Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe

Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe

Classic and traditional shaving, beard care, hair care, manicure and more. We offer premium men's grooming products.


We've been anxious to bring Mad Viking Beard Co. to our shelves - and the day has come! We have stocked many of their scent profiles in oils and balms. Matching butters will come but we did manage to get our hands on Mad Viking Black Label Society beard butter. It's 100% wax free! ...and as awesome as every other Mad Viking product. Check out this amazing brand at or drop by to browse during business hours.


In observation of conditions outside and the forecast of continuing blizzard conditions until 10 PM Saturday, Dec. 24 we will remain closed until Tuesday, Dec. 27. Please stay home and stay safe. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


From stocking stuffers to inspirational gifts we make it easy to for the last minute shopper to get credit for a thoughtful seasonal gift. Grandpa Soap Co. offers the best for bath time for him or her. Liquid Keratin Professional and Olaplex products are awesome for her. Prospectors and Suavecito hair and body care for him can't be beat. Timeless and durable are Merkur shaving instruments. Find these and other fine brands online and in store. Visit us online at


Great news! We now offer shipping within Canada for online orders. Follow the link on our website's shopping page to our Square Online store if you prefer to pay for your order over $200 in four installments using AfterPay. Start shopping today at


From the world's smallest perfumery inside Castle Forbes, Scotland to your bathroom here in Niagara. Unique and unmatched in every respect, Castle Forbes lends to a superior self grooming experience.


Save 15% on all online purchases of non-sale items until Dec 25. Clearance and sale pricing are also in effect on many items. Apply your savings right away by clicking

Suavecito Premium Solid Cologne Keeper - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 12/11/2021

Looking for a really smart gift this holiday season? A sturdy metal case can hold an exciting solid cologne fragrance. Suavecito Premium Blends Solid Cologne will glide easily onto your skin with natural ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba oil. They absorb into skin slowly, to give you a steady fragrance that keeps you smelling fresh throughout your day. Solid cologne and metal keeper sold separately. Swtich your fragrance in a snap with the magnetic back on the solid cologne. Makes a truly unique and stylish gift.

Suavecito Premium Solid Cologne Keeper - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe Suavecito Premium Solid Cologne Keeper


A gentle reminder that we are now located inside Mike's Hair Studio in Fort Erie North (Bridgeburg). In store shopping is available but we ask that you call ahead or book a private shopping session online. The studio hosting our products is located in Mike's residence.

Suavecito Archives - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 04/08/2021

From hair grippers to keep hair away from her face while she freshens up to awesome pomades, soaps, talc, shave gel, shaving cream and aftershave for him Suavecito offers a suite of high performance products that hit the price point right on the money. Speaking of funds, after a two year hiatus we have resumed accepting cryptocurrencies online, in store and at your door. Check out our Suavecito offerings at

Suavecito Archives - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe In store shopping is available. Please schedule a private shopping session or call us at 289-438-2276 to reserve a time, or continue to use our online shopping cart for curbside pickup, local delivery or shipping orders. Sit back, relax, and enjoy shopping local online. Dismiss


Happy Father's Day!
Happy Solstice!


Online orders have really picked up during this lockdown but we don't want you to forget that we offer only essential items and are open for in store shopping by appointment. Why not book a private shopping experience today? Just click on Appointments on our Square Online site or the Book Now menu item on our domain. Check out our expanded site on Square at


Lockdown + Stay at Home Order = Working in the Yard.
With lumber costs rising as fast as beef you're probably going to have to skip that renovation and do some work outside the house. That means you're going to get dirty, and nothing will get you cleaner than Grandpa Soap Co Pine Tar Soap. Ideal for showering, shampooing and facial grooming, this 3-in-1 wonder is made with natural pine tar oil to deeply cleanse, deodorize and moisturize from head to toe. We are still open for curbside pickup at Mike's Hair Studio. Please call ahead or order online to pick yours up today.

