Cocos Islands Wild Coconut

Cocos Islands Wild Coconut


Tony, I think I have the way to husk 1000 Coconuts an hour. Just got to get to PNG to build. Still locked behind borders.
When breakfast is yummy and healthy! Granola bowl with Almond&coconut yogurth, fresh strawberries and coconut chips from Cocos Islands Wild Coconut, topped up with a little bit of maple syrup. I want this for lunch too!
Arrived today 😊 yummy yumminess... made me feel like I was back on Cocos. Keen to try all the flavours 😁

We are a passionate group of Cocos Islands residents living on one of the most remote, pristine and exotic tropical islands on earth. Cocos Body Therapy produces a wonderful range of moisturising products to
nurture your skin from the drying effects of sun and wind.

The range includes natural lip balms, body salt scrubs and body butters. Coconuts are plentiful on the Islands and each individual product is made using 100%
Cocos Islands organic extra virgin coconut oil. The sea salt in our scrubs is hand crafted from the crystal clear waters that lap the Cocos shores and the beeswax is lifted from the hives of our coconut honey bees.

Operating as usual

Cocos Islands Wild Coconut updated their website address. 15/02/2022

Cocos Islands Wild Coconut updated their website address.

Cocos Islands Wild Coconut updated their website address.

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Thank you everyone for the continued purchases of our coconut products and supporting our Cafe and Restaurant business - every coffee makes a difference, as proceeds support the farm.

We are now able to invest in a coconut de-shelling unit. The team are very excited, should be here in March. This will enable the employment of two additional workers at the farm to produce desiccated coconut for our coconut cream and oil production.

The essential, mysterious coconut: Where did it come from and how did it spread so widely? 27/12/2021

The essential, mysterious coconut: Where did it come from and how did it spread so widely?

The essential, mysterious coconut: Where did it come from and how did it spread so widely? The history and controversy of coconuts – including how New Zealand's own variety disappeared.


We are back into Bunbury Farmers Market !!!


The first batch of Coconut Body Butter was made today for this weeks Farm Shop opening on Wednesday. The team also packaged lip balms, body scrubs and sea salts. Production Tours will also be available starting at 9am. Book through the Cocos Visitor Centre or one of the Cafes (Salty's or Saltmakers)

Photos from Cocos Islands Wild Coconut's post 09/03/2021

Wild Coconut Farm

Good news at last - The farm will re commence Coconut Production Tours for the public after a 14 month break. The COVID situation and recent cyclone issues have diverted our attention to other urgent matters that will be completed this month (clean up operation on Surfer Girl and farm areas).

Now that visitors are back on the islands, employment opportunities can begin again through the production of sea salt and coconut related products.

So from April, every Wednesday the farm will be open for visitors to experience a unique coconut production and tasting tour. This includes sampling a range of sea salts, fresh coconut cream and be involved in other interactive related activities.

A number of farming activities are being planned for this year, if anyone wants to assist please let us know or has any creative farming ideas.


After a 12 month lock down we are cranking up production on all product. A sneak preview this week’s coconut productio.


Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre

Hi everyone and all the best for 2020! If you are home tonight, the Coconut farmer and all thangs Cocos is on TV! (channel 7, but check yr times).


Is 2020 the year to visit paradise? We certainly think so!

Starting 2020 off on the right note we will be showcasing some of the best our incredible islands have to offer right across Western Australia this evening at 7:30pm AWST. Channel 7 will be broadcasting "Fresh Escapes" and the Cocos Keeling Islands are the star of the show!

Tune in ... and make sure you include the Cocos Keeling Islands in your 2020 travel plans!


We love putting a smile on people's faces - one coconut chip at a time 🌴🥥😀


Coconut Farmer crowdfunding update

Hi everyone, well we did'nt make our target, so order online via our website this week and all orders will go out on next weeks flight directly to you.

Also if you know of any good food stores/cafes in your local area, comment below or pm us and we will send some samples to them. If we secure an order then it's our shout for a free sample pack to you.
Thanks in advance - Tony and the Team.


Cocos Islands Wild Coconut Chips

Watch the 'Wild Coconut Farmer' talk about all things Cocos, Coconuts and Coconut Chips. Learn about how we turn Coconuts into our delcious chips (we put a lot of hard work and love into this process) and find out more about the islands' coconut history. Don't forget to visit our kickstarter page to get your very own package of Cocos Islands Wild Coconut chips: 16/10/2019

Plant based natural health food product | Wild Coconut Chips

Did you know that there are only 70 days left until Christmas 🎅🎄??

