Wings with a Kiss

Wings with a Kiss


Well were right the lipstick did not remove itself after multiple rounds of food. Now to see this Zombie wake up coming out of her lair with a set of red lips still evident. Btw ..... Zoe is not a morning person. Hayley Grover
Little miss loves her lipsense. Thanks

Independent Distributor of SeneGence || ID#435707 Because sometimes life just needs that little something fun! Fantastic skin care that works and long-lasting, smudge-proof, water-resistant cosmetics, including the amazing LipSense!!

Hoarding everything we can possibly get our hands on from SeneGence. Gotta love those kissable LipSense lips and fluttertastic eyes.

The power of a bit of make up 🥰 @ Perth, Western Australia

We have a grape vine at home we don’t really do much with and it seems to thrive on that general neglect. I can’t keep anything alive but this thing just keeps going!
We harvested a bath tub of grapes and then sorted them down to just the nice ones. We were pretty brutal when deciding which ones made the cut and ended up with just a laundry basket full.
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Cute kitty being a bit silly. Good to see her being comfortable in the house again.
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Quick ⏱ and easy 😌 office face!

🧖‍♀️PREP: 3-in-1 Cleanser, Daytime Moisturiser, EyeLiminator, Silk
👩 BASE: MakeSense Original (Dewy) & CCTM (Deep) contour
👁EYES: ShadowSense
• Whisper Pink (Lid)
• Garnet (Crease)
• Moca Java (Brows)
• Brown EyeSense Pencil (Liner)
• Black LashSense Waterproof (Mascara)
👄 LIPS: BFF LipSense Gloss (LE)

🛒Order via my shop:

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Summer rains and cool days. More please!!!
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I find the people who can remain positive the strongest.
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As if we needed another family member believing she’s royalty 😜👑🐱
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Cannot tell you how good this has left my skin feeling. And peeling it off is painless!
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SeneGence International

Aren’t these gorgeous?!

With gorgeous shades your heart desires, you can’t help but fall in love with the limited edition LipSense® Love Story Collection. 😍 These dazzling hues come in a smaller special edition size (5.9 mL/0.2 fl. oz) with a specialty gloss finish worthy of all of our affection. A perfect gift for that special someone!

The collection includes:
😍 New! True Love LipSense: A soft pink peach shade with gorgeous sparkling gold glitter.
😍 New! Red Rose LipSense: A warm, earthy matte red shade that can be easily taken from day to night.
😍 New! Pink Prism Gloss: A specialty gloss with a light pink tint and multicolor glitter for a stunning, sparkling finish.
😍 FREE! *Ooops!™ Remover: A non-drying remover to take off LipSense at the end of the day or to eliminate LipSense mistakes.

*Purchase the collection to receive a FREE Gold Glitter Bag and a FREE Ooops! Remover. Please note, if Gold Glitter Bag is unavailable at time of purchase, a bag substitution may occur.
*Sold individually and as a collection.
*Available in the USA only. Coming soon to Canada and Australia.

Love it when a new product is announced. Love it even more when I get to be there as it’s announced and released!

✨New Heel and Elbow Softening Cream. Just in time to treat those tough spots from the Australian summer footwear!
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Someone is unsure of this “painting” nonsense mom keeps doing...
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Subtle, simple yet slightly striking for a work day.

👱‍♀️CCTM (Light) & MakeSense Original (Almond) with CCTM (Deep) for contour
👁ShadowSense (Pink Frost & Smoked Topaz) eyes and MocaJava brows
🦋 EyeSense (Navy pencil) for waterline & tightliner with EyeSense (Black liquid) for full wingage 😋 finished with LashSense (Black)
👄LipSense Gloss (Red Delicious)

Felt super confident and able to achieve! Hell yes, I’ll take that.
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These were really pretty on the original share from @senegenceinternational and I wanted them when they were originally released but now I’ve had a play in person at #pitglamaus20...they’re kind of a NEED.

Pictures alone DO NOT do the Smoky Neutral Collection justice AT ALL. Which is a travesty. (Plus they come in a gorgeous and handy bag!)
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Ever hopeful the CCTM range would be expanded? 😍You got it!!!!

All six shades (fairest to deepest):
✨Fair (new)
✨Light-Medium (new)
✨Medium-Deep (new)

Don’t underestimate the power of the sheer colour corrective coverage which helps even out skin tone. This long lasting, weightless tinted moisturizer is amazingly blendable and provides a mechanical shield protecting from sun damage (equivalent to spf15) and many other environmental factors to help slow the aging process.

