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Sheer Technique


Thank you for Reflexology this afternoon Jane! 💕 really beneficial & I’ll book again soon! Take care 💕

Treatments for feet, pedicures, skincare, make up, manicure, hair removal, reflexology. Stockist for Jane Iredale, Environ, ANP, Sixtus foot products.

Treatment of corns, hard skin, ingrown nails etc. Pedicure inc. steam, foot and leg massage, hot wax therapy. Nail colour optional using Essie, Spa Ritual and Shellac (foils, glitter, rockstar, additives). Facial treatments using Environ inc. cool peels, collagen stimulation therapy, hydroboost and vitamin therapy. Sugaring hair removal using sugar paste. Manicure, quick tidy or hot wax therapy and nail colours as above.

[05/07/20]   Just to clarify a few things re. sheer technique being open. I am allowed to treat feet only, this will include nails, corns, hard skin and ingrown nails. I am not allowed to do any polish work, manicure, facials, hair removal. It is by appointment only so it’s only you and me, the door will be locked so no third person can enter. Strict hygiene is adhered to, masks worn, etc. Should you wish to make an appointment please phone on 07902 772830. I am not in every day but will do my best to accommodate you. In the meantime, keep safe and well, and hope to see you soon. 🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻

[04/06/20]   Well I hope your all keeping well, staying at home, etc. Still no news as to when normal life resumes. Just a few reminders that once we get the go ahead, I will be on the phone to you all, for those of you on skincare products, Jane Iredale makeup and supplements, I can still get them to you, and please hold on to your empty Environ containers as they can now be recycled. So all I can say now is stay safe, keep well and hope to see you soon. 😷

Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain not only contains olive and avocado oils to soothe and soften, it also has an amino acid called Triisostearyl Citrate. This amino acid enables pigment to develop according to the skin’s acid level to every individual’s skin tone giving a truly unique colour. Apply a small amount to cheeks and blend with your fingers, and to lips directly for long-lasting colour and protection

A nourishing blend of moringa oil, avocado, sunflower seed oil and sprout extract. Designed to moisturise lips and deliver a full coverage creamy, matte finish. Available in 15 shades ranging from nude to a deep red, and has a sweet vanilla and blackberry scent. Samples available.

[10/26/19]   Just to let you know I’m away for a holiday and won’t be back until the 12th of November. I meant to put a message on the phone but forgot (sorry) and I can’t access my messages from here anyway (India). So please, if anyone wants me, just let them know. Thanks. Xx

With winter just around the corner, don’t forget to look after your lovely lips. They need just as much tlc as the rest of your skin. Jane Iredale lip products are deeply moisturising, free from petroleum-chemicals, free from synthetic dyes, concentrated formulas, and come in a variety of applications. Let’s start with lip and cheek stain, non-drying, long-lasting,stain adjusts to your own chemistry for a shade that will flatter your skin’s undertone. Formulated with natural botanicals that nourish and moisturise, soothe and soften lips, with olive and avocado oils, Rose flower wax and beeswax. Just Kissed Lip Plumper, tinted with unique, time-released peptides to increase hydration. Lipdrink Lip Balm with spf 15, a broad spectrum sunscreen, combines a variety of waxes to provide a protective shield yet keeping them beautifully moisturised and soft, contains carrot seed oil and avocado oil. Lip Fixation lip stain and gloss, gives long-lasting, rich colour. Delicious gloss highlights and accentuates the colour while conditioning the lips, with vitamin E, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil and ginger root extract. Lip pencil, soft formula that won’t pull at delicate skin, contains Shea butter, macadamia seed oil and vitamin E.
Puregloss lip gloss, moringa butter and avocado oil make lips feel conditioned, moisturised,quenched and nourished, pleasantly flavoured with blackberry and pomegranate extracts, which are potent antioxidants, with lotus flower extract, avocado and sunflower seed oils, moringa oil and orange peel wax. Sugar and Butter exfoliator/plumper, organic brown sugar to exfoliate dry lips, Shea butter restores moisture to thirsty lips, with turbinado sugar, macadamia seed oil, jojoba oil, and Shea butter. And finally the Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick, a sleek tube designed for easy and precise application, proven smoothing properties of Moringa oil saturate your lips with vitamin A and C and Tahitian Vanilla and Blackberry offer a subtle sweet flavour and fragrance, petal-soft lips with a choice of 15 shades. So there you have it, no excuse for rough, chapped lips. P.S. J. I. is recommended by the skin cancer foundation, leaping bunny, petauk and daily use.

