Kunana ALOHA - Hooponopono Lomi Lomi Massage

HO´OPONOPONO LOMILOMI MASSAGE in der Familientradition von Kumu Alapa´i Der Schlüssel zur Heilung ist die Vergebung. LomiLomi ist mehr als nur eine Massage.



Tiefgehende Klärung und Entspannung in einem 3-6 stündigen Massageritual

Aloha mai no aloha aku o ka huhu ka mea e ola ole ai - When Love is given, Love naturally abundantly flows back to you

bedeutet etwas richtig machen, das Gleichgewicht ( Pono ) herzustellen, in Harmonie mit sich selbst, seiner Familie, seiner Umgebung und s



Timeline photos 08/03/2020

Timeline photos

To all of the women in our lives. Your strength, your wisdom, your kindness, your compassion, your wit, your attitude, your dedication and most of all your presence never goes unnoticed. You are appreciated today and every day. Aloha!

The World Needs Aloha 06/01/2020

The World Needs Aloha

The World Needs Aloha Hawaiian indigenous wisdom has some very important teachings for the whole world at this time


Love this❤️


Timeline photos 26/10/2019

Timeline photos

H E . W A I . O L A ⠀

Life is water ⠀
Water is life ⠀
Life is love⠀
Love is life⠀
Water is love⠀
Love is water⠀
We are water⠀
We are life⠀
We are love⠀
Mountains carry water⠀
Mountains carry life⠀
Mountains carry love⠀
Mountains carry you⠀
Mountains carry me⠀
Mountains carry us⠀
We stand for mountains⠀
We stand for water⠀
We stand for life⠀
We stand for love⠀
We stand with mountains⠀
We stand with water⠀
We stand with life⠀
We stand with love⠀
Kū Kia‘i Mauna⠀
From my heart⠀
P U ‘ U W A I⠀
To yours⠀
From my water⠀
W A I⠀
To yours⠀
From my life force⠀
M A U L I⠀
To yours⠀
From my love⠀
A L O H A⠀
To yours⠀
Aloha ‘Āina⠀
A mau loa⠀
He wai Inu⠀
He wai Mana⠀
He wai Ola⠀
E Ola nō⠀

So deeply moved by this beautiful artistic offering to the sacred waters of Mauna a Wākea by my sister . Truly and profoundly grateful for all the ways you lay down such powerful prayer in your work. Mahalo from my water to your water. ⠀

Click here to support Support Lorilani as she serves on Mauna Kea organized by Heather Lebrun 16/10/2019

Click here to support Support Lorilani as she serves on Mauna Kea organized by Heather Lebrun

Click here to support Support Lorilani as she serves on Mauna Kea organized by Heather Lebrun Heather Lebrun Support Lorilani as she serves on Mauna Kea Since early September, Lorilani Keohokalole-Torio has joined the Mauna Kea Kīʻaʻi by serving with

WE ARE A VOICE (Official Lyric Video) 05/10/2019

WE ARE A VOICE (Official Lyric Video)

WE ARE A VOICE (Official Lyric Video) WE ARE A VOICE • Music by Kāla’e Parish • Lyrics by Kāla’e Parish, Kalenaku and Tiana Kuni Yoshida • Performers: Kalenaku, Kapena DeLima, Lilo DeLima, Psalms...

The Movement of Sacred Aloha on Mauna Kua - Ho'omana Spa Maui 03/10/2019

The Movement of Sacred Aloha on Mauna Kua - Ho'omana Spa Maui

The Movement of Sacred Aloha on Mauna Kua - Ho'omana Spa Maui Learn why Native Hawaiians stand together in the Movement of Sacred Aloha on Mauna Kea to stop the TMT construction and the 10 things you can do to help


Aloha kākahiāka a me kā hauʻōli aloha Pō’alīma. E hōʻomaikāʻi mai ke ʻĀkua ʻiā ʻoe i kēia lā a me nā mānawa a pau. ʻŌ kā maluhīa nō me ʻoe.

