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Scamps Hair


Thankyou Mariola for the great transformation 🙂
Thank you for making it so easy and comfortable for Ethan’s first haircut 😊 Lauren was so lovely and so wonderful with him 😊
Enjoying my morning coffee at Scamps Hair - about to have some foils so I will look better soon. Will post picture later.
Change of style - photo yo follow! !
Been 9 weeks since I first went and had a cut with Rachel, so returned today, along with my $10 Voucher I received in the post, 'Thank you very much'. I won't leave it 9 weeks next time, just 6. Once again Rachel did a great job, thank you. xx
Yet another fabulous visit to Scamps (Ive already left a review so it won't let me leave another one). Thank you Rachel and Lisa for your care. I definitely will recommend the salon to others! :)

Scamps Hair & Beauty located in Aberfoyle Park , Hub shopping Centre, Hub Drive, Adelaide. Please call 82702399 or 82704858 for bookings! Beauty and Nail appointments call 82705680

Scamps Hair Studio has been looking after clients in the southern suburbs of Adelaide for almost 40 years. We offer all the hairdressing services you could possibly need to keep you looking and feeling your best, but we specialise in colour corrrection. If you have a colour problem, most times we can fix it fairly quickly, but sadly, sometimes it might take a little longer, but we will fix it!

Mother’s Day great gift ideas 🎀
Hair care packs from $24.95!
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Be ready for when travel bans are lifted with the dual voltage Big Shot travel dryer for $29.95 and the travel sized straightening irons for $69.95. We also have handy travel sized hair products available, everything you need for your next getaway break! 🤗 ✈️ 🧳
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[04/20/20]   Hi everyone, just a follow up re my previous post about the box of face masks that I received yesterday. I neglected to say I am donating them to whom ever feels they need to wear one to feel more comfortable to go to the shops etc,
so don't worry about the cost, because there isn't any.
YES THEY ARE FREE! Just contact me on [email protected] and I'll make it happen, OR ,if it 's easier for you to just call the salon on 82702399 and leave your details with the girls, I'll arrange postage to you.
Stay well and safe.
Regards, Pam Lavender @ Scamps Hair & Beauty

[04/19/20]   Hi everyone, You won'e believe what just lobbed on my doorstep. A delivery of face masks I ordered ages ago on the internet, and when they still hadn't arrived by last week I thought I had been sucked in by an internet scam. Well how wrong was I ! I now have a box of 50 disposable 3 layer protective masks that come from Debao Aviation Supplies in (you guessed it) China. Rather ironic I thought. I know lots of vulnerable people haven't been able to get their hands on masks and are afraid to go out without them. As my girlfriend had already supplied the girls at the salon with masks (she sews and I don't, cos I'm useless like that) I am more than happy to share my 50 with anyone who needs one or two, so if you can email me at [email protected] I will post them to you if you aren't able to pick up from the salon. If however you can come to the salon please email anyway so I can put them in an envelope with your name on it to be picked up from there. If you would rather call the salon on 8270 2399 and leave your name with the girls I'll organise it from there for you. Stay safe and well. PS By the way my previous (rather cross) post was because I was annoyed that the officers from SAPOL (who's resources are already overstretched) had to waste their valuable time investigating a false assertion about my salon, so if it offended anyone, my apologies to them, and Katie (our fabulous therapist) will definitely re-open for all beauty services as soon as the ban is lifted. Watch this space! Cheers pam and the Scamps team

[04/18/20]   Hi everyone, just touching base to remind you that we are open for business, and rest assured that we are taking every precaution to ensure a safe, clean environment for all our clients.
As an aside, the other night I had a call from SAPOL (the police) who advised me that someone had reported my salon to 'crime stoppers' for allegedly providing beauty services to clients, which of course is against the 'shutddown' rules.
I want to assure everyone (incl the mis-informed person) that we are only providing hairdressing services, and nothing else, until such time as the government tells us different!
For the person/people who believe unsubstantiated "fake news" maybe they should go and live in 'Donald land' because they are the experts at this sort of damaging rubbish.
Sadly, if the person who wrongly believed we were breaking the law (which we are not!) took the time to read the many signs posted around our salon, stating that we are unable to provide those services atm, or even called us to try to make an appointment for any beauty or nail service, they would have been told, sorry, we can't oblige, at this time.
So, a message to all the well intentioned people, may I suggest you all check your facts before you make false reports about a business that is just trying to keep their staff in a job, so please come and get your hair done. WE ARE OPEN!!!
Pam and the Scamps (hairdressing only) team

