Thanks for the hook up much appreciated
Wow, the first product that I have found that actually gets rid of the stink after my dog has been skunked! Thx Sootsoap!!!

DETOX & DEODORIZE. + All Natural + Made in Canada + Firefighter Approved

The secret is out! We have been working hard behind the scenes to create a really special new product!⁠

Like you, we are tired of dried, cracked hands from excessive Hand Sanitizer use. We are tired of sticky residue. And we are tired of smelling like alcohol all day long.⁠

We are tired of not being able to find Hand Sanitizer when we need it most.⁠

So, in true SOOTSOAP style, we sought out to fix these problems ourselves.⁠

Our new SOOTSOAP Hand Sanitizer is 70% alcohol, with the addition of moisturizing aloe and just a hint of peppermint to combat that alcohol smell. The consistency is super smooth - it'll give you the coverage you need, without slippage or a sticky finish, and leaves your hands incredibly soft.⁠

Our new SOOTSOAP Hand Sanitizer is as smooth as it is strong, and will be available soon!⁠

Keep an eye on for availability, and also in Ontario with our partner⁠

If you are interested in pre-orders by the case, please reach out to [email protected] or your local A.J. Stone rep in Ontario and we will do our best to accommodate.⁠

Huge thanks to our lab, our regulatory partners, our bottlers, our graphic artists, our translator and our production team for prioritizing this special project. Thank you for your support, your attention to detail, and for never sacrificing quality!


What do a bucket, a chimney sweep and International Firefighters' Day have in common?⁠

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Firefighters, we salute you! We couldn't be working on behalf of a better group of people, singularly and collectively. Thank you for signing up and committing to this job today, and every day.

Happy International Firefighters' Day!

#internationalfirefightersday #firefightersday #firefighter #firefighters #firefamily #maythe4thbewithyou


We're a week away from International Firefighter's Day and our prize pack is bigger than ever, as is our Firefighter Appreciation!

For this week's #firefighterappreciation #giveaway, our lucky #winner will receive a KILLER prize pack:⁠
- (1) 250ml #SOOTSOAP Hand & Body Soap,⁠
- (1) 250ml SOOTSOAP Odour Spray⁠
- (1) 16oz bag of @hookandladdercoffee Probie #Coffee⁠
- (1) 16ox bag of Hook and Ladder #TrybeforeyouPry Coffee⁠
- (1) Gift pack from our friends @AJStoneCompany⁠
- (1) @crossedaxesapparelcanada hoodie, AND⁠
- (1) #CrossedAxesApparelCanada hat!⁠!! ⁠
Thank you so much to our partner companies, who appreciate firefighters as much as we do. And thank you for all you do. Now get to nominating!⁠

Don't forget to follow the rules to win!⁠

1. Follow @sootsoap, @hookandladdercoffeeco, @AJStoneCompany⁠ AND @crossedaxesapparelcanada
2. Like this post⁠
3. Tag a firefighter who deserves alllll this swag! No limits to number of nominations and bonus points for telling us about why you're nominating them

BONUS ENTRY: Tag us in your re-share and win a prize just for you!⁠

Winner will be selected on Monday May 4th (International Firefighters Day!) at 5:00PM EST and will be announced in the comments section of this post. Shipping is included.⁠

**This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Instagram**⁠

Remember to support #localbusiness! We need you now more than ever. SOOTSOAP (, Hook & Ladder Coffee ( and @crossedaxesapparelcanada are firefamily owned, Canadian businesses, proud to support the Firefighter community. #likealocal

Want to know more about our Hand & Body Soap? did a super in depth review for you. Thank you Didier!


"As a hand wash it does very good. You should know that the liquid comes out black, in case you hadn’t already figured that out. It lathers nicely and offers an excellent wash. I was expecting this deep cleaner to also come with the typical side effect of most deep cleaner which is to dry you out. This wasn’t the case and it earned extra point for that. A typical hand wash gel requires a fair bit of water to get the lather going and then to rinse it off. I liked that this soap required very little water while offering what felt like a very thorough wash. The rinsing was also quick leaving no residue⁠

The second test was to use this product as a body wash. Our hands are somewhat de-sensitize as a result of always being the one interfacing with everything. The rest of our body is not getting as much exposure and needs a bit more pampering. So it’s shower time and I squirt a shot about the size of a quarter in my shower sponge and we are off. A nice lather is again created with minimal effort. The soap is gentle and you feel it cleaning and I am pleased to report that it didn’t feel abrasive in any way. That small of soap was more than enough to wash me. Volume wise I am 6′ tall and some 200 lb, so a far bit of mofo to wash.⁠

Once done, rinsing was a breeze and again leaving no residue, greasy feeling or dry feeling. My skin felt cleaned and refresh but not dehydrated and itchy."


Small changes can make a big difference.⁠

Pc 📸
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What a killer shot by!

