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Fridays upper body session is a combination of push and pull movements.

Typically these are different exercises from earlier in the week.

One of my main pressing movements is the floor press.

Great for maintaining a neutral spine and keeping strict form.

Struggling to build a chest? Give these a go.

✅3 x 8-10 reps
⭐1-2 second pause at the bottom
💥squeeze at the top

Pre workout just got delivered.


I'm here until 7pm for anyone picking up tonight 😁

[07/04/19]   I have a 5pm training space available tonight if anyone wants to train.

Contact either page to book 💪


Stampede pre workout back in stock tomorrow

Drop us a message to reserve a tub 💪

Finally stocked up on battle bites after the last lot disappeared quickly.

20g protein/ 220kcal 💪

Ideal if you have a sweet tooth and want to stay on track 😁

All the flavours

Cookies & cream
Choc coconut
Candy cane
Red velvet
Choc caramel
Mississippi mud pie
Carrot cake
Birthday cake

We have supplement delivers all week and will be fully stocked for the weekend.

✅pre wokout

Drop us a message for unbeatable deals 😁


If you are someone who logs all their lifts ( which you should be) its pretty easy to get carried away with progress at all costs.

Im not saying every lift needs to be perfect.. sometimes top end lifts can't be a work of art.. but you need to be in a position to identify REAL progress.

Sometimes that means taking a step backwards.

Getting extra weight on the bar with terrible form is a false economy.. getting extra weight on the bar if you can't connect with the muscle being worked won't help you build the physique you want.

One thing ive started doing is filming my top sets.

If i wouldn't post it.. it doesn't count.

This really stops me getting sloppy and just moving weight.

Todays top set

✅chest supported row

Practice perfect progress 😁

💥🏋️‍♂️💥Motivation vs habit 💥🏋️‍♀️💥

Motivation won't be enough.

I would say I'm motivated to train 50% of the time.

Most people blame lack of motivation for their lack of success getting fit or getting in shape.. but in reality they haven't developed the habit.

Here's a better way to look at it..

Do you enjoy brushing your teeth?🦷🦷


But you do it anyway because you know its good for you and you want nice teeth.

This is no different.

If you want to be in shape then treat training like brushing your teeth.. make it automatic.. make it part of your day.

Motivation will come and go..

Success relies on developing good habits.

💥💥💥🏋️‍♂️SUNDAY SESSION 🏋️‍♀️💥💥💥

⭐Lower body 2

This is my second week on the new training split and every lift is up ⬆️💪

Lower body 2 is mostly single leg work and brutal 😫.

Loads of new exercises to learn and work through.

Feels good to get back to logging numbers 😁

💥1. Standing hamstring curl
✅4 x 12 each leg

💥2.low cable split squat
✅3 x 15 each leg

💥3.low box step up
✅3 x 15 each leg

💥📽4.Goblet Bulgarian split squat (with medial band)
✅3 x 15 each leg

On the unpleasant scale this is an 8.5 🤮

💥5. Sissy squat (4 second negative/paused
✅3 x 15

💥6. Seated calf raise/ standing calf raise superset.
✅20 seated
✅10 standing
✅3 rounds

That Friday feeling 🌞🌞🌞

Great upper body session 💪

And great calorie burn 🔥🔥🔥

💥1. Inverted rows 3 x 12
💥2. Half kneeling pavlov press 3 x 15
💥3. Floor press 3 x 8
💥4.push back pushups 3 x 15
💥5.lying face pulls 3 x 20
💥6.Incline rows 3 x 8
💥7.landmine lateral rollout 3 x15
💥8.cuffed lateral raise 3 x 20
💥9. cable rear delts 3 x 20
💥10. Ez bar curls 3 x 12

Looking for a weekend workout.. give it ago 😁💪

✅work done
✅Training done
✅Time to enjoy the sun 🌞

💥🏋️‍♂️MONDAY MOVES 🏋️‍♂️🤔😁💪💥

💥Seated cable laterals ( 45 °)

✅powerful positives
✅slow controlled negatives
✅15-25 reps 🔥🔥🔥

⭐To increase intensity these work particularly well as drop sets

💥drop the weight
✅hit failire with the lighter weight

Training intensity is starting to pick up as I chip away at the new programme.

