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We are open! Please call us for an appointment - We need to carry out a telephone triage prior to yo A group of very experienced Chartered and HPC registered Physiotherapists working together in a friendly and efficient clinic.

Visit our website for details of the areas of expertise of the Physiotherapists and for details of how to make an appointment to see us.


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is expanding at Park Physiotherapy.
Come and see our Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Gemma Barnes MSc BSc (hons) Physiotherapy SRC MCSP MPOGP MAACP, who has lots of experience treating:
Bladder and bowel leaks in men and women
Pelvic organ prolapse
Persistent/ chronic pelvic pain
Menopause related pelvic floor problems
Pelvic health problems related to the prostate
Pregnancy related low back and pelvic girdle pain
Physical recovery and return to exercise after birth

For further information and to book an appointment visit or contact us on 01603 881184.


Menopause can be a time when problems occur with bladder
and/or bowel control or even pelvic organ prolapse.
Come to see our Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Gemma Barnes, if you would like some help.

Gemma Barnes MSc, BSC (Hons) Physiotherapy HCPC, MCSP, MPOGP, MAACP

Photos from Park Physiotherapy's post 06/10/2022

Well done to ALL my team at Park Physiotherapy!
We have maintained our Quality Assured Clinic status for the 4th year running.
As well as the clinical team who treat the patients and input the data required into the database at the University of Brighton. The admin team who send out the emails for the Patient Outcome and Experience measures all play a part.
That we allow ourselves to be measured by an external body gives us (and our patients) the confidence, and evidence, that we are a Quality Practice.
This is available for ALL members of Physio First, for no extra charge!
Yes, it takes a bit of extra work to do this but the reports generated by the University of Brighton are priceless for their detailed content and analysis of the data we have sent them. Also getting the independent feedback from the patients in a report is so easy.
Thank you to Physio First for continuing to support this and also the University of Brighton research team for their hard work.

Timeline photos 18/09/2022

Timeline photos

Physiotherapists play a key role in providing safe, individualised exercise prescription before, during and after cancer treatment. It can be an extremely effective way of helping patients maintain their quality of life.

Here is a great infographic by APA and Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) which highlights 5 facts about physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation in cancer care.

Timeline photos 18/09/2022

Timeline photos

Physiotherapists play a key role in providing safe, individualised exercise prescription before, during and after cancer treatment. It can be an extremely effective way of helping patients maintain their quality of life.

Here is a great infographic by APA and Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) which highlights 5 facts about physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation in cancer care.


We will be closed on Monday 19th September as a mark of respect and for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.


Job opportunity!
Part Time MSK Physiotherapist 6 - 12 hours a week

Do you want to join a small friendly private practice in a purpose-built clinic set in a beautiful rural location? Park Physiotherapy is an established private physiotherapy practice with a small team of 6 part time physiotherapists covering MSK, neuro and pelvic health physiotherapy.
We are looking for a Chartered Physiotherapist with a specific interest and skills in Musculoskeletal work and patient rehabilitation. We are a busy clinic with a wide variety of patients, both acute and chronic. This is an opportunity to improve your clinical skills in a supportive setting.
We are proud to all be members of the CSP and Physio First. We are involved in collecting data which is measured against the Quality Assurance standards of Physio First and we have achieved Quality Assured Clinic status since 2019 so you would be working in an environment that encourages quality work and data collection.
We encourage a team approach, sharing expertise and knowledge. All the current team are experienced clinicians. This is an ideal opportunity for someone to try out private practice work or return to work after a break. Salary will depend on experience. Hours can be flexible to fit in with other commitments.
Ideally, you will have some experience of MSK and private practice work. If you don't have this experience but would like to develop these skills, then I am still interested in talking to you as training and mentoring is available. If you would like a chat to find out more, please call the clinic.
To apply; please send a CV to: [email protected] with a covering note about why you are interested in the position.


At-Home Exercise for 55+ [FREE Fitness Video Series]

These are really good exercises and drills..... definitely worth watching and having a go!

