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Videos by The Oak Tree Therapy in Huntingdon. Massage, manual therapy & movement for injury, pain, aching, tension and stress.

βœ…οΈ Sports massage on the calves to help relieve sore and tender muscles

πŸ‘‰Helping people with injury, pain, aching, tension and stress
πŸ‘‰ To feel better and move easier
πŸ‘‰Using massage, manual therapy and movement.

If I can help you, please get in touch.

☎️ 07889 738 230

πŸ“§ [email protected]


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βœ…οΈ Sports massage on the calves to help relieve sore and tender muscles ______________________________ πŸ‘‰Helping people with injury, pain, aching, tension and stress πŸ‘‰ To feel better and move easier πŸ‘‰Using massage, manual therapy and movement. If I can help you, please get in touch. ☎️ 07889 738 230 πŸ“§ [email protected] 🌐 #massage #sportsmassage #rehab #deeptissuemassage #pain #injury #painmanagement #huntingdonshire #cambridgeshire #brampton #stneots #offords #Godmanchester #manualtherapy

Hello Everyone πŸ˜ƒ I have decided to take a little break from FB just for August. If you would like to book in for an appointment for September, please contact me on myπŸ“±07889 738 230. Or you can email me at; theoaktreetherapy@gmail I may try and keep messenger going but I'm not sure if this is possible when FB is off. Have a lovely summer β˜€οΈ Let's hope the weather picks up a little πŸ˜€ Many Thanks & Best Wishes

This is me...being get your attention 😁 but on a serious note, do you find yourself doing these movements too? To ease the discomfort? Are you sore? In pain? Tense? Restricted? Does it hurt to sit at your desk for hours at a time? It is uncomfortable lounging on the sofa to watch a movie? Are you stiff and uncomfortable playing with the kids? Does a good tab at the weekend or a round of Golf leave you tender and sore? If so, please consider a soft tissue treatment with me. I would love to help you ease those aches and pains and help you become a little stronger so that you can enjoy doing the things you love. Please give me a call or send me a message for a chat or to book in. Best Wishes Jo 🌐 ☎️ 07889738230 #massage #massagetherapy #softtissuetherapy #PainRelief #muscles #aching #tension #stress #metime #selfcare #cambridgeshire #huntingdon

A few heavy phys sessions this week have caused pain and tension in the calf muscles - deep tissue/ sports massage needed! #softtissuetherapy #sportsmassage #brampton #cambridgeshire #huntingdon #massagetherapy #massagetherapist

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in AGES to start getting my health & fitness back on track. I was watching the world go by and I was so impressed with the range of people using the gym - all ages, all fitness levels, all abilities. πŸ’ͺThe older lady tackling her rehab πŸ’ͺA guy on crutches trying to get his strength and mobility back on track πŸ’ͺThe PT and his client 'smashing it' (looking like they've just walked out of a Marvel movie πŸ’ͺ) πŸ’ͺAn older gentleman with his personal trainer improving his strength πŸ₯° A very foxy lady 🦊 doing very little work and alot of strutting, possibly in search of a mate - you go girl ❀ πŸ’ͺ And the rest of us It was fantastic to see. And with the current gym culture, everyone was simply getting on with their own routine - no judgement, no piss taking, no funny looks. It felt like a truly inclusive environment. So if you have any reservations about signing up for your own health and wellbeing, put them aside and head out! Imagine where you'll be this time next year πŸ‹β€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ Make yourself a priority #gymculture #OneLeisure #huntingdon #Brampton #massagetherapy #softtissuetherapy #rehab #selfhelp #selfcare #healthandwellbeing #health #wellbeing #confidence

So...I hurt myself πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ and now can't put my own shoes on. If I can help you recover from an injury, or improve your mobility then please book in! Tel: 07889 738 230 Email: [email protected] #Massagetherapy #softtissuetherapy #pain #mobility #rehab #brampton #huntingdon #cambridgeshire

🌻Mother's Day Gift Voucher 🌼 Are you so busy that you leave Mother's Day gifting until the last minute? Does the gift usually come from the local garage or corner shop πŸ’ (zero judgement here - i'm speaking from years of experience 😁). This year, why not treat her to a lovely, relaxing massage with me instead? You can choose from the following treatments; Back, neck and shoulder massage Full body massage Sport and Remedial massage Indian Head Massage I've created a simple voucher with 'Happy Mothers Day' on one side and the voucher details on the other side. You are welcome to choose one of our cards if you wish. If you would like to order a voucher, or book a treatment, please get in touch. ☎️ 07889 738 230 🌐 πŸ“§ [email protected]

The Oak Tree Soft Tissue Therapy This is the treatment space where I welcome my lovely clients. I am located in the beautiful village of Brampton, Huntingdon. The treatment room is on the ground floor for easy access and there is plenty of parking. Please call / message/ WhatsApp/ email to book in. I look forward to hearing from you. ☎️ 07889 738 230 πŸ“§[email protected] 🌐 #MassageTherapy #softtissuetherapy #rehab #Brampton #Huntingdon #selfcare

After a stressful start to the dayπŸ™„ with school drop off antics, I needed to take a few moments to readjust and let go of my anxiety and low mood. Mindfulness really does work, it is a very powerful tool. Below is the link to the 6min meditation I needed to reboot. Check it out πŸ‘‡ Free From Anxiety Check out this post on FitOn, the #1 Actually Free Fitness App

The Oak Tree Therapy - Treatment Room
The Oak Tree is located within the beautiful village of Brampton, Cambridgeshire (Huntingdon). The treatment room is accessible on the ground floor and there is ample parking outside the building making your visit even more convenient! I work from home within a space solely used for my treatment and rehab therapy. There is a dog on site but she does not enter the treatment room but please take note if you have pet allergies. Please message if you would like to book in for a massage treatment.

If you are able to, get outside for a walk today 🌞🏑 The sun is shining and you will benefit so much from being outside. I call it the NHS - Natural Health Service (a title I've robbed and will insert the name of the owner shortly). Getting outside for a dog walk, a sit down in the garden with a mug of tea or stepping out of the office for 10 minutes on your lunch break is good for your physical health - but it is also a brilliant tool for looking after your mental health - an area we so often neglect. So do yourself a favour, and step outside today. I hope you have as much sunshine as we do here in Brampton 🌞. #mowglidog #mowglidogtreat #activesofttssuetherapy

Five Fingers
What's the chance of putting these on the wrong feet πŸ˜πŸ‘£ #barefootwalking #barefootrunning #vibrams #vibramfivefingers #toesocks #foothealth #softtissuetherapy #massage #painmanagement #wellbeing #stretching #stretchingexercises #brampton #cambridgeshire #huntingdonshire #Huntingdon #sportsmassage #deeptissuemassage #activesofttissuetherapy