MNA, Brussels Videos

Videos by MNA in Brussels. I'm a nail technician and creating art on the nails is my specialty. ☺️

✨3D Acrylic Flower✨

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✨3D Acrylic Flower✨

✨3D Flower Nail Art✨
Been busy with my internship, but I’ll post some nail art from time to time 🌸

✨Matt Velvet Topcoat✨

✨Gel overlay on short nails✨
💅 This client has brittle nails - buiding up a structure on those will prevent them from breaking

✨Pose à Gel au chablon ✨
✨Gel Nails✨

✨First Video of Nail Transformation is UP✨
||Military Themed Nail Art||

✨Inlay Nails✨Gel Nails

✨Marble & Glitter✨

✨Marble nails with golden foils and glitter ✨

✨Right hand✨
I struggled a lot with this hand. Especially removing the old colour and creating the 3D nail art.

✨Full left hand design for this Holiday Season ✨

3D Flower Nail Art

Cute flower Nail Art
❤️ I love getting feedback!! ❤️