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Bro,this page is awesome !
Amazing ! Inspiring ! thank you Gibbet FX :)
I am absolutely delighted to be joining the wonderful folks at House of Helsinglight in Sweden from Friday in a 3 week stay as part of their Alternative Artist in Residence post. As a working SFX community,they are passionate in engaging people in all areas of SFX sculpture,costume, techniques and skills through a range of amazing courses. I am very much looking forward to what promises to be an exciting exchange of skills and ideas. This has been made entirely possible due to the support of both Creative Scotland and The National Lottery Fund.
The horror scenes are a dram too gory for me, so I'm unsure as to whether or not to join this merry band.
Thanks for the invite!
Thanks for the course this weekend! It was lots of fun and very interesting. Can't wait to try at home now!
Got Ali an anniversary gift of a two day intro to creature design. He made a shark. Obviously!
Good gills Gibbet FX? :-)
Amazing 2 day prosthetics workshop! Thanks so much for teaching us all about pustules and buboes! Here is some evidence of our efforts
ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT FOR THE "INTRO TO HORROR FX" WEEKEND COURSE! Know anyone that wants a weird Christmas?..
This was a fun project to work on.
Thank you so much Cal, I really enjoyed the monster and creature design course, it was well worth travelling up from Durham. You made each day really interesting and fun and I learned so much during the course. You're a fantastic teacher and you have really inspired me to create many more freaky things. Gus has settled into his new home. He still looks furious but I think he's happy here 😃 👽

Special FX Artist,Concept Design, FX Makeup & Props for Film,TV and Theater. Course provider and training.

Gibbet FX is an Edinburgh based studio dedicated to providing practical Special effects,MU FX and props to the Film,TV and Theatre industry.We also run short vocational skills development courses and create our own In-house content in collabaration with other industry partners.

"Killer Queen" I repainted this cheap bootleg T-Rex and somehow ended up making it look like Freddy Mercury from face on. Any clues as to who produced the original sculpt? Also welcome are any Queen/ dinosaur puns. We will,we will Rex you! ( I've given you two now but SURELY you guys can do better..)

A couple of wee dino repaints. These guys were quite small and although they were somewhat lacking in terms of detail/sculpting I thought they had a certain charm. I'm guessing that one is a species of stegosaur (not sure which) and I'd hazard a guess that the other is possibly a Camptosaurus.

Another bootleg dino repaint. This was an odd figure with a bit of a dodgy zebra stripe finish but it had a certain charm. Not sure of the original make or species ( some kind of Iguanodont I'm guessing?). The posture looks a bit awkward,like it's been drinking at a water hole and has been startled.

Gibbet FX

Gibbet FX's cover photo

"Lambeosaurus" Did a quick repaint of the Invicta model.Actually was a repaint in this case because although the original was a solid piece of purple plastic I had attempted a previous paintjob which I wasn't particularly happy with. Like this one better.

"Troodon" - paintjob to line-up the old Invicta model. Original was solid orange plastic on a beige base. Interesting to see how Troodon was portrayed some 30 odd years ago.These days it would be covered with feathers.However, there is a nice simple elegance and poise to the sculpt I feel gives it a very natural quality.

"Muttaburrasaurus" - I'd say this is a repaint of the old Invicta model but it's not really that as the original was just a solid piece of orange plastic. Lovely sculpt though which I wanted to bring out a bit with some colours.

"Bulldog" - This was the first robot to go into production in Britain and saw service throughout WW2 and beyond. Finished making this junkbot a while back but thought since its VE day posting it today seemed apt.

Bit of a weird post this, but I use this old can of Spam to hold my weathering pencils and gel pens. There was no way it was going in the bin. Such a strange mix of Monty Python, food packaging and theatrical promotion..I like it!

"STAP" - I don't often do off the shelf model kits but this one was fun to do. Bit of an older build but it is Star Wars Day. May the 4th and all that..

"Tengu" Its been a while since I posted a scratchbuilt junkbot,so here is a Japanese WW2 one I did recently. It was an aerial assault robot that was equipped with a basic jet booster that allowed for short "hops" which was extremely effective in out flanking attackers.