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Schedule a private shopping session using our online booking tool or call ahead to browse our premium products in time for holiday savings. Many items up to 50% off. Save 20% on everything else purchased in store before Christmas. We are Fort Erie's store for men's essential grooming products. Our soaps and shampoos are perfect for the ladies as well.


What could be easier to gift wrap than a 6IXMAN Beard Kit? Choose the kit that's right for him - with a comb for long beard, or with a brush for short beard. Their signature fragrance will please you both! Available until end of business hours on December 23 for curbside pickup, in store pickup, or free local delivery. We accept zero contact payment methods in store and at your door. Click the link in our profile to shop now!

Grandpa Soap Co. Charcoal Soap - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 11/12/2020

Steam-activated charcoal, paired with vitamin-rich organic h**p and mint oils, draws out dirt and toxins to free up congested pores and restore clarity to oily and combination skin. Another great stocking stuffer idea that could become his favourite bathroom staple.

Grandpa Soap Co. Charcoal Soap - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe Grandpa Soap Co. Charcoal Soap


I test many products in the barber's chair at Mike's Hair Studio but sometimes it's not practical such as with bath products. In this case we tried this product on my youngest son. We saw impressive results after only one day! Ideal for skin prone to acne and inflammation, this treatment soap harnesses the healing properties of natural sulfur to prevent and eliminate breakouts, blackheads and excess oil. It appears we need not look any further than Grandpa Soap Co. Thylox Acne Soap to treat his acne. Put a bar in your loved one's stocking this Christmas. Check it out at

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142 years in the making and ready to be proudly featured as a gift or humbly hidden in a stocking for someone to fully appreciate and enjoy. No Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, EDTA, Glutens, Silicones, PEG, Petroleum, Ethoxylates, Artificial Fragrances or Colorants. Gentle enough for daily use. Safe for colour treated hair. See what we have in store at


Suavecito Pomades are some of the best but did you know they also support all of your grooming needs? Treat yourself or a loved one to this amazing brand. Book a private shopping session or order online. We'll keep you safe and get you fully stocked with your Suavecito favourites. with us today! Check out our Suavecito offerings at

Grandpa Soap Co. Witch Hazel Shampoo - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 05/12/2020

Give yourself or a loved one a gift of goodness. Free of all things bad and infused with calming and relaxing lavender. Pair it up with a matching conditioner to really treat your locks to some love. You will be surprised at such a robust lather from a sulfate free shampoo but that just goes to show you what 142 years of experience can achieve. This clarify shampoo is the bomb. If you need more nourishment take a peek at their buttermilk shampoo and conditioner. Gentle enough for daily use. Safe for colour treated hair. Did we mention we also carry Grandpa Soap Company soap bars? Complete your hair care purchase by including a matching soap. We also recommend Thylox Acne Soap to manage those breakouts. See what we carry at

Grandpa Soap Co. Witch Hazel Shampoo - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe Grandpa Soap Co. Witch Hazel Shampoo


Ahh. Wonderful soothing Aloe.

Need a closer shave? Our rich lather shaving cream allows your smoothest shave ever.


Okay, it's time to have a little fun despite it being 2020. These new limited edition collaborations between Suavecito Pomade and Johnny Cupcakes will have you appreciating the artwork as much as loving the fun and drool-worthy scent all the while giving you that expected level of hold that won't dry or flake, and rinses away with just water.

It looks and smells just like frosting but it isn't. It's a hair pomade that thinks it's a vanilla cupcake. Use it to style your hair and it will have you kicking, screaming and running from a dieting loved one. All in good fun, of course.

Do you get feeling nostalgic when someone mentions those delicious orange and cream ice cream bars? Mmm. Lose yourself under the lid of this pomade and become the creamsicle. Coo coo cachoo, my friends.

Order yours now or take a peek at our Suavecito offerings at


We struggle to keep Dapper Dan's original vegetable soap in stock because of its great moisturizing ability along with its subtle yet distinct sandalwood fragrance. Now there's a new kid on the block, or more accurately a new block of soap too big for a kid to handle. This moisturizing luxury soap bar features a sweet fragrance of lemongrass and limes. It's skin food, not people food so don't be tempted to taste it. Just enjoy it as it is. Get yours today at


Have you tried Knightsbridge Sandalwood shaving cream yet? Don't forget to include a matching pre-shave oil to really improve comfort!

