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Why aren't you in Sydney? So need your services in this town! Nothing quite like it.

Body Moves is a multidisciplinary clinic offering a variety of modalities and aims to provide the highest possible quality of care.

Our highly qualified professionals inspire clients to attain optimal health of body, mind and spirit. Whether it is through Physiotherapy, Yoga, Pilates or any of our other modalities, we strive to nurture our clients through the healing process. Our goals include helping those we touch to find greater peace and clarity, become stronger and more flexible, manage or relieve pain and harness their inner rhythm.

[03/23/20]   Dear Body Moves Clients,
A new update on the measures we are taking at the clinic based on the words spoken by the Premier and Prime Minister as well as the following advice from the Australian Physiotherapy Association:

Monday 23 March 2020: Advice from the Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Greg Hunt
The APA has received the following advice from the Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Greg Hunt: The Australian Minister for Health has today confirmed that ALL allied health businesses can continue working and are encouraged to do so. In addition he has indicated that they are now developing full allied health telehealth options within the week for allied health along with all other health and medical services. This will be part of a staged plan. “Face to face services for many remain vital so where possible, we encourage you to continue. I thank you for your courage, dedication and care”, the Minister has said. The APA continues to monitor this changing situation closely and will provide you with advice and guidance as it becomes available.
Monday 23 March 2020: Prime Minister's Press Conference held on Sunday 22 March Following the Prime Minister's press conference held on Sunday 22 March, it appears that at this time, there is NO directive to close physiotherapy practices. We will watch this space actively and keep you up to date.

We agree that our Physiotherapy services are essential and can continue at the clinic as they may alleviate strain on the medical system. As we are all challenged and have differing thoughts, please call us and we can discuss and plan sessions on an as needs basis - our phone lines will of course remain open. As the situation changes daily we'll continue to remain fluid.
For now:
• Telehealth sessions are also a good option and may be conducted through a simple phone call, or through Facetime, Zoom and other remote platforms.
• Through Telehealth we'll be able to set up secure video calls, live-stream exercise videos and screen share other information.
• It is always our responsibility to look after ourselves, others and beyond, as best we can.
• We'll continue to implement new hygiene measures and have spaced out our equipment in accordance with social distancing.
• Keep taking good care of yourselves and others as best you can! (we will too)

Warm Regards,

The Body Moves Team

[03/16/20]   Dear Body Moves Clients,

An update on the measures we are taking at the clinic in regards to COVID-19. Please take a few moments to read carefully. We plan to stay open as long as we can and support you through these unusual times we find ourselves in.

Its our responsibility to look after your wellbeing as best we can. We have implemented new hygiene measures and will continue to respond and upgrade these as needed.

As the situation changes daily we'll remain fluid.

For now:
• Please keep coming to appointments if you are feeling well (we will too)
• Please reschedule if unwell (we will too)
• We encourage you to please bring clean towels to sessions to place between you and the equipment/treatment beds/blankets/pillows/bolsters.
• Please follow the signs at the clinic (we will too)
• We will limit manual adjustment techniques during exercise sessions.
• Keep taking good care of yourselves and others as best you can! (we will too)

Warm Regards,

The Body Moves Team


The Pinc&Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Foundation Australia is delighted to have support from DRY JULY for our NEXT STEPS Program.

This will allow our Certified Cancer Rehab Therapists to run this 10 week class program free of charge for their participants.

To register and find out more about NEXT STEPS in Australia visit

#cancerrecovery #exerciseoncology #pincandsteel

Achieving new heights! 💫☀️ Our client @jonomond works hard to challenge his core muscles! Our physiotherapist Michelle has found new ways to challenge him with the use of our aerial yoga silks 🙏 Is 2020 your year to swing into action to reduce pain, improve your health, and increase strength, flexibility, and joint mobility? Visit to schedule a consultation!

I've always loved the work of Alex Grey, as I feel he enlightens us to ways of looking at things that are beyond the so called norm. I love how he depicts energetic principles and many other possibilities in his work.
At Body Moves, we like to work with our patients/clients in a conventional and scientific way and also in a more holistic way. If this resonates with you, check out our website ( and come see us. We may have something special to offer you...

Posted @withrepost • @katya.macdonald 💥 Ankles! 💥
So easy to injure, and so easy to forget about when you are on the quest for a strong body💪🏻 Ankles are a hinge joint, meaning they only point and flex (or plantarflex and dorsiflex). They are a key piece in raising up onto your toes, running, jumping, basically any pushing off motion. 🏃🏼‍♀️ So this post is about the anatomy of the ankle, the more common injuries that occur, and what are the steps we can take to recovery. 👣
Come see us at Body Moves! Mention this post for 15% off your first physio appointment!

