Belinda Spencer Wagga Massage

Belinda Spencer Wagga Massage


Well what an amazing experience! Tonight I had a reiki off Belinda Spencer! Do yourself a favour and get's better than a massage! Loved it! I feel like I'm on top of the world! Amazing for stress relief and relaxation! The best! ❤️ Thank you again Belinda..truly grateful I was chosen 😘
Hi Belinda. Are you OM1 or OM2? I'm at BCNA Forum in Albury & mentioned to a few Wagga & surrounds people for OM
Hi belinda can you send me details .. prices etc :-)

Welcome to Belinda Spencer Massage. Therapeutic and Remedial Therapist. I love being a massage therapist because it is so satisfying to see the changes in clients health and well-being.

Living a pain free life, whether it be muscular pain or emotional pain creates a healthier you. It is such a privilege for me to go on this journey with my clients to live a better life.

Operating as usual


I have 2 appointments left for tomorrow 9am or 11am :)


Cold and dreary outside, but warm in the massage room!

Its Monday already!


Life can deal us some pretty hard times.
Things appear overwhelming and difficult. The overload of keeping our lives running smoothly can lead to fatigue and increased risk of insomnia.

If you are feeling like this help is not far away. Sometimes all we need is a little time out for ourselves, to get our body and mind back into a state of relaxation and calm.

[07/05/19]   What comes first?
The physical pain?
Or the stress that creates the pain?

Studies have shown that increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol may be associated with chronic pain.

Therapeutic massage is proven to relax the body. Slow rhythmic movements creates a relaxed response, thereby giving the body a chance to heal.


Our bodies function at their best when muscles work in sync with one another.

Strengthening exercises can be beneficial in treating low back pain in conjunction with massage.

Weak muscles, especially those in your core and pelvis can sometimes lead to back pain or injury.


What's the primary reason for lower back pain?

When we sit for long periods of time it causes the muscles in front of the body to shorten and become weak.

The shoulders begin to slouch and the spine becomes fatigued because the primary muscles are no longer supporting the torso.


Stiff Shoulder?

Do you have a problem with one or both of your arms reaching up high or reaching up in front of your body?

If you suspect it's related to muscle stiffness I have great massage techniques to relieve the symptoms and bring your body back to the way it's supposed to be.


How can we possibly go about explaining everything?

It's impossible!

We are all learning the possibilities about life every single day.
As I saw what appeared to be miracles unfold before my very eyes with Reiki I knew I had to learn more about it.

Sure it's energy work that's tapped into through opening up our energy centres and universal life force energy. But we can't really explain anything more beyond that.

It's simply magic!


Fine Tuning Your Massage

The Massages I perform aren't about guesswork and using the same techniques on the body in a hope it will re-balance itself.

I can see and feel what's going on with each muscle group.

Shortened muscles, weakness in areas and thickening of connective tissue play a role in how your massage is designed.

Open Mon to Sat
Central Wagga Wagga


Tension Headaches

How many of us end up like this?
Causes can be tightness in the neck and shoulders, dehydration and often times stress.

My Headache Buster service can incorporate relief from tension through the shoulders, scalp massage and pressing on points across the forehead.

If you have been through a particularly stressful period then incorporating energy work will help you on your road to faster recovery.


Distance Healing relates to working on the frequencies beyond the physical plane. It's a case of accessing other worlds for information and help in healing.

A couple of years ago I had to go to Sydney for a course. It had been years since I had to drive through the city on my own and it created all sorts of fear.

A couple of days before I left I decided to give myself reiki with the intent that I would feel calm and relaxed if I began to feel stressed in traffic.

As I approached Sydney's traffic I began to feel fearful. Then suddenly this amazing force gripped my stomach and chest area! I thought what is this? It was such a firm grip and immediately I began to relax. I literally did not feel any stress throughout the whole journey.

It truly was amazing!


Our bodies can be a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any given moment.

