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Specialised treatment of jaw pain (TMJ), clicking, clenching, grinding, face pain, ear pain, headaches, “brain fog” by Experienced Physiotherapists

Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre is a unique specialist type practice dedicated to the treatment of Jaw (TMJ) , head and ear pain and is located in High Street, Armadale. The services we offer include specialised TMJ Physiotherapy, TMJ Dental Therapy as well as Dental Sleep Medicine for teeth grinding, snoring and sleep apnoea related issues. Although we are located in Armadale, we service clients from all over Victoria and areas such as South Yarra, Toorak, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Malvern, Malvern East, Chadstone, Caulfield North, Caulfield South, Elsternwick, St Kilda, Prahran, Windsor, Albert park.and all surrounding areas. If you are looking for the best TMJ Physiotherapist or Dentist in Melbourne Victoria, then look no further.

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Dear Valued Client

Please read for details you need to know

After 3 LONG 😳😳😳weeks of staying home to help 'Flatten the curve' we are now back to business Everyone's safety is still our #1 priority and so you will notice some changes:

👌No reception furniture to keep you socially distanced

👌Touch-less private health / medicare claiming via Medipass (see below for more details on how to set this up)

👌Temperature taking upon entry

👌Our therapists will be wearing PPE 😷(personal protection equip such as masks etc)

👌No linen on beds for easy sanitising between every client

👌Increased cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces and equipment including treatment beds (after every patient), reception desk, phones, keyboards, door knobs, treatment aids etc.

😞No group exercise / Pilates available at this time

You can help us by:

👍Arriving on-time and not early (or late)

👍Sanitising your hands on entry with supplied sanitiser

👍Bring your own towel to lie on (if you like)

👍Calling to reschedule / book an Telehealth appointment if you are at all unwell or have been exposed to anyone who is unwell🤒🤕

👍Avoiding touching any surfaces wherever possible 🙅🏽🙆‍♀️


⛑To protect everyone we will NOT currently be processing health fund claims / medicare claims which involve touching 🧤cards and terminals.

🙏PLEASE register with as this new secure technology bypasses the need to swipe any cards for payment and in the case of Private Health (for participating funds) seamlessly facilitates your rebate and gap-payment. If you have not registered at the time of your appointment, we will provide you with an invoice for claiming. 📲Please Note: Smart phones will need 'location services' turned on for Safari Websites (this is in your phone privacy settings)


This is available for all services (except massage) and has been very popular, with amazing client feedback so far 🙌🙌🙌. Book this online on our website or call 98248868 for more details / bookings.

🥳 🍾We are excited to welcome you back into our practice - our home away from home. Take extra care and wash your hands,

Fond regards
Darron, Renay, Louise & the Team 😘

Israeli COVID-19 treatment shows 100% survival rate - preliminary data

Let’s hope it’s soon Not only have all the patients survived, according to Pluristem, but four of them showed improvement in respiratory parameters.

Introducing our Online Physiotherapy & Dental TeleHealth Consulting Service For Sufferers of Jaw & Face Pain

Very proud to now be offering our very well planned out, effective, Physiotherapy & Dental Online Consultation - TeleHealth service. This is a great way for suffers of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) to continue their care during these challenging Covid19 times. We are now able to also reach out to those who previously could not access our specialised services due to geographical constraints. If you know anyone suffering, then we would be glad to assist them by not only helping them understand the likely source and cause of their symptoms, but to also instruct them in actual specific self treatment and rehabilitative techniques.
For more info and to see the full 6 min interview, check out

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The Jerusalem Post /

As respirators have become essential to deal with the complications of the coronavirus, the Israeli Air Force, Microsoft Israel R&D and others have found a solution to avoid future shortages.

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Our director and principal physiotherapist Darron Goralsky was recently a guest on the Grow Your Clinic Podcast with the Clinic Mastery team. They covered plenty of ground and Darron was able to share some great insights. If you're keen to have a listen, you can check out the Episode here

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Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic Air travel pattern simulations and reports on travelers' personal hygiene practices show that hand washing really could slow down the spread of disease.

Don't panic, but stress is making your face wonky

#tmj #jawpain #teethclenching #lockedjaw
#earache Stiff neck? Permanently locked jaw? Shooting pain when you open your mouth? TMD could explain it all.


Got head / facial pain ?
Our expert physiotherapists can help

Call 9824-8868 or book online

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Just a tired little monkey getting a head massage 😍🐵

Screentime Is Making Kids Moody, Crazy, and Lazy 6 ways electronic screen time makes kids angry, depressed and unmotivated.

