Bec's Nails

Qualified Nail Technician, specialising in Gels, Acrylics and Nail Art. "The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails!"

This page is to show people my work, some inspiration and to allow clients to book appointments with me. I have over 120 colours and glitters to choose from, not to mention an array of Swarovski crystals to glam up your nails...

[08/30/18]   Getting some enquires about nails...i've just had my baby so I'm currently on mat leave. Will update when I start up again. Kind regards Bec x

[05/30/18]   I didn't really want to have to put this on facebook, however lots of people are asking me for appts....I have been signed off work by my Midwife/Gp for the final 12 weeks of pregnancy due to health issues. I hope you can all understand and respect that my wellbeing and babies health are of utmost priority. Thank you all for your loyalty and support

[05/12/18]   Anybody wanting prom nails this year I won't be available. Sorry for any invonvienience.

[04/17/18]   Sorry for inconvenience caused due to illness and hospital appointments. I understand if you have to go else where whilst I am unable to commit.

[04/11/18]   Any clients for the rest of this week and next please can you reschedule. Unfortunately I have appointments all over the place. I've got dr/hospital appt this Saturday, next Monday and next Weds. So sorry for any inconvenience. Blame the baby. When he or she arrives you have my permission to have words!

[03/18/18]   Tomorrow I have someone in at 9:30 and someone in at 10. If there is anyone else who I booked for tomorrow please let me know my diary is still hiding!

[03/15/18]   Those of of you with an appt Monday 19th please message me to let me know the time. Misplaced my diary.

[03/11/18]   Appts for gel only available this week:
Monday 12:30pm
Tuesday 11am 12pm 1pm
Wednesday 11am 12pm

[02/25/18]   I've decided to do only gels up until baby. Acrylics will be put on hold. Please bare this in mind when booking. Take it as an opportunity to get your natural nails into great health and shape.

[02/20/18]   I'm starting back Monday 26th Feb 2 days a week to begin.
Appts available will be limited and probably best suited to gel clients to start with.
Monday 26th: 12:00pm 1pm
Tuesday 27th: 11am 12pm

Comment to secure a slot.

[02/16/18]   So as most of you now know I'm pregnant and have been poorly with colitis and morning sickness but I'm getting over the worst now and am planning to start back 2 days a week in the next few weeks which I will keep you updated about. I've cancelled the subscription to my booking system because I'll need every penny with a baby on the way so it's back to good old mesages. Thanks all so much for your patience and loyalty x

[01/16/18]   First day back didn't go to plan. Colitis is very much controlling my life at the minute so all I can say is not to get your hopes up for your appts ladies. I have a contact for another technician who uses the same gel as me who has kindly offered to help me out whilst poorly. Her name is Leanne Forbes. Im sorry to have to let you all down. I will be back I just don't know when. Please be patient and keep on top of your nails with Leanne. 😘

[01/14/18]   Hoping to start back next Tuesday 16th. My hours are reduced from 10am-3pm to start with. If you'd like an appt please use the online system to book

[01/12/18]   Being poorly doesn't mean I've forgotten anyone or keeping up to date with new colours. 12 newbies to be swatched later 🙈🙊

[01/08/18]   Bec is still unwell. Please refrain from booking online appts as we don't know when she will be better. She will put a message out to everyone when she's back to good health. Until then she understands if you need to go elsewhere. Sorry for any inconvenience but her health is priority.

[01/05/18]   I'm still very unwell...if you need to go else where to get your nails sorted until I'm back on the mend I totally understand. Your £5 off will also be extended past January if needs be. I'll be in touch with you all as soon as I'm fit for work. Sorry again for any inconvenience.

[01/02/18]   Due to ill health I've been advised by my gp to work shorter hours until I'm on the mend. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. I will message those of you booked in later to rearrange. I'm so sorry. Hope you can all understand

[01/01/18]   If your appointments for the 4th and 5th are yet to be confirmed it's because I'm unwell so holding off bookings at the minute. Sorry for any inconvenience.

[12/23/17]   Finally finished for Christmas. Thank you to all clients who came this last week and turned up on time to help everything run smoothly. Hope you all have a good one x

[12/20/17]   From now - Saturday it's going to be near impossible to reply to messages so please bare with me. If it's urgent ring and leave a message 😘

[12/20/17]   Lights in dove this morning please allow extra time for your journey x

[12/18/17]   Day 1 of busy week is here. Look forward to seeing you soon. Remember please show up on time and try ro know what colours/glitters/art you'd like 😘😘

[12/16/17]   Tuesday 19th 1:30 appointment available suitable for gel overlays. First come first serve. (Please share)

[12/15/17]   Thursday 21st at 3pm just come up suitable for acrylics, infills or gels. First come first serve...

[12/14/17]   Can any clients in today please let me know whether you can make it or not. I have appts available tomorrow if these are your Xmas ones 😘

[12/12/17]   Christmas appointment come up next Tuesday @ 2:30 (not up for swaps) first come first serve basis...

[12/09/17]   A client asked me if I'd be buying anymore gels before Xmas and I said absolutely not. Well I'm sorry because I lied 12 more on the way ready for Xmas week 🙊🙈🙈

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