Nataliya Al-ta'ai - CND Grand Master Artist at Soprano Ice Edinburgh

I am proud to use CND (Creative Nail Design) nail systems and treatments at the clinic as CND create the finest nail products in the world and they only sell to trained, professional nail artists so you KNOW you are in the safest of hands!

CND Vinylux, CND Shellac Brand 14+ days nail colour, Brisa and Brisa Lite gel systems, Retention+ liquid & powder system. I will carefully choose the system to suit your personal needs and lifestyle. I can accomplish anything and everything for your fingers and toes! So, sit back and let me create the perfect nail coatings customized specifically for you, to suit you and to get you noticed…. ...after all, its all about YOU.

Operating as usual

Few appointments are still available this week and next week for a set of fabulous nails! #cnd #Shellac #nailsinedinburgh #nailsinbruntsfield

Exciting news!

💆🏻‍♀️ 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐱, 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐱, 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐱… 💆🏻‍♀️

We are delighted to introduce Adele to our award-winning team. With over 15 years experience Adele specialises in Swedish Massage for complete relaxation and Deep Tissue Sports massage for aches, pains, postural issues and chronic pain conditions.

Both treatments will be available within the clinic each Tuesday and alternate Saturday's.

Book Now to enjoy the calming benefits, improved circulation and ease of muscular strain.

[email protected]

The Exact Shades Used For The Duchess Of Sussex’s Bridal Manicure Revealed And yes, we do mean shades, plural

Your safety is our priority! We love the Zoono!

𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝, 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐬𝐚𝐟𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐬 🤲🏼✨

When entering the clinic, you will be asked to sanitise your hands with Zoono hand sanitiser. It delivers 24-hour protection with one application. Zoono has been tested and certified to kill Covid-19 and many other pathogenicitys.

Soprano ICE Edinburgh


We are so excited to be back! 🤩

Please have a read over the safety measures we have put in place to keep both our clients and our staff safe throughout this time.

We look forward to seeing you all in the near future!


CND™ Shellac™ Happy Child with watercolor accent, my new love ♥️#cnd #cndshellac #happychild #watercolournails #nails #simplenailart #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield

Beautiful nails for summer. CND™ Nauti Nautical Collection is perfect for the purpose ♥️ #cnd #cndshellacnails #cndshellacnails #cndshellacnailart #nails #stamping #lecente #nailsinedinburgh #nailsinbruntsfield #yourscosmetics

CND™ Shellac™ Happy Child, such a wonderful color. Great base shade for many artistic add-ons. #cnd #cndshellac #happychild #stamping #yourslovestraceylee #yourscosmetics #simplenailart #nailsinedinburgh #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield

CND™ Shellac™ Happy Child with botanical elements ♥️ Lecente Clearly OilSlick Foil & Yours Cosmetics Namaste Stamping Plate. #cnd #happychild #nudenails #yourslovesnataliya #yourslovesnataliyanamaste #lecente

Lovely polka dots with CND™ Nauti Nautical Collection. Very summery look 😋 #cnd #cndshellac #nautinautical #nails #nailsinedinburgh #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield #polkadots

Happiest day ever! We can resume the time of beautiful nails and silky smooth feet!

Soprano ICE Edinburgh

We have introduced many new policies & procedures to our clinic in order to allow us to work as safely as possible when the time comes that we can return to work.

One of the procedures that we will be introducing is Zoono technology. Zoono has been tested and certified to kill Covid-19 and many other pathogenicitys. A non-toxic, food safe, child safe and pet safe product, it will be professionally applied to all surfaces in the clinic on a monthly basis to afford the 30-day protection it provides.

Hand sanitiser, also by Zoono, delivers 24-hour protection with one application and this will be provided on entry to the clinic.

Thank you to Lochallen Solutions for introducing us to Zoono & providing us with an amazing service to keep both our staff & clients as safe as possible 🙏🏻

A little update for everyone. Stay safe and healthy. Lots of love.

Watercolor my new obsession. CND™ Shellac™ Magical Topiary, pointe Blanc and Lecenté™ Golden White Glitter. #CND™ #cndshellac #nails #nailsinedinburgh #nailsinbruntsfield #watercolornails

#CNDShellac now with 50% extended wear!