Posted @withrepost • @myfootfunction Position of the feet in walking 🚶‍♀️
Image A, normal position of foot in walking with toes pointing directly forward; B, position of foot in walking with toes pointed in; C, position of foot in walking with toes pointed out. 🦶
Misalignment of the bones of the foot effect walking mechanics, having implications higher up. Have you checked your walking-gait?
Visit us at Body Moves where we will be happy to assess your gait pattern! Also, mention this post for 15% off your next visit! -
Source: Functional disorders of the foot, Frank D. Dickson 1939

[11/07/19]   ☀️ Did you know... the human foot and ankle complex is made up of:
👣 28 bones
👣 33 joints
👣 112 ligaments
👣 13 extrinsic muscles
👣 21 intrinsic muscles
The foot requires sufficient mobility and stability for all of its functions. Mobility is necessary for absorbing the ground reaction force of the body. Stability is necessary to provide a stable base for the body.

☀️ Here’s an example of an exercise we as physios like to use here at Body Moves. Using a reformer and a jump board, we can work on stability and mobility in our feet.

Your feet are important! Come see us at Body Moves for an assessment and an individualized exercise program!
Visit to book an appointment! ☀️

Posted @withrepost • @gaithappens When you google ‘heel pain’, plantar fasciitis is going to pop up and most likely you’ll end up rolling the bottoms of your feet and stretching your calves. But here’s the deal, this MAY help if it IS plantar fasciitis but....
What if it’s:
Baxter’s neuropathy, a calcaneal stress fracture, posterior tibial tendonitis 😍,heel spur syndrome, tissue changes from autoimmune disorders?
Can you see why assessment is warranted?
We loved this infogram by @gaithappens! For a physio assessment of your feet, come see us at Body Moves!

Upper Traps release in Sirsasana

Do you ever feel tense in your upper back/ shoulders? The muscle there is the upper part of your trapezius muscle, and is a common place for tension and stress to land.

In this video, Adam, principal physiotherapist here at Body Moves, demonstrates a great way to release the stress and tension in the upper traps. Adam has a special interest in yoga, and here has applied the sirsasana (headstand) to create space and length in the cervical spine (neck) as well as applying trigger point pressure to the upper trapezius muscles. It is also wonderful for encouraging circulation in this area.

Visit our website to make an appointment to see us! We can teach you this technique and many others to help ease pain and encourage your body to move more freely!

Understanding & Healing...

To receive help with Alleviating, Understanding or Healing Pain...

To find guidance on how to Achieve a Better state of Health?

Here are 6 reasons to contact us at Body Moves today…

1 – A qualified and caring Physiotherapist will listen, help find the source of pain and provide support toward a better state of health and well being.

2 – We offer a wide range of services including Hands on Physiotherapy, Movement Based Physio, Functional Training, Dry Needling, Yoga, Clinical Pilates, Massage, Zero Balancing and more.

3 – It's a relaxing environment and we see you on time.

4 – Attend our Yoga classes and receive the first class FREE valued at $25.00.

5 – Book in for an initial Physiotherapy consultation, or refer a family member or friend and receive a FREE Spikey Ball or Trigger Point Ball valued at $16.00.

6 – As an existing client of Body Moves, mention this ad and receive 20% off your next visit.

To receive any of our special offers (terms - limited to one offer per person), call 95235222 to book at appointment, or visit and book online.

Take Time out for yourself! Come and see us at Body Moves some time soon.

Physio Network

A really interesting one from Physio Network about hip flexors we thought to share.

Are we really ‘releasing’ the psoas? 🤨

What do you think?

With manual therapy you can’t change tissues DIRECTLY. But how does manual therapy work then?

Here is a great blog on clinical reasoning in manual therapy -

Video credit - Rob Haddow from Haddow Massage Therapy 👌

APA | Exercise prescription is key to improved cancer survival and recovery

We thought to share this interesting article about exercise and how it can help with cancer rehabilitation. Debbie Summers has a special interest in this area and is qualified in providing Pinc and Steel programs.
Please contact us if you or someone you know may benefit. 😌 The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has embraced the latest recommendations from The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) that promote the systemic use of an ‘exercise prescription’ to combat the effects of cancer treatment and improve survival rates.

Shadow Yoga/ Nrtta Sadhana

The shadow has its own wisdom. Let's read Shadow Yoga's founder Shandor Remete's quote:

The shadow of joy, the shadow of the intellect, the shadow of the mundane mind, the power principle, the gross structure, the lustre of the skin and the shadow on the ground are a blockage of light. By considering the list of shadows, one can see how different people are stuck on different planes. Some are joy hunters, some are power mongers, while others are intellectuals and so on. There is nothing wrong with any of these kinds of behaviour, but by themselves they lead nowhere. However, if these shadows are correctly investigated with an open mind, they can fuel the journey to enlightenment. #shadowyoga

photo credit: @Dan Linberg

Physio Network

💥Low Back Pain Beliefs💥
Love this post from team member Dr. Caleb Burgess DPT, OCS, CSCS!

