Shaping Solutions Food Management - Dietitian Jocelyn Williams

Shaping Solutions Food Management - Dietitian Jocelyn Williams

Dietitian's with a love of good food and feeling great. We want to help you conquer your goals and get off that dieting roller coaster! No more guilt!

At Shaping Solutions we know that diets come and go. Motivation when fad dieting does not last forever and weight will come off and then go back on. This is because everyone is different and has a different style of eating that is right for them. We can help you work out the best approach for you. It may mean using some theories from a Paleo approach; and some from a Mediterranean diet but it does

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And check out then protein content of the grain bread too 👏🏻

One sushi hand roll has about the same amount of carbohydrate as two slices of bread.

Does this surprise you?

We are certainly not saying to avoid sushi or carbs in general, but it can be super helpful to understand portions when making food choices.

What other foods are you curious about?

Justine 💛 29/01/2020

Intuitive eating - where does nutrition fit in and 6 questions to ask yourself to see if you’re ready - Love What You Eat Intuitive eating – where does nutrition fit in and 6 questions to ask yourself to see if you’re ready on January 29, 2020 One misconception of intuitive eating is that the idea is to eat whatever you want without a thought for nutrition or health. That said, you will most likely find that when y...

[03/10/19]   If you want your week to be a healthy one the best place to start is to grab your notepad and pen on a Sunday.

Go old school and write out a grocery list for your Sunday supermarket shop. Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals so you can have everything you need ready to go before your week even begins.

[10/15/18]   Do you graze a lot during the day?

What I mean by graze is pick at kids leftovers, out of the fridge, the cookie jar, several milk coffees with sugar per day and so many other time when food just seems to be there!! Rather than sitting down and enjoying planned meals and snacks?

For general health and weight loss it’s really important that we give our bodies a 2-3 hour fast between meals and snacks and ideally a 10-12 hour fast overnight.

Give it a go! See if it helps your weight loss.


The Moderation Movement

A great article by Jodie to help us understand how we can enjoy movement rather than hating exercise. It’s worth a read!

It’s incredibly common for people to dislike moving their bodies, and completely understandable when we consider how we’ve learned to think about it.

Here we’ll explore the common thoughts about exercise, how that causes you to dislike it, and some tips for reframing your thoughts so you can develop a more positive relationship with movement.

- Jodie, Jodie Arnot Counselling 12/08/2018


Do you feel like you are addicted to sugar? This article explains why restricting sugar can be what causes this feeling of addiction. Does ‘I am going to cut out chocolate/sugar completely’ sound familiar?

Rather than shifting between the extreme of overeating and restriction, find the balance that your body truly craves. As one of the most feared and demonized foods, sugar is often at the center of media hype. Learn why the extremes are never accurate.


The Moderation Movement

A great list of body positive podcasts.

Thanks to Meredith Noble from Made on a Generous Plan for this wonderful compilation of non-diet, weight inclusive podcasts.

- Jodie, Healthy Balance Fitness 01/02/2018

Body acceptance begins with grieving the thin ideal - Made on a Generous Plan Coaching

This article is amazing. I know many of our clients are working on embracing body acceptance. Letting go of diet culture and the thin ideal is scary, difficult and confusing.

This article is a must read for anyone on the journey of body acceptance and embracing a non diet culture. Learn how every Health At Every Size / non-diet / intuitive eating journey involves some form of grieving, and how to cope while in each stage of grief. 21/06/2017

Coconut Oil Is Actually Terrible for Your Health

Finally! The American Heart Association has released a statement saying that coconut oil puts people at risk for cardiovascular disease, and as a result, advises against its use. Says the American Heart Association. 16/05/2017

World first study shows Mediterranean diet is best as we age | Deakin

The Mediterranean diet is great for you now and has so many benefits as we age! Start incorporating more vegetables, olives oil, walnuts, fruits, legumes and fish into your daily choices today. A world first systematic review published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging has shown that the Mediterranean diet is linked to maintaining quality of life as we age.



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