Enhance Skin Aesthetics

Enhance Skin Aesthetics

An advanced beauty salon in North Fremantle offering specialised treatments with high attention to detail for women, men and teenagers. Established in 2015, Enhance Skin Aesthetics is an advanced beauty room, ran by a skin and beauty specialist, Erica.

Her room is conveniently located within close proximity from the train station in North Fremantle, Perth. Erica was trained in Finland to the highest standards and she has over 15 years of international beauty therapy experience with qualifications to match. She strives to deliver you the highest standard in the latest beauty and skin treatments sourced from the world with immaculate attention to detail. She offers an extensive range of services including; IPL Hair Removal, Brow/Lash Tinting, Peels, Cosmetic Tattooing, Sugar Waxing, Skin Tag Removal, Lip Tattooing, Eyelash Extensions (Russian volume and classic), Eyebrow Makeovers, Face Treatments, LED Light Therapy, Makeup, Clear and Brilliant Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion and St Tropez Spray Tans. She also stocks the organic and vegan Inika makeup range and the Medik8 skin care products alongside with the Eyenvy lash growth serum and Silcskin décolletage pads. Her clientele traditionally come from areas including; Mosman park, Claremont, Cottesloe, North Fremantle, East Fremantle, Bicton, Palmyra, Peppermint Grove, Mount Claremont, Crawley, West Perth, East Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Floreat and Subiaco.

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A set of Classic natural eyelash extensions for this gorgeous young lady. 💕
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Skin tag removal ✨ before on the left, immediately after in the middle and 3wks after on the right. We experts remove skin tags with radio frequency. $90 for 15mins, book online through link in bio or contact us on 0478 144 819.
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We have been allowed to now bring forward our reopening date and it is now the 6th of June 2020! You can book now via our online booking system (link in bio) or calling/ texting us on 0478 144 819. I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces again soon! Erica x


We are allowed to open our doors again on the 15th of June 2020! You can book now via our online booking system (link in bio) or calling/ texting us on 0478 144 819. I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces again soon! Erica x


💁‍♀️Service: eyebrow feathering, medium upper eyeliner tattoo & lash lift+tint ✨Function: to enhance fair to medium features 👩‍💼Candidates: little brow hair/ uneven brows/ asymmetry 🎨 Colour: can be adjusted to match your natural undertone ⏱Time: brow & eyeliner tattoo 3-3.5hrs 💉Pain level: zero pain as I use topical anesthetic 🩹Healing time: 7days of minimal healing 🔮Results: Final results will appear 3-4weeks after the procedure 🔃 Process: Initial appointment + touch up needed 📆 Lasts for 1-4 years 🏷 Price $1179 📍Location: North Fremantle, Perth, WA ☎️ Booking: Call at (08) 9383 4078 or book online @EnhanceSkinAesthetics.appointy.com
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I’m happy to be back at work, doing what I love. Still a few more weeks of healing my broken wrist and I’ll be back enhancing my beautiful clients’ features 💕here’s a before and after of a thin eyeliner tattoo for one of my lovely clients.
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Eyeliner tattooing is suitable for clients of all age. I often get asked if there’s an age limit for having the procedure done and the answer is - no, there isn’t. The eyeliner procedure uses a state of the art digital semipermanent makeup machine that carefully inserts the pigment into the upper layers of the skin. Administered by an experienced technician, the down time is next to none. For online bookings, click the link in our profile or call us on (08) 9383 4078.
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Erica will be on annual leave from 9.7-13.8.2019. During this period Kasia will look after you on Friday the 12th and 19th from 12-4pm. You can see her availabilities via our online booking system at enhanceskinaesthetics.appointy.com. I look forward to seeing you in August again!


