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Lovely review from a new client today after his appointment with Lynn 🤩 We always appreciate it when clients take the time to leave us a lovely review 🤗


A lovely review from one of our clients ☺️ Feedback is always gratefully received - good and bad - it helps us to grow and improve.


It always lovely when our clients take the time to leave us a review 🤩I’m incredibly lucky to work with such a great team of knowledgeable and skilled women. Lynn has over 15 years waxing experience, and really is one of the best around!


Clients often say “I don’t know what treatment to chose”. We don’t expect you to know, that’s our job! Alongside our products and machines our most valuable tools as therapists are our eyes and our ears! By asking you questions and looking really closely at your skin, we get an insight into what’s happening, so we can formulate a plan for your individual needs and if you’d like to come for a lie down and relax, then that’s absolutely fine too 😴




Some of you may know that I have both rosacea and eczema, so I have to be very careful about what I use on my skin. I am incredibly fortunate to have access to so many brilliant products, but I know that my skin can be great for a few months, and then I have a flare. These are my current favourites and along with a few new supplements my skin is glowing! I’m really impressed with the @medik8 Bakuchiol, which is an clinically proven alternative to retinol/Vit A and suitable for everyone, including during pregnancy. I’ve also been supporting my skin’s barrier and epidermal hydration with BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser] facials. Through many years of personal and professional experience, we know that there isn’t a magic wand to quickly ‘fix’ your skin, it takes time and and a bit of commitment. @prioriskincareuk @officialmedik8 BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser]

Shaving your legs won’t make your hair thicker: 10 beauty myths busted 10/01/2022

Shaving your legs won’t make your hair thicker: 10 beauty myths busted

Many clients say to me “but it’ll grow back thicker” when we are discussing hair management inbetween treatments. I always reassure them that isn’t possible for shaving to increase hair growth and the hair may appear thicker, purely down to the blunting effect of the razor. Hopefully this article will bust the myth 🪒😀

Shaving your legs won’t make your hair thicker: 10 beauty myths busted Is frequent hairwashing bad? Do false lashes ruin your own? Will plucking lead to disastrous brows? Our beauty columnist separates fact from fiction


Taking time to breathe, walk, play board games and eat even more cheese!


Priori Unveiled LED mask is professional grade and clinically proven to deliver amazing results in just 10 minutes. Who wants plumper, hydrated and fresher skin? 👋👍🙋🏻‍♀️ Used in conjunction with Priori adaptive skin care, you’ll see even better results as their unique products work in harmony with your skin and deliver exactly what it needs 🤩 We’re including a Priori kit with every purchase of the mask worth £30


We kindly request that all clients wear masks when they enter the clinic unless you are exempt. Most of you already do and we really appreciate your understanding.


The Hough Green Clinic updated their business hours. 02/11/2021

The Hough Green Clinic updated their business hours.

The Hough Green Clinic updated their business hours.

Photos from The Hough Green Clinic's post 14/10/2021

These gorgeous kits have just arrived 😍.
Perfectly sized for those of you who are looking to try a new Medik8 skincare journey and they’d be a fab (dare I say it) Christmas gift.
Each kit has a saving on the RRP of up to 40%. They are limited edition and we’re sure they’ll be really popular, so don’t hang around!! 🏃🏽‍♀️


My favourite place to be


We will still continue to wear masks in the clinic and we will ask to take your temperature and sanitise your hands upon arrival. We will also be limiting clients and waiting times in the waiting room. We will continue sanitising and airing the treatment rooms between clients. Basically we shall be carrying on as we have been and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We would prefer clients to wear masks in the communal areas. We believe that this is the safest way of working to protect you and us too.


We just been informed by our online booking support that the system is having an issue with booking new clients in. If you’re having any issues please call us on 01244 680414. Sorry if you’re having any issues xx


Save Face Accredited 😁
Ensuring your treatments are provided by a medically qualified, knowledgeable and safe practitioner.

