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Aw what a pleasure it was to give this lovely lady her first facial at 74 years young.... Mary won her voucher at a recent charity event and enjoyed a 45 minute anti ageing facial which she thoroughly enjoyed..... Just look at her results from our science based product range from Nu Skin 💯🙌

🦋 All ready for an afternoon of test patching for tattoo removal ....

🦋 Are you looking for a tattoo to be removed or faded enough for a better cover up ?

🦋 Pain free , fast and effect form for tattoo removal ...

🦋 Book now for free consultation and pricing quote ....

🦋....Interested in becoming an online customer of our science based skin care range ?...

🦋..... Take advantage of our online rewards system where you receive DISCOUNT for life and a FREE product every month .....

🦋....Inbox for more information....

🦋.... Special offer on the ‘AHA facial peel and neutraliser facial’

🦋... Wipe away dull looking skin, removing all dead skin cells leaving your skin looking vibrant and smooth

🦋.... An intense anti-aging treatment.

Book for the month of September to receive 20% off ......

Are you looking for an intense anti ageing facial ?

Wipe away dull ageing skin in just one treatment with our 180 facial peel and neutraliser.....

Discover a smoother younger look 💆🏼‍♀️💆🏽‍♂️

You should try out our ‘Lumispa with AHA facial peel and neutraliser’ facial 🥰

Utilising a 10% lactic acid solution to reduce visible signs of ageing. It protects and helps to keep the skins appearance young and fresh .

Treat yourself to a luxury 40 minute facial with science based products and love the results...

To receive 20% off just give promotional code ‘AHA’ when booking.

Only £48 with code 💃🏽

We tailor our treatments to your skin type, skin concerns and your budget ..... so if your looking to transform your skin and feel great about yourself then drop us a message and ‘make time for you’

Here ready to help 🙏🏽

Happy client last night after her core energy cleanse 😇

Pharmanex S3 bioPhotonic Scanner Introduction

The Biophotonic Scanner is in The Vitality Clinic today..... Looking forward to a day of health check ups with clients and new customers who are taking their health seriously....

For more information on how you can be scanned and find out exactly what’s going on inside your body in terms of antioxidant protection then please inbox and arrange an appointment

Introducing the Pharmanex S3 BioPhotonic Scanner, the leading innovation in antioxidant detection. In just 30 seconds, you can know your anti-oxidant status....

🦋 Book now for a free consultation to discuss your skin and try out products within your budget at the Vitality Clinic ....

🦋Experience the results first ....

🦋Tailored for you ....

🦋love your your products

Lovely ‘Core Energy Cleanses’ done this afternoon ... helping people release the ‘negative energy shackles’ of the past .... this is essential for moving on in life and progressing to different paths..... don’t let the past control your future....rid your body of trapped negativity energy and allow your energy channels to work with you achieving your hopes, dreams and desires....

Please inbox for more information

🦋 Looking to remove an old unwanted tattoo ?

🦋 Book now for your free consultation and test patch

Homepage.Core Energy Cleansing The Ancient Art Of Healing

What is core energy healing and how can it help you 🙏🏽 Core Energy Cleansing;The Ancient Art Of Healing.welcome to the core energy holistic healing website. We offer as an approved training provider approved courses in all things holistic and holistic healing and crystal healing,personal development and spiri

1 Step. 2 Minutes. 7 Skin Benefits - ageLOC LumiSpa

🌺 Are you fed up with your pores increasing? Does it affect your make up and fake tan?

🌺 Do you feel your skin loosing elasticity and volume?

Reduce pore appearance and improve skin density and volume with the Lumi Spa 😁

Inbox to find out how I can help! 😊

ageLOC LumiSpa is simple. 1 Step. 2 Minutes. 7 Skin Benefits. Learn More:

This amazing anti-aging skin care device will be gifted into all our facials through the month of July as a summer offer .... 🎁

Please get into touch to find what facial treatment will be best suited for your skin type and how you can take advantage of our summer deals and Lumispa 🌞

Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the first weekend of proper sunshine 🌞

To celebrate we would like to create a few special offers for this week coming ...:

💥 20% off Lumi Spa and 180 AHA facial peel facial (now only £48)

💥 20% off face lift treatment with skin resurface facial (now only £32)

We would like to say a massive well done to Calvin for yet another win in his professional boxing career last night ..... We are proud to be part of Calvin’s sponsorship, doing all we can to ensure he is at best health and mindset when competing.

