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The First Element Spa to be archived in 2016.Please visit FB "Bohemian Beauty" for further future beauty&spa business withCalista

Welcome everyone! The First Element Day Spa is Calista's second business launch; running parallel with her Professional Make up career @Make up by Calista. The best new feature about The First Element Day Spa is, that it is now a COMPLETELY MOBILE COMPANY! We are bringing the spa to you, in your homes! No more stressful travel to meet a spa appointment somewhere else... The First Element Day Spa does the travel for you! This mobile spa will be focusing on healing, peace and relaxation. Offering treatments such as Manicures, Pedicures, Aromatic Relaxation Massage & Scalp Massage Treatments. With some exciting new treatments coming next year! (RMT Massage & Facials to name a few...) I am still updating many aspects of this page, so please remember to come visit again. Thank you for stopping by! Sincerely, Calista Stephens Professional Esthetician, Make up Artist & Entrepreneur. (Last update 06/22/15)


The First Element Day Spa to be archived.

The First Element Day Spa to be archived.

Please follow "Bohemian Beauty" link to view Calista's new fully registered MOBILE spa & beauty business & all it has to offer; professional makeup, professional esthetic spa treatments & much more!

This page "The First Element Day Spa" will be archived by early 2017. There is no current news/events & or traffic circulating on this business page anymore.

*For current business news & events, please visit, LIKE & SHARE my new Facebook business page, "Bohemian Beauty"(please click blue link below).

My apologies for any personal inconvenience this may cause you.

I hope you can continue to support me in my newest success.

Many thanks!
Calista Stephens

Bohemian Beauty

I am very excited to announce, that after years (10) of hard work & dedication growing my two freelance companies...

Make-up by Calista


The First Element Day Spa

... I have decided that it is finally time to take the next big step and combine all my forces together!

"Bohemian Beauty" is a sole proprietorship, fully registered, MOBILE business. Offering a full range of beauty & spa services & products.
Please be sure to visit & LIKE the new Facebook business page listed below.

The first 50 people to LIKE & SHARE "Bohemian Beauty" will receive one (1) FREE Personalized Skin Analysis Consultation each (Valued at $30+)!!

**please note also, that because of this change... Make-up by Calista & The First Element Day Spa Facebook business pages will be archived very soon. Please remember to make the switch over to my new page soon!
All further beauty & spa inquiries need to be addressed to "Bohemian Beauty" or emailed to [email protected].

A HUGE thank you to all those who supported & helped me along the way! I could not have done it without the help of many beloved friends & family.

All my love and gratitude

Bohemian Beauty; a registered MOBILE health & beauty day spa. Offering professional esthetic spa & professional makeup services at your desired location.

Evolver Social Movement

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[10/14/15]   The First Element Day Spa will be hosting a special HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE on Oct. 24th 2015!! (More OPEN HOUSE details for guests will be released soon!)

At the moment Calista is looking for a FOOD VENDOR (preferable expertise in finger foods and/or sweet treats, please). The cost is FREE to be involved, but there is only room for ONE FOOD VENDOR!

All you will need is... to be available on Saturday, October 24th, and second you will need to supply your own vending business table set up, with business cards and many sample treats to pass out to guest arriving to the open house (details of vendor set up can be discussed with Calista).

If you are a fantastic food vendor and wish to be busy this holiday season, please contact Calista at [email protected].

Please include in the email your website, brochures or any advertisement that could help me further understand your particular food business more.

This opportunity will create BIG networking possibilities!
Don't let it pass you by!

Essential Oil Stops Cancer In Its Tracks

If you are battling cancer, or know someone who is...

PLEASE read this article!

"Even scientists now recognize the power agents that exist within some essential oils which stops cancer spreading, and which induces cancerous cells to close themselves down. Their disease-preventing ability is no longer doubted, especially for cancer." Even scientists now recognize the power agents that exist within some essential oils which stops cancer spreading, and which induces cancerous cells to close themselves down. Their disease-preventing ability is no longer doubted, especially for...

The Marilyn Denis Show | ‘Canadian Living’ Celebrates 40 Years

ARBONNE Re9 Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Line was featured on Marilyn Denis today!

The wonderful reminders continue to flood in, that I have made the BEST decision!

When it comes to choosing the best skin care product line out there, for my business, I totally nailed it!

Can't deny how amazing this product line is!


This video is beautiful...
It shows that the simple act of art & taking the time to create; through painting your nails (or which ever art form you choose), can connect people, it can change people, can even change the way the world thinks! Art is how we express our valued differences. Being able to showcase our differences in public is a privilege and something not all countries have the freedom to do... We should honour our freedom of creation and honour our ability to be different...
Choose to support gender equality, choose to support the freedom to be true to our hearts.
Art is love. Love is art.

He enjoys wearing nail polish. Why? Because it's about being a good dad.

A video by Jess Blank, with special thanks to Paint Bond.

[09/17/15]   It has finally arrived!! I can finally reveal my secret!!