These are a great lateral raise variation to add to your push or shoulder routine.

Give them a go and watch your shoulders grow 😁💪

New leg day.. and the most appropriate t-shirt 😫🤢🤮

Full workout will be up tomorrow @bodyfix_basement


A little bit out of my comfort zone but its a start 💪

⭐Two main objectives

✅Minimise stress on the lower back
✅Maximise core stability and strength

✅Hollow body pullups/active hang
✅📽3 point single arm row
✅kneeling pulldown
✅Incline rows ( narrow grip
✅Rear delt cable row
✅Ez bar curls (fat grips)

Looking for some challenging alternative movements, give them a go 💪

Check out our Instagram @bodyfix_basement for the full workout

Day 1
The beginning
The first step

Most of you won't peruse the things you really want.

Fear of failure is the death of ambition.

Eventually you will run out of Mondays.

New workouts on our Instagram @bodyfix_basement all week 💪

🏋️‍♂️💥FEELGOOD FRIDAY💥 🏋️‍♀️

Holidays are over for now 😥

But it feels great to get back into a proper routine again.

Trainings taken a bit of a back seat recently due to work and holidays but I can finally commit 100 % so looking forward to seeing what we can do

✅New diet
✅New training programme
✅New goals

✅And some New equipment 😁💪

The ongoing development of the gym is the number one priority this year.

I've always reinvested in the best possible equipment so can't wait to take delivery of our new nautilus glute drive, seated row and lat pulldown.

This next phase will take us one step closer to making the gym the best it can possibly be 💪

When in Rome... 😂... Venice

Getting a session in before breakfast

Found a great old school gym ( woodchip on the walls)

✅incline dumbbell press
✅kneeling Smith machine press
✅kneeling cable crossovers
✅lateral raise drop set

✅hollow body pullups
✅single arm rows
✅machine rows
✅kneeling lat pulldown

Working from a new programme upper body/ lower body split.

Big output for big calories 🍕🍨🥩💪

[06/11/19]   ******** IMPORTANT ********

Lauren can't access her Facebook.

Can all clients booked in today contact her on


Thanks 🙂

[06/10/19]   2018 really was a great year for everyone 🏆🥇🥈🥉

With the absence of competitions in the early part of the year

So far 2019 has been all about balance and lifestyle for most of us here at the basement
( coaches and clients alike)

Holidays, good food.. and socialising.

You cannot live a healthy lifestyle without balance.

But my time hop is also a gentle reminder that its time to set some new goals.

Lets see if we can beat last year 😁💪

Summer is coming 🌞👙

Struggling with diet and training?

Finding the right coach is such a good investment.

Learn how to eat and train for results won't just get you that summer body, it will give you the skills and knowledge to be in control forever 💪

There is no perfect diet or training plan.. there is only perfect for you.

We are here to help you find the answers 😁

Here come the summer bodies🔥💪🏼😏

Kellis Linden showing everyone how it is done😍! Look at that teeny tiny waist🔥🔥🔥!!

Kellis has been training for 10 weeks. 😮

Consistently sticking to a calorie deficit, training with me and on her own outwith the gym kellis was able to drop weight frequently with roughly 2lbs per week💪🏼!

All it takes is consistency and communication with diet and training to reach goals👌🏼!

Watch out more for this girl she trains so hard! And I’m 100% sure this won’t be her first transformation picture🔥

I have space at the moment for new clients😊
Please feel free to give me a pm for more info😘


💥💥💥**Day 1 vs Day 14 😎💪**💥💥💥

Ok l realise staying in shape on holiday will be lower on some people's list of priorities than others.