Good morning and Happy aloha Friday. May God Bless you all today and always. Peace be with you.

Timeline photos 13/09/2019

Timeline photos

Words can cut, they have energy, they have mana. Our ancestors teach us, “he mana ko ka ‘ōlelo.” Words have power. When I was younger, I forgot this. I fell into what society teaches young people especially young women - to talk about one another, to judge, to criticize, to be cruel. I hurt people with my young blazing fire. I didn’t think before I spoke and that had repercussions. I hurt people with my words and with my anger and my lack of knowledge and experience. My ego was out of control. When I was in high school and college I had a lot to say and not enough life experience to back it up. I had to own up to that. To apologize from my heart. To make right. As I get older I see how important mindfulness is. How important it is to come in a good way especially when I don’t understand something or someone’s perspective. How important it is to come with openness, respect, and grace. Humility is a beautiful teacher. My mother teaches me that. My Grandmother teaches me that. My Aunties teach me that. Now before I speak, I think about the mana of my words. Will these words bring honor to my family? Will my opinions and perspectives feed and nourish connections? Will my words invite conversation? Will they bring unity or separation? I ask myself these questions often. I’m still learning. I’m still growing. I’m still correcting thought patterns and learned ways of being. It has taken me long time to forgive myself. To have grace for myself. To love myself. It has taken me a long time to stand strong in my own mana. In the mana that was passed down to me by those who gave me life. The mountain teaches me how to be unshakable. How to stand pa’a no matter how strong the wind blows. Today I had to call on that strength. I wailed to sky. I leaned in to the hurt and the pain. Then I cracked open and let love in. I let love in. I let love in. And tonight I tend to my heart. Tomorrow we rise again. Like a mighty wave.


P**e Ho'ola 'Āina - A Prayer To Heal The Earth


On The Roam - "We are Mauna Kea"

Hawaiian Word of the Day - Lomilomi 13/08/2019

Hawaiian Word of the Day - Lomilomi

Hawaiian Word of the Day - Lomilomi Welina e nā kupukupu aloha, ʻo Lāiana Kanoa-Wong kēia me ka hua ʻōlelo o ka lā. Our Hawaiian word of the day is "Lomilomi" e ʻōlelo pū kākou "lomilomi." Eō! ...

Why Native Hawaiians are fighting to protect a mountain from a telescope 26/07/2019

Why Native Hawaiians are fighting to protect a mountain from a telescope

Why Native Hawaiians are fighting to protect a mountain from a telescope Maunakea is among the most sacred sites in Hawaiian cosmology.


Hawaii Film Crew Supports The Protector of Maunakea!!!!

Hāwane Rios - Poliʻahu I Ke Kapu 18/07/2019

Hāwane Rios - Poliʻahu I Ke Kapu

Hāwane Rios - Poliʻahu I Ke Kapu Hāwane's "Poliʻahu i ke Kapu" was nominated in this year's Big Island Music Awards as best Hawaiian language single. Purchase it on iTunes to support Hāwane ...

Fifty Years of Mismanaging Mauna Kea 17/07/2019

Fifty Years of Mismanaging Mauna Kea

Fifty Years of Mismanaging Mauna Kea The media often presents Mauna Kea as a battleground for culture versus science. Yet that has never been the heart of the issue. The Hawaiian worldview does not…


The Ancient Hawaiian Art of Bark Cloth

Timeline photos 13/07/2019

Timeline photos

A call to action to all nations around the world to post videos and pictures with a sign of support of our mountain movement to Protect Mauna Kea. Please use the hashtags below and tag . Aloha ‘Āina!

