Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham

Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham


Hi mark, I hope all is well. I just wondered if you got my message on messenger?
You'll be pleased you did ❤
Remember guys and girls, on the 26th March (thursday) at 8pm can you all either stand on doorsteps or open a window and clap and cheer as loudly as you can for all the frontline workers - nhs staff, carers, cleaners, food and medicine delivery drivers, shop workers and anyone else on the frontline, risking their own lives to makes yours better. Let's try and get this around the country.

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I'm finally being brave and going to come along and join at 7:30 tonight. I was just wondering if I need to be there a bit before that or just turn up at that time?
So sitting by the pool in sunny Gran Canaria awaiting for our late flight home this evening! Had the most amazing week away with family after reflecting back on how much weight I have lost so far on my journey since when we came here 9 years ago! I know I will be facing a g*in at the scales with extra treats & the alcohol, but just done my online food shop so back on plan tomorrow! Time to continue my journey!
Lovely day for a wedding! I'm driving to cut down the syns & having a quick snack to keep me going as at a hotel so not sure what is on the menu! Fat free natural yoghurt & mixed fruit for speed!
Hi was at group tonight I think it was Ian that mentioned the skinny syrup that was syn free could you send me a link as to what it looks like ? X
Ok everyone. Had a crazy week with family and just managed to maintain! But it's speed speed speed this week. Thanks Mark for going through everything ag*in last night. I feel so much more ready now. Think we all needed a rethink!
So looking through photos of my journey and cane across a before pic & then one from last night! Something to keep me focused as I continue my journey!
Morrison’s eat smart Thousand Island dressing 1 tablespoon .5 syn.
Feeling good about my choices. Normally grab chocolate when i havent had tea an my little girl needs feeding (breastfeeding here) today i went with merguine nest, yoghurt and stawberries :)

Mondays 5.30 and 7.30
St Cecilia's RC Church
Mountbatten Way
Dersingham. PE30 6YE
Call Mark on 07747

Contact information 03/07/2020

Contact information

Please feel free to complete attached form if you would like to find out more about my virtual groups. No obligation to return/become a member

Mark xx

Contact information I would like to know more about joing your virtual Slimming World group


Dear all
Just to reassure you all following on from todays news - that many lockdown restrictions will be eased from 4th July- I wanted to just try stop anyone getting too excited or anxious about what is happening.
Whilst we know how desperate so many are to see our beloved groups reopen - there are many things still to work through and consider before any decisions can be made. Please know SW won't be making any decisions just yet nor do I as your consultant have any answers right now to the many questions you may have in regards to your group at this time, other than our groups are still running successfully and safely in the virtual world for the time being.
All I can say is we are determined to reopen as soon as we can and as soon as we feel we can safely do so, without putting any one at risk. We genuinely do not yet know when this might be.
I promise to keep you as informed as possible.
The great news that i can share is that we are still running groups to help and to support you all to lose weight.
Please do get intouch if you feel that the time is right and I will continue as your consultant to support you the best I can during this time.
Stay safe everyone.
Mark X


As you know I have worked for Slimming world for just over 6 years and in that time I've changed my world by losing weight and food optimising, and now made it my way of life . If you comment below I will help you

If you’re waiting for our Slimming World groups to re-open until you make the decision to return or join, according to the latest news we could be waiting months, not weeks like we first hoped...

But, as you've probably heard, we are still running amazing supportive groups to help you through lockdown (or slim down as our groups like to call it) from the comfort of your own home!
..And it's a barg*in...

It’s at a REDUCED fee (crazy or what?) ,you’ll still get full access to our :

🌈SW Lifeline Online (website),

🌈SW App,

🌈Online shop to buy HiFi bars & books,

🌈Our super popular and supportive members only FaceBook group

🌈PLUS (optional) access to our weekly group meetings (run on Zoom) which are sooo motivational and alive. Same service just a different venue

🌈If you’ve been missing from group there no backfees to pay!!

Which heart best describes you?

❤️ I’m a current SW member & loving it!

💚 I’d like to join & want more information about the virtual package

🧡 I’d like to come back to Slimming World & would like to know more

stay safe Mark ❤️


To our treasured Slimming World members everywhere

By now, you’ll probably have heard from your Consultant that, following the latest government guidance to businesses, we are, temporarily, suspending groups all over the UK and Ireland, with immediate effect.

During this global crisis, we’ve done what Slimming World has always done - and will always do. We’ve put you, our wonderful communities of members, at the heart of every decision we make.

Wherever it’s been humanly possible, we’ve stayed open, we’ve been there to support you and we’ve taken extra measures to protect your health and wellbeing. We’ve done this because we know a Slimming World group is so much more than a place to get help with your weight, so much more than finding that help to become slimmer, fitter and healthier.