Introducing the new CND Wear Extender Base Coat. A new addition to the Shellac base coat family, Wear Extender has been formulated to extend the wear of your Shellac. Wear Extender smooths out imperfections and ridges perfecting the look of your manicure.

Can’t wait to welcome you back for you to try ❤️. #cnd #cndshellac #nails #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield

Shade shown: Field Fox

Soprano ICE Edinburgh

🍎🍍 𝐉 𝐔 𝐈 𝐂 𝐈 𝐍 𝐆 🍍🍎⁣

In this video Debbie explains how she got into juicing and shares her top tips & tricks to start you on your juicing journey!⁣

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos to follow 👀⁣

Treat yourself to a gift of soft heels and soles. Cucumber Heel Therapy is ideal home care treatment to keep your tootsies soft. I have 2 available in stock for home delivery. Contact me for details. Love ❤️

The idiot's guide to painting a salon-worthy mani yourself

Elle Turner from Glamour Magazine UK asked me on tips and tricks about painting our nails at home. Click on the link to learn how 🥰 Because it’s a lot darn harder than it looks.

I have recently completed watercolor class. I am absolutely in LOVE with this technique. Can’t wait to for you to try this on your nails. What do you think? #nails #watercolornails #cnd #nailsinedinburgh #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield #nailart

Give me a heart if you are missing pedicure like I do. I personally can’t wait to be able to get an appointment to treat my tootsies with the brightest, shiniest glitter! #pedicure #glittertoes #nailsinedinburgh #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield

When all goes back to normal, everyone should get stamping on their nails. CND™ new Nauti Nautical Collection - Down by the Bae with sparkly rainbow mermaid pattern. #CND #cndshellac #cndshellacdownbythebae #yourstamping #yourslovessascha #lecentechrome #nailsinedinburgh #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield

Myself and everyone in the clinic @sopranoice_edinburgh take safety and hygiene very seriously. The health and safety of all of our clients is a priority. To make sure I am fully aware of everything that needs to be taken into the account with regards to COVID-19 and keep everyone safe, I have completed this safety course.

Everyone loves a wee French manicure every now and then. Classic, clean look that suits anybody’s style. I will choose the correct shade of pink to suit the skin tone. Looking forward to welcoming you you back when it is safe to do so. #frenchmanicure #cndshellac #cndcreativeplaygelpolish #nailsinedinburgh #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield

Meet the CND™ icons: Nataliya Al-Ta’ai | Scratch Magazine

Interesting read 😍 To celebrate 40 years of CND™ – and to honour the brand’s long-time fans, CND™ has brought back five of its most iconic shades, available for a limited time only. The CND™ Iconic collection –…

Throwback to one of my favorite sets of nails to do. This was about 11 years ago, well before we were blessed with Shellac™ and only had gels and polishes. Back then all I did was French most days, using CND™ Brisa gel. Do you like French look? @cndworld @sweetsquared.nails @sweetsquaredscotland #nailsinedinburgh #edinburghnails #nailsinbruntsfield #cndbrisagel #cndenhancements

I am missing everyone so much and I am absolutely sure you are missing getting pampered. I can help you with some products that are easy to use at home, so you can pamper your nails and feet at the comfort of your own home. Visit my website to browse small range of products or contact me with your wish list. I can organize you a nail/foot survival package to suit your needs with personalized approach. Stay safe folks! Love ❤️

🦋 Keep your cuticles in a healthy condition by using CND™ CuticleEraser™. Gently exfoliates the cuticles and surrounding skin. Combine with CND™ SolarOil™ for hydrating cuticle cocktail.

We’re hoarding CND Cuticle Eraser, not toilet paper. Our gentle exfoliation conditions skin and prevents hangnails.

Soprano ICE Edinburgh

✨ T H A N K Y O U ✨

We are so grateful for all of the hard work our frontline workers are doing for us during this testing time. We do miss seeing all our friends, family and wonderful clients but until we meet again please! please! please!