IIAA’s nutrition brand launches premium supplement Skin Moisture Lock. It contains hyaluronic acid to smooth and plump the skin, combined with ceramide complex to seal in moisture at the epidermal layer and help support the skin barrier. This has been achieved by formulating the two products into a soft gel formulation. Key benefits are reduction of wrinkle depth, skin plumping for a smoother, more youthful appearance, replenish dry, dehydrated skin from the inside out, helps retain moisture, lubricates and cushions skin cells. Studies over 12 weeks showed 64% improvement in hydration, 28% improvement in wrinkle depth, 20% improvement in skin integrity, 20% improvement in smoothness. New product offer price £59.95 for 60 capsules. (rpp £69.95)

A few pics of nail colours and some amazing sandals. My favourite at the moment is ‘fern flannel’, a beautiful darkish green, looks rich and lustrous on the nails.

NEW from Jane Iredale. BEYOND MATTE liquid foundation, clean, vegan, cruelty free. Features 3 in 1 primer, concealer, foundation. Lightweight and long wearing. Buildable coverage. Semi-matte, photo-ready finish. Suitable for all skin types. Available in 18 shades. Introductory offer, purchase 1 new Beyond Matte and receive a free Magic Mitt (worth £17). Limited offer at Sheer Technique,
3, Orrell Lane, Burscough, tel 07902 772830.

Did you know that over 14,000 tons of sunscreen chemicals are washed into the ocean each year, contributing to damage marine life and coral reefs. Environ’s RAD and Jane Iredale’s sunscreen products are reef-safe, so they keep the oceans beautiful as well as your skin. Both RAD SPF 15 and Powder-me SPF dry sunscreen are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Jane Iredale’s SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen for the body, face and scalp is available in four shades, including the new option of Nude. Water -resistant for up to 40 mins, titanium dioxide provides physical SPF protection whilst pomegranate and pine bark extracts nourish and calm the skin. It can also help soothe redness from sunburn.

Environ’s RAD SPF 15 contains sun filters and reflectors along with antioxidants,titanium oxide,beta-carotene and vitamins C and E which help to fight free radicals. Boasting a light and creamy texture which is easily applied to both the face and entire body, it’s also suitable for all skin types and ages.

[06/14/19]   HUGE THANK YOU to all who supported me on Tuesday 4th June at the coffee morning for Look Good Feel Better. Well done to those of you who won on the raffle or sweepstake. I was also presented with a donation from the charities foundation aid, many thanks for that. The final total raised was £523.02. This is a fantastic achievement for me so, again, thank you. 💞

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt...removes all makeup using warm water only. Leaves skin completely clean without feeling tight. Quickly and completely removes makeup using no cleanser, will even remove mascara. Great for weekends away or holidays. Promotes the health of the skin because it does not affect the skin’s natural acid mantle, which protects our skin from harmful and invasive bacteria. Just saturate the mitt with warm water, place over hand, and use as a washcloth. Will not leave your skin feeling tight. After use just wash mitt in warm water until makeup residue has gone then allow to dry. The unique micro-fibres slough off all organic residue and need to dry thoroughly before use. This also ensures that nothing is left on the mitt that could encourage bacteria or fungi.