More Than Physio

Getback is an evidence based, precise clinical process to gradually activate and strenghten your deep spinal ,muscles that often dont work normally - leading to pain and istability.

Benefits are pain reduction, increased mobility, more effcient spibal fucntion and the ability to get back to doing what you love, with more safety and confidence, #getback #backrehab #spinalphysio #exercisephysiology #backpain #neckpain #corestrenght

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Welcome to Acai Bowl Thursdays! Here is Meithi talking to you guys about tendinopathies. If you think you are experiencing something similar to what Meithi describes below, feel free to get in contact with us ☺️ Have a great day tribe!

Keep smiling and spreading the love 🤩

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Research shows that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they meditate for just 15 minutes a day Neuroscientist Sara Lazar found that people who meditated had more gray matter in the part of the brain linked to decision-making and working memory.

Darron discusses the poorly understood issue of tongue ties and how they can impact normal breathing and jaw function.

If you suspect you or someone you know may have a tongue tie than get in touch with us so we can assess you and channel you in the right direction !😜👅

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9 News Central West

Interesting 🤔

In an Australian first, a new service at a Bathurst pharmacy is trialling the benefits of a virtual dentist.

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More Than Physio

Sleep is so important
Sleep posture is often overlooked as a determinant of sleep quality. If the body is uncomfortable, you will move often. Negative sensory input from uncomfortable muscles or joints are processed in the brain and have a brain response.

A neutral well supported head / neck / spine position helps facilitate a more comfortable and more replenishing sleep

Call us today on 98248868 so we can check your sleep posture, your pillow and your general sleep hygiene.

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Another great weekend of learning in Brisbane with my awesome team. We attended the Foundation and Bodyworkers Course by the Tongue Tie Institute to better understand the huge impact that a tethered tongue and lips can have on jaw and other essential function. So good getting perspectives from a dynamic and progressive group of experinced practitioners across multiple medical / allied health disciplines.

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Another enjoyable day Lecturing to 20 Qualified Dentists at Melbourne Dental School as part of the Multidisciplinary Management of TMJ related conditions course.
Thanks to our awesome TMJ Physio Gill for helping out as the model.

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Darron talking about becoming aware of postures or activities in your daily life and how they may be contributing your symptoms of #headache #neckpain #jawpain #clenching

Take our 3-day challenge and journey how each sustained activity impacts your body and how you feel.

Call us on 9824-8868 if you need help feeling better and making sensible lifestyle and postural changes for a more pain-free life


Give us a call on 9824-8868 for your FREE 30 min Evaluation and trial session to discover how our unique rehabilitation process using science backed technology can help overcome your neck or back issues.
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This #backpain treatment uses specialised devices that target the inner back muscles. What makes this treatment special?

1) Highly targeted
2) Gentle & low-impact
3) Personalised
4) Measured progress

Strengthening back muscles typically leads to a reduction in pain. 😌

Request a free back evaluation and trial session!

Today Meithi talks about clenching and grinding of the teeth and how this can contribute to your jaw and facial symptoms! 🦷

If you clench or grind your teeth feel free to get into contact with us and one our experienced Physiotherapists will be able to help you manage this!

Enjoy your weekend ☺️🙌

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Give us a call on 9824-8868 for your FREE 30 min Evaluation and trial session to discover how our unique rehabilitation process using science backed technology can help overcome your neck or back issues.

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This #backpain treatment uses specialised devices that gently strengthen your deep back muscles. Why?

Because strengthening these very muscles is likely to relieve back pain (as part of a personalised program overseen by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist).

Shan is here today talking about the significance of the movemensts happening around the jaw - Chewing, speaking, swallowing. How these movements can be dysfunctional and how it can potentially impact your jaw function.

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Great course In Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. Thanks Dan Donnie and Sarah Myofocus Melbourne

In an effort to always be current and progressive with our clinical approach to #jawpain #tmjpain #tmd #tmjphysio #facepain
we travelled to sunny Brisbane to attend a great course in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy #OMT

This approach gives us even more tools to asses and rehabilitate the dysfunction of the tongue lips cheek and facial muscles required for a healthy breathing, swallowing and chewing function.


Personalised, non-invasive back pain treatment focussing on muscle strengthening. Come in for a free evaluation with one of our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists!

Why ear pain or blocking may not actually be an ear problem at all.

Don’t suffer in silence
Call 98248868
Or book online

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Sitting for long periods?
Read this ....