Timeline photos 02/08/2022

Neck pain can also be a cause of headache and migraine pain. Don't suffer, we can help.

Neck pain can be caused by many factors such as age-related changes, poor posture, workstations being incorrectly set up. Seeking help early on could prevent chronic neck pain.

Physio’s are highly skilled at supporting people with neck pain. Your physio can advise you on suitable exercises and pain relief, along with tips on how to prevent further problems.

Find out more here -


Good, science based, sensible advice and information. Well worth listening to their podcasts as well.

The ZOE Program was recently put to the test in The Economist’s Babbage podcast, with healthcare correspondent Slavea noting, ‘I do believe that what they teach you about this new way of eating will stay with you even after you stop using the app.’

While fad diets relying on calorie counting may be fruitful for short-term weight-loss, they’re near impossible to sustain and fail to acknowledge your unique biology or the importance of food quality - two things that determine health and weight management.

So, is personalised nutritional advice important for the future of health? Listen here

Your way to better health 13/07/2022

Your way to better health

Your way to better health


Good advice to help with the immune system, something we all need as Covid rates are rising!

Health advice can feel like a lot of ‘don’ts’ but one of the best things about prioritising your gut health is that it’s all about what you add in, not what you cut out.

Your gut microbiota thrives on fiber and polyphenol-rich foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and spices.

As our Head of Programs Dr Emily Leeming, RD says: the important focus for your gut health is getting enough of these types of plant foods to nourish a wide variety of good gut bugs and nurture diversity in your gut microbiome.

So this week, focus on what you can add to your plate rather than what you ‘shouldn’t’ eat, your microbes will thank you 💛

Germ Defence 04/07/2022

Germ Defence

As covid cases rise again this is a good source of advice

Germ Defence Check out Germ Defence, an official website to help stop you (and others) getting and spreading illnesses. The more people who use it, the better it will work!


Notice of Power cut tomorrow, Thursday 30th June from 8.30am.
This means we will have no phone or internet so will be unable to take calls or have messages left for us. I may be able to monitor emails on my phone, if I can get a decent signal!
We should be back on power by 2.30 so our clinic is running from then. If you need to contact us the best way will be via email.
Hoping that UK Power is able to get their work done within this time.


Find a Physio

Find a Physio Search our directory of physiotherapists in private practice across the UK to find a practitioner or clinic in your area.


We have several physiotherapists at Park Physiotherapy who practice Acupuncture and are members of the AACP.

(Shared with permission from a lady who recently contacted us) We know our members are incredible clinicians who work consistently hard to care for their patients. Well done Lisa! 🌟

I am writing to personally thank your team for being so helpful when I recently telephoned to seek some advice in locating a physiotherapist who offers acupuncture, to help my mother-in-law in managing her chronic pain due to an old skiing injury. We were guided by yourselves to physiotherapists within our area that are registered to your organisation and were incredibly grateful to get an appointment quickly with a wonderful lady called Lisa.

To cut a long story short, the acupuncture worked wonders and it’s given my mother in law a new lease of life as the medication she had been taking for the pain left her with extreme fatigue and unable to exercise.
Lisa, the physiotherapist was incredibly knowledgeable and spoke very highly about your organisation and the quality of training she had received. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Not only for advising/guiding us in the first place but for training your members to such a high standard that they can make such a difference.

Searching for a reputable practitioner can be such a minefield but having a professional organisation such as yourselves makes it much less of a headache, knowing those that are registered are appropriately qualified to a high standard. We will certainly be recommending your members to our friends and colleagues in the future.

Thank you again for all your help,
Sue and Graham Edwards.

The Bitter Truth About Sugar with Dr Robert Lustig - Dr Rangan Chatterjee 03/04/2022

The Bitter Truth About Sugar with Dr Robert Lustig - Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Vital information to improve all our health and to prevent chronic disease and pain.
I urge you all to listen or watch this.

