Health & Wellbeing Therapies

Health & Wellbeing Therapies

HW Massage Therapy provides a variety of different massage techniques to help reduce and manage pain and stress. From years of personally suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain and after investigating and exploring many different methods of pain relief I discovered massage therapy.

Not only had I found the most successful pain relief but I had unearthed a new career path as it had inspired me to retrain as a massage therapist to help others. I am driven by the desire to help you the client relieve your body of pain, but ultimately to understand your body. I can enable you to discover the causes of your pain and make the lifestyle changes needed to prevent recurrence. Followi

Operating as usual

[04/30/21]   Great news from Health & Wellbeing Therapies... Becky Cranfield from Natural Touch Wellness is now offering treatments at the clinic. Check out her page @naturaltouchwellness.chester for more information. Becky offers relaxation massage and facials and has an offer on throughout May.

Photos from Health & Wellbeing Therapies's post 22/03/2021

These beautiful treatment rooms are still available for certain sessions. If you are looking or know someone who maybe interested, please send our way.


So it’s official...Health & Wellbeing Therapies WILL be trading through this lockdown!!! Hallelujah, sense has prevailed!!
Thank you to everyone for there support in getting Clinical Massage Therapy the recognition it so deserves, especially APNT, Nicola Cooper and my local Environmental Health Officer, who gave me the go ahead to continue practising in my capacity of a HEALTH SERVICE. Thank you 🙏

The Big Question...
Can I work during England's Lockdown?

The government released its final legislation document today, and we were really pleased to get to have input to it through BEIS. You will appreciate this was a hastily put together document, so let's go through what's relevant...

Please see page 32
Business allowed to stay open

47. Dental services, opticians, audiology services, chiropody, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical or health services, including services relating to mental health.

This statement in combination with the exemptions for closed businesses being:
"to provide medical treatment" - which is only relevant to close-contact services for closures listed

Interestingly you will see that throughout any of the gov pages or legislation CAM is not mentioned specifically throughout, but in point 47 HEALTH services is. 'Massage Parlours' is mentioned as business that needs to close, but we have had that clarified that is not the same as 'private practice' - and also applies to exempt status when remedial.

I will remind you that APNT is listed as a BEIS representative to our industry under HEALTHCARE. I am not reminding you of this to toot our horn, but because it is pertinent to the fact that HEALTH SERVICES may stay open. As far as we are concerned, under BEIS, ALL of our members are covered.

We are here publicly as a rep with the responsibility of giving you our Objective interpretation for the rest of you who are not members, which is as follows.

We have had hours of communication with BEIS and PHE the last several days to understand where CAM fits into this picture. We have had this document scrutinised by lobbyists, and are currently waiting for a final response from PHE - Specifically in regards to the current public discussion of if there are restrictions to which 'levels' can continue to work. There is nothing in the current lockdown legislation that dictates levels, only the aim of treatment, and we have to report that objectively. If PHE come back and dictate levels, then we will formally retract our statement.

But with that said, we are quite confident to say that as per our most recent communications with PHE, all CAM therapists may continue working in England lockdown provided they:

1) Are working in a Private Health Clinic - whose main aim is health and remedial services
2) Has completed an UPDATED Risk Assessment for lockdown
3) Takes comprehensive notes for treatments with each client justifying why this person is there to see you for essential and necessary health purposes.
4) Continuing consults digitally - including prescreening questions

YOU MAY NOT continue working if:
1) You carry out beauty treatments or have a beauty branding to your business
2) You work from home
3) You are mobile
4) You have not yet completed an up to date risk assessment for your establishment.

With that said, IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP PA advises differently to this guidance, FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE. If you do not hold a membership with any PA, you are potentially in a compromising position. As a PA, we are happy to support your questions at this time, but in an awry situation, we can only support our members.

What else can you do? Especially if you are not with a PA:
Write your local MP and Highlight this point 47 of the legislation, and what your services are, and get their interpretation of if you can continue working. Get this in TEXT. Following that, use that information that from your MP to contact your LHA to confirm they too are happy with you to continue working.

Why do this? Because messages from PAs are ALL OVER THE PLACE. Therapists who are under the impression they should close WILL BE reporting other therapists who stay open. It is important you already have your written confirmation from your LHA for this reason, as well as for your Insurance, as the insurance companies don't always keep accurately up to scratch with legislation (and they will check with your LHA anyways, so it will be really helpful for you if you have their approval in writing)
And for Therapists with no PA, nobody is going to be there to support you if you have a bad situation and this written documentation will be what you will use to be able to stand with.

Now what?
You will notice comments are CLOSED on our FB page because of the behaviours over the last week and the affects it has had on our personal lives - Members, you are able to join our FB COVID Support Group - You can find the link in the members area.

Non members, you can get support by going to the covid support page and use the Question box there:
We expect many queries these next hours and days... our members will come first, but we will get to you as soon as possible.