70 days to find the perfect presents 🎁 for your family, friends and maybe even your colleagues.

Our crowdfunding campaign offers unique gift ideas (coconut chips, golf balls, and even the chance to adopt a coconut tree 🥥🌴). And the best part, you will support our little business to enable us to purchase much needed machinery. Check out our crowdfunding campaign below and grab your Christmas gifts early this year. Creating delicious,100% natural Australian coconut chips that are sustainably produced and help generate local employment opportunities


Our little coconut hill has grown and is on its way to become a coconut mountain. We have been busy harvesting, husking and processing our Cocos coconuts. More infos and the launch of our crowdfunding campaign coming soon. In the meantime, can anyone guess how many coconuts have been harvested so far?


Coconut Farmer Video Challenges

Hi everyone,
it's been a busy trade winds season here at the Saltmakers Cafe on Cocos Islands and now that the season almost over, the farm is back on the priority list with the launch of our crowdfunding video next week.

Before the release to pre purchase our coconut chips, I'm also creating a fun option that I thought I would run past you all - a series of video challenges to encourage donations for the project, please let us know in the comments below your fav challenge or get creative and let me know of any unique activities you would like to see me do...

Coconut Farmer Video Challenges (1-2mins/challenge)
Top 5 Challenges
1. the farmer to learn how to kite board/face plant
2. the farmer to climb a yacht mast or coconut tree
3. the farmer to walk/jog/cycle/scooter north to south
4. the farmer to eat two whole limes from the farm
5. the farmer to swim with the reef sharks in shallow water

6+ you decide....

If preferred pm us or email [email protected]

Thanks in advance - Tony Lacy


2019 GWN7 Top Tourism Town Awards - Cocos Keeling Islands

'Nice timing before the launch of our coconut chip crowdfunding video next week' - Tony Lacy

Australia's remote Cocos (Keeling) Islands take gold at tourism awards

Last night the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CKI) were awarded a gold medal at Western Australia’s 2019 Top Tourism Town Awards.

It is a significant achievement for one of Australia’s most remote external territories to be recognised as an emerging tourism town.

CKI is located in Australia’s Indian Ocean Territories (IOT), almost 3000 kilometres north-west of Perth, and 1,270 kilometres south-west of Jakarta, Indonesia.

There are 27 coral islands in the group with a total land area of approximately 15.6 square kilometres featuring unique bird life, marine environments and national parks, and a diverse culture and history.

The awards, run by Visitor Centres WA, are now in their 30th year and hotly contested by local tourism destinations. Medals were presented at the WA Regional Tourism Conference in the Pilbara region last night.

The awards attracted more than 8,000 public votes and praise for CKI’s “pristine beaches, stunning underwater world and a welcoming and friendly multicultural community”.

Cocos Keeling Islands is a finalist in the 2019 GWN7 Top Tourism Town Awards. Suggested Cocos Keeling Islands itinerary: Cocos Keeling...


Our delicious Cocos Islands Wild Coconut chips are taking over the West Coast! After successfully launching in Perth we are now available in Bunbury. Pick your favorite flavor or grab the full range at the Bunbury Farmers Market.


Delicious Coconut Chips from a Tiny, Tropical Australian Island

Just over a year ago we introduced our delicious coconut chips. Since then we have learned a lot; we changed and improved processes and updated and upgraded equipment - now we are ready for the next step to take our production even further. Check out our throwback video from last year and look out for more information about our next steps.


Perthlings our delicious Cocos Islands Wild Coconut chips are finally available in Perth. Head to Kakulas Brothers in Northbridge and sample some Cocos goodness 🌴🥥


Hi 'Friends of the Farm' hope you re all well and lovin life, just an update from the team here on Cocos Islands.

The crowdfunding video is still in the editing room waiting for some historical images of the coconut industry.
In the meantime we are creating a series of entertaining short videos about life here on Cocos that will cover foodie segments with our coconut chips, local politics, interviews with residents and visitors, a day in the life if a coconut farmer, etc. So, we would like your input into helping with name of the coconut farmer character (that's Tony Lacy), who will be the presenter. 17/01/2019

wild coconut

Happy Thursday everyone!
Nice comments from Germany today after they received and consumed our chips!

"I want to give you some input I’ve got.

Everyone LOVES them. Really loves them. I tried cacao and cinnamon and they are amazing!!

