Make it Count Wellness Coaching

Make it Count Wellness Coaching


I thought I had tried everything! In 3 weeks Michelle had me back to a place where I could start to function again! Thank you so much for giving me back my health and the feeling of control over my own body. Just goes to prove you never stop learning and never give up on a healthy mind, body and soul

My passion is to educate individuals on ways to improve their overall health and well being, allowing them to live the life they've always dreamed of!

WHAT IS A HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST? A Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) is a professional that is trained in Natural Nutrition, whose principal function is to educate individuals and groups about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition. We look at the person as a whole, taking into account diet, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual aspects that can affect a persons overall wellness. We


My 21 day water fast journey

If you are curious about Fasting.... feel free to come follow my journey on YouTube! 🤗

I hope you all are getting out and enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather!!! 🙏


Kiss My Keto

Are you curious about Keto! I came across this company's site last night and watched all of their free tutorials because I'm a geek and LOVE to learn, even stuff I already know. :) The videos are really great and they are free and teach the basics of Keto, check it out if you are interested.

Kiss My Keto is dedicated to the #ketolifestyle. We use the correct ingredients, and keeps within the correct macronutrient levels, for a proper #keto diet 🥑🥓 12/10/2018

How 30 Seconds Of Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

I am such a fan of small and very easy to implement hacks that can greatly impact our lives! Try this one for the holiday season :) What if you could significantly improve your health in only 30 seconds? America's No. 1 Trainer, Ben Greenfield shares how it's possible in this video. 11/29/2018

Have you been conditioned to ignore your GUT INSTINCTS?

If you’re free tonight? 😀 Explore the ways that your body may be trying to communicate it's needs. How many times have you ignore your body's SOS messages?


Just Eat Real Food

Great reframe...

Ain't that the truth?! Tag your most active friend 💪 04/11/2017


Do you own your company or have influence on your organization’s professional development decisions?

Would you like a work environment that places increased value on employee general health and wellness, enhanced staff morale and decreased loss of work due to illness and reduced productivity?

Check out the link below for details on how In Balance can creatively and uniquely meet the needs of your organization from a one-off workshop to a weekend or 8 week in-depth program.

Contact us today to set up a 15 minute call or in-person meeting to see how In Balance could best serve your organization in reaching corporate objectives. Looking for Corporate Wellness Solutions that Work? Come discover unique way to minimize lost economic productivity related to health.



Think about this....

If the power of intention can cause this effect on water, imagine how it could influence our physical bodies.


Are you eating foods containing GMOS? Do you Know? Or Care?

This week's GMO Webinar with Alicia Mazari-Andersen went so well ("Thank you very much!" "Best part was the clear information!"), we're doing it again . . . TOMORROW! 9:30am PST, Friday, January 27th.

Can't make that time? Register anyway and catch the weekend replays.

See you there!

Are you eating foods containing GMOS? Do you Know? Or Care?

This week's GMO Webinar with Alicia Mazari-Andersen went so well ("Thank you very much!" "Best part was the clear information!"), we're doing it again . . . TOMORROW! 9:30am PST, Friday, January 27th.

Can't make that time? Register anyway and catch the weekend replays.

See you there!


This is starting in just under 30 minutes, head below to the link to get yourself registered... there will be loads of valuable information for you!

Is the inclusion of GMO food in your diet a factor in your health? Are you SURE?

Register now ( for this week's FREE webinar and let IB partner Alicia Mazari-Andersen (the one with the most degrees: Bachelors and Masters in Biology and a PhD in Botany) help you sort through the GMO swirl!


Is the inclusion of GMO food in your diet a factor in your health? Are you SURE?

Register now ( for this week's FREE webinar and let IB partner Alicia Mazari-Andersen (the one with the most degrees: Bachelors and Masters in Biology and a PhD in Botany) help you sort through the GMO swirl!

Is the inclusion of GMO food in your diet a factor in your health? Are you SURE?

Register now ( for this week's FREE webinar and let IB partner Alicia Mazari-Andersen (the one with the most degrees: Bachelors and Masters in Biology and a PhD in Botany) help you sort through the GMO swirl!


