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Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 15/06/2024

🌡 Minty Blooming Flowers 🌡 Tier 2 Nail Art

NU02 all in one biab , rose gold , tearoom.

Could these be your holiday nails? Love the design but want to change the colour why not I have hundreds to choose from! DM me to get booked in for those summer pretty nails πŸ’…

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 15/06/2024

πŸ’™ Mamma Mia Vibes πŸ’™ Tier 2 Nail art

All natural nails no extensions here! Using my new low hema BIAB which I am LOVING πŸ’™πŸ’™

hot apple pie

Want your natural nails to look this gorgeous? Book now Via DMs & start your nail journey with me πŸ’™

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🌡Life lately 🌡SWIPE ⬅️⬅️⬅️

1. Me hating taking pictures of myself but got to for content - apparently you like seeing my face πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜
2. Cowprint set I loved doing.
3. Biscoff doughnuts in Southport
4. Rory enjoying pizza πŸ•
5. Monday lives are the best start to my week even if I’m walking Rory I still listen in & prioritise this in my Monday morning πŸ¦‹
6. Met & had breakfast with we met through event in April
7. My clients getting summer ready with their toes- how gorgeous is cherry baby πŸ’?!
8. Cute nails & a builders brew!
9. I’m obsessed with watching Benidorm again good old madge throwing insults makes me laugh so much I’ve absolutely binged this when I’m off and have time to watch tv!

Book now to get your summer nails & toes ready for your holidays 🏝️

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🌸 Subtle Ombre Gel Mani 🌸
NU02 all in one BIAB , matte & extreme shine topcoat
hot apple pie

🌸Want to book your next mani with Ombre nail art DM now 🌸

Nail techs, want to know how I did this DM OMBRE πŸ¦‹

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πŸ¦‹Cancellation slot available this morning πŸ¦‹

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🌸Blooming Flowers is on trend at the moment I absolutely love it - is this your vibe too? 🌸

Dm to book in this nail art with your BIAB appointment πŸ’¬

Products used :
All in one NU02 BIAB , rose gold , daisy , blooming gel & extreme shine topcoat.
hot apple pietoolrange prep, cuticle and removal bits


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🌡 Motivator Monday 🌡

Mondays are my day off to recharge / goal set & be kind to myself. So what are you going to do today or on your day off to be kind to yourself? What goals have you set this week? Comment below ⬇️

1. Rory 🐾 photobombing my nail pic & loving the taste of my cuticle oil
2. Monday zoom hot seat coaching with
3. Fuel for the day!
4. Self care using my favourite cuticle oil - I am proud to stock these DM me to order one 🀍

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🌡 Myths Vs Facts Top 5🌡

challenged me to post

🌡 Myth 1 : Nails need to breathe ❌
β˜‘οΈ Nails get oxygen from the matrix inside the nail bed through the blood stream & the visible nail plate you see is actually dead.

🌡 Myth 2: Gel causes your nails damage ❌
β˜‘οΈ Nope poor removal, picking off nails , poor application will and after removing the bendy feeling comes from the acetone used to remove NOT gel.

🌡 Myth 3: White spots on your nails means you are low in calcium ❌
β˜‘οΈ This is a sign of old trauma to the nail

🌡 Myth 4: Nail lamps cause sun damage so you should wear SPF ❌
β˜‘οΈ It has been scientifically proven that nail lamps do not cause sun damage as they do not omit the same and enough of UV Ray wavelengths that would cause sun damage.

🌡Myth 5: E- Files damage your nails - ❌
β˜‘οΈ They may look scary but they are amazing and absolutely do not damage your nail , using it incorrectly - too much pressure/ wrong heads used or using not a professional E file used would but with the right equipment right heads and a nail tech who has trained in e files then they are perfectly safe.

πŸ¦‹Follow me to learn more about nails! πŸ’…

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πŸ¦‹ Michelle & Ice Queen Chrome πŸ¦‹
hema free fleur biab , Michelle & extreme shine topcoat
hot apple pie

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 09/05/2024

🌈 πŸ¦„ TB to this cute set I never got round to posting πŸŒˆπŸ¦„

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 09/05/2024

πŸ–€ 🌺
biab and extreme shine topcoat

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 08/05/2024

🌡 Hello my lovely followers! I thought it’s time I did a dedicated post to introduce myself. I’m Verity the founder of Based in Buckshaw Village , I specialise in healthy natural nails ,nail art & brow tinting and waxing. I use BIAB to help protect your nails & encourage growth without compromising on your nail health. I’ve been doing nails for 6 years now and always loved working with gel based products. Things to expect from your nails when you book with me will be : no rushing , 1:1 personal appointments, precision from prep to completion, in depth cuticle work & nails that if you follow my aftercare advice last 2-3 weeks +. I have a lovely home studio that reflects my personality so you can expect country girl era , country music 🀠& lots of laughs. Oh and a rarely look like these pictures πŸ˜‚ I’m a family girl , my dog is my everything and i absolutely treat her like a child haha & I’m such a foodie and if you haven’t already noticed I’m a chatter box! πŸ€ͺ. So if you got this far thankyou for reading a little about me & if you fancy a pamper and to start your nail or brow journey with me just DM me & we can make time for YOU 🀍🌡