Don’t you love more options for getting that confidence?!
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Really getting comfy, making herself at home.
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End of the day, post #pitglamaus20 and feeling all the feelings. Overwhelmed, but ready for the next step. Well trained and supported. Inspired and driven. But for now...sleep.

💋Lips are layered LipSense: Metallic Plum, Peacock Pearl and Chocolate Copper topped with Java Gloss.

Way too much fun playing with new combinations! #27from3
#senegence #wwak #lipsense #pitglamaus20 #makeup #development #empowerment #growth #dontstopmenow #ineedsleepthough #fun

The new LE Scented Conversation Gloss Collection.
Aren’t they screaming out take me!? They smell like strawberry candy 😲🤤 yum!!!
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Loving our first ever PIT Stop Glam It Up with @senegenceinternational in Perth!

My brain is overloaded with knowledge from Day 1 (theory) but soooooo looking forward to Day 2 ( time to play with the make up)!

We’ve even got early release on new limited edition scented glosses for Valentines Day!!!! #conversationcollection
#pitglamaus20 #perth #makeup #directsales #glowup #growth #knowledge #smallbusiness #training #leaders #commongoals #2020istheyear #lipsense #gloss @ Scarborough, Western Australia

Those eyes
#cat #ragdoll #lexi #lexicon #blueeyes #softkitty

Enjoying the sunset during our Meet & Greet Reception with our Boss of all Boss Babes, Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder and CEO of SeneGence International

Thanks to her, I get to #glowup, embrace my love of makeup, find my own strengths and dreams, and generally just GO FOR IT!!! #pitglamaus20

Gathering like-minded people who all have a common love.

#pitglamaus20 #senegenceinternational #perthisok #scarborough

SeneGence International

You can get a head start on fabulous neutral shades with this collection!

Just pop over to my shop and head to the Collections section.

New year, new neutrals (and a new bag!) 🖤 Our Smoky Neutrals Collection just might be your new fave for the perfect smoky eye.

From left to right:
😍 Natural Tan ShadowSense
😍 Pewter Shimmer ShadowSense
😍 Slate ShadowSense
😍 Smoke Shimmer ShadowSense

What's your favorite shade from this collection?


Grow. Evolve. Live. Be you.

In previous decades (and more) it was my faithful companion, Lucy-Lu, joining me to wrap Christmas gifts (frequently last minute). This year Lexi was very curious about what I was doing and would’ve preferred I set all the mess aside to just give her a pat and a brush.
#cat #missmygirl #gladtohavecompany

[12/30/19]   What’s your goal for 2020?
Is there something you struggle with and would like to change?

I’d like to think I have come a long way from who I was a decade ago:
💃🏼From a 21 year old flitting from one moment to the next.
👸To a wife, a mom, a homeowner, small business owner, semi-responsible adult (although, still my crazy self).
On the surface it’s my makeup skills that have grown thanks to my general love of makeup and the support from @senegenceinternational and the whole senefamily/community.

But these past few years especially, since having my Miss3, going through some large adjustments at my day job, joining SeneGence and life being what it is, I have grown to appreciate so many things, including myself, far more than I have in the past.
I feel more self aware and willing to stand up against bullying, self hate, discrimination, inequalities, and many other things I probably would have just accepted as status quo.

I want to be a good wife & mom and someone my daughter can look up to. She doesn’t have to want to be me when she’s older but I want her to know how much I support her and how hard I’ll fight for her (even if it’s her I’m fighting with at the time😉). I hope to help her be strong enough to stand up for herself throughout life and fight for her dream. Whatever it is!
I also want those close to me to know I’d fight for them, when they’re being used, unappreciated, lied to, hurt, or just hating on themselves.

#youareworthyoflove #youareworthyofmore #strength #goodfight #growth #change #evolve #kindness

It’s so freaking cute!!!