Changing your mindset from what you 'can't have' to what you CAN have makes moving the healthy decisions extremely rewarding! 11/21/2016

Hugh Jackman Swears Transcendental Meditation Changed His Life -

Are any of you practicing Transcendental Meditation currently? If not... maybe it's time to give it a try? Happy Monday :) It’s more than relaxing according to Jackman. Meditation is becoming more and more popular for helping people heal and transform. The experience of transcendental meditation has a much deeper effect then regular relaxation. It’s too bad more people aren’t trying it. It’s not as hard to transcend as ... 10/25/2016

FAQ Langley BC Halloween Candy Buy Back by Orthodontist Dr Kanani

Are you struggling with how to handle all of the sugar your children will collect this Halloween? I thought I would share what we do at our home to give you yet another option... :)

Each year we have allowed our son to keep as many candies as his age, and eat them one per day until they are gone. (Although we allow for a few extras on the night of Halloween). Each year at the end of the evening he chose his items to keep, this year it will be 10 as he is now 10, and then we fill the 'help yourself bowls' that were left out by people in order for them to be redistributed to others.

There are also many businesses that have a candy buy back program, just google a location near you. For those of you that live in Langley I have put a link below. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!


In Balance LM

Lickety Split Lunchtimes" Guide. . . we are giving it away for FREE for the next few days . . . go pick up a copy!

CLICK BELOW to Get Your FREE Copy of Our guide!

Literally the A-Zs of putting together easy and nutritious lunches! Whether you and your child eat lunch at home or pack it to go, In Balance's fun and simple template will make lunchtime prep quick and tasty. Click BELOW to access this super helpful template!

[09/23/16]   I can personally speak to the amazing changes in mine and my sons life through meditation! Too often parents believe their children won't be able to do it... I say, have more faith in them :) 04/17/2016

He Cured His Cancer By Giving Unconditionally – An Incredible Story Of Self Healing

This is an inspirational story about an amazing human being Brice Royer, who I feel so fortunate to have been able to have played a small role in his journey. A friend of mine reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to volunteer some of my time and effort to help him, and I was happy to do so as I was really impressed with his drive to keep looking even though he was nearing what he thought was the end of his 'options' in natural and Western medicine. Brice, you redefine the word courage - thank you for sharing your story! This is the incredible story of how Brice Royer healed himself of cancer through giving to others unconditionally. Most of this article is in Brice’s own words – through research and firsthand experience, he has become an expert in unconditional giving and paying it forward since being diagnosed wit… 02/21/2016

Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk

Are you still consuming milk or feeding it to your children? If so, I highly recommend taking some time to read this article...

Happy Saturday Everyone! :) A milk-mustache might not be so cute after all. Turns out your doctor may be wrong about milk.



Your body will work as hard as it can to keep you safe and healthy and thriving, but we need to respect and love it enough to also try not to continually overload it with unnecessary toxins (both mental and physical). Take some time to appreciate all that this unbelievable body is doing for you in every moment! 🤗

Body Intelligence: Our most extraordinary immune system at work. T-cells neutralizing cancerous cells. You have an army on your side! Video credit to Hashem Al-Ghaili 01/29/2016

Why You Don't Need Dairy Products For Calcium

If you still consume milk I highly recommend this fantastic article explaining the calcium myth of it! Important info on the milk myth, how much calcium the body can absorb, the best calcium sources, and factors that make one lose calcium.


So, here is today's lunch for Ethan in case it inspires any ideas for you and what to send your child for lunch. Have a blessed and fabulous day everyone! 😀

Recess snack: Cut up mango

Lunch: Grilled chicken with spices along with sweet potato, carrots, peas and corn. (Leftovers from dinner so his lunch took me less than 2 minutes to pack for those of you who struggle to find time in the morning -leftovers is a great option)

Water of course is packed alongside his lunch.