In the whole world of help for slimmers, there’s nowhere like a Slimming World group. A Slimming Word group is place where people find compassion and understanding, friendship and fun, a shot of motivation and the confidence to carry on, even when times get tough. Thanks to you and our wonderful Consultants - working together - our groups give people hope in a world that can sometimes feel full of desperation.

We know (we’ve witnessed it so many times) our groups bring out the best in people. We recognise and applaud you, as you show that same compassion and kindness to others. Your warmth and kindness shines out and lights up the world. True to form, that is exactly what you’ve been doing throughout these past few weeks of uncertainty. And I can’t begin to tell you how happy and proud that’s made every single one of us at Slimming World.

So, while we will stay exactly in line with all the advice set out by our countries’ leaders in their efforts to keep us as healthy as possible during this unprecedented crisis, we will therefore be suspending our groups for the time being. We will absolutely not be giving up on YOU or our life-changing, life-saving organisation. Not once, in the past 50 years, have we ever done that. Not once has a tough time beaten Slimming World and it’s not about to beat us now!

As I write this, our teams are working behind the scenes to develop temporary ‘virtual’ community options that will ensure we can bring a remote Slimming World service to you at home. Our aim is to bring these to you next week (w/c 23rd March) if we possibly can - because we know that for many of you, the thought of trying to manage your weight alone at home, when life feels as though it’s been turned upside down is a frightening thought. And continuing to nourish our bodies with healthy, family-friendly, home-cooked meals has never been more important.

Whilst a remote group will never be the same as your physical Slimming World group, technology means that we can maintain connections even when we’re physically isolated from each other. We are searching for the best way to do this, whether we use social media, a specialised online service such as Slimming Word Online or something more intimate and supervised so we can continue to support our members while not abandoning those most vulnerable in our society. We are searching for a Slimming World solution, where we can give each other motivation, practical help and advice, tips, hope – and make each other laugh with that famous sense of humour you possess. We will draw on our courage and strength and help others do the same. We will raise your spirits when you’re down and let you raise ours when we falter.

We may be apart but we do not have to be alone.
Despite the difficulties we are about to face, we will face them together and, with our combined energy and creativity, determination and compassion, we will all resurface stronger, braver and fitter than ever.

Stay with us, because we will always stay with you.
With all my love always, to you our members, your Consultants and your families,




We just wanted to reassure our members that we’re doing what we can to keep our groups running and keep them as safe as possible.

We’re constantly monitoring government advice and if things change we will update you.
We’ve no reason to believe we’re at any greater risk than anywhere else but we’re taking sensible precautions -

We’ve suspended any food taster events and we are encouraging hand washing on arrival at group AND on leaving -

It’s advisable to bring your own cup for tea and coffee.

Our consultants are ensuring scales are regularly cleaned and are taking local measures to keep venues a safe place.

If we have some groups that have to change venue temporarily your consultant will let you know. If you’re intending to visit a different group one week do check on the SW website in case of any changes.

If you are at all worried about attending group, then please contact your Consultant personally. Your Consultant will help to ensure that if needed, you can weigh in at a time where there will be a limited amount of contact with other members in group if necessary and you feel that this will be beneficial to you.

And of course if you feel unwell at all or you have to self isolate then we would recommend contacting your consultant and they will advise you what we can do to support you during that time.

We will keep monitoring our groups on a daily basis and keep you up to date on a regular basis.

We know how vital our support is and we will do everything we can to keep our services running to help you stay on track. Our ultimate aim is to keep all of our SW family safe, well and continuing to lose weight ❤️

From your local Slimming World
Consultants in King's Lynn & West Norfolk


Hi everyone! Just to let you know there is FREE joining with all twelve week plans in The Sun newspaper until March 6th saving £19.90! 😁 Please feel free to contact me for group details etc 🙂 x

Photos from Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham's post 28/02/2020

Did you know that Slimming Worlds Greatest Loser 2019, Jon Vidler joined Slimming World 9 times before he finally went on to lose over 20 stone!??!!! The moral of this story is....
If at first you don’t succeed...try and try ag*in and NEVER give up!!


📢📣Calling all local businesses and Salons 📣📢

🌸If you have decided to bin Gossip Magazines and will no longer be offering these to your clients, please get in touch with me and we would happily supply you with some lovely Slimming World magazines free of charge with real life, motivational stories and fabulous food ideas too - just drop me a message and I can get some dropped to you 🌸

💙In a world where you can be anything, 🧡


You will often hear Slimming World members say that in their group they feel a part of something special, a sense of real community spirit can be found in all our groups and I couldn't be more proud of how we all pulled together across all our groups throughout January to support the Kings Lynn Food Bank ❤️ Thank you to every member that contributed you really helped make a difference ❤️

Photos from Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham's post 19/02/2020

Pick up a Slimming World-friendly grab-and-go lunch with our brand-new Free Food bowls – with six different dishes on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice 🙌. And that’s not all... pick up any three meats or meals from our range at Iceland Foods and get one of these limited-edition side dishes thrown in for free 🥕🍅🥬!