The Bitter Truth About Sugar with Dr Robert Lustig - Dr Rangan Chatterjee My guest on this week’s Feel Better Live More podcast is Dr Robert Lustig, Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology at the University of California. He’s a leading public health expert who has long been exposing the myths of modern medicine and the food industry. His passion is communicating how su...


Very good advice from this and all the podcasts from Zoe. Have a listen....

Timeline photos 21/03/2022

Increase your weight bearing exercise to improve your bone strength. If this is difficult due to pain or weakness, give us a call to make an appointment for advice.

Having osteoporosis means you're more likely to break a bone than the average adult.

Osteoporosis is a condition where bone strength weakens, becomes brittle and is susceptible to fracture. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the risk of trips and falls, it can also help to maintain range of movement, strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

Regularly exercising is another beneficial way to help strengthen bones and slow the process of bone loss.

Timeline photos 21/03/2022

We now have a physiotherapist (Nicki Ashbee) who specialises in treating neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis.
See our website or call for more information.

This month is 🎗️

Multiple Sclerosis, also known simply as MS, is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. Common symptoms include overwhelming fatigue, problems with vision and/or speech, difficulty with balance and coordination, and various levels of impaired mobility.

Physiotherapy can help maintain independence by improving symptoms such as fatigue, preventing loss of mobility, strength and balance.

If you are searching for a physio near you, here:

Timeline photos 19/03/2022

Park Physiotherapy is proud to be a Quality Assured Practice.

Are you suffering from an injury, experiencing pain or you know someone who is?

We have members working in private physiotherapy practices across the UK. All our members are fully qualified and insured, giving you reassurance and peace of mind.

If you are looking for physiotherapist around your local area, you can find one here:

Look out for our Quality Assured Practitioners (QAP) by the kitemark on their listings!

The science of stretching 18/03/2022

The science of stretching

This is a really interesting article for us all to read. Again, more evidence that just being active is what we need to do especially as we get older.

The science of stretching There are two extremes of flexibility: in one camp lie the lithe-limbed devotees of yoga or Pilates and in the other those who grunt when they bend to pick up s

How Many Daily Walking Steps Needed for Longevity Benefit? - Neuroscience News 04/03/2022

How Many Daily Walking Steps Needed for Longevity Benefit? - Neuroscience News

More evidence behind the importance of being active in whatever way you can.
Walking is such good exercise, and it's free for us all to do!

How Many Daily Walking Steps Needed for Longevity Benefit? - Neuroscience News A new meta-analysis of 15 studies reveals the optimum number of steps people of different age ranges should take per day in order to maximize longevity.


Nicola Vineyard and Elizabeth Palmer have maintained their Quality Assured Practitioner status for another successive year.


We are hiring! Looking for a HCPC registered physiotherapist with MSK experience to join our small, friendly practice in a beautiful rural location. Part time child friendly hours available.
Please contact us for more details.

Exercise Harder if You Want to Ward off Pain Due to Aging - Neuroscience News 03/02/2022

Exercise Harder if You Want to Ward off Pain Due to Aging - Neuroscience News

We need to keep exercising to ease our aches and pains!

Exercise Harder if You Want to Ward off Pain Due to Aging - Neuroscience News Participating in high levels of physical activities, such as swimming or a game of tennis, once a week helps stave off chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Timeline photos 01/02/2022

We are a Quality Assured Clinic and have been since 2018

Our Data for Impact (DfI) project gives us access to a wealth of information about private physiotherapy practice. Inputting data provides all the tools you require to analyse your clinical practice, patients, treatment and outcomes.

We have recently updated our DfI e-booklet which explains everything you would need to know about the scheme:


We can now offer rehabilitation for patients with neurological conditions.
If you are recovering from a stroke or brain injury we now have a physiotherapist within the team who specialises in treating these problems.
Give us a call

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

We have a physiotherapist who specialises in treating migraine and cervicogenic headache.
Don't suffer, give us a call.

If you regularly suffer from migraine headaches, you could benefit from physiotherapy to help reduce pain and manage future attacks of headache pain.

