Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath and Spa Products

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath and Spa Products

We offer you fun and luxurious varieties of special use soaps. Choose from aroma-therapeutic, herbal, deodorant, facial, fragrance free for babies and even one for pooch! Dona Dougall Sosa, Owner

Moroccan Silk, the best facial soap in Belize, with goat milk and Moroccan red clay, and rich base oils and essential oils, to pamper and repair your skin. For all ages and all skin types. For a few dollars only, this 5 oz. soap can last you up to a year. Just cut in half; use one half and store the other half in the fridge. Please inbox for further details.

Eight more satisfied customers! Thanks for loving my products, ladies. Thanks Ms. Baeza for promoting.

Ms. Dona thanks for filling our third order! You have very satisfied customers....the Anti-Aging Serum and the Spicy Medicated Soap have been our favorites. Leticia Riveroll Gomez, Annette Alonzo Garel, Lucy Leiva ladies you need need to try these🌷🌼🌻you see result within 3 weeks...check the product list...there is a wide varietyπŸ€—

Made this gift set today for a special lady, who wanted to treat herself. What a lovely gesture to send a gift to yourself. I love the way she thinks. I just love the colours too!

Words cannot describe how wonderful I felt today at the Live Well Cayo fair, when long time customers met me for the first time and they were so happy to meet the person who is Bella Dee's! Wonderful to meet first time customers, who told me my products were recommended to them. Returning customers, who told me they love my products! Loyal customers, who told me they were happy when they found out Bella Dee's would be at the event! It's a truly wonderful feeling to know my products are appreciated and are helping people with their needs. Bella Dee's is small but still making a significant impact in the lives of many. Thanks to everyone who supports my micro business! Thanks to everyone for supporting a Belizean woman in business!

My baby is morphing into a bright/engaging salesperson. She has her own basket of soaps that she is selling at a reduced price. Bella Dee's at the BTIA Live Well Cayo fair at Sacred Heart College auditorium. Event ends at 5 p.m. Everything healthy, no single use plastic allowed.

Bella Dee's at the Live Well event at Sacred Heart auditorium. Event ends at 5 p.m. Come on down and find out how to change your lifestyle by switching to healthy products.

Seaweed F & B soap. This skin softening, anti-aging soap, will be cut for guest (hotel) sizes. I also make in regular sizes.

Sweet review by another very satisfied customer, who also happens to be my very amazing yoga instructor. Thanks Ashanti Airbender Garcia!

Mahogany Hall Boutique - Mary K Carridi - you are the proud winner of Bella Dee's Appreciation Award. Your gift set contains 1 Cool Chamomile Soap, 1 Nostalgia Soap, 1 Exotica Soap and a coffee scrub (or oatmeal scrub). Thank you for your purchase this year in June. Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸ₯‚

These little babies are hotel/guest soaps. We make them in 10 fragrances and are sold by the dozen. All 10 fragrances are included in the dozen. We customize fragrances and labels. Just send us your logo, and we will wrap the soaps in your own label.

These also make great souvenirs for weddings, christening, confirmation, quinceanos, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, etc, also with customized labels if you so choose!

Call us! 602-5621

Spicy Medicated Soap - an acne and oily skin fighter for those who can't use the Black Soap. Use to exfoliate any area prone to bumps, especially the back! Recommended for young teenagers, starting puberty and getting those embarassing bumps.

Spicy Medicated with all spice, cloves, tea tree and rosemary, is moderately exfoliating, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Use for acne, oily skin, dermatitis, skin infections and skin parasites. If you don't like exfoliating soaps, you can get the same benefits from the Aloe Medicated Soap!

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath & Spa Products, All Natural, All Handmade, Just for You!

Aloe Vera Soap and Aloe Medicated Soap.

Aloe vera is known as "the plant of immortality" and has been used medicinally for years, both topically and internally. It's antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and supports skin regeneration. For this reason it is used to moisturize the skin and fade scars and dark spots and marks. It deeply penetrates the skin and promotes collagen and elastin repair for healthy skin, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing of skin problems, and is a natural pain killer. It is used also for burns and is the best thing on the earth to soothe sunburn. It soothes insect stings and bites, discomfort caused by psoriasis, and is great for cuts, scrapes and abrasions. Works on allergy rashes, cold sores, chicken pox, shingles, vaginitis, acne/boils, warts and other skin infections/dermatitis, dandruff, dry flaky skin, fungus, skin ulcers, stretch marks, frostbite and electrical injury.

Aloe Vera is a most versatile plant, but do use with caution if you're allergic to latex! We remove the latex before using so if you are allergic but would still like to use it, you can do a patch test on a small area of your arm first.

Bella Dee's has combined this miracle plant with anti-aging, skin clarifying Frankincense and anti-aging rosemary to make Aloe Vera Soap. And also with anti-septic Tea Tree and anti- aging rosemary, to make Aloe Medicated Soap! Both soaps are great for hair, face and body and Aloe Medicated is formulated to fight dandruff, acne and infections. Can't go wrong with Aloe Vera Soaps from Bella Dee's!

