Occasion Hair By Megan

Occasion Hair By Megan

Occasion Hair by Megan
Sussex based


Happy, Healthy, Hollywood waves ❤️


ENTERING 2024 LIKE....🍸🌟
Is 2024 your year?! 💍
I'm so excited to meet my 2024 brides and bridal parties and have you feeling your very best!
I have very limited avaliblity for 2024, so if you are still on the lookout for your stylist, do get in touch ASAP!

And whilst you do that... check out the very talented suppliers of this incredible shoot....


Planner & Stylist:

Prop and Furniture hire: and







Bridal Gowns:



Jewellery: and ember



Tableware: and


✨️ 2023 ✨️

My business' most successful year, a huge amount of hard work, love, and happiness, and most of that is that's down to you guys!
Thank you for pushing me to achieve things that 5 years ago when starting up my business, I would never believe would be possible for me.

78 weddings
53 venues
5 Training courses to better my styling, including meeting the amazing and

468 heads of hair styled on wedding days!

2 nominations, one for and one for , of which I was a finalist in both!

A massive thank you to the venues, suppliers, bridal parties and friends I have made through this crazy but amazing year!
Wishing you guys the most amazing 2024, let's smash it! ♡

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 07/11/2023

A testimonial from my beautiful bride Steph...
Megan was amazing! From trial to the wedding day, she gave loads of helpful tips for me on the day. She clearly knows what she is doing! I had a Hollywood wave and was warned it could be a bit of a temperamental hairstyle, but the waves lasted over 24 hours! They survived humid heat, a random little rain shower, and sweaty dancing on the dancefloor.
Megan did an updo for my mum and my sister. Both looked stunning and also survived the sweaty dancing and humidity!
Not just amazing at hair but also such a calming presence on the day, Megan helped get my flowers ready whilst I put my dress on and also gave the videographer a lift up to the church to help with logistics.
Thank you, Steph, for your kind words and these beautiful pictures of your special day!
Hair -


Do you have thin hair?
Then texture is your best friend!
Look how full and thick the lovely Laura's hair looks, just by adding definition and detail into the crown area! I'm obsessed with the outcome!
Let me know if you love this style as much as I do ♡


Not sure if extensions are for you?
If you're ticking any of these boxes, extensions could be your saviour..
□ curls drop very quickly
□ hair lacks volume and / or length
□ prone to frizz
□ wanting a transformation
□ wanting a style to last all day and all night
□ wanting Hollywood waves
Ria opted for clip in extensions by the amazing , we added them for extra volume to Ria's half up, and she kindly let me know that it lasted all day and all night!
Would you know extensions were used?!
If you are interested in adding extensions to your style I do carry most basic colors in my trial room to accommodate and try out within your chosen style, then I can advise and where and what to buy for your big day!


Exciting news...
I am in the hairstylist category for this year's wedding industry awards!
I always feel nervous about any kind of awards, mainly because I can't believe that this is real and this is my job! Also because, if I'm honest, I have a history of doubting myself and not feeling good enough, but it turns out you have to be in it to win it and my recent client feedback has given me that kick up the bum that I needed to enter this year!
So if you are a past (or very near future) bride of mine from 10.10.22 to 02.10.23 then you can vote for me. (Link in bio or messgae me for the link!) It takes 5 minutes and It would mean the absolute world! The voter feedback allows me to create a business that I'm proud of, and that is the very best for my bridal parties! The fellow stylists that have won in previous years and the ones in my category this year are so very talented and I count myself lucky to even be in this position to enter!
So all I'm trying to say is thank you, thank you for making my dream job a reality ❤️
Very talented group on this shoot-
Planner & Stylist: &
Prop and Furniture hire: Sally  
Bridal Gowns: and

Accessories: and


Most popular bridesmaid styles recently have most certainly been a half up!
Amy's bridesmaids all had very different hair types and this style worked so well for all of them!
I also love it when there is a staple accsesory like these beautiful fresh flowers by the incredible Sam at when there is such a simple style!

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 13/08/2023

I don't think I'll ever get over how lovely, chilled and fun yesterday was! 9 heads of hair later and I was still enjoying every minute!
Grace opted for a textured Boho bun with pearl pins, swipe to see her beautiful makeup by the lovely that complimented the look so well!
Thank you so much for having me as a part of your special day Grace! ♡

Styled using
Style on steroids and mist-ical shine spray

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 11/08/2023

⚠️ Calling my fellow curly girls ⚠️
You may or may not know that I am actually a curly girl... which makes me feel passionately about working with what we have! Control, definition (and some added heated help) goes a long way in bridal styling! So if you've got curls, please don't feel like you need to suppress them!
Swipe to see the before of this beauty's, gorgeous red curls that just needed a bit of taming and definition!
Give me a 👋 if you are a fellow curly girl!

