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flexxd Resistance Yoga

Flexxd can be modified for sitting at the desk or therapeutically. X




School adds Kundalini Yoga for children

flexxd Resistance Yoga

Flexxd in chairs, designed for people with mobility issues and suitable for office workers.

Lil Wayne

This dog literally does everything.

See more Mary & Secret on Instagram @my_aussie_gal


9 Easy Stretches To Release Lower Back And Hip Pain

higherperspectives.com Everyone needs to stretch more!


Yoga in schools has 'profound impact'

bbc.com A head praises a project taking yoga into schools for children with social and emotional challenges.

flexxd Resistance Yoga

I am full of gratitude to Cassette, Charlie Goldsmith, Brett Goldsmith, Andre, Georgia, Ilana Black, Anna Dunphy and Meahgan Dumbrell for making this video for me. This tells you about flexxd better than I could have imagined. Please share with anyone who might benefit.
It’s 3 minutes.

Live Free, Live Natural

The animals know it, the farmers know it...But sadly, we do not!!!

Please read and share.

Another Doctor Treating Chronic Illness in Australia has had his Medical Licence suspended this month. Dr Greg Emerson - Treat The Cause Clinic Shared the below information tonight.

The Go-fund me page that was shared (Link to this below also) notes that Dr Emerson's' suspension was not due to a patient complaint - rather a complaint from another practitioner who noted he requested a test for Lyme disease:

"In mid 2018, Dr Greg Emerson was audited by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) in relation to a notification regarding a test for Lyme disease sent to Arminlabs in Germany - a highly respected laboratory; one that is accredited by DAKKS, the laboratory accreditation body in Germany.

Since then, despite there being no complaints from patients and no adverse outcomes against him in over 33 years of practising medicine, AHPRA proceeded to carry out a full performance review in which they concluded that Dr. Emerson “poses a serious risk to persons and it is necessary to take immediate action to protect public health or safety” and on the 12th September 2019 made the sudden, reckless move to suspend his medical registration."

This persecution of Doctors willing to think outside the square and help their patients reminds me of the flak that Dr Charlie Teo has been receiving of late. Why is it, when doctors want to do their best to help their patients, they are perceived as non compliant? Are the doctors that are not willing to look outside the 'recommended guidelines' so threatened by doctors that are helping their patients get better (many after long term illness) that they forget their Hippocratic oath?

Time for this to end. Doctors that have had no patient complaints - rather just praise from patients for returning their health - are getting suspended - whilst those harming their patients are free to continue practising? Please follow Dr Greg Emersons Mitochondrial Medicine and Biohacking Page / Group for updates on how you can help (including letters to APHRA) over the coming weeks. ~ Karen

*Please note: I have copied the post shared by Dr Greg Emerson - Treat The Cause Clinic (with a picture) rather than simply sharing the original post - as when sharing posts that have links attached to them, generally only the the link is shared : rather than the full information with it (unless the correct box is ticked to share original information also). By using a picture with a post, the full information and links are then kept together when the post is shared and I felt that it was necessary that all information shared in the post, as well as the links, needed to be kept together when sharing so that people can get a better understanding of just how crazy this upsetting situation is.

Post Shared in the Public Group : Dr Greg Emersons Mitochondrial Medicine and Biohacking Page

Dr Greg Emerson - Treat The Cause Clinic writes:


"I would like to let everyone know that as of late Thursday last week I was suddenly suspended by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA). I was suspended because I make "unconventional" diagnoses of parasites, mould, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies and chronic infections which means I am apparently a danger to the public because I might miss a real diagnosis. I had to stop seeing patients immediately once the notification was received. I am prohibited from giving any health advice. I am prohibited from writing here about health. I am prohibited from seeking another job in the health field, including research and management. Both Selina, my receptionist and Emma, my office manager suddenly had no job and my clinic remains closed.

I first started practicing medicine in 1986 delivering babies in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Since that first day I have delivered hundreds of babies, recompressed hundreds of injured divers, played professional sport with some of the worlds greatest athletes, worn the black basketball singlet of my country, flown over snow capped Rocky Mountains in trauma helicopters in Canada and silvery trunked elm trees in Queensland, flown across vast red deserts with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, resuscitated major car accidents when they were thought to be too far gone in Australias largest emergency department, opened my own clinic that dealt with complicated multi-system illnesses and had the honour of appearing multiple times on a TV show that made me fall in love with the great state of Texas and the beautiful people who live there. In nearly 34 years of medical practice there has not been one patient clinical complaint, one adverse outcome or one missed diagnosis that I am aware of.

A lot of people have asked me how they can help. Here's how,

1. Some wonderful colleagues have set up a GoFundMe account to help raise funds for legal costs of private counsel and also help to cover ongoing rental expenses of running two clinics, now without income. There needs to be changes in the way health professionals are dealt with and people need to be able to have a choice in how their health is managed. It's not just me I'm fighting for. Link is below. If you would like to donate, that would be appreciated more than you know.

