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Water is your best friend for life!

Do you keep yourself hydrated in winter?

Why do we need to drink water? Water makes up of a majority of your body weight and is involved for many important functions such as;

- flushing waste from your body
- regulating body temperature
- helping your brain function
- blood oxygen circulation
- nutrients adsorption

Stay hydrated - Drink plenty of water this winter!


Thank you Oswald for visiting us at Healthwise Clinic today and thank you for the lovely words!

Oswald has been visiting Healthwise clinic for quite some time now, and I remember when he first came with bad posture but as you can see in this video he stands up with great posture and satisfied with how far he’s come.

If you need posture correction or you’re in pain call us on 0208 759 7177 too book yourself in.


Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognise and appreciate until they have been depleted.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.


Why you should have listened when you were younger about sitting up straight... BUT it's never too late to improve your posture! That's what we're here for 💪😊


Boost your energy, protect your posture, and work well with these stretches.

Are you struggling to keep your posture in tact, book yourself with us at 0208 759 7177 for a consultation.



Our bodies have two strain modes: 'FIGHT OR FLIGHT' (sympathetic) and 'REST AND DIGEST' (parasympathetic) (parasympathetic).

When your frame is relaxed and calm, it is in 'REST AND DIGEST' mode. However, when you are irritated, burdened, or involved, our 'FIGHT OR FLIGHT' response kicks in. This causes the release of hormones, which can increase blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate.

Being in a state of 'FIGHT OR FLIGHT' for an extended period of time can lead to disease and the worsening of many issues, including Headaches Fibromyalgia Muscle aches Joint pain Digestion changes..... The list goes on!

Chiropractic treatment is an excellent method of relieving anxiety and changing the mode in which your terrified device operates.

Contact us on 0208 759 7177 to de-stress and book your massage or chiropractic adjustment.


Keep warm during a temperature drop!

Benefits of Ginger ⠀

When it comes to keeping your family healthy, you’re probably wondering how to add seasonings and spices to your regular food to boost your system. While ginger can’t cure everything, it’s been a favourite herb for many centuries. ⠀

Ginger is used in cooking, teas, and other recipes to keep your tummy feeling okay and fight nausea as well as other health issues. Since this versatile herb can be added to recipes and used as a herbal tea, we wanted to share some of the amazing health benefits of this herb with you today. ⠀

Improves Digestion ⠀
Relieves Nausea⠀
Recover from Cold and Flu⠀


Thank you Akash for leaving us a lovely review.

We are so glad that we could help.

Hope to see you soon!

Having trouble sleeping due to stiffness and pain?
Give us a call on 0208 759 7177 to schedule a consultation.



Every year you make a resolution to change yourself.

This year, make a resolution to be yourself.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Sending lots of Love and Happiness to you all From the Healthwise Team.

We are now open during normal hours.

Look forward to seeing you all 2023.


Photos from Healthwise Chiropractic Clinic's post 22/12/2022

Thank you Akash for visiting the clinic today.

He stated “I feel so light and relaxed”

I’m glad we could help!

Hope to see you again. If you feel like your posture is incorrect, feel stiff? Please call us on 0208 759 7177 or drop us a message!

We are more than Happy to Help.

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The fondest memories are made gathered around a table. Christmas Dinner with Healthwise Team.

Thanking Gurmeet for a lovely time at New Bettola with lovely food and drinks.



Did you know that hot water bottles have a sell-by date?

Well, me neither.

The number inside the circle shows the year of manufacturing (if it says 22, that means your bottle was made in 2022). The twelve segments on the outside of the wheel indicate the month and the dots inside those segments reveal the week (if there are three dots and they end in the eighth segment, your bottle was made in the third week of August).

Temperature dropping this year, get yourself a hot water bottle. Keep warm!

Give us a like if you knew this fact!


Thank you Kathy for looking after me.

Working hours at the desk in the same position Kathy makes sure that I get an adjustment at least once a week.

Have you been working long hours in the office or at home?

Book yourself in by calling 0208 759 7177 or by hitting us up on dms.

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Thank you everyone for the lovely Christmas cards and gifts! You guys are amazing! #happychristmas #chiropractor


Are you keeping yourself motivated during this winter?

Remember to keep warm and motivated on these Colder and Shorter Days.

Comment below on how you keep yourself motivated in this weather.