Stay home, stay safe & protect our frontline workers 💛

Soprano ICE Edinburgh

• Juicing 🍎🥒🥕 •

Debbie has been juicing for a number of years now & the results are fantastic! With all of the spare time we now have on our hands why not try it for yourselves? Keep your eyes peeled for some of Debbie’s yummy recipes in the next few weeks 😍🥒🥑🥕

Here are some of the benefits:

🥕 The fastest way to get nutrients into your body. The juice (which is full of phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals) is super easy for your body to absorb which means it gets into your cells quickly to nourish & repair.

🥒 An easy way to ensure you are eating enough fruit & veg.

🍎 Protects heat-sensitive nutrients which may be lost when boiled or baked. When juiced you receive all of these nutrients!

🥑 A quick way to change how you feel- one fresh juice on an empty stomach will give you more energy & improve your mood.

🍌 Gives you more compliments- when we drink fresh juice our cells become clearer & healthier. You’ll start to look different too! Your skin will become clearer, hair will become smoother & nails stronger!

🥦 Juicing is simple and also great for both adults & children!

With all your hand washing, make sure to use your CND Cuticle Eraser and SolarOil cocktail to keep your cuticles moisturized and your nails conditioned.

Soprano ICE Edinburgh


This is the perfect time to work on your skin. It will help you to get into a routine & also to practise some well deserved self care. ✨

Here are some of our top tips -⠀

🌿 Ditch the make up bag & use this time to clean make up brushes, sponges & have a good declutter from all of the products that could be clogging up your pores.⠀

🧖🏽‍♀️ DOUBLE CLEANSE - When you visit us in the clinic for a facial, you will notice we always start your treatment with a double cleanse. The first cleanse removes any make up residue or SPF remaining on the skin & the second cleanse ensures all product is removed from the skin properly to allow for proper absorption of products throughout your facial. The same applies for your home care routine.⠀

💆🏼‍♀️ EXFOLIATE - We can’t stress how important it is to exfoliate 1-2 times a week. This will buff away any dead skin cells that may be clogging the skin and reveals the fresh new cells below. Giving you that GLOW ✨⠀
⠀*Be careful not to exfoliate more than twice a week as this can over stimulate the skin leading to breakouts & affect the outer acid mantle which can dry the skin out.

💫RELAX - The most important tip of all! We know this is hard during the current situation however, self care is so important & stress can have such an effect on us both physically and mentally. By getting into a skin care routine you can give yourself a little “me time” and also get your skin looking glowing for getting back into normality!

How To Remove Every Type Of Manicure At Home In the absence of your manicurist, here’s how to remove your gel, Shellac or acrylic manicures safely at home

Photos from Nataliya Al-ta'ai - CND Grand Master Artist at Soprano Ice Edinburgh's post

Kirsti Turrell CND Education Ambassador

My beautiful colleague Kirsti explains how to remove Shellac™ at home.

I know a lot of you have made up kits for clients who are having to remove their own CND Shellac at home 💅🏻

If you think it is helpful, please share or use this video as a step by step for them ⭐️

My Dear beautiful ladies,

With heavy heart and sadness the clinic will temporarily close after today until further notice.

We are following strong government warnings about social distancing, and as much as I would love to carry on doing the magic on your hands and tootsies, your health and ours are the biggest priority. Following the advice we can beat this together faster.

I will be in touch to every single one of you to postpone your appointments over the next few days.

Due to the fact that it’s not really clear how long the crisis will last, for now we are cancelling appointments for the next 3 weeks and will review thereafter.

Thank you for all your kindness and support over this uncertain time.

When all is clear I will be over the moon to welcome you all back with the highest priority.

I am currently working on product suggestions that I feel you may benefit from during the closure, that will be available for delivery. Gift vouchers will also be available for postage, if you would like to brighten someone’s day. I will email everyone in the next few days with all the necessary info.

If you have any concerns or need any advice please email me or text me:

[email protected]

Love and virtual hug to every single one of you. Stay at home and be safe.

Nataliya ❤️

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109/111 Bruntsfield Place
EH10 4EQ

General information

Nataliya Al-Ta'ai CND Education Ambassador Global Team CND PHAB Gold Standard Award 2015 CND Shellac Education Ambassador 2013 CND Brisa Gel Professional 2010 Scratch Stars Awards Finalist
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