After all a holiday is a holiday.

But i know so many people ( some of my client's included) who diet really hard to be in shape for their holiday.. only to lose it completely by day 4 or 5 of the holiday.

After 2 weeks of enjoying themselves they endup heavier and in worse shape than they started.

This is usually down to over restricting calories and training most days before holiday..

To the complete opposite ( eating everything and not training) on holiday.

Doing an 8-12 week holiday diet.. to end up heavier after 2 weeks on holiday just seems like a waste of time and effort.

Im no stranger to this, I need to diet pretty hard to get in shape.. and I put on weight verry easily .

This year I decided to make a change and see if I could actually stay in reasonable shape on holiday with minimal restrictions.

Here's a few things that helped.

1.✅ The pre holiday diet.

Instead of the usual 8 week push before holiday where I would usually systematically decrease food or increase training each week.

I gave myself more time.

In reality my holiday diet probably started after Christmas.

So more like 4 months not 8 weeks.

This put me in a really good position pre holiday because ive not really had to drop any calories or do more cardio than normal, its really a case of eating well and training for longer and letting the days add up.

If you go on holiday with calories already pretty high its unlikely you will gain a significant amount of weight over a week or 2 weeks..

But we like to eat.. so here's a few other things that helped.

2.✅ The all inclusive buffet

Just because its all inclusive you don't actually need to eat everything in sight.

Just eat what you're in the mood for instead of force feeding quasons that you don't really like anyway 🥐😂

3✅ stay hydrated.

I can comfortably drink 4-6 litres of water a day at home so theres no excuse for not drinking much water in a hot country 😲🌞

4✅ Train.. or atleast try to be active.

Going to the gym isn't everyone's thing which is cool.. but the more you move the more you will get away with when it comes to eating and drinking.

Using the hotel gym for 40 minutes before breakfast isn't a hardship if it means I get away with more.

Usually I would train on days we were at the hotel..
And days we were on excursions you are more active anyway.

⭐To be honest it was really easy to stay in shape this time.

My body and calories were in a good place before i left because I wasn't on a restricted diet and I ticked a few boxes I usually neglect when I was on holiday.

If you go to the gym and lead an active lifestyle you don't need to abandon all of that just because you are on holiday.

This is the most enjoyable and relaxing holiday I've been on.

A big part of that comes down to staying in reasonable shape and not piling on the pounds over there.

Holiday blues are bad enough never mind coming home and being back to square one.

There is a better way 😁


And flight home friday 🛬 😥

We've had a great holiday, Mexico's been brilliant 🇲🇽🐠🌮

But looking forward to getting back to the mecca ( no more hotel gyms) 🙌

Loads of exciting plans for the gym this summer and loads of new equipment arriving 😁

I'm back to work on Monday.

I will confirm appointments with everyone over the weekend.

⭐New starts

I will work my way through the list this week.

I will contact everyone once existing clients are booked in.

Happy Friday

See you all next week 😁💪

💥💥💥🏋️‍♂️**Hotel leg day**🏋️‍♀️💥💥💥

The buffet bloat is starting to catch up so we got our first proper training session of the holiday in before breakfast 💪

Some hotels have great gyms..and some don't, trying to find a gym out with the hotel is usually too much hassle and too time consuming.

You can always improvise with whats available.

Our gym only has a leg extension and dumbbells upto 20kg and we still managed to string together a really tough session

✅higher reps
✅slower tempo/ time under tension
✅paused reps

Its always good to work in different rep ranges from time to time and give your cns a bit of a break from the heavy stuff.