Plesiosaur paintjob.This was the Invicta model cast in a solid dark blue plastic. Decided to try a pattern based on the common seal for this one. Particularly like how it brings out the details in the face which were less obvious when unpainted. Looks very like a monitor lizard head.

Gibbet FX's cover photo

"Jet Speeder" I've always loved the idea of jet bikes so I threw this one together from bits of junk and old toy parts.

"Baryonyx" Another repaint on a cheap dino toy I bought. Not sure of the make and don't have any "before" pics,sadly. The original was a solid pea green colour with a couple of orange stripes along the sides. Thought it deserved a bit more attention tbh..

Another repaint on a cheap bootleg dinosaur I bought. I know it's a species of ankylosaur but not sure which one or who the original manufacturers were. Anyhow,decided to go with a colour scheme based on the Australian Thorny Lizard as it shared some striking similarities..

"Greiber" - I sculpted this wee guy in March while on my stay at House of Helsinglight ,Sweden as Alternative Artist in Residence. It wasn't really practical to assemble the casting and paint it prior to returning to Scotland though,so finally got around to finishing it off!

Build an awesome High Rise - Model Scenery Tutorial

This is awesome.

If you’ve ever wanted to build an ultra-realistic high rise apartment building then this video is for you! I can’t imagine there’d be many people with such a...

"Kappa" A WW2 Japanese battlerobot that combined thick armour and crushing claws with the added ability for amphibious attacks. Yet another junkbot I threw together.

Found a cheap bootleg Styracosaurus toy and gave it a quick repaint. The only dinosaur that should be purple is Barney tbh.

The Fantasy ART by Sakis Theodorou

Check this out..God level steampunk design by Sakis Teodorou. All hand machined...drool.......

Project 2019

The Fantasy ART by Sakis Theodorou

If you want to see some exquisite,beautiful creations you would be well advised to visit this guys page.Jaw dropping stuff..

The Fantasy Art, handmade works by Sakis Theodorou
Xειροποίητα έργα από τον Σάκη Θεοδώρου

"Leshy" - this robot was originally designed by the Socialist Peoples Workers Party to help with forestry and the lumber trade. However, with resources stretched during the siege of Stalingrad,they were put on the frontline to defend against the german advance with very messy results. Another wee junkbot I made.

Gibbet FX's cover photo

"Smokey Joe" - this heavily armoured flamethrower wielding US robot primarily saw action in the Pacific during WW2. Yet another wee junkbot I did,thrown together from random toy parts and junk.

Quick repaint of a cheap dinosaur toy I picked up. The dino in question is the long necked stegosaur Miragia, a beautifully weird and wonderful beast!

"Mordred" Another WW2 junkbot. I reckon the British designers had been reading far too much H G Wells when they came up with this one.

" Kitsune" - Have a LOT of spare time now so been building quite a few more junkbot from odds and ends. Fancied trying a different style so made this WW2 Japanese robot. Liked the idea that the Japanese ones might incorporate elements of traditional shogun culture and folklore.

Gibbet FX's cover photo

"Punkranha"..Painted silicon cast from quick monsterclay sculpt and stone mould.

Gibbet FX's cover photo

"Domovoi" Decided to go for a WW2 Stalinist russia approach for my latest wee junkbot. I imagine it endlessly blaring state propaganda from its loudspeaker.

"Hellboy " Finally got around to casting and painting the monsterclay sculpt I did a while back.Always loved the style of the Mignola comic book Hellboy and wanted to capture that "Aww,crap!" expression he does.

House of Helsinglight Highlights! It's hard to believe that my incredible 3 weeks as Alternative Artist In Residence (AAIR) here in Sweden has come to an end. Time has just flown by in a creative flurry and I feel I have not only made some cool stuff but some firm and lasting friendships too. I cannot recommend House of Helsinglight highly enough whether you wish to study on one of their many SFX courses, stay as an Artist in Residence, visit or exhibit in the fantastic gallery - this place should be firmly on your map of places to go! My deepest thanks go out to my incredible and inspiring hosts, Petra,Fredrik and Fredrik for their warmth and hospitality during my stay and I have a feeling that I'll be back before long..

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