Embrace and enhance your uniqueness because that’s what makes you special - and makes you -you ✨✨
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I very often get asked if it is safe to get sugared while pregnant or when preparing for the arrival of the little one? ✨ the answer is yes, you can definitely get sugared while pregnant and leading up to the big day. Here are some reasons why:⠀

- the sugar paste that sugaring uses is made out of fully natural and edible ingredients (sugar, water & lemon juice) so it won’t aggravate your skin or cause any allergies⠀
- there is no heat involved - when pregnant your core temperature is much higher already therefore your body will appreciate a cooler, more soothing paste for hair removal and leave your skin and mind calmer afterwards⠀
- the sugar paste will only adhere and remove dead skin cells and leave you with less reaction ie. spots, rash, redness or inflammation ⠀
- with sugaring, the hair is removed in the natural direction of growth causing less stress to the follicle, more ease of extraction of the hair and slower and softer regrowth (results last up to 2 weeks longer than waxing). ⠀

If you’re pregnant (or not) I’d highly recommend you give sugaring a go next time you’re due for your regular hair maintenance. You can book by calling us on (08) 9383 4078 or online via the link in our bio. Hope to see you soon! x ⠀
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A natural half set of 3D volume lashes for my lovely client Rachel ❤️ for bookings call us on (08) 9383 4078 or easily book online at www.enhanceskin aesthetics.com.au


Considering trying vegan mineral foundation or vegan mineral mascara? Now is the the right time because with the purchase of a Inika vegan mineral foundation ($65) or bb-cream ($59) you receive a black mascara for FREE! For limited time only so be fast to avoid missing out!
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The magic a good #lashlift and #eyelash tint can do to your eyes! Bring on the school formals!
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The natural hair removal solution for sensitive skin.🧘‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️💅👄👠👠👠


A fantastic transformation for this beauty #eyelinertattoo #lashlift #lashtint and #eyebrowfeathering by Erica @enhanceskinaesthetics for more information visit us at enhanceskinaesthetics.com.au or to book call us on (08) 9383 4078. #semipermanentmakeup #cosmetictattooperth #eyebrowtattooperth #lashliftperth #eyelinertattooperth


Here @enhanceskinaesthetics we specialise in treatments that are popular in Europe and new to Perth, one of these is sugaring. We offer the authentic method that only uses a ball of sugar paste and your hands. The hairs are removed in the direction of the hair growth causing no breakage, significantly less ingrowns and less pain!! It can be done on every part of you face and body. If you haven't tried it yet, book in today! Call us on (08) 9383 4078 or easily book online at www.enhanceskinaesthetics.com.au

thewest.com.au 03/04/2017

Beauty tips for ageing well

How to age well? The Western Australian recently interviewed our injector Allison Ellison on her top tips for anti-aging. Allison visits Enhance Skin Aesthetics fortnightly on Thursdays between 10:00am and 12:00pm (next visit on the 6th of April). Make sure you reserve your appointment early to avoid missing out!

Call us on (08) 9383 4078 or easy book online at EnhanceSkinAesthetics.appointy.com.


thewest.com.au Everything you need to know about beauty options.


No eyelash extensions needed as a #lashlift and #eyelashtint made these beautiful green eyes pop! #eyelashperm #lashlift @enhanceskinaesthetics by Erica or Kasia. For more info and bookings, visit us at www.enhanceskinaesthetics.com.au or call 9383 4078.


Enhance Skin Aesthetics's cover photo


Natural brow definition with #eyebrowfeathering @enhanceskinaesthetics visit us at www.enhanceskinaesthetics.com.au for more info


What an outstanding transformation for this lovely cancer survivor who was left with very little eyebrows post treatment #eyebrowfeathering #eyebrowsonfleek #eyebrowfeatheringperth for more info, visit us at enhanceskinaesthetics.com.au


Natural definition for this lovely lady with a #eyelinertattoo and #featheredbrows by Erica @enhanceskinaesthetics #semipermanenteyebrows #semipermanentbrows #feathering #semipermanenteyeliner


A simple eye transformation for this lovely lady with a simple #eyelashperm and #eyelashtint @enhanceskinaesthetics by Erica. Sometimes #eyelashextensions aren't needed 😉


Enhance Skin Aesthetics also offer St. Tropez Spray Tan! Enjoy a perfect, natural tanning on your skin without worrying about the premature aging effects of the sun.