I was lying in bed one morning, rolled over onto my stomach and propped myself up onto my elbows, turned by neck and wham-mo.

Something went ping in my neck. It sent shock through my body. I was in so much pain I could barely move, but I had to soldier on with my work and my children, so I dosed up on pain killers.

It wasn't a fix, it was just a quick coping mechanism. Thankfully massage returned my body; which I had been ignoring for so long, back into equilibrium.


As I was saying today. When we have a dropped shoulder or a raised hip it often causes a tilted Sacrum bone.

When the sacrum bone becomes tilted it can lead to sciatic pain.

For those of us who have experienced sciatic pain travelling all the way down one or both legs it is not fun at all!

Thankfully with expertise massage, you can be saved!


How does your alignment look?


Clearing the path to physical pain.

When I was a full time hairdresser I would often end up with screaming back, shoulder and arm pain.

The pain made my days very long and tedious.

I only had slight relief on the weekends and then back into the same agony again day after day.

It wasn't until I introduced regular massages into one of my must have's that I was able to cope and enjoy my work again.


Start your morning with a smile :)

Coffee will fix anything.

Well, for a little while anyway!


Striving For Wellness?

Lengthy cold days can often cause us to spend more time inside thereby reducing the amount of exercise our bodies need.

This can result in a sluggish lymphatic system and aching muscles and joints.

The purpose of massage is to affect the whole body, thereby producing varying results that are very beneficial.

Open Monday to Friday- 9am to 6.30pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm

Located 10 Darlow Street


What makes a great massage for you in winter?

Warm electric blanket......
Warmth by the gas fire.......
Warm oil......
And a great therapist!........


WhY So GrUmPy?

- We don't often see what others see about ourselves and our behaviour

- We don't often hear what comes out of our mouths

- The anger can well up inside of us without us even realising

- Stress builds up

- Life becomes a struggle

- Pain in the body creates misery

- Do your body a favour and help those who have to put up with you :) :) :)

- Unwind and uncoil and schedule yourself regular massages

-You will be amazed at the results


Sciatic pain
Low back pain
Neck pain bothering you?

Schedule yourself in for a massage!
Open Mon to Sat
Central Wagga


If you gave yourself just One Hour per month for a massage or combined Reiki, how could that One Hour make a difference to your life?

A time to reconnect with yourself?
Ease fatigued muscles?
Pain management?
Better night sleeps?

Loyalty cards available to receive 15% off your 5th visit.


Revive....Relax....Renew your body.....Ready for 2019

Remedial, Aromatherapy, Onlcology Massage, Reiki

Available in a Professional and Quiet location in Central Wagga

Phone or Text 0428 555 864


Who wouldn't love a great massage.....
Half Hour Vouchers $40
One Hour Vouchers $65

5 Years qualified Remedial Therapist
Contact Belinda on 0428 555 864

[10/05/18]   Massage Special!
$50 One Hour!
6th, 8th, 9th October


What are Emotions?
Pure and Simple they are energy. You simply need to imagine the energy behind each one.
Nasty wounds, even from years ago can be stuck in the energy field surrounding your physical body.
With the help of Reiki, healing can occur on many levels, leaving you feeling lighter and cleansed.

One Hour Treatment $65
0428 555 864


Celebrate yourself every day.
One Hour Massage or Reiki treatment $65.
Central Wagga.


How to Get of Rid Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Having problems with Stretch Marks?
This sounds interesting.

Take Dr. Berg's Free Keto Mini-Course: or go here: In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what...


Thank goodness there are SOME nice pleasures in the cold months!
One Hour Massages $65
Half Hour $40


New Central Location!
I am super excited to be in my new space.....
Opening Special over the next 2 weeks.......

One Hour Massage ONLY $50
Address is 10 Darlow Street
Message or text for your next appointment
0428 555 864

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How does your alignment look?
Don't live emotional and physical pain. Feel Great Again!
Foot Massage



10 Darlow Street
Wagga Wagga, NSW

Opening Hours

9am - 1pm
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