The Therapy Studio

The Therapy Studio

Dunvegan based, established, qualified and insured massage therapist with 15 years experience. Specialising in injuries (not necessarily sports related), using massage techniques along with kinesio taping. General Swedish massage also available.

Located just outside Dunvegan, Isle of Skye. I am an established, qualified and insured massage therapist with over 15 years experience. I specialise in injuries (not necessarily sports specific). Methods of treatment include Ultrasound scanner to Investigate issues, Radial Shock Wave Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Sports/Remedial massage and Kineoslogy Taping. Personal Training in a private Professional gym. Fitness classes in Dunvegan Community hall.

Pleased to see the first of the new signage up today, hopefully making us more visible😀.
Many times I’m asked what is the difference between a clinical and a spa/relaxation massage.
Most trained and qualified massage therapists start of with the basics, which is usually Swedish, it tends to be used in most Spa clinics. It’s a generic form of massage and can be used for relaxation or to help with minor aches and pains.
Whereas clinical massage tends to focus on functional outcomes over specific issues, working more deeply into the soft tissue helping even more with pain relief.
The beauty of what we offer is a mix of both modalities and working closely with our clients we determine what’s best for their needs.
I’m also a great believer in utilising the latest technology to take the level of repair to another level.
No one else in the Highlands is using the mix of Radial Shockwave Therapy, Biomodulation , Ultrasound, Shortwave Therapy, Myofascial Release, various massage techniques including hot stones and bamboo.
The more we research and modalities we take on board, the more we can help our clients😀.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us here or on
01478 612859👍.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New year in 2020.
We are back open again from Friday 3rd January for consultations, looking forward to seeing you all, enjoying the bliss from the services we provide😀.

Wishing all of our friends and clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year🎅🏻.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, well wishes and the positive feedback we have had since moving into the new facility in Portree.
The business closes on Christmas eve ( sorry- already full until then) ☹️, and reopens on Friday the 3rd of January.
We still have Gift Certificates, for the last minute special present, until we close😀.
So enjoy the festive holidays and see you all in 2020😃!!

Christmas is getting closer, and if your still looking for that last minute gift, our vouchers are perfect.
Either a spa sensation with various massage techniques including everyone’s favourite hot bamboo 😀.
Or if someone needs that fix, back pain, frozen shoulder etc etc, then let us use the technology to fix you👍.

Well it took a bit longer than anticipated, but that’s me now into the Therapy Studio’s new facility in Portree. Already got clients cuing up to get in,so thanks for that👍🏻.
So officially that’s Phase 1 over, Phase 2 has started and very soon all will be revealed, as to what’s going to be new, and of course innovative 😀. Really want to provide a service that offers the full Wellbeing package, both clinical and therapeutic.

You couldn’t ask for a better gift than a voucher from the Therapy Studio. Whether it’s for a pamper Hot stone and Bamboo massage. Or to repair an issue that’s been bothering you, allowing you to enjoy the season of goodwill 😀.

Into the first few days of opening and already our clients are feeling the benefits of Silke’s combined range of Therapies that she offers, along with the new premises getting great feedback, can’t wait to get in and start working myself😀.
We have introduced a new Shockwave unit into Portree, it’s powered by an electromagnetic system that delivers a precise wave of energy into the area needed. With such precision it’s great for muscle/ligament tissue and tendon problems. The energy released in the treatment area improves metabolism and blood circulation, thereby stimulating the bodies own self healing mechanism.
Along with the combination of Ultrasound, hot stones and hot bamboo the treatments are proving to be fantastic👍.
Also the greatest Christmas gift someone could receive is a gift that could help with their wellbeing and health, so please don’t forget gift vouchers are now available😀.

All set up and ready for a weekend at Skeabost Hotel Christmas Craft fair. Come along for a chat or even a coffee😀.

Really pleased to announce that the first treatment room in the new venue will be ready for Monday the 25th November, anyone requiring appointments with Silke please get in touch.
The new number for the Therapy studio is 01478 612859, and in case anyone was unsure it’s in the Marketplace, next door to Skye Wholesale, Portree😀.
I personally will be moving over week ending the 6th of December.
Also this weekend we will be on board at the Skeabost Hotel Christmas Craft Fair, from Friday 22nd November to Sunday 24 November, we will have an onsite massage chair, portable Shockwave unit and Biomodulation for anyone interested to have any minor issues repaired, and of course vouchers in time for that perfect Christmas present.
Should you have any questions about the new venue etc, feel free to come along and have a chat😀.

Hi everyone, just a progress report of how things are going with all of the moves etc. As of tomorrow we are out of Skye Gym and hopefully will have one treatment room up and running in the next week or so at the new facility, but will update you when it’s closer to the time. The first room will be for Silke, and hopefully followed closely by myself. I am still treating clients from Dunvegan for now, should anyone require any issues repaired.
The new facility is based at unit 1C, next door to Skye Wholesale, Market place , Portree.
For now best contact is by using existing numbers and emails.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fiona Weir for giving us the opportunity to establish a client database in Portree at Skye Gym😀.
I can confirm at this stage, we will be offering a lot more at the new base, combining both branches of the Therapy Studio along with new treatments as well (watch this space 🤔).
Here is pic of the progress and once again thanks for all of the best wishes and support from you all👍🏻.