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Happy Birthday to Kathy! Shared a lovely carrot cake at the Clinic. We hope you had a lovely birthday. Many wishes from the Healthwise Team


Thank you Mathan Kumar we’re really glad we could help you with your pain. Book yourself for a consultation and treatment using our Christmas offer of £29 #treatment#wellness#healthylifestyle

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Happy birthday to Kathy!

Birthday wishes from everyone at Healthwise
We hope you have a wonderful birthday


Christmas tree [email protected]!!


If you eat healthily, you will be healthier and have more energy.


Mobile phones could be posing a huge risk to your health..your head weigh between 10 and 12lbs, and every inch your head is bent forwards puts a huge amount of additional strain on your spine..Over time, this poor posture can cause irreversible damage to spine. You can avoid this danger by keeping it held at eye level so you don't need to tilt your head.


Thank you to Alpesh for our lovely Diwali sweets!
We appreciate all of our lovely patients who have given us Diwali wishes and treats!
Happy Diwali once again!



May this Halloween be full of magical surprises, wishing you a great celebration with treats..have a happy Halloween.


Thank you Hina for your amazing feedback! Glad to know you’ve had an amazing experience at our clinic! #massage#chiro#healthwellness#healthwise


Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.

Learn to love yourself. Be kind to yourself.



May this Diwali fill into our lives new hopes for our future and new dreams for tomorrow. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Diwali 2022

May you enjoy a joyous festival of lights this Diwali with your loved ones!


Lovely to bump into our wonderful patients lyn and stan last night out celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary!!!! Congratulations 👏 🎊 💐 🥳


Meet our new members of the team Akum & Kathy.

Book with Akum our new clinical assistant to get your adjustments with our chiropractors Kathy, Gurmeet, Gabrielle or bo
ok your massages with Jeremiah and Sushma!!!

The whole team is ready for you!


Meet our new members of the team Akum & Kathy.

Book with Akum our new clinical assistant to get your adjustments with our chiropractors Kathy, Gurmeet, Gabrielle or bo
ok your massages with Jeremiah and Sushma!!!

The whole team is ready for you!


As a mark of respect to our Late Queen the clinic will be closed on Monday 19th September 2022


Thank you N for the amazing feedback of the clinic. We are glad that you are satisfied with the treatment👏☺️


Try to adopt healthy life style ..😀🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🧘‍♀️


We are saddened to hear the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Photos from Healthwise Chiropractic Clinic's post 03/09/2022

Happy Birthday to our dear team member Gabriella🥳🎂


Heading to Notting Hill Carnival this bank holiday weekend? 💃🕺

If you are then you're in for a lot of walking and dancing especially! It's great as you can exercise and have fun whilst doing it. Here are some benefits of dancing:

#1 It improves your heart health- the different moves will get your heart pumping, therefore, increasing your blood circulation.

#2 It increases your strength - dancing works your whole body which conditions your muscles and improves your balance.

#3 Dancing is for everybody! - There are different levels to dancing so even if you have limited mobility or chronic health issues, there's a move for you to try.

#4 It improves cognitive performance. As you age the way you think and your memory can be improved through dancing as an exercise.

#5 It boosts your mood so if you're under stress or experiencing depression, you can use dance to express yourself and let loose.


Chiropractor's Back to School Guide: 🎒😄

To make sure the kids are taking care of their spinal health here is a checklist you can share with them:

1. Wear your backpack correctly with adjustable straps on both shoulders so that your back is well supported.

2. Make sure the weight of any contents in the bag is evenly distributed to reduce pressure on the back and neck. (Put the heavier items at the bottom and, the lighter and essential items at the top).

3. Before doing any activity like football or just any energetic activity, spend at least 10 minutes of stretching. This will help to prevent any muscle injury.

4. Get in the habit of sitting with your shoulders back and relaxed, with both feet on the floor in the classroom.

5. If you're reading a book or using a device such as a tablet or laptop make sure you are holding it at an eye level, with your back straight to avoid any strain in the neck.

6. Have a balanced and healthy lunch- eat foods that can strengthen the spine.

7.Last but not least, get adjusted. Start them off young, chiropractic is not just for pain relief but it helps improve the immune system so your child will lead a fuller and happier life 👫

Give us a call on 0208 7597177 to make an appointment and our front desk team would be happy to help 🤗


Thank you for the amazing feedback. Really happy to hear that you're pain-free and able to walk again, well done! 😃🫶


Don't be disheartened if you fail at something. Failure is just a step to reaching success. Your courage to learn from it and try again is what counts 👍

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