Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador


It's the perfect weather for some armchair shopping!!
Who's tuning in this evening?
Wow!! What a day!! 😍🌱

We honestly can't thank everyone enough for coming along to the first Sealand Vegan Market today 🥰 totally amazed at the turnout, and everyone was absolutely blinkin' lovely 🥰💚🌿

You kept us so busy with our first try at a hot food offering, thank you! And thank you for such patience with the queues 🙏💚 🌱

We're yet to total up the funds for Almost Home Dog Rescue but you gave with such generosity at our stall - thank you! 🥰

We've honestly had the best day 🥰💚🌿

Thank you too to our fellow traders who took part, how awesome were they!! 😘
The Doughnut Whisperer
The Bear Bakery
The FreeFrom Gluten Company
Charlie’s chocolates
V-Eco Food Wraps
The Tipsy Badger Badger Boat Art
Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador
Tree Bee Apothecary
Helen Conway - Tropic Skincare Ambassador Bodywork-Pilates Ltd
Bloom & Albion
Vegan Poochy Treats
Luna Tree Jewellery
The Far North
Red Lantern Records
Coffee on the Hoof

So...I guess we should start planning the next one.... 😅😬💚 Xx
Oh wow!!! I love it (unfortunately so does my 13 year old daughter)

Feels and tastes fab and does go all sticky or floppy as other lip balms sometimes do.

Thank you Gemma
For Mary - make up was lipstick go go goji, warm beige mineral foundation, eyeshadow from older palette, soft focus perfecting powder
Evening everyone, just a little bit of research as my page stats suggest a big drop in how many people are seeing my posts ... give this post a 👍 or a ❤ if you see it! Thanks 😙
The pillow spray gives one a wonderful night's sleep. It's lovely - you wake up feeling so fresh.
So pleased to have known Gemma who introduced me to TROPIC skin care. As a life long user of quality skin care products I opted to give TROPIC a go! Right decision! My skin looks and feels amazing!
Also I have found TROPIC gives more volume per product for less cost than mainstream competitors 👍 fab!
Love it 💚
Our very own Susie Ma has completed an amazing journey today by reaching the summit of Mont Blanc along with the rest of the Strive team, raising money for the fabulous Big Change charity.
I'm so proud that as Tropic ambassadors, we have such a strong woman at the helm of Tropic.
My lovely tropic order has arrived.
My lovely tropic order has arrived !!
As one who usually washes my hair every day, I would just like to say that I don't have to, now that I am using the Tropic hair wash. It is still shiny and not greasy at all on the second day☺

British-made, cruelty-free, vegan skincare and beauty products. Available to buy online or contact me to find out more. This week's epamper:

This week's epamper (for free local delivery on all orders, and nationwide on orders over £30):

Operating as usual


Every ambassador up and down the country probably has a huge smile on their face this evening after receiving a lovely surprise in their inbox earlier 🥰

So grateful to be part of the Tropic family 🥰


Did you know I can deliver to your door if you're in or around the Chester area?

Just get in touch for personalised recommendations to suit your skin and lifestyle 🥰

Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador updated their info in the about section. 10/05/2022

Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador updated their info in the about section.

Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador updated their info in the about section.

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 09/05/2022

Some exciting offers starting tomorrow (Tuesday) for you!

Firstly, there are 3 special Summer Duos to choose from until 6th June (or while stocks last):

💛Golden Glow Duo💛
Sun Drops
Summer Goddess
£42 | save £8

💫Summer Refresh Duo💫
Mini Body Smooth
Face Smooth
£22 | save £5

☀️Sunshine Duo☀️
Skin Feast, scented or unscented
Sun Drops
£40 | save £6

AND if you spend £40 or more, either on a Summer Duo or any other product(s) you have the option to choose a Travel Trio (until 29th May/while stocks last)! Choose from:

💙Balance Travel Trio💙
Mini Smoothing Cleanser (50ml)
Mini Ocean Dive Serum (6ml)
Mini Pure Lagoon (6ml)
Bamboo Cloth

❤Brighten Travel Trio❤
Mini Smoothing Cleanser (50ml)
Mini Scented Skin Feast (20ml)
Mini Fruit Peel (6ml)
Bamboo Cloth

💚Nourish Travel Trio💚
Mini Smoothing Cleanser (50ml)
Mini Super Greens (6ml)
Mini Elixir (6ml)
Bamboo Cloth

🧡Everyday Essentials Trio🧡
(scented or unscented)
Mini Smoothing Cleanser (50ml)
Mini Vitamin Toner (30ml)
Mini Skin Feast (20ml)
Bamboo Cloth

Just get in touch to order!

