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Health Solutions

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[05/29/20]   We are finally open to help all our patients now!
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[04/27/20]   We are open for any aches or pains that you may have!
Feel free to give us a call and we’ll do our
best to accommodate you!
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[12/01/19]   December Toy Drive: December 2-20th.

Bring in an unwrapped toy in a box and
receive a complimentary exam, x-ray, and
report of findings!

Don’t miss out!

[02/09/19]   Come on in!
Monthly packages available!
Online billing available!

[11/08/17]   Anyone recovering from knee or hip surgery/pain? Our physiotherapist and kinesiologist are here to help.
Braces are also available!
Call to inquire.

[10/16/17]   We just added naturopathy to the clinic. Call for a consultation.

[09/14/17]   Hope to see you at the grand opening!
We will soon be called Physiomed Forest Hill!

[03/21/17]   We have physiotherapy now!
Great new massage therapist now also!


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We can do online billing now!
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What if your physiotherapist or other allied healthcare provider could submit your claims on your behalf, just like at the pharmacy? With TELUS Health eClaim...

[02/17/16]   Winter Special Available!
5 hour massage treatments for $325. Save $100!
5 Chiropractic treatments for $150. Save $50! 05/29/2015

Health Solutions Toronto

Here is my new website! At Health Solutions we pride ourselves on having a friendly and fully qualified team that focuses on diagnosis and treatment planning to ensure the most effective recovery.

[04/22/15]   The greatest increase in joint replacements is in people between the ages of 45 to 64 according to
the recent data. In many of the cases it is due to osteoarthritis. It damages the cartilage that helps
our joints move smoothly and cushions our bones. To decrease your chances of getting osteoarthritis,
maintain a healthy body weight, keep moving, and gradually build muscle strength.


Custom Orthotics can help immensely by providing custom support for the body. They provide optimally balanced force distribution across the feet, customized to the patient’s already existing pattern of standing/walking. Custom Orthotics are able to redistribute the body weight efficiently and take pressure off of areas which may be overburdened, as well as help properly align the bones of the feet, ankles and knees.

[03/19/15]   B Vitamins Improve Memory, Prevent Brain Atrophy

By James P. Meschino, DC, MS

The 2010 OPTIMA [Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing] study showed that the accelerated rate of brain atrophy in elderly with mild cognitive impairment could be slowed via supplementation with homocysteine-lowering B vitamins, which included folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6.

This is an important finding, as 16 percent of individuals older than age 70 have mild cognitive impairment (MCI), 50 percent of whom realize further progression to Alzheimer's disease. It is well-documented that brain atrophy is a characteristic of subjects with mild cognitive impairment who progress to Alzheimer's disease.
The Biochemistry of Brain Aging

Aging studies reveal that the brain shows progressive atrophy after the age of 60. Some atrophy occurs even in cognitively healthy subjects, but to a lesser extent than patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. An intermediate rate of atrophy is found in people with MCI, and brain atrophy is more rapid in subjects with MCI who progress to Alzheimer's disease.

One cause of brain atrophy has been reported to be elevated concentrations of plasma total homocysteine (tHcy), as moderately elevated concentrations of tHcy have been associated with an increased risk of dementia, notably Alzheimer's disease, in many cross-sectional and prospective studies. Elevated plasma total homocysteine is also associated with both regional and whole-brain atrophy, both in patients with Alzheimer's disease and in healthy elderly individuals.

brain atrophy - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
The tissue and plasma concentrations of homocysteine are largely determined by the body's status of certain B vitamins (folate, B6 and B12), which are cofactors or substrates for enzymes involved in homocysteine recycling to methionine (folic acid and B12) or serine (B6). As such, the discovery that supplementation with folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 can reduce tHcy and slow brain atrophy has clinical significance in an aging population.


Health Solutions

Come in or inquire about our March specials!

Call the Toronto Chiropractor, Dr Alan Pintaric at 416-785-0111 to book a consultation.

[03/03/15]   Spring into action! Spring is around the corner and time to get into
good form for outdoor activities.
Come in to get an assessment and inquire about our packages.
We are offering specials on massage therapy and orthotics!

[01/07/15]   Call us to inquire about our New Year packages. We offer weight loss programs and personal training for those of you with weight loss goals as a new year resolution. We're also offering free initial chiropractic assessments for the month of January.

[12/09/14]   End of year specials available!
Book now so it's not too late. 12/09/2014

An Elite Athlete’s Guide to the Business of Healthcare Alan Pintaric played professional tennis until a back condition forced him off the courts. As disappointed as he was, however, Pintaric says his

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