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DMK is a world-wide leader in the field of skin rejuvenation. Danné claims that the origin of any skin condition is disharmony in the natural way the skin functions. Therefore the DMK concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function. DMK offers you an effective skin revision program. With over 40 years of irrefutable results in 30 different countries around the world there is no denying the impact that DMK has had in the paramedical arena.

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Mission: To rebuild skin and lives

To all the incredible mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters and women in our lives, thank you for making everyday so much brighter 💚
#mothersday #youlightupmylife #dmkskin

MAFS Martha's skin care regime is beyond extra

There are many things you can say about MAF's Martha but bad skin is not one 😉 Married At First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis has made no secret about her love of plastic surgery and all things beauty-related.

This Facial Turned Me Into The Night King & Then All My Dead Skin Fell Off

'This facial turned me into the Night King and then all my dead skin fell off'
A must read 👌 for all those out there with reactive skin! Wild times, guys.

I tried the Game of Thrones facial | It's weird but it works | Finder

Mia from is 'prepared to bend the knee to (the) rejuvenating powers' of our Enzyme Therapy Treatment, better known as the Game Of Thrones facial 🐲
Read the full article to find out how DMK transformed her skin! Yes, it really does make your veins glow red under your skin.

Painful ‘sugary bender’ pimples are the worst after a chocolate 🍫 filled Easter weekend but why do we get them 🤷‍♀️
Sugar puts a lot of pressure on your digestive system, as it is difficult to process. And food that is not digested properly needs to go somewhere and that is often up and out through the skin as the skin is part of our excretory system, meaning it works to rid our body of toxins.
Hello unsightly sweet spots!! 🙈
OUR TIPS for keeping that glowing, spot-free complexion during and after Easter;
- choose QUALITY chocolate over quantity
- if you are cooking some chocolate my treats try using sugar free alternatives to provide sweetness such as 🍌 ,🍠 , and rice malt syrup
- keep up the exercise 🏃‍♀️ even if it is a quick 10 minute yoga stretch or walk to the park.
For MORE TRICKS and to learn about how else sugar affects the skin read ‘Sweet Spot’ in our latest Beautiful. Link is in our bio ⬆️
#pimples #acne #dmkskin

DMK "Game of Thrones" Dragon Enzyme Facial | Beauty Over 40

Are you ready 'FOR THE WATCH!'

Show just how much you LOVE GOT and become a White Walker or Dragon with our signature Enzyme Therapy Treatment, dubbed the #gameofthronesfacial


HOW are you getting your SKIN READY for the WEDDING SEASON? 👰🤵
Only a few months away, NOW is the time to be starting your DMK SKIN JOURNEY to make sure you have your dream skin in time for the big day.
And it is not just Brides that need to be looking their best, Grooms want to feel confident in their skin too! So do the Mothers, Bridesmaids, Aunties, Fathers, Groomsmen, Uncles, even Nan and Pop!
FIND OUT what DMK can do to get your skin looking AMAZING and WEDDING READY!!! I got to experience two DMK signature treatments recommended for brides and grooms to be and spoke to their experts about how to best prepare your skin.

DMK enzyme therapy facial review: What it is, how it works, and results!

Find out how DMK can be your ray of HEAVEN during the GAME OF THRONES madness to come on April 15th 👼 As a lover of all things skincare, I’m a sucker for a good treatment. Aside from my daily skincare routine, I usually get treatments like microdermabrasion, me...

My skincare routine | bye bye acne & irritated skin | Georgia Gibbs unfiltered

Imagine loosing the very thing that helped you make a living. That is what happened to Georgia when, out of no where, her skin became congested with acne, incredibly inflamed, reactive and painful. Through healing herself from the inside out and with the help of the beautiful girls at HUD Skin + Body, Georgia has reclaimed her skin!

Hey guys!! Thousands of you have asked what skincare I have turned to and what that crazy white mask is on my face every night so this one is for you! Everyo...

