Gerade nach der Corona-Krise können Spa-Services von großer Bedeutung sein. Wie können diese also als besondere Zusatzleistung für den Gast wahrgenommen werden? 🙌 Und wie schafft man erfolgreich den Weg von der Promotion zum direkten Verkauf? 👍 Die Spa-Experten Sylvia Glückert von WellConsult Unternehmensberatung für Spa- und Wellness-Anlagen und Joram Schirmaier von Yoganism geben Tipps am -Blog.
[email protected] Tipp: Die Yogi-Up Challenge mit unserem Mitglied Joram.
Kurz und knackig dauert jede Übung nur 3:30 Minuten. Und, nimmst Du unsere kleine Herausforderung an? Mehr Yoga mit Joram findest Du auf und auf Yoganism.

Körperbeherrschung physischer und psychischer Art sichert unsere Zukunft und verhindert Kosten für Menschen-Reparatur erheblich !

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Yoga & vegan lifestyle. Travellin It is a very powerful tool for deep relaxation. Hari Om

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) originates from the Tantras. The practitioner lies down on a mat or bed. No physical movement should be taken for (the entire)-(the duration of the) practice. It is 'simply' about following the instructions given to you on the recording without getting distracted. The practise begins by focusing on different parts of the body, mental exercises follow and the


My first Smörgåstårta, swedish sandwich cake.
Thanks for the amazing birthday cake 🎂🍰.halm


A nice little evening swim to cool off before going to sleep. How convenient that we parked our van right next to the sea...


Visiting wonderful places.
Enjoying all the plants and birds along the way.


The beautiful ocean.
Big waves.
Sleeping at the seaside.
Life is just so very good to us.


We keep on finding the best spots to sleep. Life is easy and wonderful. Let's discover some more amazing places.

Photos from Yoganism's post 08/09/2022

Traveling with the best person ever.


There are so many amazing places to discover.
Let's take a ride and find the most beautiful spots and enjoy life.


Swimming in the sea. Always a great feeling and important for staying happy and healthy.


Let the vacation begin! And what better way to celebrate this than with iced coffee and a cinnamon bun in Würzburg?


Some lovely vegan 'Käsefüße' - smelly/cheesy feet - for Easter.


Even though a roadtrip is all about driving around, it is always important for me to make enough stops.
Not only stops for sightseeing, drinking coffee or some wine in local villages.
But stops to regenerate from the best flat screen in the world, our windshield.
The occasional beach days helps a lot with that.
Most of the tourists are already gone and the sun and the ocean are still warm enough for swimming and a slight sun burn.
Late September is definitely one of the best times for a vacation in the Mediterranean countries.



It took some time for us to slow down.
Waking up with the sunrise, parking our van at sunset.
Getting in tune with the surrounded nature.
We are in no hurry, but we always follow the good weather, the sunshine.
Observing carefully everything that happens outside our van.
Taking it slow.
Feeling good and at ease.



Look at this view.
Following the marvellous road through the gorges du Tarn and the Ardèche.
Windy roads with a majestic feel.
The vibes of live are running through our veins.


Taking a stroll through this amazing zen garden.
These big bamboos put my mind at ease.
It's not exactly the most french place to be at, but the exotic smells reminds me a lot of other places I had been to before.
Let the travels continue!


What a landscape. It marvels me every time to see the wonders of nature that France has to offer.
The perfect place to strike a pose!
How about forgetting all about time and staying here forever...


Vacation starts for me when my hair gets all messy.



Can't remember the last beach day.
Just indulging in the sun and the water.
With hardly any people around.
That goes right on my to do list for stuff to do on a regular basis 🙃


Playing some gentle notes for the setting sun.
I just love the scenery.
It puts my mind at ease.
The sunset and the landscape, I should travel more often.
It makes me realize how much I missed the life on the road.


The beautiful road lead us to this stunning peace of nature.
Watching eagles glide by.
These are the precious moments life is about.


On the road again. We got a van and no certain destination. Following the most beautiful roads and the sunshine.
This is how life is supposed to be.