[03/24/20]   Hi everyone, Scamps Hair & Beauty at the Hub S/Centre want to remind everyone that, until such time as the government closes us down WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We also want to assure everyone that we are taking every precaution re cleaning sanitizing etc to ensure the well being of everyone in our salon (clients and staff members incl) We have staggered our appointments and staff rosters (sorry, but because of that, the salon opening hours are a little erratic at the moment) to ensure we maintain the 'social distancing' required to avoid the spread of the Corona virus, and on all surfaces, work stations etc staff are committed to cleaning them and adhering to strict hand sanitisation etc between each client, as well as introducing other safety mechanisms like single use coffee cups, no magazines etc to ensure we look after everyone that comes through our doors during this trying time. If you would like to book an appointment just ring on 8270 2399, BUT, if the salon has closed early for the day please leave a message and we'll get back to you first thing the following day. (Excl Sundays) As a small local business we really appreciate your continued support and look forward to when the situation becomes 'normal' again, but in the meantime look after each other and stay positive because there is aways a light at the end of the tunnel.Regards, Pam and the Scamps team.

[03/19/20]   Hi everyone, Pam here from Scamps Hair & Beauty at The Hub S/Centre, Aberfoyle Park, I'm writing this post from my self imposed qurantine. (no I don't have the dreaded virus) Unfortunately for me, I've had an awful head cold for the last couple of weeks and I was worried that coughing or sneezing near clients in the salon might cause a panic, so I'm spending some time at home until my sypmtoms disappear (secretly I think the girls are loving it! LOL ) I want to assure clients that we are absolutely still open for business during this very trying / scary time, and your continued patronage and support means a lot to us. We are going above and beyond in terms of salon cleaning etc to ensure your well being. All equipment used, salon chairs, basins etc are being disinfected regularly and cleaned between each client. BUT, If you love a good read of (sometimes) incredible, funny, amazing, sad, unbelievable and often tall tales (fake news!) then please bring your own reading material for the time being, because all magazines have been removed to avoid the possibility of the spread of bacteria. I also have to apologise in advance for having to serve our delicious FREE coffee in disposable cups, but I promise you it still tastes great! In order to keep our entire team occupied we look forward to seeing you all very soon, BUT, if you are currently not well or have symptoms of COVID-19 please give us a call on 8270 2399 and we can re schedule your appointment for a later date when you are well again. Stay well and stay calm, because we will get through this together, because that's what Aussies do. Help each other! Pam and the Scamps Hair & Beauty team ###x

Gorgeous blend by bree 💐🥂 #adelaidesalon #wella #wellacolour #wellacolor #curls

Colour by our talented manager bree 😍✨ #adelaidesalon #staino #evo #evostaino

Back to school vibrant colour by our talented Jackie 🤩
#wellacolor #purplehair #bluehair #adelaidesalon #ombre @ Scamps Hair

Need a formal style for any end of year event?! Scamps has you covered! 🥂
Beautiful upstyle by kimmi, book in now on 8270 2399
#adelaidesalon #formalstyle #upstyle @ Scamps Hair

Need a formal style for any end of year event?! Scamps has you covered! 🥂
Beautiful upstyle by kimmi, book in now on 8270 2399
#adelaidesalon #formalstyle #upstyle

