Buxton Physiotherapy Clinic

Buxton Physiotherapy Clinic


Thanks to Nick for the massage at the Buxton Half and a big shout out for doing it to raise money for Mountain Rescue! Great work.

We offer a new approach to delivering physiotherapy & rehabilitation to our clients. Friendly, modern, succesful.

Operating as usual


Great post by @drjarodhalldpt 😊👍
“It’s that time of the year again!!! Back to school!
That also means it’s about time for news stories about back packs to hit the air!...but what’s the truth about back packs and back pain???!
These findings call into question the various guidelines and statements that endorse specific weight limits for school bags in children and adolescents. It seems that these recommendations are not based on the most reliable evidence on the subject. The findings also have implications for the various professional bodies and clinicians that endorse or recommend specific backpacks. It is important that such endorsement is made on the basis of firm evidence and free of financial conflict.

Based on evidence from five longitudinal studies (n=1851 children and adolescents) and more than 60 cross-sectional studies, there is no convincing evidence that aspects of schoolbag use increase the risk of back pain. There is some evidence that the perception of heaviness is associated with back pain.”
Want to keep learning about back pain? You can do that through the various lectures at www.trustme-Ed.com. Plus, next month it’s back pain month @trustme_ed. Jan Hartvigsen and Alice Kongsted talk about the Lancet papers and GLA:D back program and more. 🤓👌

Stewart Medical Centre

We are currently experiencing huge demand for our GP and Practice Nurse appointments and as such the waiting time for our next routine appointment is longer than usual.

If you have an appointment that is no longer needed please make sure you let us know so that we can offer this appointment to someone else. So far this week there have been 11 appointments that patients have not attended or cancelled – Please let us know if you can no longer attend.

We continue to have our emergency GP available every day for any urgent issues that cannot wait till our next routine appointment.

Please also remember to utilise your local pharmacy for any minor illnesses.

Thank you

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[04/22/18]   and I bet you thought we just rubbed things better. Things we treat

I prescribe exercise for:

❤️ Hypertension, hyperlipidemia
🍬 Diabetes, insulin resistance
🥛 Osteoporosis, osteopenia
👟 Peripheral artery disease
💪🏼 Arthritis, chronic pain
🧠 Depression, anxiety
💤 Insomnia
➕ ...and more!



Best way to avoid back pain? Lift heavy things

Forget the voodoo. Lift heavy stuff 🏋🏻‍♀️


theconversation.com The human spine can withstand heavy lifting, according to the latest research.

Arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee arthritis and meniscal tears: a clinical practice guideline

Thinking of having a knee arthroscopy? Then you may want to come and have a chat.

bjsm.bmj.com ### What you need to know What is the role of arthroscopic surgery in degenerative knee disease? An expert panel produced these recommendations based on a linked systematic review triggered by a randomised trial published in The BMJ in June 2016, which found that, among patients with a degenerative....


Opioids, injections and scans of 'dubious benefit' harming 540 million back pain sufferers worldwide

Ain’t this the truth. Stop searching for cures and machines and technique and needles and energy techniques. It’s all snake oil.

independent.co.uk Hundreds of millions of back pain patients worldwide are being aggressively treated with strong opioid painkillers, surgery and scans of “dubious benefit”, doctors have warned. Lower back pain (LBP) has been identified as the leading cause of disability globally. It affects 540 million people an...

Stewart Medical Centre

The wait for our next routine GP appointment is currently longer than normal, but we are working hard to resolve this.

The recent adverse weather unfortunately led to a number of surgeries having to be cancelled, and this has had a knock on to our appointment availability. This has been further compounded by the upcoming Easter holidays.

We are confident that our On Call service will continue to deal with any urgent matters.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

[03/19/18]   If you have a bad back, we recommend you moving gently, looking after yourself emotionally, taking some simple anti inflammatory and getting out in the open on a daily basis. Less then 1% of back pain needs anything more than this approach. It might feel like the end of the world but the more you move the better you’ll do.