Both soaps are chock full of fresh Aloe Vera gel for maximum benefit. Great for the whole family! Going to the bush? Take one with you! Going to the beach? Take 2 with you!

[email protected]

Appreciation Award to 1 of my lucky customers! So here's how it's going to go down: If you bought products from me during this year, or plan to buy on or before December 24th, you will be automatically entered to win a Bella Dee's gift set, comprising of 3 soaps and your choice of a coffee or an oatmeal scrub!

The lucky winner will be announced right here on FB on the 24th December. Winner pays shipping charges.

If I do not have your phone number in my records and the award is not claimed within 30 days, a new winner will be selected.

Thanks to all my loyal customers and those who have liked my page. May your lives be filled with love, peace and prosperity. Merry Christmas to one and all! β€πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŒ πŸ’’

Chocolate soaps! Made exclusively for the Belize Chocolate Co. Chocoholic Islanders on San Pedro and Caye Caulker will be smiling from ear to while us land lubbers cry our hearts out.

Top - solid dark: Dark Chocolate Tamarind an anti-aging soap with coco butter, chocolate, tamarind, milk, and honey.

Left - white and brown swirl: Chocolate mint, an anti-aging soap with coco butter, chocolate, almond, peppermint, patchouli and milk.

Right - brown and orange swirl: Chocolate-Orange, a tropical anti-aging soap with coconut, cocoa butter, chocolate, orange, cinnamon, tangerine and milk.

Anti-wrinkle, skin softening, dry skin moisturizer, blemishes, scars, energizer, antioxidant, rashes, marks, spots and good for all skin types. Chocolate-Mint and Chocolate-Tamarind make great facial soaps, while Chocolate-Orange makes a good body soap, but they are all good for the entire body.

Available only at the Belize Chocolate Co. in San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

Bella Dees' Soaps, Bath & Spa Products! 602-5621. We customize soaps for your needs!

What a way to spend a Saturday! Gumbo Limbo-Ix Canan Soap!

5 years ago today. Accepting my Entrepreneurship award for my business!

Accepting my Award from Ambassador Wu, along with Director of Beltraide, Nicholas Ruiz at yesterdays Award Ceremony (Cenpromype-Beltraide)

Dear Acne, be afraid! Be very afraid!

Black Soap! Everyone's favourite face soap for acne, oily skin and clean, clear skin. It's antimicrobial, antioxidant and soothing!

Use for acne, oily skin, itching from wounds/insect bites/stings, dark spots. To detoxify, moisturize, nourish, soothe and calm congested skin, fade scars and marks, soothe skin irritations and infections!

With shea butter, chamomile, Seaweed, plantain, charcoal, lavender & tea tree.

Bella Dee's: We scare away acne! 602-5621

Super Anti-aging Face Serum, light, non-greasy formula. Apply a few drops in a thin layer on the face and neck and collar bone. Use as moisturizer after using the Honey Face Wash, Black Soap or other Face Soap. Or just use after washing the face as a night or day rejuvenating moisturizer!

Use to fade scars, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, lighten age spots and melasma; to detoxify and rejuvenate cells, improve elasticity & texture, moisturize, nourish and tighten sagging skin, balance pH and heal damaged skin.

Enriched with rosehips, carrot, lavender, rose, geranium, rosemary, cypress, sandalwood, lemon, frankincense and myrrh, in a base of apricot and jojoba!

This serum is especially formulated to treat liver spots/sun spots or age spots, which are all the same thing.

For Adult use only! Available in 12 ml wide mouth and 30 ml pump bottles.

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath & Spa Products, All Natural, All Handmade, Just For You! All our products are made with love and your safety in mind! 100% Belizean and proud! 602-5621 [email protected]

New and improved Honey Face Wash, available for Sensitive Skin and All skin types. Honey leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, silky, toned, hydrated and acne-free. Honey is a natural antibiotic, humectant and cicatricant.

Use alone or add to Bella Dee's Oatmeal Scrub. A little goes a long way and you need only a pea sized amount, so this will last you a long time. Can be used to wash the hands and nourish the whole body.

The Sensitive Skin formula has no added fragrance. Just the natural honey scent. The All Skin Types formula is made with 5 essential oil blend.

Wash with Honey Face Wash, and Follow with face cream or Bella Dee's Super Anti-aging Face Serum.

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath & Spa Products! 602-5721.

Peppermint Energizer: A timeless classic, is everyone's favourite! Just smelling this antiseptic soap lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Great for the summer months, but perfect for the Christmas season! Use to alleviate headaches, stiffness, and sore muscles; for fatigue, laziness, cold sores, scabies, insect repellent, sores, fungus, rash and prickly heat.

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath & Spa Products.