Check out their review of SOOTSOAP at

SOOTSOAP for when soap doesn't cut it -

Thank you for the amazing, thoughtful and supportive review of our products, and thank you for promoting Canadian businesses! Trying out the SOOTSOAP bodywash, shampoo and odour spray. These smooth but hard working products were design with Firefighters in mind.


Bigger and better as we get closer to International Firefighter's Day!

For this week's #firefighterappreciation #giveaway, our lucky #winner will receive a 500ml #SOOTSOAP Hand & Body Soap, AND a 16oz bag of @hookandladdercoffeeco Green Strobe #Coffee, AND a gift pack from our friends @ajstonecompany!⁠

Don't forget to follow the rules to win!⁠

1. Make sure you're following us!
2. Like this post⁠
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BONUS ENTRY: Tag us in your re-share and win a prize just for you!⁠

Winner will be selected on Monday April 27th at 5:00PM EST and will be announced in the comments section of this post. Shipping is included.⁠

**This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Facebook**⁠

Remember to support #localbusiness! We need you now more than ever. SOOTSOAP ( and Hook & Ladder Coffee ( are firefamily owned, Canadian businesses, proud to support the Firefighter community. #likealocal

When you're this clean, you prove it.⁠

We are proud to announce all SOOTSOAP products are CertClean Certified!⁠

CertClean is North America's leading Certification for products that are free from ingredients that may pose risk to our hormonal, reproductive and or neurological systems, like talcum powder, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and hundreds more. ⁠

CertClean is a certification which prioritizes human health, just like SOOTSOAP products.


We are teaming up with our friends at Hook & Ladder Coffee Co. for our #firefighterappreciation #giveaway in honour of International Firefighter's Day!⁠

Every week, for 3 weeks, we will be giving away a prize pack to a Firefighter deserving of appreciation.⁠

This week, our lucky recipient will receive a 500ml bottle of SOOTSOAP detoxifying and deodorizing Shampoo, PLUS a 16oz bag of amazing Truck 41 coffee from our friends @hookandladdercoffeeco. Get rid of that post-fire smell with our detoxifying Shampoo, then enjoy a fresh cup of delicious coffee. Mornings just don't get better than this.⁠

1. Follow both @sootsoapsupplyco and @hookandladdercoffeeco⁠
2. Like this post⁠
3. Nominate a deserving Firefighter by tagging them in your comment below. Nominate as many as you like and tell us something about your nomination!⁠

BONUS ENTRY: Tag us in your re-share and win a bonus prize just for you!⁠

Winner will be selected on Monday April 20th at 5:00PM EST and will be announced in the comments section of this post. Shipping is included.⁠

**This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Instagram**⁠

Both SOOTSOAP ( and Hook & Ladder Coffee ( are firefamily owned, Canadian businesses, proud to support the Firefighter community.

It's time for another #FirefighterSpotlight! This week we're chatting with @firetim Tim Lisecky, Toronto Pearson #Firefighter.⁠

Q. You've been a #Firefighter a long time! What do you enjoy about #Firefighting?⁠
A. I’ve been a firefighter for 18 years. I love what I do, I get such a sense of satisfaction. Very seldom are there careers where you get to see the direct result of your work every day. Getting a chance to help people when they’re at their worst sends me home with a feeling of accomplishment at the end of every shift.

Q. What would people be surprised to hear about your role as a Firefighter?⁠
A. As far as dispelling any myths, I think I’ll leave them alone. Firefighters have a real connection to the public and if we are seen as heroes then I’m pretty happy with that! LOL⁠

Q. What do you do in your off-time?⁠
A. In addition to being a Firefighter I’ve also been racing the Firefighter's Combat Challenge for 16 years. [Tim is an amazing competitor at FireFit and Firefighter's Combat Challenges / @firefithampionships with @pearsoncombat. Here's hoping we get the chance to cheer him on again this year!]⁠

Q. What do you like about SOOTSOAP?⁠
A. Decontaminating both myself and my gear is very important. What I like most about SOOTSOAP is that it offers the next level of cleaning and decontamination. Anyone that has the next level of work, sports or play will needs the next level of soap. With other soaps I’ve noticed you feel clean initially but when you get back into your work, training or sport, the odours come back with a vengeance. SOOTSOAP has a deeper clean that lasts much longer.⁠

Tim can also be found in the 2020 Toronto Pearson Firefighter Calendar, in support of local charities. DM @pearsoncombat for your copy today!⁠

Thanks so much for the support Tim!

What's in your soap?

Washing thoroughly, and washing often has never been more important.⁠

It's important for firefighters to get rid of as many contaminates as possible, and IMPERATIVE for our daily lives to remain safe from contracting and/or passing on COVID-19.⁠

IT IS TIME FOR SOMETHING TOUGHER THAN A BAR OF SOAP. We need detoxifying ingredients. We need deep cleaning wash. We need super strength adsorbents.⁠

SOOTSOAP is lab-developed with the decontaminating powers that firefighters need. It's the toughest out there. It contains super adsorbent White Charcoal and other natural ingredients to deep clean better than your average soap. Isn't it time for something tougher?⁠

And now, we offer free shipping on orders over $30 on, plus you can find us on with free shipping with prime. Just search for Sootsoap.⁠

If you need us, and can't find or afford any, let us know.⁠

PLEASE wash thoroughly, and wash often. #flattenthecurve

Proudly made in CANADA.