As our newest scent, Sandalwood is our take on an classic English fragrance enjoyed by all.


What better time to browse our products than during your scheduled appointment in our barbering space at Mike's Hair Studio. Let Mike tell you about the benefits of water based styling products and sulfate free shampoos. Let your nose, styling needs and Mike's experience combine to select the perfect hold for your hair with a fragrance that suits you just as perfectly. He's got your back to help you step up your beard game, too. If you prefer a smooth face Mike can show you the way to get the closest and most comfortable shave. Book your next appointment today.


Did you know you could schedule a virtual shopping session with us? Let us help you make a selection before ordering online or show you how to use and care for products. We can spend some time together right here in a Facebook Room. We also support Google Meet, WhatsApp and Zoom. Send us a message or call to arrange a convenient time. We are here for you.

Booking 23/06/2020

Mike has retired into a private barbering studio operating from his home in Fort Erie North. A fully booked weekend soft opening was a great success. Official opening is this Thursday, June 25. You can book your appointment online now at Visit Mike's Hair Studio and show your support with a Like and a Share!

Booking Enjoy a wash, cut and style in a comfortable and quiet setting. Hide away from the bustle of busy streets and appreciate the art of barbering in a modern studio custom built within our dwelling in …

Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 30/04/2020

We don't know how it happened but there continues to be an incorrect assumption that wet shaving has something to do with using a special type of razor. Wet shaving simply refers to using shaving cream or shaving soap that requires water to be added because these products are concentrated. Of course it is true that wet shaving products are a healthier choice for your skin because they don't contain chemicals that dry the skin or occlude the pores. They also provide a much better glide and more robust lather to carry stubble away. Wet shaving products also reduce landfill because they last so much longer due to being concentrated. Although you should use a shaving brush with shaving soap most wet shaving creams can be applied by hand - you just get a superior lather by applying with a brush. When considering product life wet shaving products cost the same or less than those drying foam products you find in cans in the department store. Treat yourself to a far more comfortable shave. Get off the can and into a tub of luxurious lather. It's easy to find. Just type into your address bar or click

Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe Niagara's store for premium beard care, classic and traditional wet shaving and other refining accoutrements for the distinct and discerning gentleman.


We want to help promote good grooming maybe even especially in times of social distancing because when you look good you feel good. We understand it is difficult to prioritize purchases when many of us are trying to get by on reduced income. We don't want that to get in the way of your good grooming because emotional health is essential to physical health. We want to support you as you have supported us so we are offering 19% OFF all in stock products for the remainder of April. Enter coupon AGOOD19 at checkout or click the following link to apply it now.

6IXMAN Classic Pomade (90 g) - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 16/04/2020

Many men have now gone a month or more since their last haircut. What's a guy to do? You could remove all signs of style and clipper cut your own hair or you could order a tub of quality pomade, cream or clay to create a new style or maintain your familiar style. Now may not be the best of circumstances but you can still look your best. Be an icon of control, strength and poise. We carry the products you need to make it look effortless. We deliver locally for free. We also offer curbside pickup. We insist on a mimimum of contactless payment using "tap" and strongly encourage zero contact online payment.

6IXMAN Classic Pomade (90 g) - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe A lightweight, water based sculpting pomade. 6IXMAN has recreated the classic pomade infusing Moroccan Argan, Jojoba and Prickly Pear Cactus oils to nourish your hair while you do you. Washes out easily. Features our French-designed signature scent. Free From: Sulfate, Phosphate, Parabens, and Color...

Shop - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 31/03/2020

We understand you might be a little apprehensive about receiving deliveries to your door so we are now offering curbside pickup for online orders. Pay for your order online and call us when you've arrived. We will place your order outside the door. You will receive an email with instructions when your order is ready. We will do this and anything else we can to improve your comfort while we wait out the SARS-CoV-2 threat. Shop our store at

Shop - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe Premium products for beard care and beard removal. We offer men's grooming essentials with a focus on wet shaving. Shop now.


