Xtend-It Hair Extensions by Bella

Xtend-It Hair Extensions by Bella

hair extensions Wagga Wagga 100% Human Remy Weft in Hair Extensions! Free consultation. By Appointment only.


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Wagga Wagga Public School (NSW) (2) +2
Lake Cargelligo Central School (NSW) (1) +4

TEACHERS - LET YOUR STUDENTS USE THEIR PHONES IN CLASS. How big is this! Number 1 ranked in most votes in the comp takes on number 2. And as well as that, they're both schools! And as well as that, they're the last two schools standing! This one has all the makings of a record breaking quarterfinal, especially when you look at the extra 24 hours on the Facebook poll!!

ROUND 1 beat Shredlife Clothing Co (QLD) 51.8% (442 votes)
ROUND 2 beat Yarrawonga College P-12 (VIC) 62% (655 votes)
ROUND 3 beat Brookdale Bluebells (NSW) 50.3% (978 votes)
ROUND 4 beat Boorowa Rugby Club (NSW) 63% (1225 votes)

How good have WWPS been? Doesn't matter what state, how big of a following they've got, whether it's a business, school or sports club. They just keep finding a way. One of the smallest, but oldest Wagga school's has punched above their weight to make the final 8, and mainly on the back of being a sharing and tagging powerhouse. This time could be different, as they come up against LCCS who is just as good. Who gets into the final 4?

WHY WWPS? If you're Wagga, if you love a Leister City story or if you love the small schools, WWPS is for you.

ROUND 1 beat Wagga Electrical (NSW) 56% (460 votes)
ROUND 2 beat Boree Creek PS (NSW) 55% (573 votes)
ROUND 3 beat Palm and Pawn Nth. Wagga Wagga (NSW) 52.7% (995 votes)
ROUND 4 beat Woden Blues Football Club (ACT) 50.7% (1603 votes)

Look at that score from last week. 1603 votes. A 2021 comp record. That's the reason Lake will be hard to beat, and why they might be the first to actually stop WWPS. But if anyone is capable of knocking them out, it's the team from Wagga Public! Like WWPS they're a share and tag behemoth so who gets up in this one is anyone's guess. You'd be forgiven for forgetting it's these two school's first time in the comp!

WHY LCCS? If you're rural, outside a major city, love salt of the earth country people who rally behind a cause, then you'll love Lake Cargelligo.

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IN THE EVENT OF A DRAW the team with the most votes overall goes through (hence the rankings).

WHAT DOES THE OVERALL WINNER GET? Not only are they owning the title of Australia's Best Beanie, they're also winning $4000!

From past results, we've noticed that sharing and tagging has helped win a few extra votes, naturally.

So, which beanies better?

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[03/25/21]   Afternoon ladies,
I am closed from the 1st to 12th April. If you are wanting an appointment next week please message me ASAP as I only have a few spots left!
Thanks xx


✨4 rows of 22” extensions✨
This client purchased her own extensions and asked me to apply them for her. Beautiful and thick and blending so well. If you have your own extensions or have a particular place you like to get them from, message me to book an appointment 💕

✨4 rows of 22” extensions✨
This client purchased her own extensions and asked me to apply them for her. Beautiful and thick and blending so well. If you have your own extensions or have a particular place you like to get them from, message me to book an appointment 💕

[11/24/20]   Please get in early if you are wanting new hair before Christmas ✨🎄


🎄 With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to spoil yourself with some fresh long hair. Message me to book your consult today 🎄
Bella - 0407906888

[10/16/20]   ✨Good morning everyone, I am back open again from Monday the 19th October ✨

[09/13/20]   ✨ Good morning everyone, I will be closing on the 22nd of September for a couple of weeks whilst I move house. If you are needing an appointment before then please message me to book. I will let you all know when I am settled in and ready to re open✨


✨ Now that it is school holidays more appointment times have opened up. The perfect time to book in for a new head of extensions. I have a pack of black 18” hair ready to go in stock. Message me on 0407906888 to book your consult ✨

[04/22/20]   Hi everyone,
I am now back open and am taking new clients again. I am open to all appointments not just 30 minutes. Message or text me for all Enquiries 🙂
Bella 0407906888

Due to the governments advice and after much deliberation I have decided not to take on any new clients due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Once my salon renovations are complete (which should be by the end of next week at the latest), I will be able to provide services to those clients with extensions that can be serviced in under 30 minutes.

I ask that if you are unwell or if you have people in your family that are unwell PLEASE stay at home as it is just not fair for me and my family. Please be aware that my partner and myself have jobs where we do have to interact with people outside of our home, so if you are worried about that please refrain from booking. During this time I also ask that only yourself comes into the salon to practice as much social distancing as possible.

Please bare with me during this stressful time. I will keep you updated if any other changes need to be made.

Thanks so much
Bella xx

[03/14/20]   Xtend it will be closed for a couple of weeks due to renovations. Sorry for any inconvenience xx

[01/14/20]   I hope all of my beautiful clients have had a lovely Christmas and New Year break.

As of the 28th of January Xtend-it’s trading days and hours will be changing as I have taken on full time work.

My Xtend-it working hours will be Monday afternoons only from 3:30-6. I will add in a Saturday down the track if need be.

I know that this is only a short opening period but I am hoping all of my clients will be able to fit into that schedule as I prepare for a very busy year. If these hours do not work for some clients I may be able to be a bit more flexible depending on the situation.

I have all this week and next week open to flexible hours so please message me if you are wanting a retighten or new hair whilst my working hours are larger.

Thank you so much to all by clients who have supported me over the years.