📌 In 2014, a study by Darlow et al was published in BMJ Open. The study looked at beliefs of back pain in New-Zealand citizens above 18 years of age
📊 602 valid responses were received. Although not all of them had back pain at the moment (27%, which is still a substantial amount), 87% had experienced it at least once in their lives
⁉️ 34 questions were asked. A few of the most shocking results can be seen in the picture
📊 Negative views about the back and back pain were prevalent, in particular the need to protect the back to prevent injury
😩 People with current back pain had more negative overall scores, particularly related to back pain prognosis (outcome)
📈 Participants also showed uncertainty about links between pain and injury and appropriate physical activity levels during an episode of back pain
💯 However, respondents had more POSITIVE views about activity if they had consulted a HEALTH PROFESSIONAL about back pain, which illustrates the power of EDUCATION in back pain recovery👍🏼
📣 TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Your BELIEFS can strongly influence your back PAIN and your RECOVERY, both positively and negatively
💯 That's why it's important to remember that MOST people experience back pain at least once in their lives, and MOST people recover just fine
💪🏼 Your back is STRONG and RESILIENT. Treat it that way!
📚Study: Darlow B., Perry M., Stanley J., et al, A cross-sectional survey of attitudes and beliefs about back pain in New Zealand, BMJ Open 2014

Want to stay up to date with the latest evidence in Physio?

Check out our research reviews where industry experts break down the latest research in bite-sized chunks for direct clinical application 👊

Learn more here -

Hanging out at Body Moves ☀️ As physios, we love to find ways to stretch our quadriceps, provide traction through our spines, and increase our circulation. Even better when we can do so and catch some sunshine! Come see us for a physio assessment and exercises to achieve your goals!

Musculoskeletal Australia - MSK

Wow, something so simple that we take for granted - ice on an injury - doesn't improve recovery and may actually delay healing.

Body Moves

Explore Body Moves in 3D

Our new virtual tour. Matterport 3D Showcase

We are always exploring new ways of training and improving balance and proprioception at Body Moves. Trying a variety of exercise modalities allows your body and mind to be challenged on a consistent basis. #bodymoves #physiotherapy #physio #movement #health #wellness #holistichealth

After renovations upstairs at Body Moves.

Abhijata Iyengar, “Can I be called an Iyengar Yoga Teacher?” These are some notes I took on Abhijata’s presentation about BKS Iyengar’s legacy at the 100 Centenary Celebrations in Pune, December 2018. I cannot adequately put into words what Abhij…

Welcome to Body Moves

Online bookings now available :) Body Moves is a multidisciplinary clinic offering a variety of modalities and aims to provide the highest possible quality of care.

We are now on Instagram! Follow along with us at @bodymovesonline Our hours have extended and we are pleased to welcome two new physiotherapists to our team. Make an appointment and come say hello!

Trust me, I'm a Physiotherapist

Awesome balance by Andri Ragettli!
Tag a friend who should see this crazy parcours! 😊

Help PINC and STEEL 2hr Pilates and Yoga Challenge make a difference

We are organising our very first fundraiser for the PINC and STEEL FOUNDATION, funds raised in this event will be used to fund someone who has been diagnosed with cancer to participate in a PINC or STEEL cancer rehabilitation program.

It's a Two hour Pilates and Yoga class challenge followed by a Wellness Afternoon with three guest speakers.

We would love you to join us on Saturday 18 November. Tickets are $35 each, to register your interest, buy a ticket or ask a question, please comment below or email me at [email protected]. BODY MOVES and INNER STRENGTH OF BAYSIDE are organising a Move Beyond Cancer challenge - a 2 HOUR PILATES and YOGA CHALLENGE on 18 November. The money raised will fund someone with cancer through the Pinc or Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Program.The PINC & STEEL CANCER REHABILITATION FOUNDATION want t...

Clinical Pilates Defined | dma Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist & former professional dancer with the Australian Ballet, Craig Phillips,  pioneered the Clinical Pilates process 28 years ago by linking emerging  spinal stability research to the work of Joseph Pilates & his contemporaries.

[06/22/17]   LOOKING FOR A PHYSIO.
Are you an enthusiastic and motivated professional who loves to excel in private practice as well as develop and refine your clinical knowledge and skills? Body Moves is searching for a Physiotherapist with clinical pilates experience/interest to join our team. We are an established practice in Caulfield North, known for delivering high quality patient care ( Hours are flexible and negotiable and remuneration is excellent. We provide a friendly, supportive environment where you can have fun, grow and take on exciting challenges. A keen interest in clinical Pilates would be great, but is not essential; as well as enjoying a hands-on approach to treating Physio patients. Your individual skills will also be welcomed and nourished with room for further education and development. We look forward to hearing from you.
Please email [email protected] or PM Adam Gescheit :)

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Upper Traps release in Sirsasana



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