The New Game of Thrones Facial is the Most Intense Treatment You Can Get | Man of Many

Want to know the secret to grabbing a man's attention?

'When it was put to me we wouldn’t be going to a day spa, rather undergoing a series the most intense facial on the market, which had indeed been dubbed the GAME OF THRONES Facial, she had my attention.' - Matt de Groot, Man of Many The Game of Thrones Facial is one of the most talked about treatments at the moment, but how does it stack up?

SHOUT OUT 📣 to all our WA DMK 💚 lovers, the GAME OF THRONES Facial aka DMK Enzyme will be airing on Today Tonight Perth TONIGHT at 6:30pm. Make sure you TUNE IN!

The startling procedure Nova newsreader underwent before his wedding

"...when you add ‘Game of Thrones’ in front of anything it immediately becomes primal and impressive and thus made it something I could look mates in the eye with and discuss without handing over my ‘Man Card,' explains Matt de Groot, Nova's newsreader.

The Mother of all facials, DMK's Game of Thrones facial aka DMK Enzyme Therapy is the perfect way to get your man into skincare. You want him to be looking just as good as you in your the wedding photos, but more importantly you want him to feel the confidence that comes from having great skin!

CLICK and READ Matt's journey to loving his skin as part of his Wedding preparation and SHARE it with the men in your life.

Gotta get your GAME OF THRONES Facial!! Extreme wedding prep

And LIKE MAGIC it is GONE! 💫
There is no need for the RIP of waxing 😬or the BURN 🔥 of laser when you have DMK’s pH REVISION!!
It’s an amazing hair removal treatment, working to swell, soften and dissolve the hair from the follicle, lifting off that peach fuzz 🍑 or unwanted hormonal hair without the pain. 👏
Hair may continue to regrow just like with waxing or laser, however will not return any thicker or darker than before. For hair removal – pH Revision treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks.
#dmkskin #dmkalkaline #hairremoval

3 weeks TAN FREE after 16 YEARS of hiding her beautiful self behind them! We love @chels_bennett1 COURAGE 🙌❤️
Putting her trust in DMK and Skin Correctives she has thrown away her tanning ‘security blanket’ and faced her skin damage head on. Years of being in the sun and not looking after her skin properly has led to some serious damage but Chels is done covering it up and she is feeling more confident than ever before!!

So totally zen after my treatment at Skin Correctives today!! Now the girls have been helping me find my new bae and I’ve most definitely found her DMK Australia & New Zealand

We are week 3 into my skin journey and I’m feeling incredible, no tan, no makeup just my DMK Home Prescriptive products and I’m feeling more confident than I ever have! I have seriously never had so many compliments on my skin!

The team have been helping me get ready for our Gala awards this weekend in Brissy and I can’t wait!! My skin has never looked so good!

Congratulations for being our fourth winner in our Valentine’s Day campaign @chels_bennett1 🎉 👏
#dmkcommitted #i❤️dmk #dmkmynewbae @ Sydney, Australia

Makeup FREE Monday inspiration!! 🤩
Our glowing #DMKbride to be @brontecoy is just weeks out from her big day 👰🏼🤵🏼and we are so excited to be helping Bronte get her skin #DMKweddingready ✨ Her fiancé @mattdegroot_ has also come along for the ride 🙌 and Matt is LOVING his juicy skin and going makeup free on Mondays too 😉
Make sure to follow this beautiful couple’s journey to the alter, it’s a love story 💕 full of joyous laughter.
#weddingprep #makeupfree #glowingskin

DMK goals are LIFE GOALS!! 🙌
This is what incredibly HEALTHY skin looks like post DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments ✨ it’s about more than just the GLOW it’s all about the PLASMATIC EFFECT too.
Thank you for sharing this amazing result Revers Beauty Clinic!