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 09/08/2023

Let's talk schedules! ⬇️
Morning schedules are an important part of your day and something that I take great care of in organising because... who wants to feel rushed on their special day?!
Here's 3 things you should let your stylist and makeup artist know... and we will love you for...
1. What time we can get started... Have you checked with your venue what time we can access? Have you thought about this when arranging your bridal party? Is there enough time to get everyone done an hour before your ceremony time? If you can't access early, then what's plan B? (Air B&Bs are your best friend!).

2. Who is having hair (and makeup), and what kind of look are they going for? Some styles take a LONGGG time and aren't suitable for bridesmaids. Talk to your bridesmaids and stylists about realistic timings and looks!

3. When do you want to be ready for? I always suggest an hour before your ceremony so you have time to get in your dresses/outfits, take some breaths, take some photos and soak in the moment! However if you have first looks planned then these need to be taken into account as the set up for that can take a while for videographers and photographers and we don't want to rush these precious memories!
My top tip would be to be organised and really think about this time in the morning. It goes so quickly, so it needs to be used well! If you have any questions, pop them in the comments below! 💬
Photo by the amazing
On my beautiful sister in laws .robertson94 big day at ♡

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 05/08/2023

Did you know...

Come rain or shine an updo will always be your best friend!

🌞- Off your neck, controlled and less likely to frizz with humidity!

🌧 - The style stays detailed and tidy and looks just as good from morning to evening!

💨- style stays put, unlike a half up or down do!

Extra pros of an updo
☆ an anchor for veils
☆showing off the back of your dress
☆hair out of your face and perfectly placed for photos all day!
Thank you to the beautiful ._saunders
For having me on her special day at on Thursday!

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 31/07/2023

Just an all-around WOW for this day and this beautiful couple!

Lauren came to me with the vision of a classic, timeless, and glamorous look, so of course there was one thing for it... Hollywood waves!

Swipe to see a lovely review from Lauren, too!
Bride/Groom and decor
Photography .weddings
Hollywood waves technique taught by the amazing


Some half up inspo for shorter hair!
A soft wave allows the hair to keep its length and this fishtail accent braid adds that bit of detail without taking too much of the top layer away! Best of both worlds! Also very transferable to long hair, so great for bridesmaids with all different lengths!

Photos from CR Photography Bexhill's post 28/07/2023

What a beautiful day! 😍


Soft, relaxed updos are fast approaching most asked for at the moment, and what I love about them is the endless possibilities.. mid hight with plenty of texture makes thinner, shorter hair look thicker and fuller whilst a high 'Pammy' or 'Kim' version offers that red carpet glam!
An effortless style with all the effort!


Letting your bridesmaids decide their style..
Brides often ask me if bridesmaids have free reign... the answer is as long as you're happy, I'm happy! They normally have 30-45minutes to have their style done, and it always helps if they look at my work and choose something to compliment your style as the bride!
The beautiful Hannah had a girl squad of dreams, of whom all picked their own styles to compliment Hannahs modern chingion. With 2 low buns, a soft half up, a hollywood wave pony, and a soft wave, the girls all picked styles that represented them and made them feel beautiful and comfortable!
So I hope that answers the question and gives you some insight!
Thank you for having me for your special day and sharing this dreamy picture by the amazing . It was also amazing to work alongside my very talented colleague and friend ❤️

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 09/07/2023

N I C O L A ♡
I don't think I will ever get over this look! Nicola had the most gorgeous vision, and it all came to life so beautifully!
A soft Hollywood wave complimented her gorgeous makeup by the amazing and the most incredible lace dress I think I've ever seen!
It was the most amazing morning at one of my very favourite venues who have a family run team that put the most amazing personal touches into your special day!
Congratulations, guys, and thank you so much for having me as part of your special day ♡


Is my hair thick enough for this style?
Something I'm asked on a daily basis when creating styles on the day for bridesmaids! This lovely lady had a glam pony in mind, although she felt her hair may not be thick enough to achieve the style.
Extensions would have been a great help for this beauty. However, we didn't have that option, so
with the help of my favourite volume powder from , we created natural volume, and we were both thrilled with the outcome!
Always air your concerns, whether it be hiding a feature you aren't keen off or letting me know your hair doesn't hold a curl when you style it or anything else... 9 times out of 10, I have a solution for you, and we can work together to create the perfect look for you! ♡
Hit the save button for ease when you have your trial or your style!


Half up of dreams ❤️
Soft, defined curls with twist details!
Hit that save button for your inspo!
Curled using soft curl 😍


-Low Buns-
A style that oozes formal, fashion and all round fab! A low buns... the possibilities are endless whether you are a sleek and modern fan or like to go for something more textured and boho!
Let me know below what style is your favourite and what kind of style inspo you'd like to see next!