[06/04/19]   Many, many thanks to all who supported me at the look good feel better coffee morning. So far we raised £342.02, with more being raised through this week. A special thanks to the ladies who donated the goodies and also to Trish and Jane for keeping everyone fed and watered. And a big thank you to my husband for his help with the chairs and gazebo. 💞

Here is how your money can help Look Good Feel Better. Coffee morning Tuesday June 4th. 10-2pm at Sheer Technique. Look forward to seeing you.

Tango Passion from Vinylux. Beautiful shine, long lasting.

Yes people, it’s that time of year again when yours truly is holding a coffee/tea morning. Tuesday June 4th at sheer technique, 3, Orell Lane, Burscough, 10am to 2pm. Lots of cake, 2 raffles, plants for sale, mini manicure and mini makeovers, all for look good feel better, the charity supporting people living with cancer. As it says, if you look good you feel better. So if you can spare some time it will be lovely to see you..

Collagen and elastin decline as part of natural ageing, but other factors like sun exposure, smoking, diet, pollution and toxins can speed up the process. The following regime has been designed to boost collagen levels for those concerned with photo damage or premature ageing.
Feed from within with ANP Skin Collagen Plus, this is the “glue” that holds our tissues together. It contains vitamin C and A which support and supply the co-factors for collagen producing enzymes and grape seed extract which helps to prevent collagen breakdown.
Fortify with Environ Tri-Peptide Complex+ Avance Elixir. A multifunctional serum that targets the three signs of ageing :dehydration, wrinkles and pigmentation. A unique combination of peptides (Matrixyl 3000, Trylagen and Matrixyl Synthe 6) stimulates and protects collagen and supports the optimal building of skin tissue, smoothing wrinkles and plumping the skin.
Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque is the ‘facelift in a jar’ that perfects the art of creating visibly luminous, radiant, smoother and revitalised skin. A combination of Asiatic Acid, to stimulate growth factors which regenerate the skin, lifting and tightening, Lactic Acid, a powerful promoter of natural moisturising factors for the skin and Mandelic Acid to suppress uneven skin tone to lighten pigmentation and refine open pores.
Finish with Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation, an anti-ageing serum with pigment. The beads visible in the airless pump encapsulates liposomes which contain Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C to plump and hydrate the skin, calm and soothe, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, minimise the appearance of open pores and even out skin tone.
Treatment: Collagen Power Treatment Facial, the perfect choice to boost collagen, soften lines and tighten lax skin by driving a special peptide-packed serum deep into the skin for a plumper and more radiant complexion.
So help yourself to combat sun damage.

Skin analysis event here Friday 26th April 10-5pm. Book now to avoid disappointment, limited spaces, tel. 07902772830. Purchases/treatments booked on the day, receive 15% off.

Jane Iredale beautiful skin care make-up in a riot of colours. Not only will it enhance your natural beauty, but also is a true extension of skin care. Most products are multi-tasking, eg. foundation is also a concealer,sunscreen and looks after you skin. The whole lot has been through tests to confirm they won’t irritate and don’t block pores, so confident that even the most sensitive skin can enjoy these fabulous products. Come and have a try for yourself, contact me at Sheer Technique, 07902772830 , and have time to play with Jane Iredale Pure Mineral Make-up.

Autophagy (what! ) the new word in anti-ageing. Known since the 50’s, but its true power has only been discovered in recent years. It’s the cellular cleansing process that removes toxins and repairs the damage left behind. There is a lot of info on this subject, so as not to put you to sleep, this is a basic summary. Now the good news is that autophagy-boosting nutrients can be found in many iiaa products to help you enhance this vital process without even realising. Using ANP supplements like Skin Antioxidant-packed with polyphenols such as bilberry,green tea, curcumin and grapeseed extract, Skin Omegas-full of autophagy-activating healthy fats which also boost ceramides, Skincare Ultimate-contains pine bark extract, an antioxidant, Skin Vit A-helps maintain the normal function of skin, Pro-vitality Formula, Skin Vitality 2, Skin Vit C, Skin Collagen Support and Skin Vitality 1 all contain nutrients that support autophagy. All these Feed your skin from within, so Fortify with Environ. Polyphenols like resveratrol, green tea, honey bush tea and lycopene can be found in many Environ products such as AVST Moisturiser and Vita-Peptide Serums, Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel contains green tea, Vitamin A is the cornerstone of Environ products and treatments. Helping to increase cell renewal and normalise your skin, reducing the signs of ageing, and not forgetting Vitamins C and E, also key ingredients in Environ products having a protective effect on skin cells.
If this has sparked your interest and you want to know more, come and see me and I can tell you more about autophagy and iiaa products and treatments in our quest for ant-ageing.