We will always continue to support him throughout his journey 🙏🏽

Vitality Clinic @ Home

Fantastic Core Energy treatment done tonight

🦋 settled anxiety
🦋 calmed client down and really relaxed her way of thinking
🦋 unblocked energy channels to allow her energy to flow
🦋 more focused on get path now and stronger to deal with life

Book now for free consultation 🦋

Being able to monitor your health month to month is absolutely crucial when you are exposing your body to high intensity fitness ...... This is because exercise releases free radicals that can actually harm us if not counteracted with the right volume and type of antioxidants ......Calvin McCord is Scotland’s light weight boxing champion and is currently training for his next fight in June...... Regular check ups on his health have been paramount for Calvin so we can monitor that what he’s doing month to month is actually working in his favour or not.....If it’s not then we can fix it with the right foundation of supplements to ensure his health is always at his best and working for him.

Always a pleasure to be working with people so passionate about their health 🌏❤️

If your not doing anti ageing on a ‘genetic’ level then your not doing anti ageing properly...

Meet the powerhouse products taking an innovative approach to paving the way for a younger life.

Ageloc is an entirely new approach to anti ageing which unlocks the secret to younger looking skin.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a facial or body treatment and allow us to demonstrate the difference 🦋

We would like to welcome our newest addition to the The Vitality Clinic .... Lorrain Loudon.
Lorrain will be joining us as a level 3 Core Energy practitioner where she will using her skills and knowledge in helping clients unblock their energy flows through a treatment called Core Energy Cleansing.
Prior to receiving this type of treatment, clients will be finding it difficult moving forward with different areas of their lives due to blockages within them.
This highly effective treatment originates from the ancient art of healing and requires a very specific process of a holistic, gentle hands on approach.
Lorrain has an extensive back ground not only in the world of energy treatments but also in advanced counselling, drug and alcohol addiction and recovery models.
We are super excited to have Lorrain and her wealth of knowledge on board.

Exciting news for all those interested in seeing their own results from our Lumi Spa..... As we are giving free demos of this deep cleansing and anti-aging device 🌿

So if your fed up with the skin on either your face, hands or neck and desire a more firm, plumped and smoother look then get in touch folks and book your FREE demo 🌿

Time for Core Energy healing with my beautiful rose quartz 💥🙏🏽❤️

Removing negative blocked energy ..... allowing your own energy to move freely therefore working with you and your hopes, dreams and goals 🙏🏽

Great to have Calvin McCord in the clinic today again for his ‘Core Energy Cleanse ‘
The art of becoming a professional athlete of any form is all about working on your MIND, BODY and SOUL.
Calvin has taken not only his boxing training seriously but also his internal health and core energy. It is a combination of all 3 of these areas that allow him to absolutely maximise his performance.

We are able to monitor Calvin’s internal health using the ‘Biophotonic Scanner’. This gives us the most accurate reading of what exactly is going on internally in his body. This ‘Nobel Prize’ winning device gives us a reading of the antioxidant support which Calvin has at any given moment so we can ensure he is alway at his optimum health. This is so important when involved in any part of the sports and fitness industry.

I have had great pleasure in teaching Calvin about his core energy and how to utilise it to reach his HOPES, DREAMS and GOALS. Receiving regular core energy treatments ensures negative energy blockages are removed from his body. By removing these we can refocus his energy flow and when your energy is flowing properly, that’s where the magic happens 💥

It is honour to be working with such a dedicated, hard working professional athlete who takes all aspects of himself seriously 🙏🏽

Evening folks 🤗

We would like to introduce you to one of the most popular facials we have been doing this week from the clinic.

‘Lumi Spa with 180 AHA facial peel and neutraliser’

Our target audience for this treatment is men and women 30+ who want to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture and protect their skin from sun exposure....