Spray Tan only $50. Make your appointment on http://www.enhanceskinaesthetics.appointy.com, call (08) 9383 4078 or pop in to see us at Claremont!

vogue.com.au 16/11/2016

Why sugaring is the new waxing

Learn more about Alexandria Body Sugaring, a gentle hair removal technique that is also available here at Enhance Skin Aesthetics.

You can make an appointment with Erica or Kati online at http://www.enhanceskinaesthetics.appointy.com , call (08) 9383 4078 or pop in to see us at Claremont!

vogue.com.au Our beauty director road tests an alternative to waxing.


All new Inika Limited Edition Discovery Kit now available in stock for only $49! @enhanceskinaesthetics

Discovery Kit includes:
Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25 3g
Vegan Kabuki Brush with special exclusive edition handle
Certified Organic Pure Primer 4ml
Certified Organic Liquid Foundation 4ml
Certified Organic BB Cream 4ml

We are happy to help You choose just the right shade for Your skin tone. This kit is the perfect introduction to the amazing world of healthy yet high performing mineral make up of #INIKA .

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A happy client with a full set of #russianvolume #eyelashextensions for her Bali trip! No mascara needed! By Erica @enhanceskinaesthetics. For bookings call 08 9383 4078 or easily book online at www.enhanceskinaesthetics.appointy.com The cost for a set like this is $220.

foodmatters.tv 09/08/2016

What Your Face Is Telling You About Your Health

Besides having regular facials and your daily skincare routine, this is a great read about the effects diet and inner health have in your skin.

foodmatters.tv Have you ever wondered what your face is telling you about your health? Discover what signs your skin is showing and how you can bring back that radiantly healthy glow


New Inka stock in! Amazing baked mineral foundations, new brushes, and much much more! Take advantage of kabuki brush special - receive a free one with Inika purchases of $89 or more.


Eyebrow perfection for a client suffering from alopecia by [email protected]. #semipermanentmakeupeyebrows #eyebrowfeathertouch #eyebrowfeathering #eyebrowfeatheringperth #eyebrowhairstroketechnique #eyebrowembroidery


A full and beautiful eyebrow tattoo with the hair stroke technique by Erica @ #enhanceskinaesthetics #eyebrowfeatheringperth #eyebrowtattoo #eyebrowhairstroketechnique #permanentmakeupeyebrows #semipermandntmakeupperth


Erica has been busy at work, semipermanently defyning her clients' eyebrows. Cosmetic tattoo is a way to semipermanently enhance and correct the shape of your eyebrows. #feathertoucheyebrowsperth #eyebrowtattooperth #featherbrow #eyebrowfeathering


Spoil your mother this Mothers day with the most wanted gift - a facial treatment! Gift vouchers are available in store and can be also posted to you or directly to the recipient. Drop in to get yours or call us on (08) 9383 4078 or email [email protected] to purchase one.

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Beauty Salon & Skin Clinic in Claremont, Perth

enhanceskinaesthetics.com.au Beauty Salon and Skin Clinic, Skin Peels, Laser Skin Treatments, Cosmetic tattoo, Eyelash extensions, Sugaring

Our Story

​Welcome to my aesthetics salon in the heart of lovely Claremont. Let my 15+ years of international beauty experience qualifications, attention to detail and knowledge of top quality skin care products from around the world provide you with the beautiful face and skin you desire.

Be pampered and feel like a queen (or king) in the hands of our top skin and beauty professionals.

​Erica x




1/124 Stirling Highway (Within Clubhouse Sweat Studio)
North Fremantle, WA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00
Thursday 12:00 - 20:00
Friday 08:00 - 15:30
Saturday 08:00 - 14:00
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