2. You could join my Patreon page. I will be writing there about the process I'm going through, about how I'm learning to cope with the stress (some nights have been very lonely and dark), resilience, history, inspiring warrior stories and lessons from others who have been through even tougher ordeals. I spoke to my private lawyer about how stressed I was... he 'kicked me in the ass' and said. "Toughen up Greg, you're a wilderness survival expert, your father and brother served in the military, your grandfather sailed a boat to Dunkirk...you can get through this." It was a good kick in the ass.

3. At some stage next week you will have the opportunity to write to AHPRA if you feel that your continuity of care has been jeopardised and your are missing out on medical treatment. You will also be able to write if you feel like the process of justice has not been served. I will let you know when and who to write to.

4. I need a job! Unfortunately, the bills aren't suspended. So If anyone has work they think my skill set would be useful for- big hands, long arms to reach high places, great cook, expert smoker of fine local meats, inspired gardener, maker of the worlds best hummus and super food smoothies, yoga wannabe, tolerant of cold water, loves travel....oh plus a suspended emergency physician and holistic doctor. Email me at [email protected]

PS to my beautiful daughters, and special friends who have reached out, called, emailed and sent smoke signals of support. Thank you so much. It means way more than you will ever know."


Wellness Walk and Research Run

Have you heard the news? A FREE yoga session will be held on Sunday 6 October at 8:30am before the run and walk in the event village!

Run by Fiona Goldsmith, our official Wellness Warmup Ambassador, Fiona is not only the niece of Olivia Newton-John but also considered one of the most creative and qualified Yoga teachers in Melbourne.

Don’t forget to bring along your own yoga matt. To attend this yoga session, you must register. Get in quick > http://ow.ly/qg3M50vYICi

flexxd Resistance Yoga

A little about flexxd and how it is different. Classes Caulfield, St kilda, Armadale, home, office.


Practicing Yoga And Meditation Reverses The DNA Damage That Makes Us Sick And Depressed — SF YOGA MAG

sfyogamagazine.com By Expand Your Consciousness The journal  Frontiers in Immunology , reviewed over ten years of  studies analyzing how our genes are affected by different practices such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and tai chi and found that they:  “don’t simply r


Meditation and yoga could prevent NYPD suicides: Brooklyn borough prez

nydailynews.com NYPD suicides could be prevented if more cops meditated and learned yoga, former detective and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Friday.


Researchers Discover That Magnesium, NOT Calcium, Is The Key To Healthy, Strong Bones

livelovefruit.com Calcium alone isn’t enough. According to researchers, magnesium may be the real key to stronger, healthier bones.

Hope. Stand up for the planet

Impressive. You need to watch this.👇

Yoga Journal

One veteran said after having four strokes in 2015, he had a hard time doing simple things, like standing up and walking. He's been practicing yoga since January, and has seen the benefits.

My 7 Blessings - Tamara Paterson

Dear people.

I went to my first yoga class when I was about 15 years of age at the YWCA, over 40 years ago. My yoga teacher was a great grandmother in a black leotard. I have never forgotten her.
Now I didn’t stay on the path of yoga I guess life had other lessons for me but over the years time and time again I returned to this ancient practice.
Recently though I have felt yoga was missing something and it wasn’t until I came to India in January for yoga teacher training that I realised why yoga in the west or at least in Australia had become just another form of exercise.
What I learned in Kerala in January was the classical yoga that I learned as a 15 year old.
Yoga means union. It is not about the perfect asana or being able to stand on your head or do full scorpion. It is about breath, awareness and connection and who you are and who you want to be and surrender to the divine in each of us.
Yoga for me became so much more and such a full experience of pranayama and chanting and mudras and meditation and philosophy and acceptance and in my opinion we are missing the deep essence of all of these practices when combined with the attitude of surrender when we come to our mats.

Darlings yes these yoga mats are for sale.
Cork and latex biodegradable foldable washable very lightweight. They are fabulous.
Message me if you are interested.

Blessings everyone everywhere 🙏🙏🙏


Should meditation and mindfulness be compulsory in Australian schools?

abc.net.au Two Brisbane teachers say meditation is such an invaluable tool for helping kids cope with stress and anxiety that it should be included in the national curriculum.

Therese Kerr

Professor Dr Marc got a couple of very powerful words in amongst Dr Geraldine Moses many words.

What are your thoughts on the comment by Dr Moses that the science around the benefits of Turmeric, garlic, echinacea and other herbal remedies is very weak, flimsy and 50/50 as to whether Vitamin C actually works.