Call us on 9824-8868 or book online at and let us help you get rid of that posture related back or neck pain once and for all.

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“Sit tall, shoulders back and chin in”- An Insight To A Healthy Sitting Posture

Posture as we know is a term that refers to the position of a body when it’s either at rest or moving. We have different postures when we sit, stand, walk and even sleep.

However, these days most of us spend an extended amount of time sitting down which could be for sending emails at work, watching TV, on our phones or during the daily commute.

Too much sitting might be relaxing but it can leave the spine stiff, sore and painful. When this is done on a regular basis, it can become a unhealthy habit.

What Can Help?

Try maintaining a good sitting posture which can help by reducing strain on the body. Remember to sit tall, shoulders pulled back and chin tucked in.

Try To Avoid Bad Posture Habits Such As :

a) sitting leaned to one side with the spine bent or leaning on the chin;
b) keeping the legs or arms crossed;
c) dangling or not properly supporting the feet; d) sitting for a long time in one position;
e)straining the neck for long periods while looking at a monitor, telephone screen, or a document;
f) unsupported sitting position;
g) while working on 2 computer screens causing the head turning to the same side for prolonged duration;

Other Things You Can Do To Help Yourself:

Keeping active by exercising at least 30 min/day, 3 times/week
Using hands free device for long calls
Using a work station which is ergonomically set up according to your needs
Using posture clothing that improves muscle performance and function. This is a new trend. We stock a range of posture clothing to help re-enforce better posture. Ask us about this when you are next in.

Our experienced team at More Than Physio can help you with a comprehensive posture assessment and help make suggestions to assist you to make the necessary changes with ease. Of course if you are experiencing niggles or aches from your poor posture, have tech-neck, or suffer any kind of headache or pain, then we can help treat you as well.

Make sensible changes today. Call us on 9824-8868 or book online at

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More Than Physio

Beware - the common negative effects of poor posture !
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Call us on 98248868 or book online at and take control of your pain / stiffness

Happy Friday!
Here is Meithi talking about daily posture and how lack of movement and poor posture can contribute to neck, upper back, shoulder and jaw pain. If you are struggling with posture at work or whilst studying and have any of the symptoms mentioned in the video, get in touch with us so we can help you!

Have a great weekend! ☺️💪

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Welcome everone. Today Shan is talking about one of the commone symptoms of jaw realted issues - clicking! We all have a disc, like a baseaball cap, sitting on top of the jaw bone in your jaw joint, and it's suppose to move with your jaw as you open your mouth. Therefore, the optimal mechanics of the disc moving is important for your jaw function. Your disc can be displaced due to various reasons, it can result in severe jaw problem down the track. Contact us, we can help you identify the causes and stop it from progressing.

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More Than Physio

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Headaches are very common and we all have experienced them at some point of time in our lives. For some of us they can be temporary but for others they can largely impact the quality of life. Because headaches are so common, most of the times we rely on pain medication that doesn’t solve the problem but only causes temporary relief of symptoms.

There can be several causes of headaches but the ones that arise due to dysfunction in the joints, muscles, fascia and neural structures of the upper neck are known as cervicogenic headaches. This category of headaches can be effectively treated by physiotherapeutic measures.

1. One sided headache that may gradually affect the other side
2. Gradual onset
3. Affected by neck movements or sustained neck postures
4. Accompanied by neck stiffness and pain

1. Joint mobilisation: To allow freedom of movement in the spinal joints
2. Soft tissue release: To loosen up the tight muscles that contribute to pain
3. Dry needling: To reduce pain by releasing myofascial trigger points( painful knots in the muscles)
4. Postural awareness
5. Exercise prescription: We incorporate Get Back exercise program - a specialised exercise program that strengthens and improves muscle function
6. Lifestyle modification: To ensure a healthy spine position in daily activities such as sleeping and sitting

For those of you who can relate to this feel free to contact our team at More Than Physio on 9824-8868 or book Online

We look forward to hearing from you!
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More Than Physio

Makes so much sense
#lowerbackpain #hippain #backpain #effectsofsitting

Shan is here talking about how your upper back and your hip stiffness can be closely linked to your lower back pain! The body works as an alternating pattern of stable body parts connected by mobile joints. By understanding this, we may demystify your movement patterns and subsequently the pain you are experiencing.

#backpain #hippain #upperbackpain #posture #chronicbackpain #pelvicpain #pelvis

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Introducing our Online Physiotherapy & Dental TeleHealth Consulting Service For Sufferers of Jaw & Face Pain



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