Be safe everyone, and we wish you all the best!


My multi-disciplinary clinic is looking for like minded therapists to join our vibrant and popular group. There are 3 beautifully renovated rooms available for rent either on a session basis or full time. The rooms would be suitable for movement therapists, talk therapies and even as an office/meeting space for small groups.
Rent is charged on a half day, full day or full time rate.
For information and to arrange viewing please get in touch with me, Heulwen at 11/07/2020


I am so happy to announce that Health & Wellbeing Therapies will be reopening on Monday 13th July. After the announcement on Thursday 9th July, MASSAGE THERAPY IS NOW ALLOWED TO REOPEN FROM 13TH JULY 2020 It’s so exciting and I'm so happy to be back doing hands on treatments! I am really looking forward to welcoming you back to Health & Wellbeing Therapies. 

[07/09/20]   I can reopen...get in!
Who wants a treatment??
Such exciting news, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed but overjoyed at the same time 🥰 23/06/2020

Happening now in Burton upon Trent, ENG, United Kingdom

Please sign everyone...Ditto what Lisa said, what I wrote wasn’t allowed!! Govt to stop use of term Massage Parlours when referring to professional massage therapist. 76 signatures are still needed!

[06/17/20]   Just an update to start the week as I have been getting a number of enquiries for treatments.
At this time the Government, all professional governing bodies and insurance companies for Massage Therapy have issued clear guidance that we are not allowed to see clients for face to face, hands on treatment under any circumstances.
Physios, Chiropractors and Osteopaths are allowed to work as they are regulated healthcare professionals and come in a different category than me. Although I have trained to the highest DEGREE standard in Massage Therapy, in the Government’s eyes I am in the same category as a weekend beauty therapist!!
As a professional degree level Massage Therapist my priority is always to protect and care for my clients and maintain high standards of practice within my field so I won’t be working until I have been given the go ahead from my governing body FHT.
We are expecting the next announcement from the Government on 25th June where they will decide if we are ready to move into the next phase of re-opening on 4th July, which MAY include massage , no guarantees.
I miss my work and my clients and can’t wait to get back to my clinic and I will let you all know as soon as I have a definite date.
Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and I am always here for a chat or advice if you need anything.


UK Association of Physical & Natural Therapists - APNT

Keeping us informed!!

𝑃𝐿𝐸𝐴𝑆𝐸 𝑁𝑂𝑇𝐸 - 4th July is only a provisional date for phase 3 to commence in England! It is also not guaranteed that we will fall into that category.

The UK government is due to make an announcement regarding England on 𝟮𝟱𝘁𝗵 𝗝𝘂𝗻𝗲 to update the next phase.. including: If England has met the target to begin phase 3 on schedule, what industries will be allowed to open, and what measures they will be expected to take.

We are aware many Therapists are announcing their opening and beginning to take bookings for 4th of July and we do NOT recommend this; but instead to wait until the announcement on the 25th to see where we stand. This will still allow you Plenty of time to take bookings and make the necessary arrangements for your business.

We will also update you on Scotland, Wales, and N. & S. Ireland as information becomes available.

After weeks of consulting with relevant government agencies, we will be releasing our Interim Back to Practice Guidelines covering all 4 regions first thing tomorrow morning, both here and to our members by email. 🧡 16/06/2020

What happens to our bodies when we go without touch?

Let's hope that soon we will all be able to receive some positive touch. Feel like you’re going mad after weeks without being touched by another person? Helen Coffey finds out why we crave human contact


Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha 18/05/2020

Latest update on H&W Therapies

Here's the latest update from H&W Therapies.
I just want to add a huge thank you to everyone who has been in touch and given support. It means the world to me and feel privileged knowing you're all there.
Stay safe everyone and see you on the other side xx I trust this email finds you well. It is with a very sad heart that I have to write to you again to advise that we are unable to re-open the clinic to clients, yet.


Titanium Functional Movements

Certified Personal Trainer,
Movement specialist, Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Master Certified, Posture, Rehabilitation, Metafit Instructor, Advanced Kettlebell Instructor, Massage Therapist, Fascial Therapy

[05/07/20]   Just had great session with Steve Dean from Titanium Functional me going for the day!


Everyone comes into your life for a reason...we just have to try and understand each lesson they give you ❤️


Tiny Buddha


Get some quality advise from an amazing therapist/acupuncturist Emma Mango...and be quick, it’s free for the next 14 days!

When I first graduated and wanted to set up as a fully qualified acupuncturist, I had no idea where to start. To make ends meet I got a 'proper' job earning minimum wage, and gradually built the business from the ground up. Although there's no right and wrong to it, looking back I know there are some things I would LOVE to have known along the way that would have saved me a heck of a lot of time and a bit of money.