Going on holidays? We’ve got you covered!
Powerful dual voltage travel dryer $29.95
Mini travel straightening iron $52.95
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[11/23/19]   Hi everyone,
A lovely lady popped into the salon on Thursday and asked if we had any space available to sublet for a Nail Technician. It turns out she was enquring on behalf of her personal nail technician, (who had been doing her nails for over 10 years) but unfortunately, because of a change in her personal circumstances has to relocate her (local) home based nail salon. I was happy to tell her we did have a nice space available for an experienced technician (just like her) and would be happy to discuss some rental/sublet options re a fixed amount OR a percentage, rent free period etc and would love to talk to her about joining our friendly team in the shopping centre, as, in addition to our hairdressing team we have a fantastic beauty therapist who does absolutely everything, except nail extensions, SNS etc so we would love to have a chat to her nail technician friend.
Stupidly I neglected to get her nail techs contact details, so this is a 'shout out' to her or anyone who thinks they know who I'm talking about to ask her to please contact me at [email protected] or leave a message at the salon on 82702399 and I'll contact her straight away because I think we could be very good for each other, because I need a new nail tech and she needs a new local location to look after her loyal clients. WIN, WIN! I hope someone out there in 'Facebook' land can help us get together. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. Cheers Pam at Scamps

Swipe for before ➡️
Great news for all you ladies who are unhappy with your fuffy, fuzzy, wavy, curly hair, or those who just want to reduce the drying/styling/ironing time and get your unmanageable hair back under control!
‘AURA’ the newest innovative (non chemical or keratin) straightening/smoothing service.
Book your appointment now on 82702399 and forget all those tedious, time consuming hair drying and styling hassles. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
Send us some pictures of your hair (dry, but left natural after shampooing) and we can tell you the best ‘AURA’ method to improve and control those fluffy ‘fly-always’ ect, and the special discounted price you will get this fabulous new service for. ENJOY! 🤩✨ @ Scamps Hair

Just in packs for Christmas!
Nak structure complex & platinum blonde trio $49.95 each
Each pack contains 375mL shampoo, 375mL conditioner & 150mL treatment

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Going on a holiday? We’ve got you covered with our cute EVO travel sized products! Prices ranging from $5.50 to $16.25, 30mL to 50mL 🤩
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Gorgeous colour done by our apprentice meraneah 😍
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[11/07/19]   Hi everyone, GREAT NEWS! We have manged to secure the services of an amazing new salon manager. Her name is Bree and she has been living and working in WA for the last 20 years and has just returned to Adelaide. She specialises in Cut & Colour and loves to offer new looks to her clients so they never become bored with the same old colour or cut. To celebrate her arrival we are offering our 'Facebook' friends 25% DISCOUNT off all her services for the month of November. Make sure to mention the 'BREE FACEBOOK SPECIAL' when booking on 8270 2399. Enjoy! 😃

*product of the month*
For our product of the month we have chosen the new invigo blonde recharge pack from @wellahair ! 😍$57.95 each pack
contains 250mL shampoo, 250mL conditioner & 150mL treatment
The invigo blonde recharge-blend is a powerful combination of new ingredients, advanced technology and Vitamins to refresh and maintain the brightness and vibrancy of natural, coloured and highlighted blondes. With colour pigments invigo helps fight unwanted brassyness in your hair! 🤩
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Just in!! Exciting new packs from @wellahair invigo 🤩 $57.95 each pack
contains 250mL shampoo, 250mL conditioner & 150mL treatment
Invigorating care blends leaving your hair recharged
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Nak has recently repackaged and reformulated their products to be vegan 🌱 and sulphate & parabens free!
We currently have in stock these amazing packs for great value! 🤩
Nak trio $49.95 (includes Shampoo 375mL, Conditioner 375mL & mask 150mL)
Nak duo $39.95 (includes Shampoo 375mL & Conditioner 375mL)

#wellasalon #nak #adelaidesalon

Do you have frizzy, fluffy, unruly hair?
To compliment our ‘AURA’ deal this September (see our previous post) our product of the month we have chosen is evo mane tamer smoothing shampoo and conditioner buddies duo!
If you have ever felt the vague need to arm yourself with a chair and whip to face that savage beast atop your head? Then perhaps these bottles of main taming fluid is for you! 😂
This back will pull the unruly strays back into line, smoothing frizz, adding shine and giving style control (so your hair doesn’t feel like it should be rolling down a deserted street in some ill-fated western)