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I've just found out it's Nail Day today! So what better time to remind you to take care of your nails, whether beautifully bare or perfectly polished, with a twice daily application of nail oil 💅

I use Tropic's Nail Nectar which is super-simple to use, just dab a little bit onto each nail with the brush and then massage in. It's available on its own or in The Perfect Touch collection (save an extra £2 if you choose to go box-free).

Also loving the totally unplanned colour match with my new sunnies 😎

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 04/05/2022

Happy 9th anniversary to the Tropic ambassador family!

To celebrate, there's a very special item available today only for all the So Sleepy fans out there!!

Until 7.00am on Thursday 5th May (or while stocks last, which could be sooner), you can get your hands on a limited edition So Sleepy Body Pebble for £10, or a So Sleepy Duo (consisting of a So Sleepy Body Pebble and Mini Luxury Bath Foam) for £23!

Head to the links in the comments - choose either shop online or this week's epamper - to order yours now 💜


Happy Earth Day 🌎

Here are five ways we can be kinder to our planet today and every day!

💚Use reusable shopping bags
💚Go paperless where possible
💚Get crafty and re-purpose old items
💚Take shorter showers
💚Learn about how the choices we make affect our planet

Do you have any more to add to this list?

#WorldEarthDay #NoPlanetB #LiveKindly #BeKindToOurPlanet #SimpleChangesDaily

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One of the more underrated products from Tropic ... the Mask Spatula!

This little fella has a flexible silicon tip to help smooth your Face Masks onto every contour of your face 🥰 Normally £6, from today until 1st June you can get one free with every Face Mask purchase (including build your own ABC Collections and Skincare Selections)!

Head to or get in touch to order 🥰


I'm thrilled to share this photo of Tropic's second fully funded school, in partnership with United World Schools, which is now officially open!

Tropic founder Susie Ma headed to Madamsingh in rural eastern Nepal to attend the opening ceremonies recently along with her mum, Tropic Diamond ambassadors and some of the team from HQ. Whilst there they met the kids who'll be students at the school and helped to put the finishing touches to the school by painting classrooms and erecting fencing 🧡

Tropic will continue to support the school with the help of UWS until the school is transitioned back into the community and becomes self-sustaining. This is only possible thanks to YOUR support so a huge thank you for every purchase, big or small 🧡

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 04/04/2022

Did you know it's Vitamin C Day today? (No, I don't know where they come up with these things either 😄).

Anyway, here are a couple of ways to get more Vitamin C in your life:

🍋🍊🍈🍅🍒🍓 Eat plenty of fruit, especially citrus!

🥰🍓 Add Glow Berry brightening serum to your daily skincare routine!

With 10% encapsulated Vitamin C, this fruity number packs a punch but won’t cause any sensitivities or flare-ups so it can get to work brightening skin and boosting collagen (which becomes more of a thing as we get older and naturally lose some collagen from our cells) 🥰

You can buy this fabulous serum, one of my two favourites, on its own or as part of a Skincare Selection, or for a limited time it's also available as the mini serum in the Skincare Discovery Kit!

Just get in touch if you'd like to try or shop at


Coming soon ... The Great Tropic Pamper Week 😍

Fancy getting together with a few friends in the sunshine (it will be warmer by then, surely?!) and getting your hands on a fabulous pamper hamper too?

Just drop me a message to book! Obviously as this is a specific week my availability is limited so don't delay!


Spring - the perfect time to look at your skincare routine and feel more confident in your skin!

Contact me for a 1:1 consultation to discuss your skincare goals and find the best options for skin confidence 🥰


Hey, it's me 👋 Just checking in from the beautiful sunshine on my patio this lunchtime!

I was chatting to someone last night about Tropic and she said to me "this is exactly why I want to buy from you"🥰

So what did I do that prompted this comment? I listened to what she was saying! It's so easy to get carried away sometimes singing the praises of an amazing product, but if for some reason it sounds like it isn't the right thing for a customer, I'll tell them that too! It makes for a happier experience all around 😍

Fancy seeing if I can help you start your Tropic skincare or makeup journey? Just send me a DM and let me listen to you too ❤

P.S. these awesome shades are from Nomad Eyewear - they're made from recycled plastic ocean waste AND they plant trees for every pair purchased!! How amazing is that?!