Free Membership offer in Closer magazine on sale from Today ❤️


Can we lose weight without attending a Slimming group?
Of course we can! And most of us have!
There are all sorts of diets out there...the cabbage soup diet (🥬), the morning banana diet (🍌), the baby food diet (👶) as well as the more well known ones. And they'll all work in the short term...because if you do ANY diet you're going to lose some weight...simply because you're changing what you eat.

Also, of course, we have all the potions, shakes, pills and patches we could ever want that promise us all sorts of miracles in a short space of time. 🥛

And now, on top of all that, there are so many online pages and groups to support us in our weight loss quest...I won't name them but some are fab, some not so fab and others are downright worrying.

So...if we have all this at our fingertips why would we need anything more?

Well this is why I need more than all of the above...I need !

If you have never attended a Slimming World group before then I promise you, you really don't know what you're missing.

in group is something that simply can't be found online or in a potion or patch. If you haven't yet been to a Slimming World group...especially one of mine 🥰... it's hard to imagine the warmth, the love, the empathy and care that you experience when you are part of a group of likeminded people who are all working together to achieve their aim.
If you haven't been to a group...especially one of mine 😍... you can't imagine the boost that our members get to their own motivation by being in their group surrounded by people who inspire them and challenge them to keep reaching higher.
And if you haven't been to a group...especially one of mine 🤗... it's unlikely that you can really imagine the fun, laughter and excitement that we see in our groups week in week out.

Basically...unless you've been to any of our groups...especially one of mine 🤩... it's doubtful that you know what , that SLIMMING WORLD feeling, is all why not come along and find out!

Because once you've experienced you won’t ever look back # #


If January wasn’t your month here’s a cheeky little offer to make February the month to start your journey to a slimmer, healthier, happier you.
Your local group will be waiting with a warm welcome xx

02/02/2020 you're sitting there thinking to yourself "I am definitely going back to Slimming World at some point or "I am absolutely going to get around to joining at some point" then this is for you 😘

Because if you bear in mind that, at the end of next month, we'll have done a quarter of the year already, then it's easy to see how time slips away.

So how long are you planning to leave it? 🤷‍♀️

Imagine what you could achieve in one month? Half a stone? EASY! 😊

So imagine what you could achieve in 11 months? Target? ABSOLUTELY! 😃

What are you waiting for? January's gone...but February isn't! 🥳

Mark xx


Marion got

When I first walked through the door at a Slimming World group I thought this won't work but, how wrong was I? Not only does it work I met some lovely people by going to group that were all in the same situation as myself. It became like just going to a friends house. Food optimising is so easy is not like being on a diet but healthy eating so flexible that doesn’t even stop you socialising. Im so glad that I made the first step into that room which you think is a room of scary people, only to find out it was the start of something amazing.


***EXCITING EVENT*** We are thrilled to share that we have been invited to host an open evening at the Food Warehouse store at the Hardwick this Friday between 6pm & 8pm. There will be an opportunity to chat to our local team of consultants about all things Slimming World & to taste some of the Slimming World range of frozen ready meals

Timeline photos 22/01/2020

Timeline photos

“Simple but delicious!” Alix (sw_alixwiltshire on Instagram) says her bacon, lettuce and tomato pasta kept her full while she worked the late shift 🥓🥬🍅. Share some of your lunch-time favourites that have helped you navigate through the busier days in the comments below! 👇


Our latest free membership offer on sale in the shops from today ❤️


Blue Monday


I’m Kieran a busy working dad of three young girls who was in denial of how overweight I really was at 5 feet 11 and weighing 17 stone 8lb. I work shifts so just ate whatever I could lay my hands on without even thinking about it. I would eat as a hobby rather than because I actually wanted to. I took the leap of faith with slimming world after a friend had success and I was fed up of being tired all the time and my joints hurting at the end of everyday. Before going I was worried about being the only man at group and being a bit of an outcast. However from the moment I walked through those doors I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome and supported. It doesn’t matter about your s*x, colour, nationality or anything else for that matter, everyone is an equal who are all working towards the same goal. Food optimising has shocked me with the variety that you can eat, you can make almost anything but with a better understanding of food. It’s not a strict regime but a change in attitude which is sustainable. I’m so glad I made the choice to join the SW family and am looking forward to my healthier, slimmer future after loosing 3 stone since joining 15 weeks ago.