The Product line that I have chosen for my business is... (drum role please).... Arbonne!

Below you will find pics of all the sample products I have available for YOU for FREE! (I already have FAV products!!)

PM Calista for details on how you can be the first to get your hands on the amazing Arbonne Sample basket!!

The Mobile Dragonfly



Please take some time to check it out.
(My apologies if the mobile view is not perfect yet... I may need to edit a bit more.)

Be sure to add it to your favourites menu as well!
Much love,
Calista A completely mobile health & beauty spa. Catering to a wide range of Ontario. (From far east corners of Ottawa to far west corners of Toronto).

The Truth About Riding Elephants in Thailand | d travels 'round

Stopping animal cruelty, starts with you!
Educate yourself on the truth.
Say NO to any product or service that involves animal cruelty. Planning a trip to SE Asia? Before you book your tours, learn the truth about riding elephants in Thailand and the rest of the world.

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!
I had lots of opportunity to be close to many bodies of water this past weekend, and I feel so rejuvenated!!
I hope you all had the same benefit of being close to water with your families. Lakes, pools, streams, creeks, oceans, ponds, rivers.. they are all a strong therapeutic source of well being.
Always make room in your heart for Mother Earth.

[07/30/15]   I just have to share, that I received some beautiful warm words from my new business sponsor, this morning.

I had my first product launch party last night, to showcase the amazing product line I have chosen for my mobile spa!

This new business venture is going to do amazing things for The First Element Day Spa- Mobile Spa.

I can't wait to see where it will take me next!

It's only onwards and upwards from here on out!

Keep your eyes on The First Element, big things are happening!!

Thank you so much Hilary for your amazing support. You are truly going to change my world!!

[07/14/15]   Hello everyone!
My apologies for being absent over the last two "Make up tip Mondays". I have been quite the busy girl! I have been on the road making dreams come true!!

I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make! I have finally chosen the PERFECT skin care & cosmetic line to pair with my new Mobile Health & Beauty Day Spa (which also treatments available with mobile spa parties... ex. facials!!!!). I will not reveal the brand/company at this moment but stay tuned...big..BIG..BIG things are happening!!

The skin care line I have chosen I have TOTAL TRUST within. They deliver a TOP QUALITY product for a completely affordable price...I kid you not....affordable. I have searched high and low, north, south, east & west... looking for a product line that can benefit EVERYONE; MALE, FEMALE, CHILD, ELDER... EVERYONE!! I am proud to say I finally found it!!! Trust me, it is going to change all of your lives for the better!

There will be a couple skin care & cosmetic launch party dates set soon! To better showcase what I wish to offer to my clients.

If you care about your skin and like FREE spa treatments and FREE product samples and want FREE advise from the professionals... then you may wish to come to one of my fun launch parties..?!!!

I am super excited to finally see my baby (my business) getting its feet firmly planted in the earth!

Stay tuned for more amazing things to come...from, The First Element Day Spa!!!

P.s- a little hint about the secret product line...we share the same vision... We want pure, safe & beneficial products/results. ;)


10 Things You Have to Do the Morning of Your Wedding

Are you a lucky Bride of 2015? Be sure to give this a read. There’s more to the morning of your wedding than makeup applications and Mimosas.

9 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil | Daily Natural Remedies

These are just some of the reasons why I stand behind coconut oil, and why I choose to make my own homemade massage oils (using organic coconut oil, grape seed oil and pure essential oils).Nothing but the best for my loyal clients!

For more details about The First Element Day Spa & the treatments we offer, please inquire @ [email protected] or pm us here! 9 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Coconut oil has been around for centuries and it has long been used as a homeopathic remedy to treat a number of aliments. However, modern medicine is just now beginning to understand and fully realize the benefits of this amazing oil, and many are now saying it may…

[03/25/15]   Big changes coming for the First Element Day Spa!!!
Did somebody say "Mobile Spa??" home Spa Parties?? WHAAT??!!
...stay tuned. . . :)

[02/08/14]   2014 Bridal Make up Price Packages.

Sign In

New bridal package pricing coming out soon! Stay tuned!!
To contact me about bridal inquiries and any other contract freelance work, please contact here directly or by personal email [email protected] OR VIA phone (905)342-9865. is free modern email service from Microsoft. Get a clean clutter�free inbox, easily connect with Office Web Apps and SkyDrive and use it with your Hotmail account.

[01/26/14]   And just like that, it's bridal season again. :) Looking forward to you 2014!!

[10/01/13]   Looking forward to a great fall & winter!
I am currently looking for a great Make up Artist agency in the GTA area to represent my work and bring my work hours closer to full time. If you know of any great ones please PM me.
I am looking to fill some spaces in the fall and winter with more great contracts, photo shoots, magazine etc etc.

