American Top Nails Beauty Salon Harrogate

Come to American Top Nails and recieve excellent service. Appiontments & Walk-ins Welcome. LOYALTY CARD AND STUDENT DISCOUNT (10%)AVAILABLE Relaxing for all occasions:
- Massage
- Semi permanent make-up.
- Eyelash extensions ( Hollywood eyelashes extension and Party eyelashes extension).
- Waxing, Tanning and Minx.
- Shellac, Gel polish (300 colours for your choices).
- Manicure, Pedicure.
- Gel nails & Acrylic nails extensions.
- Chrome mirror nails with the colour of your choices
- SNS and Nexgen nails ( no chemical, no smell ) with the colour of your choices.

Operating as usual

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New NAIL trend this summer.

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SUMMER 2021.
Brightening your nail with any colour you like at American Top Nails in Harrogate. 😘☆☆♡♡☆☆.😘

[04/07/21]   Dear Customers.
We are opening back on Monday the 12th of April
Please text to Michael on 07475589888 to arrange an appointment. Love you all ###

[12/18/20]   DEAR CUSTOMERS. Thanks for always supporting us. We wish you and yours Family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with Good Health and Happiness.
This is the opening time of the shop during Christmas 2020 and New year 2021.
Sunday......... 20/12.......9:30 - 5:30
Monday.........21/12.......9:00 - 7:00
Tuesday........22/12........9:00 - 7:00
Wednesday...23/12.......9:00 - 7:00
Thursday.......24/12.......9:00 - 7:00
Sunday..........27/12......9:30 - 5:30
Monday.........28/12.......9:00 - 7:00
Tuesday........29/12.......9:00 - 7:00
Wednesday...30/13......9:00 - 7:00
Thursday.......31/12......9:00 - 7:00

From Monday 4/1 we are opening back as normal.

[11/29/20]   Dear Customers.
The Nails salon is allowed to re-open on Wednesday 2nd of December. Please text to Michael on 07475589888 to arrange an appointment.
Love to see you all soon ### 🤗💕

£12/1 BOX
** 500 ML.
£5/1 BOTLE
** 1GAL/£25
Please pop into the shop or call 07308066644 to place the order. Thanks.

[07/09/20]   We are opening back on Monday 13 of July. Please text Michael to book for your appointment on 07475589888 or call in on the phone shop number 01423563593. Love to see you all soon ###
Ps: for all customers who have booked your appointment on 4th of July. Please re confirm your appointment again. If you can't remain your appointment please let us know before 10pm tomorrow Fri 10. Thanks

[07/01/20]   Covid-19 products:

1* Mask disposal 4fly
**** Pack of 10ps /£6
**** Box of 50pc /£20
2* True shield Hand sanitizer 70%alcohol
**** 1 gal /£25
**** 500ml bottle/£5
**** 1 gal of Hand soap/£12
3* Latex gloves powder free, size Miduem and Small
**** Box of 100pc /£8
4* Visor face shield/£3
5* Barbicide liquid
**** 16oz /£8
**** 64oz /£24
6* Barbicide Jar
**** Manicure table jar £10
**** Midsize jar £20
7* Table shield
size 80cm.60cm.4mm / £40

Please text Alice to order on 07163013198. Thanks
P/s: please share this to your friends if they are Nails technician and hair dressers. Friends who run the restaurant or clinic. Thanks

[06/23/20]   Dear all customers.
We're sorry that we have to cancel all the booked appointment on the 4th of July as the nails salon are not allowed to re-open on that date yet. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
We will try to keep all the appointment time the same on the day we are allowed to re-open back and confirm you again if you wish to.
Stay safe and well.
We hope to see you all soon.


💕Dear customers. We are opening back on Saturday 4th of July. 💕


Sales coner...Sale...Sale...


Dear Customers. I hope that you are all stay safe and well. If nothing have changed we will be open back on 4th of July as earliest day. For social distance and against the spread of the Corona virus infections. We now only take booking and no waiting people allowed. We will provide you mask, face shield and hand gel. The Covid-19 service charge is £3 will be added for each treatment you have. Also each customer will need a new personal box with new file and buffer, which cost £5. This personal box, you could take home and please bring it back with you on your next entry. Please call Michael to book for your appointment. 07475589888.
Take care and Hope to see you all soon xx.

[05/21/20]   Dear customers.
We now sale face mask, face shield, table shield, gloves, hand gel, barbicide, alcohol and all nails equipment.
For more information, please call Alice: 01132461215.

[04/08/20]   “To everyone in the UK,

We Vietnamese have a few good experiences we would like to share with you to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

The number of Corona cases in Vietnam is very low, even though we share a border with China. There are a number of reasons for this and we wanted to share some of them to help people in the UK fight Corona:

1/ Beside wearing masks and washing hands, we also gargle salt water at least 3 times a day.
We also drink a little warm water as frequently as possible (recommended every 5-10 minutes to ensure your throat isn't too dry)

2/ Because the virus initially attacks just the the throat, before the lungs; when hit with salt water, the virus will die or descend and into the stomach and disintegrate.
This is one of the most effective way to prevent Covid 19 from being contracted by people.