Now, being in self-isolation, I've had plenty of time to put all this information on paper and created an online course in the hopes it will help those who were in my situation to get up and running as smoothly as possible when the time comes. I've also created and uploaded some free downloadable resources to my website for anyone who might find them useful. These include templates for your business' GDPR requirements, acupuncture byelaws, checklists, and more...

The course will be available for FREE for the next 14 days only, in return for constructive feedback!

Please share (link in bio) with any fellow acupuncturists looking to streamline the business, student acupuncturists, and recent graduates.



Be a Local Hero

@mangoacupuncture is a wellness clinic based in Cheshire, specialising in acupuncture and massage therapies. She’s helped people with everything from back pain and sciatica, to infertility and depression 💪🏽

Due to social distancing, Emma isn’t able to provide treatments during this #lockdown but can’t wait to start serving again!

“I’m really missing all my lovely clients and can’t wait to open again. For a small business, it’s all about providing a great service for my local community and with their support I can continue to do so!”

If you’re looking for someone who will examine and understand your problem and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you, then get in touch with her at

If you want to have a treatment to look forward after the lockdown ends, you can support her by buying a voucher at her Be a Local Hero store below

#wellness #treatment #localbusiness @ Chester, Cheshire


It sure does...powerful words x


Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind


So true!


Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha


Feel truly blessed and thank all of the frontline workers putting their lives on the line for us every day. Love to you all and may you get home safe tonight ❤️


Inspire - Rewire

I’ve just signed up for this course, can’t wait 😊 Love Nicki’s sound meditations so looking forward to 10 days of refocusing 👍🙏 Get involved 🙏

Our first online ‘self-care’ group goes live on Sunday 19th April. This is our ’10-Day Reset at Home’

It is FREE to our ‘Inspired Friends’ and we’re offering a fantastic introductory price of £15 for the course to anyone who is new to Inspire - Rewire.

This can be done live or on catch up for all activities and videos even if you are working or have kids to look after you can do it on your own time.

We’ve already had a lot of interest, so be sure to join as there are limited numbers to maintain quality support. The’10-Day reset at home’ is now more relevant than ever, especially during these exceptional times we currently find ourselves in. It is something I offer to help people have direct access to me, with regular lives, activities to go deeper and support.

This private group is a great opportunity to go inwards with our support, self-care, and self-nurturing, especially taking into account the environment and situation we are all in currently.

“The course has been built on my personal process which I undertake whenever I feel underwhelmed, overwhelmed, or generally out of balance and feel I want a change. I don’t always know what I need to change, but the process allows me to pause, listen and explore deeper inside myself to draw that out. I'm excited and privileged to facilitate you through your own journalling process, which will be as unique and wonderful as you are...”
Nic x

The 10-Day Reset at Home is essentially a journalling process with a lot of support, and guidance. It is built on the Yogic 5 Principles: relaxation, thoughts, nutrition, exercise, and pranayama (breathing). The objective of the course is to take you from a place of discomfort or unbalance to a place of empowerment and peace via a journey through the mind, with nurturing facilitation and support both by me (based on my training as a hypnotherapist, NLP facilitator, life coach, and yoga teacher) and the shared experiences within the group.

To join us on the course click here

To find out more about the course content and deliverables, please visit our Website or page for further details

10-Day Reset Facebook Event

Inspire – Rewire Website

PS: Inspired friends (previous customers and clients), please email us [email protected] to receive your FREE code to enjoy the course.


Awesome ❤️

**DIY Surgical Visors for Frontline Staff**

**CoActive Physio needs your help!**

*Hi all - I am delighted to be able to tell you that the Surgical Visor design I have been putting to our local hospital has been approved for use by nurses on ITU at the Countess of Chester Hospital, who are so grateful for the offer of much needed PPE*

*I have been inspired by my friend who is making these in the thousands down South for her local hospitals (with the help of a workforce!)*

*I am going to be making visors for Chester's frontline staff (currently ITU nurses but if anyone else needs them let me know!)*

*If anyone local would like to get involved- be that in making the visors, supplying materials or donating for materials purchase - get in contact! My email is [email protected]*

*Materials required: foam between 1-3cm thick - pilates/yoga mats work well!!; 1/2 inch width sewing elastic; A4 acetate/overhead projector sheets; glue gun and refills*

* If making yourself you also need sharp scissors/craft knife, glue gun and stapler*

*I will upload a "how to" demonstration to make the visors*

*Anyone making them MUST be COVID19 symptom-free. All surfaces used must be thoroughly cleaned and materials used cleaned*

*Thank you!! Sarah x*

#COVID19 #PPE #frontlinestaff #DIYsurgicalvisors #doyourbit #inthistogether #chester #nhsheroes



Fidelity House,12A Stocks Lane

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 8pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 8pm
Thursday 9:30am - 8pm
Friday 9:30am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm
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