[08/10/13]   A BIG thank you to my sister, Vanessa, for all of her help yesterday with Lauren's Bridal Party Spa Day!! It was great! :)

[08/06/13]   Just leaving the library now. It is my only internet connection I will have all week. I will be back to the library hopefully tomorrow to check my page(s). If anyone needs to speak with me promptly please contact me at home (905) 342-9865. See you all again tomorrow online! :)


[06/01/13]   My girl Tia is getting married tomorrow! I'm so honoured that I get to be a part of it!

Final Video Pitch- Bears Lair Entrepreneurial Competition

I am finally getting around to showing the fantastic video that Champagne Productions put together for my final pitch last week in the Bears Lair Entrepreneurial Competition.

This video has really turned into a great gift for myself and all of my hard work. I'm truly touched. I only wish the competition would have allowed our videos to be longer than one minute.

I was so grateful that so many of you reached out and sent me a heart warming video. Seriously guys.. most of you had me in tears or in stitches from laughing so hard. I have the greatest support network around me. This video is proof of that for me.

Success should never be measured in the dollar your worth but by the amount of people who love you. In that case... I can retire early because I am rich. :)
I love you all.
Thanks for believing in me.

The Bears' Lair Entrepreneurial Competition 2013

As promised ...
here is the very first promotional video I did for The Bears Lair Competition. Although I did not win this competition (that ended yesterday) I am choosing to caring on strong with my business; with hopes for locating some new financial opportunities to really take my business to the next level.
Any one who is interested in donating or investing in a great business, please contact me by email. [email protected].
Now! Enjoy the 2 minute video, with more video clips to follow!

Video submission for The First Elements Day Spa - Owner/Operator - Calista Stephens Hi! My name is Calista Stephens and I am the Owner & Operator of the BRAN...

[04/22/13]   Watch for me on CHEXTV in 9 minutes from now!!

Calista 30 secs

Here is a sneak peak at one of the videos I used for the Competition...(more to be shown after tomorrow)
Tomorrow is the big day!
I pitch my business in front of a live audience and 5 judges... in hopes to win $25,000 in cash and business services!

Show is at 7pm tomorrow night at the Market Hall of Performing Arts in Peterborough.
Please come join my cheering section if you are free.

Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 online ahead of time. (Must show Picture ID at door if you ordered your ticket online)

Four Bears’ Lair finalists named | Local | News | Peterborough Examiner

Look who is in the Peterborough Examiner!!! Four Bears’ Lair finalists named 0 By Rob McCormick, Peterborough Examiner Friday, April 5, 2013 12:15:57 EDT AM Finalists in the third annual Bear's Lair competition for small business were chosen Thursday, April 4, 2013 at the Peterborough Golf and Country Club in Peterborough, Ont. From left, the...

[04/04/13]   FINAL FOUR HERE I COME!!

[04/04/13]   Pitches are all finished!! Everyone did great!! Now we wait 30 minutes to find out who will be the final 4 contestants!!

[04/04/13]   Today is a big day! Crossing my fingers and remembering to breathe... :) Business Pitch the Bears at 3pm today. BREATHE... BREATHE LOL

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Announcing the SemiFinalists

I made the Top Semi-Finalists!!!
Thank you again for everyones support & love.
Read this link for competition details.

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[03/22/13]   Wow~ What a great week! Officially entered the Bears' Lair Competition by summiting my 2 minute video & my 2 Page Business Summary Write up, got support & MOTIVATION from over 100 of my close friends and family (THANK YOU TO ALL

2013 Bears' Lair Contestants Updated

The Bears' Lair Entrepreneurial Competition 2013 has put together a short video of all of the contestants photos. Watch this video to see competition details that are coming up soon!!!

Announcing 2013's Bears' Lair Contestants. Buy your Bear's Lair tickets

[03/20/13]   Thank you to everyone who liked my business photo in the past week or so. Anyone who liked this photo has now been added to a special offer list. You now can recieve one treatment from The First Element Day Spa(over $20) for 50% off!! This is redeemable for one time use. A small thank you for all your wonderful support. It was so much appreciated. ♥
I may not have won the early bird "likes" contest but... I find out on March 26 if I made the top 7 Semi- Finalists!! Fingers crossed everyone!

We are approaching the last hour of voting!!! Like this photo, not this link!
Like my photo to help my new day spa The First Element Day Spa have a chance at winning $20,000 in cash and business services!

New contestant entering the Bears' Lair!!

Hi! My name is Calista Stephens and I am the Owner & Operator of the BRAND NEW First Element Day Spa, in Harwood, ON. In Northumberland County. At The First Element Day Spa we focus on natural healing & relaxation, with just a touch of beauty. We are located on the South Shore of Rice Lake. Fifteen minutes North of Cobourg.
We offer in home personalized treatments at affordable rates. We cater to both men & women of all ages. Types of treatments at the spa you can enjoy include, but are not limited to... Pedicures, Relaxation Massage, Chakra Balancing Treatment (coming soon!!).
With the small town feel of The First Element Day Spa, you are no longer just a number.

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Cobourg?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Videos (show all)

Final Video Pitch- Bears Lair Entrepreneurial Competition




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Cobourg, ON
K0K 2H0
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