Symptoms of a cervicogenic migraine can include:

- Pain in the back of your head that radiates to one shoulder
- Pain on one side of your upper neck and reduced range of motion in the neck
- Nausea
- Feeling dizzy

We have many members that specialise in physiotherapy for headaches and migraines. If you are looking for a Quality Assured physio, you can near you here:

Photos from Active Norfolk's post 31/12/2021

A great resource for those living in Norfolk.

Timeline photos 28/12/2021

A great way to de-stress!
Get out when the weather allows!!

Let’s keep active this holiday season by continuing with regular walks! Try taking someone from your household to join you on a long brisk walk! 🚶‍♀️👣🍂

A brisk walk has many health advantages such as helping you build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier. It can also lift your mood and reduce stress.


Park Physiotherapy wishes all our friends and patients a very

we are closing at the end of today but will be open
Thursday 30th and Friday 31st December for a limited period.
Normal clinics resume on Tuesday 4th January.

If you feel you need to see us next week please either call or email. The answermachine is on and messages will be monitored.

Exercise May Reduce Brain Inflammation, Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s - Neuroscience News 08/12/2021

Exercise May Reduce Brain Inflammation, Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s - Neuroscience News

Another good reason to exercise regularly!!

Exercise May Reduce Brain Inflammation, Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s - Neuroscience News Physical activity appears to reduce microglial activation and improve cognition in the aging human brain, researchers report.

Free download - no forms to fill in 26/11/2021

Free download - no forms to fill in

Gemma Barnes can help with continence and pelvic floor problems.

Free download - no forms to fill in

10 Today - Series 2, Session 1 26/11/2021

10 Today - Series 2, Session 1

Exercises for falls prevention.
Thank you Active Norfolk

10 Today - Series 2, Session 1


Keep active!


What a great initiative!

Already planning that new year's resolution to lose weight? Why not get a head start on your goal? The MAN v FAT challenge is a weight loss programme aimed at men aged 18+ living in Norfolk.

If you’re a man in Norfolk with a BMI of 25+ who wants to learn more about losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, MAN v FAT is for you! You'll be coached through your weight loss journey, and join others working towards the same goal in this award-winning weight loss programme.

Funded places are available for those who live, work or have a GP surgery in Norfolk. Find out more here:

Timeline photos 25/11/2021

We are a Quality Assured practice with Physio First. We have knee specialists within the team of experienced physiotherapists.
Call us to make an appointment.

If you have persistent knee pain, it may be time to seek advice from a Physio First physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can help to manage pain and increase strength and flexibility in the knee joint.

95% of patients seeking private physiotherapy treatment are seen within one week! Search for a Quality Assured physio near you here, look out for their quality kitemarks:

How do I keep my bones healthy? 18/10/2021

How do I keep my bones healthy?

So important for all to be aware of, especially menopausal women.

How do I keep my bones healthy? We explain how you can care for your bones with positive lifestyle changes.This video covers:- What a healthy, balanced diet looks like- Vitamins and mineral...

Our Story

We are a group of very experienced Chartered and HCPC registered Physiotherapists working together in a friendly and efficient clinic. Park Physiotherapy has been established since 1997 when we started at Weston Park Golf Club. We moved the clinic to this wonderful building at Leys Farm, Hockering in 2012.

We are a team of 6 physiotherapists with expertise covering everything from Headaches to Foot pain; sports injuries to arthritis joint pain; bladder and bowel control (men and women) and pregnancy related pain and problems; muscle injuries to generalised aches and pains; overuse injury to poor performance from chronic muscle imbalance.

Visit our website for details of the Physiotherapists.

Call us on 01603 881184 to make an appointment to see us. We offer early and late appointments to fit in with your busy schedule. Appointments are usually available quickly. Our dedicated receptionists will deal with your call and guide you to see the team member with expertise in your problem.



Leys Farm, Leys Lane, Hockering

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 8am - 3pm
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