Book now to take advantage of the 20 % discount offer for the remaining month of April for only £48 (normally £60)

Inbox for more information ... we are here to help 🙏🏽❤️

Do you ever wonder.....

🤔 how healthy you are internally
🤔what level of protection your body has against illnesses
🤔if there is a safe, non invasive way to check your health monthly
🤔is there a way I can make myself and my family healthier

These were questions I often asked myself before I was introduced to the Biophotonic Scanner. This is a device that uses ‘Nobel Prize’ winning science to accurately measure your carotenoid antioxidant levels in the tissue of your body. The scanner information and the results given, directly answer the above questions and gives you a clear look at exactly what’s going on with your health.

Tonight we were presenting our scanner to health professionals at the Trade Halls in Glasgow. To both people interested in their own personal health and also to those who want to start incorporating the scanner into their own health and wellness based business.

Recently we have been presenting this life changing opportunity up and down the land from London to Glasgow.

Are you passionate about health ?
If so then get in touch to find out where your nearest scanner Event is next month ❤️

Have you heard the benefits of CBD oil ?

Are you open to find out how CBD could give you a better quality of life.
Book now for a free consultation ❤️🙏🏽


The treatments we offer in the Vitality Clinic are for both men and women.
If you are looking for a pain free, non invasive treatment or skin regime then book your free consultation now.

#agelocscience #genetics #thewayforward

Due to very popular demand TEETH WHITENING is back at the Vitality Clinic 😁😁

Please book now for Friday’s pop up clinic

Discounts available when you bring a friend 🤩

Coming soon 🍃

Many happy customers with our teeth whitening today 🤩😁

Clinic also available next Friday ... book now for appointments 💯

Here are a range of treatments and services we offer in The Vitality Clinic ....🙏🏽
Please click the view whole page x

Teeth whitening madness happening at the Vitality Clinic this Friday... book now for these amazing deals with the one and only Brian Conway😁😁😁

Brian Conway is coming to the Vitality Clinic this Friday to do teeth whitening ..... Brian is renowned in the teeth whitening industry for the amazing work he does.....

Taking bookings now !!!

£39 per person or 2 people for £60

ageLOC Science Video

Are you looking for an anti-ageing system what is pain free and non invasive ?

Genetic research had led to the worlds only anti-ageing treatment that has the ability to reverse the expression of your genetics therefor giving you a more youthful look after just one treatment.

Ageloc is our main focus at the Vitality Clinic.
Book now for your free consultation or treatment.

Here is the a look at the science being the Ageloc products we use in the Vitality Clinic. Nu Skin is taking the science of anti-aging to a completely new level by studying the genetic origins of how and why we...

Have you been thinking of Botox or a facelift? 🌡
Are you scared of the though of needles or surgery 😫

Welcome to the world of Ageloc Science 🌎

For a FREE DEMONSTRATION of this pain free facial treatment inbox now to arrange....

Here is a customers results after using this Ageloc treatment for around 4/5 months

What you waiting for get booked for your free demo now 💫

1 Step. 2 Minutes. 7 Skin Benefits - ageLOC LumiSpa

ageLOC LumiSpa is simple. 1 Step. 2 Minutes. 7 Skin Benefits. Learn More:

Book for your free consultation now 👱🏽‍♂️👱🏽‍♀️

Taking bookings now for a free demonstration of our award winning LumiSpa.... don’t miss out 🤩💪🏽

Looking for a device that not only deep cleans your skin but also leaves it plump and younger looking....

Our Lumi Spa comes with 60 facials worth of products.

Suitable for men and woman

Book now for your FREE DEMO

I’m always grateful for my plumping lip balm
even more so at this time of year ❄️ and it’s in our ‘Seasons for Giving’ discount Callander at 20% off 👌🏾

💋plumped lips
💋refreshed feel
💋nourishment through winter and dry weather
💋hint if colour
💋soothes and heals

What else could our lips want this Christmas 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

ONLY £18.50 for this week only

Massive £100 saving this Black Friday on out Galvanic Spa anti ageing device.
Inbox me for more details x

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