Yvonne Morson Personal Trainer

Yvonne Morson Personal Trainer

I offer personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals such as holiday preparation, fitness for sporting events and rehabilitation from injury


Massage and Physical Therapies Buxton

Adding sports massage to your workout routine can seriously improve your performance. As the training and playing hours pile up, so do the aches and pains. These little aches and pains can turn into a serious injury. Regular bodywork will help alleviate pain.
You can benefit from half an hour of work on a specific area that you feel needs attention or longer for more general and maintenance work.
Sports massage techniques, when used regularly, can increase the blood flow that is needed for recovery. It will improve the range of motion and strength of injured muscles and accelerate their healing process.

With a full recovery you will be able to increase your workouts and allow your body to adapt to a higher level of stress.
Sports massage can:
Enhance body awareness
Identify problem areas before they develop into injuries
Remove trigger points formed as a result of injury
Relax and stretch muscles
Improve range of motion
Restore suppleness and elasticity
Relieve pain and stress
Free muscle adhesions and soften scar tissue caused by injury or overuse
Improve circulation
Flush out toxins that cause muscle stiffness and soreness
Relax the body and mind
Speed recovery and healing from exertion
Sports Massage techniques may differ as you have different needs at different times.

Pre-match: Before the event you need a quick treatment that will compliment your warm-up, to increase your circulation and flexibility and leave your muscles resilient and ready to go. This can be very specific work on a known problematic muscle or more general. This also provides an excellent opportunity to psyche yourself up before your event. The therapist will use very specific techniques, such as STR, which provide quick results and ensure the muscles are not subjected to uncomfortable deep pressure prior to performing.
Post-match: After a hard event you need a massage that will increase your circulation to speed the removal of fatigue toxins, relieve your muscle spasms and prevent soreness.
Fine-tuning: For regular Fine-tuning you need a massage that will search out the areas of biomechanical stress in your muscles and relieve them before they become problems, enabling you to train harder and more consistently.
Injury Rehabilitation: For Injury Rehabilitation you need a massage that will speed your healing, increase your range of motion and reduce scar tissue to allow the muscle to expand/contract normally.

There is no reason to carry soreness and stiffness from your last session, race or game into the next bout of activity. By taking measures to speed your recovery following exertion you can reach a higher level next workout. Sports massage provides an ingredient for that complete recovery.


Massage and Physical Therapies Buxton

Happy Monday everyone
I've been busy learning this weekend on a pilates for runners course...get yourselves in to pilates at the Palace Hotel Buxton tonight to sample some of the new exercises...tested some them out on the class at New Bodies this morning and they loved it...you certainly don't need to bee a runner to benefit!! See you all at 7pm 😃😃😄😁🤣

[05/17/17]   HEY ALL
I have two appointments available for sports massage tomorrow 2pm and 3pm ...please message or text me on 07419772298 if you want/need a treatment, and for only £25!

[01/07/17]   Hello, I have a fitness class on Wednesday mornings that is especially for anyone over 50 years of age who wants to take part in exercise that is fun and varied. The class takes place at 10.30am every week at New Bodies Gym in Fairfield. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining us or would like further information please contact me on 07429772291 or just come along it's only £3 per class! Come on burn of the christmas cheer :)

[07/31/15]   Day 5 sleep tips
Cut out caffeine - For best sleep switch to decaf or green tea which contains only 50mg caffeine, after 5pm.

[07/30/15]   Day 4 sleep tips
Drink less! Beer or wine may make you conk out sooner but alcohol seriously disrupts the important later stages of deep sleep.

[07/29/15]   Day 3 sleep tips
Turn off TVs and laptops an hour before you go to bed - their light blocks the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Reading is a good way to relax for that last hour, or soak in a warm bath.

[07/28/15]   Day 2 sleep tips
Hibernate - Keep your bedroom dark and cool. Invest in blackout blinds and cover glowing clock or phone lights.

[07/27/15]   Day 1 sleep tips
Be consistent - Create a relaxing pre-sleep ritual - such as doing some gentle pilates while listening to calming music - and stick to a regular bed time.

[07/25/15]   Do you have problems sleeping? Sleep is our natural aid to recovery, allowing us to exercise again efficiently far sooner. Natural hormones are released during sleep that repair and strengthen bones and muscles. Look out each day next week for my healthy sleep tips...

[03/18/15]   Do you smoke or know someone who does?
here is some food for thought....
It takes approx 7 minutes to smoke 1 cigarette
If you smoke 5 per day that's 35 minutes per day and around 4 hours per week!
If you smoke 10 per day you spend about an hour and a quarter per day and around 9 hours per week!!!!

To smoke 5 cigs per day costs approx £25 per week or 10 a day = £50

By giving up the ciggies and doing 1 or 2 hours of personal training per week you will add healthy years to your life save loads of time and actually save money!!

Call or text me now on 07419772298 to book your free consultation fitness assessment and taster workout

please share xx

[03/15/15]   Happy Mothers day to all you Mums out there. Today's antics will involve a run followed by a spin and a step class at Buxton Swimming and Fitness Center...who will be joining me?



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