Megan Wong started a petition on Change.org 27/06/2019

Megan Wong started a petition on Change.org

Megan Wong started a petition on Change.org Megan needs your help to get 146 signatures

Ola Nā Iwi: Hāloa 16/06/2019

Ola Nā Iwi: Hāloa

Ola Nā Iwi: Hāloa Who are you? Hāloa. (pronounced: Haa-lo-ah) tells the story of how the first Hawaiian came to be and how the Hawaiian (Kānaka) bond is forever linked to the Kalo…

Die Plastik-Invasion - Coca-Cola und der vermüllte Planet 16/06/2019

Die Plastik-Invasion - Coca-Cola und der vermüllte Planet

Die Plastik-Invasion - Coca-Cola und der vermüllte Planet Jede Sekunde werden weltweit zehn Tonnen Kunststoff produziert, davon landet ein Zehntel früher oder später in den Ozeanen. Schon 2050 könnten mehr Kunststof...

Timeline photos 15/06/2019

Timeline photos

🖤 it’s all about connection

Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication 30/05/2019

Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication

Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication Hugging is a potent way to express love, fear, admiration, sadness, joy, and happiness, and it is a way to deeply connect to another human being and show compassion, care, and comfort. Virginia Satir, an often quoted family therapist says that we need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance, an...


https://gabrielleorr.com ❤️

Timeline photos 15/05/2019

Timeline photos

Alle Infos & Anmeldung: https://widget.eversports.com/w/28sr4s?event=94157&type=course

Fotos: K. Polydica, privat


Hau’oli La Makuahine!!!!
Here is a chant for the mother. All mothers who have been and will be and our Mother Earth. By Kumu Keala Ching


Hau'oli La Makuahine.. Happy Mothers Day!!


SEVEN REASONS WHY SHAMANISM IS DIFFERENT FROM NATIVE AMERICAN/FIRST NATIONS SPIRITUALITY. I just returned from an energy medicine/psychology conference during which many Euro-American presenters and practitioners either discussed shamanism or believed they were "shamans" and included this designation in their conference brochure bios. Some incorporated Native American/First Nations terminology into their energy psychology seminars-- using words like "Aho", "Mitakuye Oyasin", "Four Winds", and so on. My wife Grace (who also attended the conference) and I raised objections to this appropriation numerous times and probably got a reputation as "trouble makers."

The assumption that "core shamanism" (a la Michael Harner) is the same as Native American wisdom is wrong on so many fronts. Here are some: 1. Shamanism is a culture- specific term that refers to spiritual practitioners in Siberia. Anthropological and New Age use of the term shamanism creates an impression of a generic, homogenized indigenous culture or spirituality, a strategy used by the U.S. and Canadian governments (and others) to lump diverse people together and dis-respect unique cultures and requirements for cultural survival. We are NOT All One! 2. Native American healers are accountable to traditional elders and communities and follow traditional ethics (including not charging money for healing or ceremonies). 3. If "shaman" means "medicine man/woman" (which it doesn't), then the term shouldn't be used in reference to oneself. It is an honorific conferred by First Peoples in recognition of one's wisdom and service. 4. There is no institutional "certification" for a Native American traditional healer. 5. Unlike "shamanism", Native American spirituality is not learned in books or seminars; it is a way of life, modeled by elders and wisdom keepers. 6. These same American "shamans" romanticize indigenous cultures, have little or no awareness of history or threats to Native American land and life. They pick up bits and pieces as convenient, but are not living it in daily life or protesting against the continuing injustices/abuses of colonialism. 7. In general, based on my personal observation, Euro-American shamans have the same level of misunderstanding and stereotyping of Native American people as non-shamans. Native people are portrayed as noble when it suits the shamans' needs and boosts status (and income) among their New Age colleagues and students. But they are dismissed as primitive or "savage" when confronted with the reality of the spiritual realm and powers that can heal or harm. The pseudo-shamans ignorantly proclaim, "Oh, these are only symbols, metaphors, or archetypes." (Image below of a Siberian shaman drumming at sunrise.) Respectfully, Ken Cohen



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