Bella xx

[12/11/19]   Hey lovely ladies,
I will be closing up shop over Christmas and New Year. I will be closed from the 23rd- 6th Jan.
Please get in ASAP to book your retighten or new set as spots are starting to fill up fast for the next 2 weeks.
Thanks xx


The beautiful Jada all ready for her formal 💕


The perfect mixed blonde 💕

[10/08/19]   Hello lovely ladies,
I am heading away on a much needed holiday on the 19th - 4th November. If you are in need of a retighten or fresh set of hair before the 19th please message me ASAP to make an appointment. Please get in quick to avoid disappointment of missing out as I have an extremely busy week next week. I will do my absolute best to fit everyone in xx
Bella - 0407906888


Extensions are not always about length, sometimes a bit of extra thickness is all you need for a fuller look. This is just 1 row of 20” European valued at $320 💕


The longest hair you ever did see 💕


2 rows of 20” European mixed blonde 💕

[07/22/19]   Hello ladies,
I have a packet of 22” Indian ashy blonde hair ready to go at a discounted price.
$200 for 1 row and $300 for 2 rows.
Price includes hair and application. Don’t miss out!!


Added in some extra blonde pieces for my beautiful client Deb who got some lighter foils in her hair, she walked out with much lighter hair which she was very happy with 💕


2 rows of 20” European mixed blondes 💕 love playing around with blondes to make the perfect mix x


Xtend-it Wagga weft in hair extensions!

Full head starting from $200
FREE consultation
Affordable, easy to maintain, natural and discreet!

Heaps of appointments available during the school holidays!

Call or text Bella for an appointment on 0407906888


[06/05/19]   Hey guys,
I have 2 packs of 22” blonde hair toned and ready to go. I cannot get onto the person that ordered them so will be selling them at a discounted rate.
1 row will be $200 ($70 off)
And 2 rows will be $300 ($80 off)
I have 2 packets meaning I can do 2 new heads with this hair
Thanks xx

[05/15/19]   Hey guys, I am working a full week next week and have limited appointments and am only able to do after 3:30. If you are wanting services next week please message me ASAP to secure your spot xx

[05/07/19]   Hello lovelies, Sorry if their is a delay in replies. I am having trouble accessing my page from my phone. Please message me on 0407906888 if i do not reply promptly.
Bella xx

[04/12/19]   To all my beautiful clients, I am heading away for a week on Good Friday so if you are needing a retighten this week please message me xx


Xtend-it Wagga weft in hair extensions!

Full head starting from $200
FREE consultation
Affordable, easy to maintain, natural and discreet!

Call or text Bella for an appointment on 0407906888



Loving this flawless look 💕
A stunning 2 rows of 20” European in micro weft. Amazing results 👏🏻👏🏻


✨ Just a reminder that until the 26th Feb, if you order and purchase a new set of hair extensions you will receive your first retighten for free. Retightenings are worth $50 for 1 row and $90 for 2 rows so this is an offer that cannot be missed!
If you have been considering getting hair extensions now is the perfect opportunity to do so! ✨
Message Bella on Facebook or on 0407906888 to secure your spot xx


🌿 I have few appointments left for tomorrow for retightens and consults. Remember the amazing deal that is on offer at the moment, no better time than now to book in for your consult 🌿
Bella xx

[01/18/19]   ✖️✖️✖️ATTENTION to all my clients ✖️✖️✖️
✨ to give you all a treat, if you order and get applied a new set of extensions before the 26th of Feb you will receive your first retighten free. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed, so message me to secure your spot! ✨
Bella xx

[01/18/19]   Due to an increase in prices from my suppliers I have had to slightly increase the prices of my hair extensions by $20 and retightens by $10. This will be set as of Tuesday the 22nd Jan. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused my beautiful clients.
Bella xx


Xtend-it Wagga weft in hair extensions!

Full head starting from $200
FREE consultation
Affordable, easy to maintain, natural and discreet!

Call or text Bella for an appointment on 0407906888



Some FAQ's about weaves 😊

Q. How long does my hair have to be to get extensions?

A. Shoulder length or longer for best results.

Q.How long will the extensions last?

A. European hair extensions can last up to a year before replacement, with proper care and maintenance. During this time you will need a retightening (re braid the same hair in, or renew beads) roughly every 5-8 weeks. It is $40 per row for a re tightening.

Q. Can I straighten/cut/dye the hair?

A. Definitely. The extensions are 100% human hair so they can be dyed, cut, curled, straightened. Bleaching is not recommended as it is so damaging.

Q. What care & maintenance is involved?

A. Because your natural hair receives natural oil from your scalp. The extensions need external oils applied daily as your natural oil cannot travel past the weft and braid. I reccommend that Moroccan/argan oil is applied daily to keep the extensions nourished. Going to bed with wet hair is a no-no! Not only does this encourage a bacteria breeding ground on your pillow but your hair is at its weakest when it is wet. Going to bed with wet hair is damaging for your hair and extensions, and causes breakage. A treatment is also recommended once a week.

Q. How long will they take to put in?

A. Approx 30 minutes for 1 row, 1 hour for two rows.

Q. What does 'remy' hair mean?

A. Remy hair means that all of the cuticles on the strand of hair are aligned and travelling the same direction. This is important because it prevents birds nest appearance and matting.

Q. How long until my hair needs to be retightened?

A. Every 5-8 weeks (depending on personal preference) with proper care and maintenance.

😊 Weft in extensions are great because they have no chemicals, glues or tapes. They are easy to put in and don't cost a fortune in maintenance. If you are only getting them for a special occasion, you can turn your weft in hair extensions into clip in hair extensions so you don't have to wear them all the time.



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