3/ Additional we drink ginger and honey tea. To make this, cut fresh ginger root into slices (3 slices per cup) and put them into boiling water. Wait for the water to be warm (60 degree Celsius) then add honey. You can store this in a flash and enjoy whenever you like - everyday is better!

4/ Garlic, Onions, Orange juice, lemons or anything containing vitamin C is good for killing this kind of Virus.
There are no medicines to treat this virus on the market yet.

Hospitals in Vietnam have stated:
Before the crown pneumonia/ virus reaches the lungs, it lives in the throat for 4 days.
At this time, the infection causes a cough & sore throat
In this period, you should rinse your mouth with salt water as frequently as you can and drink warm water as frequently as possible. This can eliminate the virus.

One more effective significantly method is that we have combined using steam to kill that kind of Virus

Please spread this message to your friends in case they need 💕
Hope everyone stay safe 💕

[03/29/20]   Hi everyone!
How are you doing so far ?
Are you enjoying some free times?
Maybe it is a little long for you to keep your nails and you need to remove them.
Here is instructions how to remove them without damaging you nail plate:

👉Cut your nail short.
👉File your fake nails as thin as possible close to 👉your natural nails.
👉Pour acetone on the cotton ball.
👉Place it on top of your nail
👉Wrap it with foil.
👉Wait about 5-10 minute until it totally melted.
👉Remove the melted powder.
👉Buff the nails.
👉Then put nail hardener if you have

Hope that help.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
See you soon.

[03/24/20]   Dear customers. The shop have to close seen yesterday when the government said lockdown all the country for 3 weeks due to corona virus happening. We have to cancel all booked appointment and CLOSE until we receive further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience may caused. Thanks for your support, stay safe and hope to see you all soon.

[03/23/20]   Dear Value Customers.
To prevent the spread of the Corona virus in region & maintain the stability of the community, also protect the health of my family and public.
I have to decided to remain open the business to service all the customers only 2 day a week on Thursday and Friday every week until further notice.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience may caused.
Thanks for your cooperative and understanding.
Love you all.

[12/21/19]   Dear customers. During the busy time of Christmas and New year, we are not take any appointment. Could you please just walk in and join the queue. The waiting time may take more than 30'. Please chose your colour and the design ready before we start do your treatment.
Many thanks for your support, your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

[12/12/19]   Christmas 2019 and New year 2020
opening time:
Sunday 22rd 9am-5pm
Monday 23th 9am-7pm
Tuesday 24th (Christmas eve) 9am to 7pm
Wednesday 25th (Christmas day) CLOSE
Thursday 26th (Boxing day) CLOSE
Friday 27th 9am to 7pm
Saturday 28th 9am to 7pm
Sunday 29th 9am to 7pm
Monday 30th 9am to 7pm
Tuesday 31st (New year eve) 9am to 7pm
Wednesday 1st (New year day) CLOSE
Thursday 2rd CLOSE
Friday 3th and Saturday 4th ... 9am to 7pm
Sunday 5th CLOSE
From Monday 6th of January, we open back as normal opening time 9am to 7pm and CLOSE ON EVERY SUNDAY.


Colour full for summer


Photos from American Top Nails Beauty Salon Harrogate's post


Photos from American Top Nails Beauty Salon Harrogate's post


Omb're nails in purple


Some new things for summer nails


Blue omb're nails


Nails in Omb're


Christmas with something different for your nails


White glitter ombre


Christmas with chrome nails


Christmas is coming

[11/29/18]   Dear Clients. For your convenience this Christmas 2018 and New year 2019. We will be open back on Sunday to bring to you the best service. Here's the opening time:
* Sunday 23th December. 9am to 5pm
* Monday 24th Christmas eve. 9am to 7pm
* Tuesday 25th Christmas day. Close
* Wensday 26th boxing day. Close
* Thursday 27th December. 9am to 7pm
* Friday 28th December. 9am to 7pm
* Saturday 29th December. 9am to 7pm
* Sunday 30th of December. 9am to 5pm
* Monday 31st New year eve. 9am to 5pm
* Tuesday 1st, New year day. Close
* Wensday 2rd of January. Close

Thanks for all your support .


Photos from American Top Nails Beauty Salon Harrogate's post


Chrome Galaxy Flake.


Photos from American Top Nails Beauty Salon Harrogate's post

[12/06/17]   Dear Clients. For all your convenience this Christmas and New year. We now open back on Sunday.
Sunday 17th: 9am to 5pm
Sunday 24th (Christmas eve): 9am to 5pm
Sunday 31st (New year eve): 9am to 5pm
Monday to Saturday: 9am to 7pm.




2 Cheltenham Parade

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 7pm
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