Great news for all you ladies who are unhappy with your fuffy, fuzzy, wavy, curly hair, or those who just want to reduce the drying/styling/ironing time and get your unmanageable hair back under control!
Due to high demand for ‘AURA’ the newest innovative (non chemical or keratin) straightening/smoothing service, we are extending the introductory offer of 20% DISCOUNT for all of September.
Book your appointment now on 82702399 and forget all those tedious, time consuming hair drying and styling hassles. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
Send us some pictures of your hair (dry, but left natural after shampooing) and we can tell you the best ‘AURA’ method to improve and control those fluffy ‘fly-always’ ect, and the special discounted price you will get this fabulous new service for. ENJOY! 🤩✨

Only one week left for 20% off at our feel good beauty room!! 🤗🤩 book in now with Katie on 0882702399

[08/18/19]   Hi everyone, I don't know if you are aware that we have a new very talented Nail Technician, Tabitha, (see some of her work pics on this page) and we really want you to come in and meet her, and get your nails looking great too, so we have an amazing Hair & Nail special, just for you. 10 FOILS PLUS a full set of 'SNS' NAILS for only $55, that's crazy, right! BUT, it's for a very limited time, Thurs & Friday only. Offer ends August 30th so call the salon tomorrow on 82702399 and book your spot before she's booked out. Enjoy!

Book in now with tabitha for 20% off any nail services for the month of August 🤩🔥

Such a beautiful balayage done by our Jackie 😍💐
#wellasalon #wellacolour #wellacolor #balayage #hairmelt @ Scamps Hair

Is your hair fluffy, fuzzy, frizzy, wavy or do you have unruly hard to manage curly hair that you don’t like? NO PROBLEM ‘AURA’ is here.

‘AURA’ smoothing/straightening system, formulated with organic ingredients, and not tested on animals, (Vegan friendly, no chemicals, keratin or parabens) is the latest innovation to help you get the shiny, smoother, healthier and easier to manage hair, that you want, and it lasts 3-4 months.

The ‘AURA’ system adds shine, smoothes and softens, eliminates/reduces frizz and fluffiness, reduces dying and ironing time, in fact often eliminating the need to use your straightening irons at all!

Contains natural ingredients, so think macadamia nut fragrance, notes of fresh peach and red berries, the fruity fragrance of guava & coconut water over a base of musk and vanilla orchid. Treat all your senses whilst you sit back and enjoy your smoothing, softening, straightening service followed by a gorgeous blow dry to finish your new luscious shiny hairstyle.

Prices vary according to the length of hair and degree of smoothing desired. The choice is yours simply defluff the uncontrollable curls, soften / relax unwanted waves, or maximise the smoothing straightening result for sleeker, shinier hair and reduce blow drying time for up to 4 months.

From $150 - $300 (cut not included)
Introductory offer for August Tuesday and Wednesday only 20% DISCOUNT BOOK NOW ON 8270 2399

[08/01/19]   Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know about our amazing Hair & Nails special. Because we really want you to meet our fab new Nail Technician Tabitha, we are offering a cross promotion for only $55. The offer includes 10 Foils plus a FULL SET OF 'SNS' NAILS for this Fri & Sat only. Spots are limited so get in quick! BOOK NOW on 82702399, sorry no rain checks.

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The Hub, Shopping Centre, Hub Drive, Aberfoyle Park
Adelaide, SA

General information

You'll love our quality guarantee: In the unlikely event that we don't deliver what we promise, we'll promptly do it again for FREE! No questions asked. Our service guarantee: If you are on time for your appointment and we keep you waiting longer than 9 minutes and 30 seconds, as an apology, you next haircut is FREE! Clients love our FREE VIP club which entitles regular clients to FREE services. Every eighth visit is FREE! (some conditions apply) See our web site for fantastic introductory packages from only $99.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:30
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:30
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:30
Thursday 09:00 - 21:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:30
Saturday 08:00 - 17:00
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