Do you struggle with healthy options to feed your child or children for breakfast, as well as what to send them to school with for lunches? It is definitely the most common question I get asked as a nutritionist with a 9 year old boy, so I thought I should start to post some of the things I do with Ethan in hopes it may help some of you that are looking for some additional ideas :)

*This morning Ethan had 6am hockey practice so he started off with a banana on the car ride. :)

The photos below are his breakfast and lunch for today with a description of what was in them! Have an amazing day everyone :)


Your thoughts and moods play a vital role in your physical health. Ensure to give it as much attention and care as what foods you choose to eat! 01/06/2016

“Dairy Is F**king Scary” – The Truth About Milk Explained In 5 Minutes

This video is quite 'harsh', but if you drink milk... then I think it's worth the watch! (Please don't watch it with children around). I have always suggested my clients remove milk from their diet. Obviously there are vast amounts of information that deliver the message much gentler', but I feel it is very important to at least make an educated decision before putting something in our bodies!**king-scary-the-truth-about-milk-explained-in-5-minutes/ We’ve said it before and we will say it again: the way we treat animals on this planet is truly heartbreaking. It may seem easier to simply turn a blind eye to the horrors being enacted upon these creatures, but ignorance is never the answer. When it comes to raising animals for slaughter — somethin…


The Mind Unleashed

I absolutely believe this to be true. If you don't have a regular meditation practice right now - I highly suggest introducing it. The benefits are so vast, and immediate, and FREE! I hope everyone is having an amazing start to 2016. xo

Imagine if meditation was a regular part of school life for children. Just think how different the world would be.

“If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” –Dalai Lama

[12/17/15]   I received the below message on my personal page today, and felt an absolute rush of gratitude. It's messages like this that remind me that there is NOTHING else I would rather do than support someone to be the best versions of themselves... I am truly blessed!

"I sat with Michelle Dorland Harcourt for 2.5 hours telling her my story, she listen to my words like no other person has, her compassion, the warmth of her words, the way she made me feel was so empowering.. I'm truly thankful that I have had the privilege to meet with her, and now going to be working with her to make me a better version of myself... Thank you so much.. 💕"


In order to have been able to come off of my medications and go down the path of reversing my ulcerative colitis, this proved to be a crucial piece that I had been missing! 12/04/2015

One of San Francisco's toughest schools transformed by the power of meditation

The statistics are there in thousands of articles related to this topic, and this is just one great example. I'm hoping to see this spread like wildfire in schools, but in the meantime, we can do this at home with our own children! A pioneering programme has reduced stress and improved grades at Visitacion Valley middle school – with lessons other schools can learn from


Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener

Please take some time to watch if you ever consume or provide to your children 'diet' items or any 'food like substances' that may contain this. Yogurts, artificial sweeteners and other very common products that you many not think of may contain these. Education is power! Watch this special video about aspartame and discover the truth behind this toxic artificial sweetener. You may e... 12/03/2015

There is Something Extraordinary Happening in the World

Great article..... Thoughts? Everything is Changing, have you noticed? The number of Global Movements towards New Models is on the rise, there is Something Extraordinary Happening here.


Our body is truly trying to help us when symptoms occur, it's the body's voice to say... 'Please pay attention, we are struggling a bit here, time to course correct'!

[11/25/15]   Making even one simple and positive change each week can have such a tremendous impact on your life and future. Partnering with me to help guide you through the most impactful changes you can make and helping you sort through all of the conflicting information out there is my absolute passion. Don't do it alone... reach out! :) If you or your child are suffering from eczema, stomach aches, low energy, headaches, IBS, lack of ability to sleep through the night, or anything else along those lines - why wait, let's start to heal those issues immediately.


How true this statement is, I hope it causes you to pause and think which choice you are making. Also, please ensure to remember factoring this in when thinking about the little ones in your life that you may be making decisions for! :)

Choice is yours!



David Wolfe

[10/01/15]   If you haven't yet taken the time to watch 'Cowspiracy' on Netflix I highly recommend it. Ignorance to these issues may feel so much easier than facing these facts... but we CAN do something about things if we ban together!

[09/22/15]   FUN FACT: Peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re legumes. They are in the same family as peas and beans.

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I've personally found it extremely beneficial to teach my son Ethan the reasons behind the choices I make as a parent. I...




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