Better Body Awareness Massage

Aching Body? Anxious Mind? Receiving this massage can shift your Awareness of your blockages that are held in your Body/Mind System. Receiving this massage can shift your Awareness of your Blockages that are held in your Body's Mind Energy System.

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Open yourself up
spill out all over the place
and I will celebrate
what ever you that I get.
- Stacie Martin

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You have something wonderful to offer!


Say it ... believe it!!!

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The secret of staying young is to find an age you really like and stick with it. ❤️ #Snoopy #StayYoung #AtHeart

Better Body Awareness Massage updated their info in the about section. 03/07/2021

Better Body Awareness Massage updated their info in the about section.

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Snowbird jet crashes into house in Kamloops A Canadian Forces Snowbird jet has crashed in Kamloops. Two jets took off from Kamloops Airport at about 11:30 a.m., bound for Comox, when one rose, then circled and crashed in an area near . . .


Power of Positivity



The Smart Girl's Guide to Self-Care

Dear empaths: helping others does not mean you have to be anyone’s emotional punching bag. ♥️ Follow me on instagram for more motivational quotes and inspiration: 💕💪🏽


Warrior Goddess Training

Warrior Goddess Training, a book by HeatherAsh Amara, published by Hierophant Publishing.

Download TWO FREE chapters here:


The Gabriel Method - Jon Gabriel

Great words to live by!!!


Kris Carr

One day at a time... :)


The Gabriel Method - Jon Gabriel

This is exactly in line with Gabriel Method principles.

It's not about burning calories it's about making your body want to be thin.

Brief, intense exercise activates the "get thin or get eaten" adaptation and makes your body want to be thin for survival reasons. It makes perfect sense.

Great to see that studies are finding the same conclusions...


Jena la Flamme

Grant yourself and your precious female body love and approval.

Jena la Flamme


The Gabriel Method - Jon Gabriel



Dana Falsetti

Thank you Asana Journal! Read on for a fairly in depth interview about my experience with binge eating, weight loss, yoga, haters, all that good stuff :) 04/26/2016

15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Should Be Eating Inflammation is a normal response to injury or irritation, but chronic inflammation isn't a good thing. The foods you eat might help battle inflammation.


Tiny Buddha

"You will always be too fat, too skinny, too tall, too this and that when you compare yourself to others. You will always be 'too something' when you play the comparison game. Know that you are exactly what you’re supposed to be—one of a kind and beautiful." ~Saya


The Institute for the Psychology of Eating 04/17/2016

How to embrace your body when you don't want to - Anastasia Amour The hard part comes in learning how to embrace your body, even when you don't want to! On the crappiest of days where nothing is going right, where negative thoughts run rampant and swirl around inside your head and the only way you can think to stop the thoughts is to curl up into a ball and block…


Tiny Buddha

"You already have every answer you will ever need inside of you; you just need to learn how to access that information. Answers about your relationships, your life direction, how to take care of your health, how to move toward what you want. Translating what your feelings are trying to tell you provides a direct conduit to your own higher wisdom." ~Amber Adrian 04/12/2016

Self-Love is Nothing I Expected it to Be. Learning to love myself? What a rocky, f*cked up road it has been. I remember sitting by my windowsill just a year ago, feeling like it was impossible to ever


Precision Nutrition

This is one of the simplest-- and most effective-- ways to encourage good eating choices.


The Institute for the Psychology of Eating


Tiny Buddha

“Over-thinking often comes from the notion that you will make a grand finale decision that will never change and must be correct. It won’t happen. And that’s a good thing. If you could predict with complete accuracy the entirety of your future, would you want to experience it? To me, that removes all the spice of life. You must be aware that however much critical thinking you apply to a decision, you may be wrong. Being comfortable with being wrong, and knowing that your opinions and knowledge of a situation will change with time, brings a sense of true inner freedom and peace.” ~Kulraj Singh



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Every massage is adapted to suit the individual. It will relax your tensed muscles and get your vital energy following in the authentic northern-style.

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