👉 DM for a no obligation consultation about your future treatment 💉


We took delivery of our gorgeous Byonik UK machine today and had the pleasure of a full treatment and a lie down! We’re so excited to bring this to our clients, it fits perfectly within our existing treatments and gives us even more tools to help your skin be the best it can be. We can’t wait for you to try it. 😊

@byonik_uk installation and practical training for the fantastic team @houghgreenclinic today! It was a pleasure to help get you started with the incredible BYONIK device 🥰 and I can’t wait to see your Patient’s before&after photos very soon 🤩👏🏻


New Treatment
Nurse Karen is now offering micro-needling in the clinic. Needling can be used as a stand alone treatment for skin rejuvenation and scar reduction, or it can be used in conjunction with Medik8 peels and Obagi skin care.
Contact us for more information and we can devise an individual skin plan for you. Your skin will thank you!


I’m sharing this post for no other reason than it made me smile and I am an absolute sucker for a soggy, boggy, smelly spaniel 🥰🐾


As I’m sure most of you can appreciate, most of our clients don’t want their pictures posting on social media. So instead of before and after pictures, I thought I should post some reviews instead.
We really appreciate the time that a client takes to write a review and this means more to us than a great ‘after’ picture! ☺️

This was a review left by a new client, who wanted some facial veins treating. I really love treating veins with the @nordlysbycandela because the results are usually instantly visible and the downtime is minimal. We have IPL and Nd:yag available to us, so we can treat deeper, defined veins as well as those common generalised veins, usually on the cheeks and chin.


I’m not sure when sun beds became fashionable again, but it seems they are. This rubbish about getting your Vitamin D dose on a sun bed is incorrect - sun beds are dangerous. Ci******es were marketed as being good for you - it’s exactly the same.

We all like a bit of colour and I’m the first on the sun lounger, but there is no such thing as a safe sun tan.

A tan is a perfectly acceptable thing to fake!


The two finger rule! Did you know that this is roughly the amount of sunscreen that you should be applying daily? Most skin ageing is due to UV light 🔆 and the sun doesn’t need to shining brightly to cause damage. 🌦
With so many different sunscreen options, there really is no excuse 😎


We don’t charge for our consultations because we want you to feel comfortable and not pressured. We find this approach is far better to help you make the best treatment choice. If you decide that we aren’t the right for you, then that’s absolutely fine

* We do charge £25 for skin consultations, which is redeemable against any products or treatments, so this is a bit of a porky! I suppose it should have said except for skin consultations, but it was getting a bit wordy and waffley!


What a week! So lovely to see so many familiar faces and lots of new ones too 😊

To top the week off, I received this lovely treat from the team @byonik_ptl_facial!

Some of you may know that I have struggled with inflammation and rosacea for many years and it has become something of an obsession of mine to find products and treatments that will improve and strengthen my skin. Oh, and I do love a new laser ⚡️💥 During lockdown I did a lot of research and discovered @byonik_uk. Byonik strengthens, builds and hydrates with innovative products and a rather space age looking laser that is triggered by your pulse for optimum absorption!

There seems to be a current trend for scraping, blasting and stripping our skin and we seem to have forgotten about our skin’s essential barrier. Not any more 💪🏻! We can’t wait to get started at the end of May and it can be used in conjunction with our other treatments to enhance their results even further. Happy days!!


Client testimonial. Love making people feel great with only small tweakments 😁💉DM for free consultation


Looking forward to getting back to what we love doing 😊and seeing our lovely clients. We’ve got a really busy week ahead, which is amazing!

We’re introducing some new, cutting edge technology into clinic in the coming weeks, which we’re incredibly excited about and we’ll keep you posted 🤗. We had a trial last week and the results are absolutely outstanding.

Good luck to everyone in the industry, it’s been too long!


Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that can treat any combination of hair colour and skin tone. It was invented over 100 years ago and can be classed as permanent hair removal. It is a very safe treatment and is perfect for smaller areas such as lip, chin and eyebrows and can be used in conjunction with IPL, which we also offer.

I am @sterex_electrolysis trained and can offer both diathermy and blend methods and have over 10 years practical experience in electrolysis and 15 years for IPL.

We are a clinic that offers IPL hair reduction, waxing as well as Electrolysis, which we believe is vital for the best options for our clients - we don’t operate a one size fits all approach!

We offer all clients a free consultation prior to any hair management treatments, where we can discuss all of your treatments options.

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Taking time to breathe, walk, play board games and eat even more cheese!
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