Are you sitting comfortably: the myth of good posture

There’s no such thing as bad posture!! It’s actually true. Don’t just believe the press; we as physio’s have known it for a lot time.


theguardian.com While more than 2.5m people in the UK suffer with back pain, there is little evidence linking the condition with slouching or bad posture

We have two rare appointments available tomorrow due to snow cancellations. 11am and 11:30. Please either post here, book online or call 07525939208

We are full until the middle of March.

Have a great weekend

Just bend!

What is the best way to pick light things up from the floor? 😊
Both of these movements actually have a lot of spinal flexion.
Both movements are good and your back can handle it.
The back is strong and robust and we shouldn't be fearful of lumbar flexion.
The back needs the be moved and loaded, that makes the tissues in the back stronger! 💪
Great post by Greg Lehman! 😊👍

Rethinking Physiotherapy

Posture just ain’t important

Posture and pain: do they relate?

Ben Cormack uses science to explore this hotly debated topic.

Trust me, I'm a Physiotherapist


Yes, physiotherapists are heroes! :)

There you go ... food for thought.

In people that are overweight: for every 1 kg of weight lost, knee joint load decreases 8-fold every step!

For people with knee osteoarthritis who are overweight: for every 10 % loss of weight, symptoms / function improve by 50 %.

See reference on the bottom right.

Slide by Adam Culvenor and shared by Mick Hughes: Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist.

Trust me, I'm a Physiotherapist

How amazing is our neck! Lots of disc bulges there but patient completely symptom free. Scans are no good. Stop searching and start listening

This is a real time MRI of the cervical spine! :)

Hashem Al-Ghaili

No voodoo ... ever

What happens when you crack your joints?

It's #worldmentalhealthday and we believe greatly that movement is as good a pill you can get... gentle exercise regularly, whatever it may be will help quieten the mind, reduce pain and contribute to your wellbeing. #buxton #physio #buxtonphysio #youdonthavetobearni

[09/28/17]   Your vertebrae don't go out of alignment when you hear a pop! 😊
Our spine is strong and robust.
You can't just move a vertebra back in place. You can't slip a disc.
Good to know right? 😊


Early versus Delayed Rehabilitation after Acute Muscle Injury — NEJM

We have always believed that The quicker you load your muscles after injury the better... turns out it really is

Optimal loading: early versus delayed rehabilitation after acute muscle injury. #StartEarly

Starting rehabilitation 2 days after injury rather than waiting for 9 days shortened the interval from injury to pain-free recovery and return to sports by 3 weeks without any significant increase in the risk of reinjury.

Early loading of injured musculotendinous tissue is important.
Delay in rehabilitation can result in prolonged pain and a delayed return to sports, a finding that emphasizes the importance of regular and controlled mechanical loading early after trauma to large muscles.


nejm.org Correspondence from The New England Journal of Medicine — Early versus Delayed Rehabilitation after Acute Muscle Injury

Rethinking Physiotherapy

No voodoo... ever! The Physio Fella

Have we not moved on from deep friction massage for tendinopathy? #Alarming

81 % out of 478 physiotherapists admitted using this in the treatment of tendinopathy.

Is there any scientific premise for its use? Answer: no.

Buxton Physiotherapy Clinic's cover photo

Buxton Physiotherapy Clinic

[09/19/17]   Sneak peak at our new logo....


Join Sacha every Friday 11:30am HERE AT NEW BODIES BUXTON

A really good graphic regarding Knee Meniscal tears.

This diagram shows the variety of meniscal tear types.

Made by Matt Skalski.

Ooooh what's this?

That's it, we are full again for this week. Online booking for next week or give us a call.

This man learning BACKFLIP within 6 hours.

This video is amazing! It shows just how adaptable your brain and body is. You don't need machines, gadgets or contraptions to get better but good old movement and that's what we do best!



Stomach pain, lower back pain, anxious and poor sleep?. Have you had your breathing mechanics checked? Maybe it's time too


On Getting Outside When You're Feeling Depressed


outsideonline.com Outside's love guide answers your most pressing questions about dating, breakups, and everything in between. Today, we discuss an argument on peeing, canoe custody after a breakup, and getting outside when depressed.

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