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Rehabcorp Physiotherapy

At Rehabcorp Physiotherapy we provide a holistic “Whole of Body” treatment approach aimed at keeping our clients active, healthy and enjoying life!

We have two convenient locations in the Adelaide metropolitan area, at Evandale, which is 10 minutes east of the city and Semaphore which is 20 minutes west of the city. If you suffer with a painful back, a stiff neck or whatever your symptoms may be, our aim is to understand the cause of your problem and provide you with advice and treatment options to obtain the best solution. Our highly trained and skilled physiotherapists can offer a range of treatment options to ease your symptoms including Manual, "hands on" physiotherapy treatment, Acupuncture, Chinese Cupping, and Massage plus rehabilitation services to assist people to return to work, sports and/or the everyday activities they wish to achieve. Our rehabilitation services include supervised Hydrotherapy, Pilates Individual & Group Therapy and Gym Program Prescription aimed at meeting the physical requirements of the individual. With state-of-the-art facilities including a Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Gym we pride ourselves on providing quality services and the ideal therapeutic environment to enhance our client’s health and well being. Don’t wait for your aches, pains and injuries to miraculously cure themselves, because it won't happen! Seek professional advice and quality treatment to fix the cause of your problem and prevent it from reoccurring! Contact one of our friendly staff on 8363 2929 to make an appointment and let us… REHABILITATE your body to a pain-free, symptom-free state. RESTORE your movement, strength, flexibility, control & coordination. RETRAIN your muscles and movement for long-term results!

[03/25/18]   Rehabcorp Physiotherapy is seeking an experienced Pilates instructor to provide weeknight and Saturday morning classes. Starting from mid April, this position is a 4-6 month maternity cover with the possibility of ongoing work. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Acupuncture and Dry Needling by Australian Physiotherapists

Great to see an increasing amount of evidence base to support the efficacy of needling therapies by Australian Physiotherapists. The use of Acupuncture and Dry Needling by physiotherapists has progressively grown over the past decade or two coinciding with an increasing swell in the


Never stop believing Age is just a number! We have some of these amazing inspirational numbers in our pilates classes.

Mit 91 Jahren noch immer fit wie ein Turnschuh.

Physiotherapy's crucial role in treating knee osteoarthritis

Ask us about how to strengthen this pivotal part of your body!... Several years ago, Jill (not her real name) was shortlisted for a total knee replacement at Sydneys Royal North Shore Hospital.With a 10-year history of k

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Pilates is for everyone...❤

'Then I found a Pilates instructor who was trained to work with clients who had MS, Parkinson’s disease and other neurologic issues. And then my life, and my MS took a turn for the better.' First in a 3 part series about how #Pilates changed Mike's life.

Senior salsa brings home the power of staying active

Ahh dancing...
The perfect way to stay active at any age!
Ask your physio! 😊 University of Queensland physiotherapy student Daniel Innes can list salsa dancing as one of his skills when he graduates next year.Mr Innes has completed

Body Image Movement

We Embrace every Body.
Make sure you Embrace your Body!
Everyone needs to see this.

For the first time in my life I felt normal” - Edith, 79 years of age

This is the feedback I received recently after this woman watched Embrace. I cannot believe that Edith had carried such shame about her body for all of life.

As most of you know, Embrace needs to be seen by EVERY woman across the planet. You may also know that getting this film out into the world has had its challenges with the issues of nudity, classification ratings and heaven forbid in the film we celebrate diversity by showing 20 still images of women’s vulva.

Every day I receive messages from people's whose lives have changed since seeing the film, and yet every day I face hypocrisy, challenges, and roadblocks around getting this film out far and wide. So I am asking for your help. We have recently censored the Embrace film trailer so it can be shared on Facebook. If you have seen the film leave a comment and let me know what you thought of Embrace – heck leave just one word, if you haven’t seen the film but like the trailer click like and share.

I want to be really upfront and bold by saying that by you sharing, clicking, liking and commenting on this post it helps the post to be seen by more people but I am really unapologetic about getting Embrace out to every woman possible, I know the goodness that is happening and I want to avoid any woman feeling like Edith did for 79 years.

So... tag the names of women you LOVE below, your friends, your family... EVERYONE! After all, seeing this film and the goodness that it brings all begins with love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of the movement!