We're sorry you can't drop in to select from our shelves but we're happy to do what we can to help keep you safe. Give us a call or shop our store online if you need anything. Local delivery within Greater Fort Erie is free. We protect you with disinfection of our payment devices. You can further protect yourself by preferring "tap" payment.

Fate Salon has made the difficult decision to close temporarily to protect the health and well being of our employees and clients during this Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, we will be closed from Wednesday, March 18th through April 6th. Fate Salon will ensure that all of our clients are accommodated in a timely matter!
Please continue to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on this situation.
We wish everyone good health and our apologies for any inconveniences this closure may have caused.
Thank you, Vince and the Fate Salon team ❤️

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Add a little spice to your life and get a better shave from it.

All you need for a good shave is right in this picture 👍


Valentine's Day is just around the corner... Give him a gift of luxury that he can customize. Our plastic and virtual gift cards can be redeemed in store and at your door. Let him browse the shelves at Fate Salon or shop online at our website to find the perfect products to keep up or step up his grooming game. Find out more at


Our store lets you make a big impression on a small budget. Now you can save even more! We are offering 20% OFF all in stock items until midnight, December 22. Offer valid for online purchases only qualifying for free in store pickup at Fate Salon or free local delivery. Offer applied to regular price items only. Use coupon code YULELUVUS19 or click the following link to apply the coupon now.

Top Picks for the Holidays - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 09/12/2019

Tried in the barber's chair at Fate Salon​ and immediately adopted as favourites by clients of all hair and beard types these top picks of 2019 will make exceptional stocking stuffers and gifts this holiday season. The gift of good grooming belongs to all of us. Share our experience with someone you love this Christmas. Read about our picks at

Top Picks for the Holidays - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe

Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 07/12/2019

Discovered just in time to become 2019's most remarkable brand at the barber's station at Fate Salon 6IXMAN creates powerful products that are gentle on the skin and beard. The fragrance is quite nice, too! See what's in store at

Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe

Shop - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 02/12/2019

Cyber Monday special pricing event starts NOW!!! We have updated special pricing to our entire catalog. Enjoy 20% OFF all in stock products until 8pm on Monday, Dec 2. Backorders and previous sale pricing will be re-enabled once this event has expired.Free in store pick-up at Fate Salon and free local delivery. All major payment cards accepted. Pay online, in store or at your door. See what's in store now at

Shop - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe Premium products for beard care and beard removal. We offer men's grooming essentials with a focus on wet shaving. Shop now.


Keep off the icy roads and browse your favourite products online. Visit us on Cyber Monday for some great deals! Check us out at


Black Friday Special Pricing is in effect now until 7pm this evening. Save a combined 20% off all in stock products at Fate Salon. You can also take advantage of this special pricing event for our entire catalog. See what we have at

Movember Savings - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe 03/11/2019

We expect many of our customers will again grow out their facial hair to help raise awareness to support fundraising goals aimed at preventing male deaths due to prostate and testicular cancer and male su***de. It can be uncomfortable growing out your stubble until it reaches a certain length. At that point it can begin to get unruly and maybe even a little unbecoming. [ 373 more words ]

Movember Savings - Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe We are offering a 10% discount on all beard care products for the month of November.

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We offer premium men's grooming products to support classic and traditional shaving, beard care, hair care, manicure and more. Indulge in fine gear and accoutrements, and appreciate the value of lifetime and long-lasting products. The frugal would be interested to learn that although premium shaving products appear to have a higher price tag they can actually save a consumer up to 65% or more every year over department store alternatives. Enjoy nice things. You can afford it.

Our online shopping cart lets you browse and buy from home or on-the-go. You can pick up and pay in store at Fate Salon or enjoy free home delivery within Greater Fort Erie. We also ship to most destinations within Canada.