Our Technicians are our Valentines!!! ❤️❤️❤️ This is why ↕️

‘I just really wanted to thank you for changing my life, I have been using DMK for about a year and a half now and it is the only thing that has cleared my skin. I suffered a horror experience (at a different place with different brands) with the misuse of treatments, which lead my skin to be this mess.
Sheree and her team at @bodyandbeautyunlimited have been absolutely amazing and have had a solution for everything from start to finish. I am so incredibly happy and so much more confident with how my skin is now and it’s all thanks to you guys and your amazing products!’

Ouch! 😬
Cysts can be extremely painful when they form directly under the skin like this, never mind the emotional strain. A build up of fluid, semi-solid material and sometimes air, these blockages can form anywhere on the body ranging from microscopic in size to being as big as a 🍉!!
Thankfully for Georgia the skilled team at HÜD Skin + Body 🙌 were able to help her revise her skin.

Before I started seeing Meg at HÜD I was very self-conscious about being in public because of my skin and didn't know what else I could do about it. After two DMK treatments I had put my full trust in Meg and she was determined to fix me up and have my cysts looking flat. It has been an amazing experience and I'm so thankful for this opportunity!

I have been absolutely loving the calm and professional care I have had while getting my skin treated at HÜD - the DMK products have left my skin feeling dewy soft ✨ and hydrated. - Georgia

DMK works WITH your SKIN not on it 🌱
That pulsing you feel when you have a DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment is the body’s temperature helping to activate the enzymes ⚡️ to go to work on and within the skin. It is not about how many enzymes we pack into our formulations but the stimulation of enzyme activity in the skin itself that makes it so effective ✨
Your skin is only going to recognise and accept formulations that resemble their own chemical makeup as well. This is why DMK uses BOTANICAL 🌿 ingredients, because they very similar to our own genetic makeup. We want all those active ingredients get deep within the skin to actually make a difference ✊
Have any questions about how our ENZYME THERAPY treatments work with the skin to give you that #dmkglow OR about any of our other formulations? Comment below 🔽

THIS is why people LOVE 💚 DMK!
Because every treatment is a chance to practice SELF CARE
DMK treatments give you the time to recharge emotionally and physically while also working deep within your skin to revise and rebalance the internal functions for HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN✨giving you boundless confidence 💯
Our concept achieves LONG LASTING results!!
First DMK works to REMOVE the dead skin cells, toxins, and anything within the skin causing unbalance. Then we REPAIR the damaged and unhealthy skin cells and functions before using products to PROTECT and MAINTAIN the incredible results!! 👌
Tell us what it is that makes you
#i❤️dmk in the comments below!

Jo’s mum was worried that because of his constant sun exposure, ‘getting sunburn on top of sunburn’ 😬 the pigmentation on his back would never go away.
Three treatments later with the beautiful ladies at @universalskinandbody and with only BETA GEL as his Home Prescriptive and Jo’s skin has ✨TRANSFORMED✨
Whether you struggle to get your kids to
SLIP SLOP SLAP or you have old sun 🌞damage coming out as pigmentation, DMK has the solution ✊
Click on the link in our bio 🔝 to find your local clinic and book in for a consultation and to read Jo’s full story in our DMK Before and After Celebration Book!

A little bit terrifying, we know...sometimes life throws unexpected situations at us that we can’t control!!😧😵
Fortunately for Scott, we could help heal his burns⛑🔥🙏🏽
“I had finished work and headed down to to our block to burn a pile of trees which had been cleared for when we intend to build a house. As I lit the fire it ignited at rapid pace, severely burning my arm and face. On the third day my face swelled up and was still weeping from where the skin was severely burnt. It was red and raw in some patches and very brown and crisp in others. My lips were extremely sore, and I had lost hair and my eyebrows. I did not recognise myself when I looked in the mirror. I was afraid I would be left with severe scarring.