Just a quick update, for all of Silke’s clients in Portee, I am aware of a few people trying to book in. Owing to a family emergency, she has had to return home to Munich and hopefully she will be back soon. Thanks for your patience and some of the lovely messages already received 👍.

So many people are aware of Kinesiology taping, but on most occasions users aren’t even aware of how to use or what it’s even doing.
Therefore here is a brief list of what it actually does and doesn’t do.
Firstly it isn’t a physio/ support tape, you get virtually no support at all, apart from a placebo effect with it being applied to the skin.
It was designed in Japan by a Dr Kenso Kase more than 25 years ago, to assist in helping traumatised tissue and muscles on Sports persons.
It was manufactured to mimic the skins elasticity, aiding blood flow and speeding up the natural healing process.
But after years of research more often it’s used now to reduce inflammation, by separating the subcutaneous tissue which changes pressure and enhances the lymphatic fluid system.
Many times I have seen this tape applied, by using google or utube, and can’t believe some of the methods used, this tape works and is great after any form of therapy, ie massage or shockwave therapy, but it has to be applied properly.
We at both branches of the Therapy Studio, are qualified and trained to actually apply it and use the system, so even if you need advise please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Exciting times are coming, where both Dunvegan and Portree branches are coming together, more information soon.
But a sneak pic of where we are at for now😉.

Many thanks for all of the good wishes and support from everyone, staying positive and focusing on the business and you guys (our clients), and as promised we are moving on with more technology and research.
One of the main therapies that I’ve had phenomenal success with and truly believe in is Radial Shockwave Therapy, it’s a fantastic method of breaking down calcium and scar tissue from long term (Chronic) issues allowing the body to self heal quicker, therefore I have decided to introduce a portable Shockwave system into the Portree branch, it has arrived and we are undergoing training on the system😀.
For Dunvegan, I have just received a Pulsed Shortwave Therapy unit, this system was originally designed for clients who have issues involving arthritis in joints, but more and more research has shown great changes with fibromyalgia, tendinitis and any form of inflammation.
The unit generates electromagnetic energy, producing heat, deep into the joints and soft tissue, effecting the peripheral nervous system and allowing vasodilation in the area. Therefore speeding up healing, inflammation and reducing pain.
Along with all of the other therapies provided, it’s just another form of Therapy that’s been clinically trialed with great success😀.
I will produce a list of most clinical issues and identify what therapies work best for the problem soon, so you know what to ask for👍.

It’s been a while since posted anything, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind the last few weeks, lots happening. And pleased to say very shortly the Therapy Studio will be introducing new technology in Portree and also Dunvegan. More information coming soon, as always for the sake of our clients, we try to keep up with what’s new and also what works😀.
The main reason I posted today was more of an apology to clients old and new, for not getting back to them reference appointments as quickly as I should. Sad to confirm that recently had the news that I have cancer, and must admit has taken the wind out of my sails. Been difficult to drive the business as I should, but now having come to terms with what I need to do, it’s time to stay positive and continue on the path of fixing others. So look forward to catching up with everyone very soon😀.

Yet another happy client today😀

Portree branch of the Therapy Studio is still getting some fantastic feedback, with the benefits of receiving Bamboo massage. Not only are clients experiencing the clinical benefits with the depth and heat of the bamboo, they are enjoying the therapeutic and relaxation as well.
Usually this is accompanied with either hot stones or deep tissue massage, providing that all round feel good factor.
So don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience what bliss feels like😀.

This week we have introduced a new Ultrasound unit into the Portree studio, more effective and efficient than the previous one.
Although Ultrasound therapy is not new, it is still a tried and tested form of clinical treatment modality used in clinics all over the world.
Not only does Ultrasound create heat, deep into the muscles tendons and ligaments, assisting with pain relief, localised swelling and circulation. It also creates a cavitation of the cellular structure, enabling microscopic gas bubbles to expand and contract rapidly, speeding up cellular processes and healing.
So make sure you book in to receive even more benefits of the treatments available in Portree😀.

What a day yesterday, can’t thank enough the Skye Agricultural members and volunteers for the work they put into the event, well organised and they certainly know how to look after the public and generate interest.
Accompanied by the fantastic weather, our stand was inundated with people either showing interest, asking questions or receiving free onsite massage.
But the one question that kept coming up was, what exactly does the Therapy Studio do? So many think we just offer a massage service only.
Most of the therapies we offer are designed to aid with clinical tendinopothy problems including inflammation, swelling, pain etc. Here is a list of the services we offer -

Portree branch - Swedish, Sports and Deep tissue massage, Bamboo massage, Hot stones, Lymphatic drainage, Kinesiology taping and Ultrasound.

Dunvegan branch - Deep tissue and Remedial massage, Radial Shockwave Therapy, Biomodulation, Ultrasound, Kinesiology taping.
Also a private gym for Personal training with a great range of cardiovascular equipment, resistance equipment, kettlebells and TRX, all commercial and professional rated.