Latest free membership offer ❤️


Meet Masara

I started slimming world almost a year ago now and can easily say it was the best decision I ever made, not only did I need to lose the weight for health reasons but I hated the way I looked, the food and recipes are amazing, I have come to like foods i thought I never would. My confidence has grown and continues to do so as I continue my weight loss journey.


Jade shares with us so beautifully...
'Slimming World has completely changed my life. I feel so much happier in myself, walking through those doors just over 6 months ago was the best thing I could've done for myself.
The best advice I can give to any new member is - be open minded, stay to group each week, read your books thoroughly and MEAL PLAN😊'


Slimming World is a judgement-free zone!

Photos from Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham's post 19/11/2019

They join for free!!! You get a free week!!! What’s not to love about that? ❤️❤️



Your share could save a life

Here at Dersingham St Cecilias RC Church every Monday @ 5.30 and 7.30 we have heard so many times of how weightloss has improved sugar levels to the point of not only reducing medication but completely stopping it.
If you suffer from diabetes come along and give as go at supporting you to a healthier happier life without ever going hungry, feeling deprived or missing out on your favourite treats.
With a few baby step changes you WILL see the pounds drop off in great big chunks

If you would like friendly chat before making that step through our door please feel free to call me on 07747618878

Slimming World's Woman of the Year 2019 - Wendy Deacon 12/11/2019

Slimming World's Woman of the Year 2019 - Wendy Deacon

Stunning !!

Slimming World's Woman of the Year 2019 - Wendy Deacon Wendy Deacon, 49 from Dublin has lost more than half her bodyweight after her young daughter worried that she would ‘eat herself to death’. Wendy started g*i...


Thought I would just Park this here 🤔🤔 xx

Photos from Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham's post 11/11/2019

And that’s only if you’re going to celebrate with our American friends 🤔


This month is diabetes month, this is an exert from an actual message from a member who’s is eating unlimited healthy foods, enjoying treats, still enjoying life, (has even recently been on holiday) and is losing weight for ever, not only seeing changes to their body on the outside but amazing changes inside, hidden killers, changes that mean a longer healthier life ❤️❤️

‘ just want you to know I went to the diabetic nurse today to be told that diabetic blood count is supposed to be 52 . Mine was 108 at worst 84 three months ago today it was 50 . I am so super pleased so I'm off 1 tablet already . Back for blood test in 3 months to see if I can come off another . Also my cholesterol is the best it's been at 3.2 and my blood pressure is the lowest its ever been since being diagnosed. Sorry for the mega long text . I just wanted you to know as you are there to help us all the way through . So a mahoosive ty to you for ever . It really has changed my life’

And you can too !!

Come and find out how, at 5.30 or 7.30, with the support of like minded people you can live a longer, healthier, slimmer, happier life without ever feeling hungry or deprived !!
Slimming World, a completely different, healthy and sustainable way to lose weight 😀

Mark ❤️


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What would you love? 🤔

Photos from Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham's post 29/10/2019

You could wait until January and join on mass with even more excess weight to lose or do as Ricky did this time last year and started 2019 2st 12 1/2 lbs lighter.
Join NOW for free, beat the January rush and get a head start for a slimmer, happy and healthier 2020

Be brave or be late to the party 🤔

Ricky’s words
‘Nearly a year being with the slimming world family, 6st 11lbs lighter, can certainly feel and see the difference and now being a new target member I'm looking forward to maintaining my weight and living a happier and healthier lifestyle’.


⭐️What a fab photo! 152 brand new SW consultants completing their training this weekend at our Head Office ready to launch their own groups in January ⭐️
Their smiling faces says it’s all- such an exciting career ahead of them 😊 all members who have been specially chosen to help others and given this special opportunity.
We have opportunities to join our team & our very own information event this Saturday 2nd November that tells you all that’s involved in the Consultant role. Give me a wave if you’d like to come along 👋 💖


This October, take the first step towards achieving your weight-loss dreams with our latest offer in Closer Magazine. Pick up this week’s issue – available today – where you’ll find a voucher to join your local Slimming World group for free! 😍🎉


Exactly what did almost 7 years ago and don’t regret it one bit ❤️

Photos from Slimming World at St Cecilia's Dersingham's post 01/10/2019

Still time to be 2 stone or more lighter before the big day ❤️❤️

If you would love that with still being able to eat your family favourite meals, never go hungry, still enjoy treats like chocolate ( my all time favourite 😜) crisps or a sneaky wine etc plus learn how you can enjoy a fab Christmas without starting 2020 with an unwanted weight g*in, treat yourself to the current Best magazine and come and join us for free next Monday and receive unrivalled support to achieve your weight loss dreams

For more information you can text/ call me on 07747618778

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St Cecilia's RC Church, Mountbatten Way

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