Waiting for the best vegan breakfast.
One of the best vacation treats.


A lovely, somewhat regular, Sunday.
We started with an amazing bouldering session and went for a nice bike 🚲 ride to a pub with some fresh beers.
Malena even jumped into a lake for refreshment.


Vegan apple 🍎 bread 🍞 for valentines 💝 day.

Thank you .halm for making this special day even sweeter!
elisie thank you so much once more for your amazing work and inspiration!

Photos from Yoganism's post 13/02/2021

Afternoon walk in the beautiful sun and the frosty winter feeling around a frozen lake.
Life couldn't be any better.
You just have to take every opportunity and make the best of it.


There is nothing better than a fresh, home-baked sourdough bread.
Thanks .eu for this lovely start in the weekend bake.


Hiking through these beautiful autumn colours.
I love these late autumn days - warm enough to wear a shirt and tank up with sun rays for the cold season.
What are your plans for the lockdown?



Back to

It is important that we do everything necessary to keep  in check. First and foremost in our private lives, but also when it comes to our work life. 

The German government's decisions concerning the new  make life really hard for small businesses and start ups in the wellness industry. We all worked hard over the last months to create corona-proof hygene plans and to make sure to incorporate all measures imposed by the government. And so far, it worked amazing. That makes this second lockdown in its current form quite hard to understand.

But in my eyes it is always essential to stay positive in each and every situation.
Decide for yourself to be happy, wear a mask and smile to yourself, even if others can't see it. It makes you feel better - and that's what counts.


Photos from Yoganism's post 17/10/2020

Hiking through the beauty of Bavaria.
Best small escape for my birthday.
Thank you for all the wishes and your positivity.



Hari Om
Nach der Sommerpause geht es wieder wie gewohnt mit den Yoga Workshops weiter.
Noch gibt es ein paar Plätze ;)
Hier kannst Du Dich direkt anmelden:

Mokka für 2 — Yoganism 02/09/2020

Mokka für 2 — Yoganism

Mokka für 2 — Yoganism Ein hervorragender Energieschub und eine tolle Variante den herkömmlichen Kaffee auf eine andere Variante zu genießen.

Timeline photos 21/08/2020

Marinating some vegan
Thanks for the homegrown chilli

Timeline photos 13/08/2020

I love myself some vegan cantuccini.
The Italians really have figured out everything about their kitchens... 🍪🇮🇹

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

Vegan blueberry and peach 🍑 muffins!
My girlfriend is the best.
I'm truly surprised, my clothes still fit.

Ahimsa - Gewaltlosigkeit — Yoganism 01/08/2020

Ahimsa - Gewaltlosigkeit — Yoganism

Ahimsa - Gewaltlosigkeit — Yoganism Ahimsa ist das erste der fünf Yama. Aus dem Sanskrit übersetzt bedeutet es wörtlich so viel wie 'Nicht-Verletzen’.

Timeline photos 06/07/2020

That was a first experiment combining sourdough and yeast.
The result is quite decadent and incredibly fluffy 🤫👌

Timeline photos 05/07/2020

Homemade cashew oven cheese.
Easy to make and unbelievably tasty.

Photos from Yoganism's post 27/06/2020

Well rested after a very calm night.
I just love the places we find....
Life just beautiful when you travel. @ Lüneburger Heide

Timeline photos 25/06/2020

Have you ever tried the yoga seat - Padmasana - with hiking boots?
It's a great challenge, but be careful with your knees...

Timeline photos 24/06/2020

Rhubarb crumble cake 🍰.
What is your favourite fruit cake?

Timeline photos 23/06/2020

Hike, stretch, repeat.
What is your favourite small escape from the daily routine?

The Art of Yoga

Was bewegt Dein Herz?

Egal mit wem, zu welcher Zeit oder gar auf welchem Erdteil; stets habe ich es erfolgreich geschafft, die Menschen, die mir auf meinem Weg begegnet sind, mit Lebensfreude anzustecken.

Mein Ziel ist es Menschen aufrichtig glücklich zu machen, jeden auf seine Art und Weise.



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