Okay, so it's not a sale so much as we're just offering site wide savings in the hopes everyone will stay that much cleaner. Please be cleaner.⁠

While some companies choose to charge more to take advantage of the need for clean, we choose to charge less.⁠

SOOTSOAP is better than soap and water. That's right, we said it. SOOTSOAP contains powerhouse detoxifying ingredients to keep you cleaner. And safer. Cleaner = safer. Be safer.⁠

Get 10% off all products, all sizes, at No tricks, no hoops, no codes. ⁠

Plus, shoot us an email for our significant direct-to-hall case order discounts on now. Why? Because we can. [email protected].

Please remember that not everyone can #SociallyDistance, and our #FirstResponders and their families are relying on you to stay healthy.⁠

When calling 911, or when a Firefighter needs to enter your home or place of business, please be prepared to offer the following information:⁠

- Have you received public health or medical advice to self-monitor or self-isolate?⁠
- Do you have a fever or new onset cough or difficulty breathing?⁠
- Have you travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?⁠
- Have you had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?⁠
- Did you have close contact with anyone with acute respiratory illness who has travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?⁠

Remember to wash well, and wash often and to keep a safe, 6 foot distance.⁠

Remember our First Responders, like our Healthcare Practitioners and other essential service providers, are taking a risk to keep you safe. Please do your best to return the favour.

How's your gear smelling these days? A little inside scoop - while we were developing our detoxifying and deodorizing Odour Spray, we tested it on our boxing gloves. We wanted to get rid of not only the nastiest of smells (and man do they get nasty), but also clean up some of the bacteria left behind.⁠

Try it on all your sports gear! Hockey bag left in your car all winter? We can help. Just ask Rob!⁠

"After spraying my two sons’ hockey equipment with SOOTSOAP (odour) spray it was fantastic. No more stink on the hockey equipment. No more aroma in the shed where it’s stored either. No more smelly boys. No more unpleasant rides home from the hockey games because of smelly equipment in the car. Hockey players will love this and probably other sports players as well. It also seems to have a nice residual effect because one spray has lasted several games and we haven't had to respray as of yet."⁠
- Rob R., ON

Let’s add some green up in here while we dispense of some rumours.⁠

*Warning. For fellow ingredient nerds only*⁠

There is chatter going around that moisturizers clog pores and therefore shouldn’t be included in your personal decon products. Let’s address that and hope our lab jumps in if we get more sciencey than we should.⁠

There are three pillars that can increase moisture levels in skin. ⁠

- Humectants draw water from the air into the outer layers of the skin, helping to retain moisture. Common humectants include glycerin, honey and aloe vera.⁠

- Emollients fill in the rough patches and smooth the skin to help with softness and smoothness. Common natural emollients are often classified as oils or butters, such as avocado, coconut, olive and jojoba.⁠

- Occlusive agents hydrate by providing a physical barrier on top of the skin to prevent water loss - making a seal so water doesn’t escape. Ingredients like waxes, oils, silicones and petroleum byproducts (ie petroleum jelly) are ingredients that work this way.⁠

First, there is nothing wrong with any of these moisturizing pillars — all can benefit the skin’s moisture content and can be naturally derived. In fact, the best moisturizers will include all three. Further, repairing and protecting the skin's hydration is an important part of detoxification and skin health.⁠

Aloe vera is a humectant, drawing water back into the skin from the air. But it is also anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic. This means that aloe vera gel taken directly from the plant will help cleanse and nourish skin WITHOUT clogging pores.⁠

Aloe vera is a powerful and important ingredient in all SOOTSOAP products. Our all-natural ingredients like aloe help to truly detoxify without leaving your skin and hair dry and damaged. In fact, it will leave them silky and soft. Try us out!

Did you catch @nabsss123 's review of our Shampoo? Save your pillow cases with #sootsoap shampoo. #onewash⁠

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Did you know we send FREE samples direct to fire halls?⁠

We know your personal decon and that of your crew is of the utmost importance and shouldn't be trusted to any old soap. That's why we offer SOOTSOAP samples free of charge to Fire Halls - so you can try us out and be confident with your purchase.⁠

If you are interested in receiving SOOTSOAP samples to your hall, fill out a request at

Sample kits include 5ml packs of our Shampoo and Hand & Body Soap, product detail, and contact information for direct-to-hall orders. If you have specific questions or requests, please don't hesitate to ask in the Comments section.⁠

Don't be shy, we would love your feedback!⁠

Limit 1 kit per hall.⁠

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