I already receive requests if I can deliver more of it.

The crowdfunding video is still with the editing team, so why wait, we have some ready to go via our website wild coconut


We Need This

great to see - we grow this on Cocos at the farm, keen the seed pods (to grow more), hand harvest the leaves, dry then blend into our dried coconut chips with lemongrass - yum!

This little leaf is having a big impact on people's lives.


'The Coconut Farmer' comes to town to post the first export orders to Sydney, Canberra, Tassie, Hamburg and Paris this week, complete with tracking from our local Australia Post office! Next orders to depart Cocos on Tuesdays flight. 18/12/2018

Cocos Islands - Freshly packed coconut chips!

Cocos Islands - Freshly packed coconut chips!


Harvesting moringa seeds today for planting out next month. Moringa leaf and lemongrass are used to naturally flavour our roasted coconut chips,


Hi Everyone, just an update from the coconut farmer here on Cocos Islands. A small batch of labels have arrived on the island and our team are busy behind the scenes packaging up the 5 different coconut chip flavours. The release for these will be late this week or early next week, if you can't wait that long, then purchase some now before the crowdfunding video release next week!


Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre

It's where your soon to be released coconut flavoured chips come from! An eciting week up here as the coconut chip labels arrive on tonights Virgin flight from Perth.

Can you sum paradise up in 15 seconds? It was quite a challenge but we are thrilled to release the first of our new 15 second TV commercials.

"The pristine welcoming Cocos Keeling Islands are a safe family friendly destination in the Indian Ocean. Relax on empty beaches, explore uninhabited islands and discover unique cultures. Welcome to paradise."

We hope you like it and we hope you see it on your TV screen soon!

If you would like any information on our amazing destination, please head to our website ....


coconut flake slicing machine

This is what all the fuss is about, if we can secure enough pre orders over November ($18,000), then we can afford this machine from China. Become a friend of the farm or just follow us on instagram

Contact Elaine Leung: Email: [email protected] whatsapp/skype/wechat/mob:8613727206504 Fengxiang machinery mainly produce fruit & vegetable processing ...


A birds eye view of our farm project. Preparations are now underway for planting additional moringa seedlings next to the lemongrass block and a new sea salt evaporation system, after the successful trials on Home Island and the demand for our flavoured coconut chips.


Hi everyone, greetings from Cocos Islands. I hope you are living in the moment and simply.

LATEST from the Coconut Farmer - Tony Lacy

"A huge shift in our coconut chip branding has evolved over the past 2 weeks as I met Fred, a visiting French sailor on our islands en route to Reunion Island near Madagascar, his wife flew back to Paris (a teacher), and he works in the perfume industry in Paris. After his departure he left such an impression, that it will fundamentally change our current WILD COCONUT brand (prior to public release), to a more personal brand that showcases the people here on our islands."

"The aim is to have a personal brand that people can connect with... we need to steer away from this corporate branding as COLES consumers are not our target market.

Watch this space for more in the development of our new thinking".


Welcome to our page, LIKE us to keep up to date with our new product release and lots more


Cocos Wild Coconut - Intro video for Coconut Chips

Check out our first video...

Our first farm video introducing our roasted coconut chips 27/07/2018

Islanders nuts for latest food

We've hit the Weekend Australian! It has been three decades since a largely imported workforce helped harvest the coconuts of the Cocos Islands, 2750km northwest of Perth, and now hundreds of thousands of coconuts fall to the ground every week on the idyllic atoll.


Cocos Islands Wild Coconut


Cocos Coconut Chips - Latest export development.
Just approved the back labels for the 50,000 unit print run... check them out.


our new tag line...

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" Helen Keller

Our Story

Cocos WILD COCONUT produces a delicious range of natural food products.

We are a passionate group of Cocos Islands residents living on one of the most remote, pristine and exotic tropical islands on earth.

We care about our environment, our culture and our future. Together, with your support, we hope to achieve sustainable economic development for our small community.

We are currently harvesting, processing and making a range of quality handmade skin care, wooden crafts and food products for mainland Australia and visitors to the Indian Ocean Territories. (Christmas Island and Cocos Islands).

Visit our website and check out the range.
Visit the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Tourism website, or checkout their page

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Coconut Farmer crowdfunding update
Cocos Islands Wild Coconut Chips
Delicious Coconut Chips from a Tiny, Tropical Australian Island


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Cocos WILD COCONUT flavoured and roasted chips. Dried lime zest, sea salt and lots lots more

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