My fiancé has worked with DMK for over 15 years, and swears by it. She was confident that DMK ‘Beta Gel’ would help with the healing of my burns. My skin was so sensitive that everything, even water would sting, but I persisted and allowed her to apply the products 3 times a day. I am so thankful I did! Over the next week my skin continued to heal, and on day 7 she applied the DMK Enzyme treatment. The results have been truly amazing! Even the doctors and nurses commented on how great my skin was healing - with no visible scars. Thank you DMK!!” —Scott, QLD.

If you don’t have a bottle of Beta Gel in your First Aid Kit, we highly recommend you put one in!! It’s healing powers are truly amazing!! #dmkskin #ifounddmk #burnvictim

Where are you going?!! If you’re heading in the direction of GREAT SKIN, make sure you take your capillary road map with you!! 😆🗺(pun totally intended).

From chest to forehead, this DMK plasmatic effect is strong- which means skin is functioning really well👍🏽. The DMK Enzyme Treatment creates lymph drainage, and promotes a rush of fresh oxygenated blood from within the skin to the dilated capillaries.

Well done Pure Skin Clinic for achieving these great skin results for your client👏🏽🎖 #dmkskin #plasmaticfanatic #dmkenzyme

A lot can happen in a year...
Many things we can’t control, and many things we can!! ✨

You can transform your skin, and you can transform your life! If you keep visualizing yourself with fresh amazing skin, now is the time to start doing something about it!!👊🏽⏳ Meet Lexi ➡️
“Going through acne is the worst! I remember when I broke out really badly for the first time at the beginning of 2016 and how it kept getting worse and worse. I used to cry every night thinking why is my skin like this! My face was pimple free by 2017 and I have not had a breakout since! I’m comfortable and confident in my own skin thanks to DMK and my DMK Skin Revision Technician”. Well done Heavenly Retreat Skin Correction & Beauty Clinic for making Lexi’s skin goals achievable!👏🏽.
This could be your year!! Visit a DMK clinic today and start working towards those skin goals of yours 😉🤩 #dmkskin #ifounddmk #2019goals #dmkrrpm

Welcome to your first day of summer lecture on SUN PROTECTION!! ☀️🔥☝🏽

One of the main causes of pigmentation is excess sun exposure, which in turn causes serious UV damage. Over time pigmented spots you once thought were freckles become more visible, darker and potentially...permanent! 😵

Check out these results by Skin + Wax Clinic , they completely revised the skin back to a healthy state using a combination of treatments such as Enzyme Therapy, the RP Peel and a home prescriptive plan (of course).

Look how much younger, fresher and juicier this new skin looks!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Remember, it’s easier to prevent and protect than revise! Wear DMK Soleil sunscreen, and protect your skin!! It will thank you for it 😉

#dmkskin #dmkrrpm #ifounddmk

So in case you didn’t know... butt facials are a thing!!🍑🍑🍑 Also known as DMK Body Enzyme , this body treatment targets cellulite, poor circulation, fluid retention, dry skin and also clears up any congestion in the skin🎯

A quick way to get that tush nice and tight and pimple free for summer! ...which starts tomorrow ☀️
Thanks Charisma Skin Studio for sharing this 📸!!

It was a big day full of fun, friends, food, drinks and hopefully wins 🏆and chances are you are feeling a bit worse for wear. Take it easy today and lie back and relax with our HYDRATING MASQUE. It works to increase the skin’s free water levels for SUPREME HYDRATION 💦 by revising the interstitial liquid (the liquid between the tissue) in the epidermis. Encouraging the growth of firmer and more youthful looking skin, no one will be able to tell how hungover you are feeling once you use our Hydrating Masque ✨
Thank you to the lovely girls @vpskinandbeauty for the photo 😘
#DMKskin #dmkskincredible #racedayready #springraces #melbournecup2018 #hydratingmasque #skinrepair #glowingskin #hydratedskin #skinglow #refreshedskin #youthfulskin #hydration #tlc #selfcare

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