1✅Dumbbell rdl 3 x 15
⭐slow negative/ 3 second pause
2✅lying dumbbell curl 3 x 20
3✅dumbbell lunges 3 x 20
⭐front foot elevated on a step
4✅cannonball goblet squat 3 x 25
⭐heel elevated on the straight bar from the cables because its all i could find 😂
5✅Paused leg extensions
1 x 20 with a pause
Add weight
1 x 15 with a pause
Add weight
1 x 15 with a pause

Check out our Instagram

@bodyfix_basement for some more exercises

Time to hit the buffet breakfast 😁 🥞🌮🍞🥓🥐🍗🌯

Decided to swap bodypower for burritos this year 😂

📸 making up the numbers at bodypower 2017.

Not my best look ( and the last time i wore board shorts ) ..but still good memories 😁

🏋️‍♂️💥💥💥💥PUSH DAY💥💥💥💥🏋️‍♂️

Testing out some new movement's today before piecing together new programmes for myself and everyone else.

Check out our Instagram @bodyfix_basement for the full workout 💪

📸 @ttimage


I can't stress how important going to failure ( or beyond) is if you want to build muscle.

Too many people cut sets short before any significant damage occurs.

Its probably detrimental to go to absolute failure on every set.. you simply wouldn't get through the programme.

I do usually go to absolute failure on atleast 1 working set.

In reality this is the one set thats really matters.

On free weight pressing movements I usually get a spotter to give me forced reps.

I only do 2 exercises for chest at the moment.

✅1.Flat dumbbell press

Set 1 ( 10 reps comfortable)
Set 2 ⭐( 6 reps to failure)
Set 3 ⭐( 6 reps + 2 forced reps)
Set 4 (10 reps comfortable)

✅2. High incline cable press

Set 1 (12 reps)
Set 2 🎥⭐absolute failure
Set 3 ( 10 reps)

Out of 7 working sets I hit absolute failure on 3 of them.

As always exercise selection is important.
For chest in particular focus on movements that feel comfortable.

Bars, dumbbells, machines, cables..

Ultimately they are all just tools.

Find exercises you can feel working and get strong on them 💪


new pull day workout going up today on our Instagram @bodyfix_basement


This is a great alternative to saying f#ck it and getting a domino's.

You can make this really low calorie if you want.. or you can load it up.

✅swap a regular pizza base with a tortilla wrap

✅ swap the cheese for a reduced fat alternative

✅load it up with lean meat and vegetables

⭐part cook the meat

⭐15-20 minutes in a pre heated oven

Birthday squats 🎂🎂🎂

Testing out our new atx squat ramp from @thegymrevolution

🥣🍳🌮🥔**HOLIDAY DIET**🥗🥘🥦🍦

I promised to post more nutritional content so here's an insight into how I've been eating to get in shape for holiday.

Ive made some really positive changes to my eating habits this year and my holiday diet is a pretty good example of this.

This is the first time I've got significantly stronger during a dieting phase and actually felt healthy.

A big shift in focus has been trying to feel better as well as looking better.

⭐ get enough protein to support recovery and help build muscle.

⭐get enough carbohydrates to fuel my workouts and give me energy.

⭐get enough healthy dietary fat to up regulate hormones and keep generally healthy.

✅Porridge & whey protein
✅Scrambled eggs/spinach/tomato

✅Prepco taco lean beef & potatoes

💥Meal 3 ( post workout)
✅cereal/yoghurt/whey protein

✅Salmon or steak with baby potatoes and green veg
⭐Pudding ( halo top ice lolly)

✅💦 4 litres of water

My days do vary slightly with more flexibility at the weekends ( I will leave that for a separate post)

1800-2200 kcal

✅protein 160g-180g
✅carbohydrates 100g-200g
✅Fat 55-65g

Calorie controlled.. healthy..and sustainable 😁💪

Thanks to Matt @thegymrevolution for supplying our new @primefitnessusa rot8 handles.

If you aren't familiar with prime fitness these guys are at the forefront of innovation and ergonomics.

We continue to innovative with them.

Truly game changing equipment.

Can't wait to incorporate these into everyone's sessions 💪

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