See Embrace:

Study suggests running may be good for our knees

Runners or those thinking of building up your running this one's for you...
It is widely thought that running is bad for your knees, but a new study shows how 'a moderate amount of running is "not likely to harm healthy knees and probably offer protection"' to our weight bearing joints. We may be born to run, but many runners wreck themselves in the process.

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Keep on moving!

New research indicates that a higher daily step count can reduce the average days spent in hospital for Australians over 55. Yet another reason to #MoveMoreSitLess


Love this amazing invention! It is a game changer.

This wheelchair is a game-changer 👏👏

Here Are the Health Benefits of Pilates

Do you want to move like a cat or move like a puppy dog? Read the latest from about the benefits of our beloved pilates. Just another reminder of the importance of your regular pilates practice. You’ll improve core strength and stability—and maybe a lot more.


And don't even think about telling me you're too old to exercise! Besides seeing one of our oldest beginner's pilates clients at 83 years old progress in a matter of months to advanced pilates exercises, this gentleman also shows us age has no limits.

I can only dream I'll be close to what this gentleman does in the gym at 80 years old

Australian Physiotherapy Association

A great explanation of why a new, different or more intense workout hurts so much the next day...otherwise known as DOMS!

If you’ve been changing up the intensity of your workout, or perhaps trying something completely new, it’s like you have experienced #DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness. APA #physiotherapist Holly Brasher gives the low down on DOMS and what is actually happening to your #muscles post #exercise. Share away.

New Year Inspirations

New Year Offers to Inspire You...Here's how Rehabcorp Physiotherapy can help you with a healthier start to your New Year. If there is a physiotherapy or health issue that you think would be of general interest in future issues please let us know


It's never too late to start exercising...and who knows where it will take you ;)

This man — a runway model at 80 years old — is challenging our perception of what it means to be a senior citizen. (via Redstart Media 水鶇媒體)

YES I CAN - Paralympics RIO 2016 - We're The Superhumans!

It's amazing what we can do with our bodies when we have the right mindset...please watch, enjoy and share. These guys and girls really are superhuman.

Inspiration, self confidence, motivation! Talented athletes & musicians come together - download "Yes I Can" via Channel 4:, w...

$34 Off Remedial Massage Services at Rehabcorp Physiotherapy

$34 Off Remedial Massage Services at Rehabcorp Physiotherapy

Embrace - Official Trailer (2016) - Taryn Brumfitt Documentary HD

Please try to see this brilliant documentary written and directed by Taryn Brumfitt, from Adelaide! A must see documentary to keep learning to love our bodies and to instil this love in our children.

When Body Image Activist Taryn Brumfitt posted an unconventional before-and-after photo in 2013 it was seen by more than 100 million people worldwide and spa...

Pilates is about making sure you move and function at your best.
Check our Exercise Class Time Table for new class days and times and be good to yourself :).

It's a #Pilates thing ;) #IamPolestar

Free Exercise Classes to Motivate You

New Beginner's & Pregnancy Pilates Matwork Classes and Pilates Equipment Classes have commenced at our Rehabcorp Physiotherapy Evandale Studio at 10am and 11am on Saturdays from today.
We also have an offer below you will find hard to resist to motivate you this winter!
Keep warm! :)

Chelsea's West Adelaide Bearcats Basketball Warm Up top with the Rehabcorp Physio Logo.
Best wishes for an amazing season to the Bearcats and Chelsea!

Adelaide teen cuts off hair for cancer patient wigs

Congratulations to Chelsea Ireland on her donation and act of kindness! Chelsea is also our Bearcats Basketball Sponsored Player. Best wishes for a successful season with the Bearcats Chelsea Adelaide teenager Chelsea Ireland donates her hair and $1,000 to help make a wig for a cancer patient at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Happy Heart Week! Spread the message and take care of your heart...
Wishing all the best to one of our Rehabcorp family undergoing cardiac rehabilitation following a Donor Valve Replacement at 36 years old. It's a slow process but the rewards will be there. To all the cardiac rehab patients and their physiotherapists, keep up the great work!

Participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program should be a person's first critical step in their recovery from a heart attack and the ongoing management of their heart disease. Spread the message this #HeartWeek and shine a spotlight on heart health.

Congratulations to the Adelaide Dragons and especially to our Rehabcorp Pilates Client Judy Tozer! Together with her team they achieved a Bronze Medal at the International DragonBoat Racing Championships which were held here at West Lakes, SA over the end of March and last week. For more information check out They also achieved a Gold, a Silver and two Bronze medals in the National Championships. Go the Dragons!

5 Pilates Exercises To Make You Look & Feel 10 Years Younger

5 Pilates Exercises To Make You Look & Feel 10 Years Younger Pilates Grip SocksGet a grip during your workout Our favourite new Pilates accessory are Non-Slip Socks which come in a variety of fun colours!

Rehabcorp Physiotherapy Monthly Newsletter

We hope you enjoy our first newsletter for 2016. New Year, New Start to a New You! We are talking about Chronic Pain and how you can use our Healthy Spine Program to manage it. Plus 10% off our natural pain relieving supplements! Enjoy :) Fortunately, there are treatment options for sufferers of chronic pain, and surprisingly, many of these options are more holistic and proactive than the traditional medical remedies.  The goal is to uncover and address the source of the problem versus simply masking it with medication  It is importa…

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Too much screen time over the school holidays?

A recent literature review undertaken by APA physiotherapists Kirsty Buhlert-Smith and Julianne Pegler found between 45-60% of young children spend more than two hours on screens each day.

Australian guidelines for physical activity suggest children be active for between one and three hours daily. The APA recommends stashing the iPad and making time to walk or ride to school this year.

Find out more about starting the school year healthy and active:

Happy New Year to All and Happy Australia Day!
Let's encourage our young ones to be healthy and active this year. Have a read of this article below and remember if your little ones are complaining of sore feet, knees or back, don't ignore them. Get a check up with us and we can assess if your child is moving correctly so they will be HAPPY to be HEALTHY and ACTIVE. Enjoy!

Did you know nine out of ten young Australians are sitting too much and not moving enough? An easy way for children to increase their exercise is to walk or ride to school. So what are you waiting for - get on your bike!

Going back to school? Check out the APA's recommendations for physical exercise and choosing a safe backpack:

Are you ready to ride tomorrow?
National Ride2Work Day is the largest celebration of commuter riding in Australia. Held annually in October, the day celebrates the benefits of riding to work and brings together the communities that support it.

The main objective of the day is to normalise the idea of riding to work and encourage more Australians to ride to work on a regular basis. It encourages people who have never ridden to work before to give it a go, and it allows frequent riders to stay motivated and encourage their workmates to get involved.

7 Ways To Prevent Back Pain

Do you suffer daily from #backpain?
You are most definitely not alone! Four out of five people suffer back pain each year, and ten per cent of those experience significant disability as a result. So don't take your back for granted and follow these simple tips to help you protect your back.
In line with #WorldPhysiotherapyDay, the APA has provided top tips on how to #movewellandstay well, whilst helping to prevent back pain. Via The Carousel 7 Ways To Prevent Back Pain. If you suffer from back pain then you are most definetly not alone! Four out of five people experience back pain each year, so don't take your back for granted and follow these simple tips.

8th September is the day when physiotherapists from all over the world celebrate the crucial contribution our profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent. If you appreciate your physio please share/like to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day!

Our bodies are meant for motion not stillness, yet 65% of our waking hours are spent being still. It negatively impacts our bodies and increases our risk of #chronic #disease and even early death.

MOVE MORE SIT LESS, is a health initiative by Bluearth foundation, encouraging us to sit less and move more throughout our day. Please share to suport this cause and MOVE MORE today and prevent chronic disease!

Common cycling pains and how to avoid them

To all the cyclists out there whether you are a regular at the velodrome, a triathlete, you ride to work, a Sunday rider or if you use the exercise bike in the gym!... Please read this excellent article on how to prevent injuries when cycling. Please share with fellow cyclists! Cycling may be a great form of low-impact exercise, but it can still cause stress on the body and lead to annoying pain That sucks. But the good news is much of this pain can be prevented. To find out more, I had a chat with someone who knows a lot about pain: Paul Visentini, who is not only a cycli…

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