policy for how these work and when they are forfeited! No exceptions.

Spot on 👌🏼😂

Happy Monday 😜

These are the only days that I have some bookings left! Please be aware, a couple of these days there is only one or two spots.

JANUARY 2ND- this is the only day that I have some spots! All other available dates in January have been booked and I do not have anything else until February.

DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED... check my policy for how these work and when they are forfeited! No exceptions.

[11/17/19]   1. Currently working through my inbox! 🤯 lol

2. Christmas bookings have been worked out from my end, so I will be messaging everyone who has a regular booking and letting you know what's available and whether or not you can make certain times... if you can't, you may need to go elsewhere for one or two apoiubtments to get you through until I'm fully back on board in Feb!

3. Bookings from 18th December through to the end of January will ALL require a DEPOSIT paid before the spot is secured. Do not put me in an uncomfortable position by asking me to hold spots- it's simply not happening. I get screwed every school holiday break with my time when I could be spending valuable hours with my kids! These deposits can be paid via transfer and a screenshot of the payment will need to be sent to me. Regular and new clients, NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. Clients will be booked back-to-back... if you require extravagant artwork or crystals, then you NEED to message me asap as I may not have the time to fit the extra things in (please be understanding!)

5. I am taking time off in the school holidays from Monday 6th of January, through to the 19th of January- I will not be responding to messages, do not message my personal page, and I will not be coming in during this period for anyone. I am spending time with my children.

6. Can you tell by my post how stressful this time of year is 😵 honestly, don't take offence to it, if I'm not upfront and honest from the beginning, I have clients that push me to my limit and put me in very uncomfortable circumstances.

7. If you haven't heard from me by Wednesday... please shoot me a message!

Lu x

P.S AFTERPAY AVAILABLE- MINIMUM $100 ( two refills, one refill + crystals etc)

[11/15/19]   Christmas bookings will be released this weekend for the month of December (week of 16th and onwards), ALL bookings will require a $25 non refundable deposit (this includes both regular and new clients). This will be deducted from your service at your appointment. A deposit will be forfeited if a client does not show up to their appointment (missed appointment will be need to be paid in full before I accept any further bookings!) Or cancels less than 48 hours.

It's a very busy time of year, my spots are limited, I book back to back over this hectic period and will not tolerate time wasters regardless of whether you have been with me for a few months or a few years, I have clients needing spots and turn them away every year.

Regular clients will have priority over spots before I open up to new clients x

[11/15/19]   Ladies, I'm too scared to open my inbox 🙈😂
I WILL be going through it this weekend, I'm a little behind...

[11/11/19]   I'll be going through my inbox in the next day or two, it's super full so please bear with me!

Christmas appointments- I'll be releasing these to my regular clients next week, these need to be confirmed asap and a deposit will need to be paid to secure the spots. Last year I was booked back to back, turned away far too many clients, and then of course had last minute cancellations from regulars, which were impossible for me to fill. No deposit ➡️ No booking. Unfortunately I will not be holding these spots. Once spots are filled, I will then open up the spaces to new clients.

New Year- I will be taking some time off with my family so spots will be limited. I will release dates to you via messenger.

Lu x

Relax your arm
Relax your hand
Relax your finger

Bet my clients haven't heard me say that 🙈😂

One for Halloween 😘🎃

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Adelaide, SA

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 14:30
Tuesday 17:00 - 21:00
Thursday 09:00 - 14:30
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