#impulsebuy #yum #teenybottle

The Grinch stole my heart ❤️

#thegrinch #predictivetext

This is how my work Christmas do started. Let’s just say I could have been faaaar more responsible. I balanced wine glasses on my head...danced, on my own...skipped...sent random videos to work friends AND my boss. 🤦‍♀️ Let’s just say, 👱‍♀️➕🥂 should equal someone taking away my phone privileges!
#christmas #drinks #party #fun

My little Miss3 is really excited for Christmas, even though it’s been a bit difficult for me to get into it. We popped two Christmas trees in her room at the beginning of December for her to enjoy. I’m still yet to put our tree up and we have my in-laws coming to stay for a bit in a couple days 😳 #notreadyyet #nomotivation #ohcrap #imdoomed

[12/20/19]   Does this not look just absolutely satisfying?

It can sometimes be difficult but if you do your best to keep your eyes on the goal at the end of all the hard work, it may help you get through it all that little bit easier.

☺️ Embracing those positive days.

SeneGence is all about the 💙blue💙

Bring on the blue! 💙 The PANTONE Color Institute announced its new color of the year for 2020, Classic Blue. This shade is said to “[instill] calm, confidence, and connection,” all while providing a strong foundation for the new decade.

Head boldly into the new year with hues such as:
• LipSense® in Midnight Muse, Blu-J, and Skyline
• Blue Orchid Gloss
• ShadowSense® in Sapphire Shimmer, Denim, Blue, Lapis Glitter, and Oasis Glitter
• Deep Cobalt LashSense®
• Navy EyeSense® Pencil
• Ocean EyeSense Shimmer

Snag your favorite SeneBlue shades today and 2020 will be our year!

Be safe.
Be wary.
Be kind.

What’s your calm?

Butterflies: pretty even in the heat.

Change is good.
Change is necessary.
Change helps create beautiful results.

Throwback to all those years ago when I first brought my girl home.

Throw back to last Halloween posts 🥰

Relationship goals should be reserved for those couples that respect each other and have a truly beautiful connection. Morticia and Gomez Addams are definitely something to be admired. 😍

#meme #addamsfamily #relationshipgoals #beautiful #respect #love

Women's Fashion Clothing 0-36W and Custom

Came across this site ( while scrolling through FB a few months back. They custom make clothing 👗✂️ and I was curious. Bought a few items and I gotta say, happy with my purchases🛍!

You can have it made to your specific measurements (including height), alter necklines, sleeves, hem lengths, and most of the options have....😱POCKETS!!!!🎉

If you want to have a look and are thinking of making a purchase, I’ve been given a simple referral code (KIMBERLEYSTAPLEFORD) which gives you 🏷33% off and free customization📏!

While they’re not super cheap they are affordable plus the fabric and stitching are a higher quality✨ than anything I’ve found on a rack in most shops for a similar price. You’re certainly getting what you pay for. Buy custom and ready to wear women's dresses online at, the #1 store in the US for women's clothing. Find pants, skirts and tops for women.

Went to lunch at ibis Styles East Perth and gotta say, it hit the spot!

Find that something that drives you. 🌬
That ⚡️spark that makes you feel like yourself.

Find it and embrace it!🌪

Miss you so much my girl. You’ve been in my dreams though, so that’s helping.

Playing with magnetic lashes.

Eye looks:
1. 👁Moca Java ShadowSense with EyeSense Pencil tightlining;
2. ➕Magnetic liquid liner wings;
(non-SeneGence product)
3. ➕Magnetic lashes!
I’ve been a bit stressed lately so have lost all my eye lashes. They’re growing back and will be great when they’re all in but definitely takes a bit of time. In the mean time I’ve been wearing my EyeSense liquid liner and it’s been massively handy.

I love the false lashes out there but their kinda awkward to put on ... especially if it’s every day🙄.

Then if I were to go to a lash specialist they’d need lashes to attach the falsies to😳.

I’ve been wanting to have a play with the magnetic options available but most are the pairs that snap together over existing lashes 🤦‍♀️ not winning there 😂

The magnetic liner-lash combo seemed a decent idea and thought I’d grab a set off eBay. I thought I’d selected the “natural look” set but I really don’t think that’s the case. Hahaha. They’re very pretty but a bit much for work. Great for a special date night or an up coming wedding though, with the right accompanying makeup!!

Wings with a Kiss

Sharing my love for great makeup and skin care including LipSense as well as sharing my personal randomness and even some look inspirations to put with our amazing products.

I first fell for LipSense in March 2017 and had signed up by August that year! With new colours and products being released by SeneGence International I’m probably not going anywhere anytime soon, hehe.

I’d love to hear from fellow randoms and makeup lovers so join me for this ride by liking my page or finding me on Instagram and Twitter! x

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