Love Professor Marc Cohen saying he would never go off Turmeric for the sake of going on conventional medicine and that it’s not the natural medicines that are the problem but the prescription ones because they are so potent!! It’s amazing how the news cuts and pastes things. Marc should have had some more air time. If anyone knows about natural therapies and natural medicine it’s certainly Professor Marc Cohen who wrote the very text books on the subject. Great job Dr Marc ###

There is a big push against natural therapies in this country. Time to have your voice heard to support your ability to choose natural therapies and natural medicine before that choice is removed ###

John Kerr
Chef Pete Evans
Lola Berry
JS Health + Fitness
David Wolfe
Food Babe
Food Matters
Don Tolman
Organic India Australia
Dr. Terry Tillaart, PhD
The HighWire with Del Bigtree



Global Yoga Therapy Day: August 14, 2019

There are a few hundred practitioners from across the globe planning to participate. Blessings to you. Thanks Leigh https://globalyogatherapyday.com/

globalyogatherapyday.com Global Yoga Therapy Day (Aug 14, 2019) is a collaborative, global effort; harnessing the power of technology & the collective to champion Yoga Therapy. Join

flexxd Resistance Yoga

Although I did gym, Pilates and personal training for 30 years & loved it , it got to a point where I was injuring myself and doing more harm than good . Flexxd allows me to exercise without fear of injury anymore yet be flexible and strong and hence feel well...
vitally important for my age group.
Haven’t been to a physiotherapist since starting Flexxd almost 18 months ago.

flexxd Resistance Yoga

Are you sick of having a sore back?

What people are saying about FLEXXD?
LOCATIONS Caulfield, St Kilda, Armadale.

For those who don’t know about Fle### it is a low impact class that combines yoga and resistance stretching. You get out of it what you put in, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you get after 3-4 sessions. Sleep better, feel taller, etc and have a mood shift that just happens that one day realise “far out, I’m feeling strong!”
I can’t rave highly enough how Fiona Goldsmith helped me though some dark times last year, as the Flexx classes help mind just as much as body. Fiona helped fix a knee issues that my then doctor wanted me to have steroid injections for the rest of my life.
And I have never had back issues since doing her classes.
Mark Wherman 26/05/2019

flexxd Resistance Yoga

Flexxd is coming to Qi in Caulfield from May 27th. In box me for a complimentary trial class. X Fiona

For anyone looking to try something different you should check out Flexxd. Fiona introduced me to Flexxd this year and I can't tell you how amazing I feel after a sesh. Nas Candyce 25/10/2018

It is hard to explain just what a difference this has made to my life and my whole wellbeing. The changes I have experienced are so profoundly positive, from strength and flexibility to clarity and better sleep. The sessions anchor my week and I couldn’t do without it now. Life is just better with Flexxd! Marian Stanley 26/10/2018

I highly recommend Fiona Goldsmith I have worked with her in the past she is extremely intuitive and definitely someone that can help you with pain management and relaxation xoxox liane B 26/10/2018

I love Flexxd Classes with Fiona. I feel my strength and stability coming back after a long term injury. This class really needs to be experienced to understand its full value. I feel safe and comfortable and love that I am in charge of how strong each class is for me. Its awesome. Def try it for yourself. Michelle Mullins 18/9/2018

I felt like I was more aware of my posture. I also had a fat cry at work yesterday which is not like me at all; so am thinking that there was definitely a release! very cool
Cathryn Hooker 11/9/2018

I had my first session of Flexxd today and I loved it and my body felt worked and stretched and different. I can see this has such a wide range of how it can help a lot of different people with different issues. Thank you Darling Fiona!! Tamara Paterson 7/9/2018

flexxd Resistance Yoga

Flexxd is coming to Qi in caulfield from may 27th
In box me for a complimentary trial. 😊. X Fiona

My strength and flexibility have improved very quickly due to the 'resistance' aspect of the exercises. The classes are always fun as well! .💖🙏 Lisa Hughes 19/02/2019

After several classes of flexed my life has changed dramatically. My Adhesive Capulitis (Frozen Shoulder) in both shoulders are significantly better and muscles stronger and my energy levels are also significantly higher and in much less pain. Ilana Black 19/02/2019

After three months in hospitals with 26 broken bones I have tried many exercises to help me get back in shape. After a few sessions with Fiona Goldsmith I feel so much better. More flexible and much less chronic pain. Highly recommended. Not easy but if it was it wouldn’t do the job it does. Thanks, Grant Mackintosh 19/08/2018

Hi Fiona, I now completely understand why you are so excited about the benefits of Flexxed and how this simple therapy is healing people on so many levels. After the first few classes I felt an instant relief in my tight muscles and felt like my body wasn’t holding onto so much stress. Now 6 months down the track of regular classes I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in time! You’ve helped me so much, feeling energised, rejuvenated, strong and myself again!!! 💖💖
Daniella Hogarth 27/11/2018

I love this class. My body just feels stronger and I feel much for present and calm. Thank you so much Fiona. 💖Kate Galvin

...it's a wonderful combination of a workout & relaxation 'with a difference'...I'm continuously learning something new that I take away from the class.. Really worthwhile trying; Celina Peleg👌☺️🙏xx 17/11/2018

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