Feel free to make contact, or ask any questions😀.

All ready to start the day off, sun is shining and it looks like it could be a busy day😀.

This Saturday the Therapy Studio is pleased to be at the Skye Agricultural Show in King George V field, Portree.
We will be on board to answer any questions about the treatments and services we offer. This year we will also be offering onsite massage for anyone wanting to try out this service for neck, shoulder and back tension relief.
Looking forward to meeting existing and new clients, with a bit of luck coffee and cake in hand😀.

So many clients have now commented on the positive and wonderful experience they have received with Silke using Bamboo massage, at Skye Gym, Portree.
The warmth of the bamboo is a big factor in the effectiveness of this massage. The heat allows deeper tissue penetration, meaning Silke can get into the toughest of knots.
What’s more, bamboo is really effective in treating all sorts of muscular aches, injuries and pains.
This service along with many other forms of massage and Ultrasound, is available 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday up to 7:00pm.
Contact Silke direct on 07725761426 or email [email protected]

What a fantastic weekend we had being associated with the Skye Half Marathon. As always the Skye Events team and the volunteers making Skye proud and creating a wonderful event😀.
The Therapy Studio team was certainly flat out trying to patch up and fix as many as possible, in total we had 42 runners and made £315 going towards the Macmillan Charity trust fund, so really pleased with the outcome.
The pic below was of Silke working on first local runner Hugh Campbell who came in second with a 1:12:14 and a new local record, well done Hugh 👍.

This weekend the team at the Therapy Studio are pleased to be on board, assisting where necessary any runners needing massage/ Kt taping at the Skye Half Marathon.
We will be in on the Friday night setting up and chatting to anyone with any questions, or needing any pre event work done. Then back in all day before and after the main event on Saturday.
The bookings will have to be on a first come first serve basis, but we will work a register.
All donations for Therapy provided, will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Care, with a minimum of £5:00 suggested charge.
Any locals, if gaps are available feel free to buy a well earned coffee for the team😀 or even jump onto a massage table, for any issues needing resolved.
See you all then 😀.

Skye Gym

Photoshoot today @skyegym promoting Skye Therapy Studio. Silke, Graham and myself are all delighted that the therapy studio is officially up and running. Gift vouchers available too👌 #teamwork #skyegym #skyetherapystudio

First week in and can’t believe the positive and grateful responses I’ve had with reference to the services offered now, by Silke in Skye Gym, Portree.
Already a lot of new clients are asking for repeat bookings, owing to the level and standard of massage being provided😀.
As well as offering Deep tissue/Sports massage combined with Ultrasound and Hot stones, coming soon we will be offering Bamboo massage.
Although these treatments can be used for Spa style therapies, with Silke using her background as a Physiotherapist, the treatments are working really well for clients with muscular issues, general pain, tendinitis and tendinopathy.
Now Dunvegan is focusing more on clinical applications with the use of Biomodulation, Radial Shockwave therapy, Ultrasound along with the combination of Deep tissue/ Sports massage.
Please feel free to message for any enquiries😀.

It is with great sadness and heavy heart, that I had to say goodbye to my best friend and companion for nearly 15 years tonight. Millie my dog, loved and adored by many of my clients, was always keen to greet them with a waggy tail and smile, especially if a biscuit was involved.
A huge void to fill now, but after a long struggle with illness, I hope she’s in a happy place now.
RIP Millie 😢.

Once again over the moon to announce that the second branch of the Therapy Studio in Skye Gym opens and is available for bookings from Monday 13th May😀.
The therapies initially offered will be Deep tissue Sports and Remedial Massage, Ultrasound, Hot stones, Swedish massage, Lymphatic drainage massage and KT taping.
To make a booking please contact Silke on 07725761426 or email [email protected].
Silke is very much looking forward to meeting new clients and settling in to her new role😀.

The Therapy Studio is really pleased to announce that from May(dates to be confirmed), a second branch will be opening in Portree, based in Skye Gym.
This will help to reduce some of the waiting time to get into the Dunvegan studio and offer even more options in areas of massage.
The new service will be carried out by a Silke Fleckner, a Physiotherapist from Germany, a very qualified and experienced massage therapist.
Silke initially, will offer :- Deep tissue Remedial massage, Sports massage, Swedish massage, Lymphatic drainage massage, Bamboo massage, Hot stones and Myofascial Release.
It’s great to be branching into Portree but even more so, creating a synergy with Skye Gym. Where better to be based for Sports related injuries and problems😀.
Further details for contact and appointments to be released soon.

Our Story

Located in Portree, Isle of Skye. I am an established, qualified and insured massage therapist with over 20 years experience. I specialise in injuries (not necessarily sports specific). Methods of treatment include Ultrasound scanner to Investigate issues, Radial Shock Wave Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Biomodulation, Sports/Remedial massage and Kineoslogy Taping. Working alongside my partner Silke, who has a background in Physiotherapy and various forms of massage including Hot stones and Bamboo.

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