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 22/03/2022

This World Water Day, some info on not one but two amazing ways that your Tropic purchases directly help ensure that safe drinking water is available in some of the places it's so hard to come by 💦💙🌍

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 18/03/2022

2 weeks on from my latest manicure by Gelicious Nails & Beauty and my nails are still fresh as a daisy thanks to using Tropic Nail Nectar to keep them (and my cuticles) nourished 💅

You may just be able to spot the dinky starflowers floating inside the bottle too 🌼

If your nails, polished or natural, are in need of nourishing, strengthening or conditioning then this is the perfect little gift to yourself 💛

Pop me a message to order or head to my website (link in bio) 😊

#OilYourNails #Nailfie #FreshAsADaisy #NailOil #NailNectar #NourishedNails #LoveTropic #VeganNailCare

'Dangerous' tanning products promoted by influencers 17/03/2022

'Dangerous' tanning products promoted by influencers

Crikey, please don't be tempted by these dangerous - potentially deadly! - tanning products 😱

If you do want a natural looking tan without these risks, I can recommend a variety of solutions from Tropic 💚

Or just embrace your natural skin tone! And either way, protect it with SPF 😎

'Dangerous' tanning products promoted by influencers Sprays and injections containing "melanotan-2" may lead to cancer, doctors tell a BBC News investigation.

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 14/03/2022

Celebrate mums, mentors, role models, yourself ... and receive a little treat for you too when you spend £75 or more with me this week!

Swipe through for some gift ideas for that special woman or get in touch for more personalised recommendations 😍

Shop online at If you're taking advantage of this offer you'll automatically get free UK delivery too 🤩


Happy International Women's Day 💖

Here's just one way that Tropic helps to #BreakTheBias each and every day 💖

#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2022 #TeachTheUnreached

Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador updated their address. 05/03/2022

Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador updated their address.

Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador updated their address.

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 02/03/2022

A message from our founder, Susie Ma 💙💛

Head to Sunflower of Peace to find out more about their fundraiser and see the options to donate online.

My ( has a banner with other places you can donate to.

And there are lots of local collections taking place - please see if there's anything you can help with near you.

In Chester, ShareShop Chester has enough to fill the trucks heading to Poland on Friday but you can donate money to them too which will be used to buy specific aid on location near to the border with Ukraine, so every penny is used to buy what's most needed 💙💛


Just saying ...


Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 28/02/2022

Believe it or not this is the Juicy Apricot Kiss Me Quick lipstick 🍑 Nowhere near as orangey "in person" as it looks in the pics!

I used the palette version of this, applied with a lipstick brush so perhaps that's why it's a little subtler, but it's fascinating how different colours look on different people 💋

Fancy springing into the new season with a new lippy, or perhaps you'd like to give your entire makeup bag an overhaul? Just send me a message to arrange a 1:1 or group makeup session with me!

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 27/02/2022

The sunshine is making a comeback so what better time to think about your sunscreen!

You should be wearing a SPF every day of the year but if you've been a bit forgetful over the winter, here's your reminder!

Sun Day isn't just for Sundays, it's for every day 😎 And we also have other options including Tinted Skin Shade if you prefer some colour on your face, Great Barrier or Skin Shade for all over your body and also the fantastic Sun Stick for those exposed areas that are prone to burning.

Just drop me a message for more info and help choosing the right one for you!


Jenny's looking very pleased with herself ... maybe she's thinking of treating me to some Tropic goodies for Mother's Day 😸

If you'd like some gift ideas for your mum or other important female in your life this year, just get in touch! I have a range of gift options to suit all budgets, and can even gift wrap for you 🎁

Why not tag your kids or other halves to drop a hefty hint? 😉


Any plans this evening?

Need to unwind?

Susie is hosting a relaxing live shopping event at 8pm tonight – you can tune in via my webshop at to learn all about her self-care routine and which products are perfect to pamper with!

Let me know if you'll be watching!

Photos from Gemma D - Tropic Skincare Ambassador's post 20/02/2022

All set up for #VeganFest at Whitby Sports & Social Club - loads of amazing vegan stalls and we're all (apart from the coffee and doughnuts!) inside so no need to worry about the weather 🥳

Hope to see you soon!


It's #RandomActsOfKindnessDay today and to celebrate, Tropic are giving away 100 parcels of beautiful gifts!

Head to Tropic Skincare between 9am today and 9am tomorrow to nominate someone who you think deserves a treat 🥰

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