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 08/05/2024

πŸ¦‹Almond Natural BIAB Nails πŸ¦‹
biab and topcoat
hot apple pie


πŸ‘ Hubba Bubba Frenchies πŸ‘ Limited availability tomorrow & this Saturday- DM to book
biab 19, sparkle@topcoat and hubba bubba

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🌡 Spring - where you at? 🌡

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 15/04/2024

🌡 When you intend on n**e cow print but it looks more like giraffe print but still love them anyway! 🌡
hot apple pie
biab 19, almond & woody

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 15/04/2024

🌸🌸🌸 Pink to make the boys wink 🌸🌸🌸
biab & cherry baby
Hot Apple Pie

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 10/04/2024

🀍 A pamper for my mum who is my biggest supporter hema free biab base coat , voyage & extreme shine top coat 🀍
Do you find you are sensitive to nail products? I have been practicing with low hema and hema free biab & gel polishes lately so I can cater for every client that sits in my chair 🀍

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 09/04/2024

🌡 Swirly Whirly & Chrome 🌡

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 08/04/2024

🌻 Today is a big big day for the nail industry, it is the national price increase day that has grown as a campaign from the nail tech organisation founded by & made headlines on the news in the papers . It will be a moment in history for the nail industry & I’m so grateful for being part of this movement. Nail techs will now be paid a fair wage earning atleast national minimum wage, have pensions, holiday and sick pay & quite deserving chase their dreams! . Instead of nail businesses shutting down they will be flourishing to give you your new nail days for years to come. Nail techs didn’t want to raise their prices they had to 🀍 So thankyou to everyone who has taken part and all the amazing clients who have supported us in this scary change but you see our value and that we are a luxury service & deserve to be paid fairly. We are forever grateful 🌻 To all the NTO team thankyou without you amazing ladies we wouldn’t be here today


Apparently 2024 trends for nails which trends do you think you would try?



πŸ‹ Still not over this set & how it goes beautifully with denim πŸ‹


Hello you lovely bunch , I just want to say thanks so much for the support and understanding over my price increase starting on the 8th April. I know i don't have to disclose this but for absolute full transparency my current/old prices mean i am earning Β£3.12 per hour after tax and NI and consumables etc. If you see prices of Β£20-30 for nails its highly likely they are earning under national minimum wage like i have been. This was just for educational purposes as i nearly fell off my chair when i saw these figures. I adore my job and i'm so excited to continue to bring the absolute best of my skills and services to you so you get the BEST experience & knowing my business will be here in years to come!. xx

Photos from Opal & Iris Bridal & Beauty's post 19/03/2024

To my amazing clients , please see my updated list of treatments & new prices that will be implemented on the 8th April. This price increase was absolutely necessary after completing the pricing course with i discovered my current prices meant i wasn’t earning even close to national minimum wage! I’m not alone unfortunately , the nail industry has plucked prices out of thin air for many years & it simply isn’t sustainable. Many like myself weren’t able to save for a pension , holiday and sick pay which is a standard in any employment . It’s with this that I have invested in training & completed an extensive review to ensure I earn national minimum wage & other essentials are factored into treatment prices. This will mean I can add even more value to the service you receive & ensure I’m here in years to come to give you healthy beautiful nails & gorgeous brows. . I have some exciting added touches to your appointments coming soon 🌸 Also a reminder that nails & brow appointments will now be available ok Saturdays too! πŸ™ŒπŸΌI want to thankyou sincerely for your support & I can’t wait to see you at your next appointment.
Love Verity - Desert Opal Nails & Beauty 🌡


Facebook isn’t letting me change my name trying to appeal it so apologies for it looking abit confusing. I remember having trouble with this last time I did it 🀍Ah the joys of social media making me want to tear my hair out haha πŸ˜…


Thanks for all the understanding and support over my re brand , I will be changing the name over tomorrow. I’ve had an influx of people wanting to book in for makeup for the last time the cut off date for any new makeup bookings is tomorrow 6pm & after that my diary will be officially closed for new makeup appointments. Again all previous appointments will be honoured 🀍. For any new bookings made this weekend please note June will be the latest month you can book for a new makeup appointment. Thanks V xx

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How sparkly πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜




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