Faves to make these styles last!pro


Mums ☆
There is almost always a special lady in our lives that we want to feel as special as we do on our big day, whether it be your mum, your mother in law, your nan/gran or your bestie, I make it my mission that they feel thier best, gorgeous self!

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 25/05/2023

(Curly girls... listen up!)
Claire is a fellow curly girl and envisioned a low, textured bun that would stay in place and compliment her gorgeous curl pattern, smoothing frizz and creating hold was our mission and if you swipe across you can see that style still looking beautiful on their first dance!! Mission accomplished!!
Claire's vision of her perfect spring wedding, came to life with floral bridesmaids dresses, elegant and soft bridal accsessories (that Cape!! And her homemade jewlery on her dress!)
I was in ore of it all!
I think you will agree that Claire and Alex make the most wonderful couple! I cant thank you enough for having me on your big day, trusting me with your curls and sending me these wonderful photos! ❤️
Wishing you so much happiness and love for your future together!
My trusty .pro smooth was my best friend to control the frizz and make the most of those gorgeous curls! Check it out and save 10% with code MEGAN10 at the checkout!

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 14/05/2023

Half ups are a firm fave this season, so hears another option!
Fishtail braids and a soft curl gives a boho edge to this bridesmaid half up from today!
Save for your inspo and let me know if this is something you love below! ❤️
Styled using my .pro faves


Why is freshly washed hair a must? 📢
Simply because it's like a painter starting with a clean, blank canvas! 🎨
Preparation and products are a huge step in order to get a style to stand the test of time and what we want most from your hair on your big day is control and hold in the style you love! So put your trust in those that do this professionally, that old myth or dirty hair has been busted and look how gorgeous the shine and hold is on the boho bun!

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 09/05/2023

Nothing I love more than a Boho half up! (Good job as its most requested at the moment!)
A soft, beachy wave with a waterfall twist braid and it officially gives me summer vibes!
Hit that save button for your inspo if you love it too!

Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 08/05/2023

I wanted to answer one of my most asked FAQs brom my Brides!

This time we're talking timings! Style timings do differ due to certain factors like length, thickness, extensions, natural hair texture and prep, However I have taken some of my most liked styles from instagram and added some rough timings. Hopefully this will help you guys to see how much time may be needed on your wedding morning, or if an assistant may be needed! Sometimes those styles that you think are 'simple' take longer to prep!
Swipe to see average times!
If you have any questions or styles you are wondering about, let me know in the comments below!


Where my thick hair girls at?! 👋
As someone that has been graced (trust me it's not all its cracked up to be) with very thick hair and masses of it, my top tip would be to think about what you love/hate about your hair!

Things to ask yourself before planning your bridal/bridesmaids hair

☆ Does it struggle to hold a curl due to the weight?

☆ Do I have layers that could spray out of a style?

☆ Does it feel better up, off your neck on a hot day?

☆ Is it prone to frizz?

☆ Is the style realistic in the time frame we have (depending on bridal party size and individual timings)

Believe it or not, these are all things I'm thinking whilst I brush through your hair to begin your prep! All of these things can be dealt with, with the right tools, prep and products so please don't be afraid to tell me about your hair worries... you know your hair best! Working together, we can create your dream style!

Give me a 👋 if you're part of the thick hair club!


Thinking of going for a half up? Here's some top tips and advice!
▪︎ This style takes around 45 minutes, and although many people think it's a 'quick and simple' style, it takes more prep and time than most updos!.. keep that in mind when thinking about how much time you have and how many people you have having their hair done! Remember, my top task is making that hair stay perfect all day so prep is key! 🔑

▪︎ for those with thinner hair, think about adding clip in extensions to help with the longevity of the style!

▪︎ Think about the type of curl you like. A softer curl or wave makes this style more modern and relaxed!

▪︎ if your hair doesn't hold a curl well then tell your stylist! Then we can make sure the correct prep and hold is in place to make sure that curl lasts! If this is something you are panicking about, think about a soft updo!

If you have any questions or would like more tips, let me know in the comments!
Hair by me on the beautiful


Photos from Occasion Hair By Megan's post 22/04/2023

The perfect low, boho bun to compliment and show off that gorgeous dress... I think chose very well!
I don't think I'll ever get over how perfectly this look came together for Sophie! Such a lovely girl with a heart of gold looking absolutely incredible! Such a pleasure and honour to be involved in getting her and her bridal party ready with the very talented on makeup duties!
Lovely to be back at again and so glad the weather was decent for you guys!
Wishing you guys so much love and happiness for the future!

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