With the cold weather fast approaching, I decided to work on an edible, no rinse lip scrub today (this morning). The result is scrumptious chocolately and delicious. Like something that should have a crust around it and served warm with whipped cream! My lips are hurting still, from testing the prototype so many times on myself. I won't put that on the market! 🀣🀣🀣🀣

Oatmeal Scrub/mask: Mix with water to form a paste and apply to the skin...but that's boring! To use this scrub to its full potential, add honey for extra moisturizing and softness; add cream if you have extra dry skin; add yogurt if you have oily skin; add milk if you have any type of skin.

Made with oatmeal, baking soda, almond, calendula, cypress and rosemary, this scrub soothes and moisturizes dry, itchy skin, tones and tightens, boosts elasticity and keeps wrinkles at bay. It also helps to get rid of acne, pimples, marks and scars. Formulated to work for all skin types. Can also be used to soothe dermatitis and viral infections, like chicken pox.

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath & Spa Products,

Slumber Sweetly Sleep Spray - If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, your worry is over. Spray your pillow or a handkerchief and place on your pillow where you can inhale the soft aroma, that will soothe you to deep, peaceful sleep. Just 4 easy steps: shake, spray, sniff, sleep! It's the perfect gift for kids over 30. Available in 5 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml.

And please remember to be kind to your cat. Cats cannot tolerate strong essential oils, so put them out of your bedroom before you spray.

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath & Spa Products!

Tiramisu Soap - "Pick me up" soap! This coffee swirl soap, besides being pretty to look at, is a great substitute for my amazing and popular coffee scrub if you can't handle the strong smell of coffee, but still want to reap the fabulous benefits to your face and body. Made with 100% Arabica gold espresso coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg and milk, Tiramisu is a deodorizing, energizing soap that exfoliates the face and body to reveal shinier, smoother skin. It is a skin softener and anti-oxidant and reduces the appearance of cellulites. Hate coffee, love the soap!

Bella Dee's keeping it real, just for you!

Rustic can be classy! Wooden crate and satin ribbon - Sexy!

Small display at Regeneration Belize, 1st Annual Tropical Agriculture Conference, being held at the National Agriculture Show Grounds.

I just prepared a special gift for someone special! Arranging gift sets brings me such joy! I hope the recipient will be happy!

Cleopatra's Secret is one of the first 7 soaps I started out making 10 years ago, and to this day it is a favourite of many and because of that, is frequently out of stock.

With milk, honey and oatmeal, geranium and patchouli, it's no secret that this soap is good for mature skin, to ward off wrinkles and saggy, blotchy skin. It softens, smooths, and hydrates itchy, skin, gently exfoliates and fade blemishes and dark, under-eye circles, soothes burns and sunburn, tackles oily, acne-prone skin and is great for managing body odours.

Several users of this soap have told me that complete strangers, tell them they smell irresistible 😊😊...Must be the patchouli (aphrodisiac)! And of course geranium calms anxiety and gives people a sense of euphoria!

I can't say whether Cleopatra added geranium and patchouli to her daily beauty routine, but with the milk and honey, she was definitely on to something!

Bella Dee's brought it to you first! 602-5621

Did you know that all of Bella Dee's packaging are 100% biodegradable or reusable? This Christmas, give something that people can use and appreciate. Not something that will gather dust! Love the soap, compost the wrapper, reuse the gift bags/baskets/boxes!

Creme of Tamarind (Tambran) is a fairly new soap! It's anti-aging, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tones and boosts elasticity, hydrates and exfoliates. It is also anti-bacterial and helps with skin rashes. It smoothes and softens, skin, fade spots and stains and tambran is said to grow hair when used as a shampoo. Benefits of tambran can be compared with those of almond.

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath and Spa Products. Rich, natural products at affordable prices! 602-5621

Creme of Almond Soap - with real almonds, cocobutter, milk, carrot, frankincense and palmarosa, softens dry, chapped, itchy skin, clears up blemishes, scars and fade spots. It is anti-oxidant and moisturizing. It evens up skin tone and keeps wrinkles away. It's the number 1 best seller, after our famous Black Soap!

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath and Spa Products. All Natural, All Handmade, Just for you! 602-5621 or just inbox!

Litsea G-Oat Milk Soap - That's right! Goat Milk soap with oatmeal. The best soap for dry, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, and acne-prone skin! Caprylic acid in raw goat milk balances the pH of the skin and the alpha hydroxy acids safely removes dead skin cells to reveal vibrant, glowing skin and encourages new cell growth!

Goat milk is rich in Vit A, B, C, D, E, and several minerals, like selenium, which can protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Goat milk penetrates the skin easily to provide moisture and nourishment. It smoothes, the skin and clears up acne and blemishes, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, scars, spots, stains. It is anti-inflammatory, so it reduces itching and redness caused by eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis and soothes burns and sunburn.

Pair goat milk with a natural exfoliant like oatmeal, which provides similar benefits and you end up with a super anti-aging soap.

With regular use, Goat milk - Oatmeal soap will firm, smooth, lighten and tone the skin, reduce oil and help to control body odour anf reduce stress.

Pair up this soap with our oatmeal scrub and help to reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath & Spa Products, All Natural, All Handmade, Just For You!

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