Shield your skin this winter from the harsh effects of wind, cold and central heating with protection from within. Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Antioxidant formula will help to keep complexions looking smoother and younger for longer. Formulated with seven key phytonutrients, these work in synergy to enhance the skins protection against the free radical damage which winter conditions create, helping to slow down and reduce the visible signs of premature ageing. Available at Sheer Technique.

Environ’s Sebu-Lac Lotion contains lactic acid to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin. This is combined with urea to reduce your skin water loss and tea tree leaf oil for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. To help further boost skin health, Sebu-Ace Oil is recommended as this will introduce high levels of vitamin A.

Environ use Beautiful Science to develop intelligent ingredient combinations for specific skin concerns. Introducing the Focus Care Clarity + Range. Scientifically researched ingredients that may assist in improving the appearance of a blemish prone skin. This simple five step skincare routine is tough on breakouts and helps create the appearance of a clearer, smoother and healthier looking skin. Available at Sheer Technique, 3,Orrell Lane, Burscough. Tel 07902772830 for more info.

One week away, Skin Analysis Event, here at Sheer Technique. Friday 16th November, I have a few places left, 2.30 and 3.15pm. Book now, don't miss out.

New to Sheer Technique, Miss Nella peel off Nail Colours and make up, lip balm and pencils, blush and eye colours. Safe, hyper allergenic, non toxic, easy to wash off. Spend £20 and receive a free make up bag to store your little ladies goodies.

Jane Iredale's festive collection, four gift sets. The Glow Getters tin has a magic mitt makeup remover,Smooth Affair Facial Brightener, and either a Glow Time BB cream or Dream Tint tinted moisturiser,plus a hydration spray. Also two new eye shadow collections, Lets Party and Purple Rain, both have 5 new shades + applicator. For the lips Kiss and Tell trio, includes two popular shades of lip stain, craving and fascination, plus gloss.

Sheer Technique, Burscough, is holding a Free Skin Analysis at the salon, Friday 16th November, 10-5pm. Each session lasts about 45mins. Find out what goes on under your skin and learn how to address issues like dehydration, fine lines, pigmentation etc. Book early as these events are very popular. Phone 07902 772830.

Cheats nail art, aka stamping, has been around a while but I've not really shouted about it, so here are some of the designs I've got (plus a few more not yet stamped). Apologies for the reflection but I've got them in a file, this form of nail art is great fun and can be used with both shellac and vinylux .

More toes 🤓

Jane Iredale's new range of lipsticks offer you a touch of luxury while perfecting your pout. Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick features a luxurious new formula that's enriched with natural, long wearing ingredients. Creamy and moisturising, the lip loving formulations glide on smoothly for a nourishing burst of colour.
Soothes and nourishes with antioxidant rich moringa oil, protects against moisture loss with avocado bad sunflower oil, Tahitian vanilla and blackberry offer a touch of sweetness and fragrance.
Triple Luxe formula is long lasting, moisturising, vegan and cruelty free, 15 contemporary shades glide on for a creamy, matte finish.

[07/22/18]   To all my friends and clients, if you have had a treatment with me would you be kind enough to leave a review please. And comments on dissatisfaction are also welcome as if I'm not told I can't resolve them. Many thanks. Jane. X

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