Nic Costiff Physio & Rehab in Ivybridge

Nic Costiff Physio & Rehab in Ivybridge

Physio & Rehab is more than just resolving your pain. Regaining full function is key to your recovery and will help protect you from further injury and keep you moving well for life.

Fundamental movement patterns will be assessed and incorporated into you

Operating as usual

[02/11/21]   Looking forward to this evening’s Q and A ! Tune in live for the answers to your Physio and fitness queries!


In a year when everything has been turned upside down I would just like to thank you all for your support and take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and (fingers/everything crossed) a massively better year next year!


I am so grateful for your support this year and it has been a privilege to support you in return.

Current guidelines mean I can continue to provide you with the Physio support you need, so if you are well and happy to come then I am happy to see you!

I will continue to observe robust Covid secure practice to keep you safe, however, I quite understand that some people may be less keen on face to face appointments at present. Our online interactive service is therefore also available to help you access great Physio care from the comfort or your own home.

Huge thanks also to my landlords McCaulay's Health Club Ivybridge for generously allowing me to continue working from my clinic which is located in a completely separate building on their premises.

So, if you need me I’m here. Stay safe everyone, Nic 🌈💪


Nic Costiff Physio & Rehab

More than just physio... 21/06/2020

Expert Advice on Exercise, Pelvic Pain and Bladder Worries for Pre & Postnatal Women - Active Devon

Meanwhile here is what my wife has been up to!
Lockdown is challenging for many people but particularly for pregnant women and new mums.
If you’re active (or looking to get active) or have friends or relatives who would benefit from some advice have a listen to this Active Devon Devon Girls Can podcast.
Actually, as my wife always reminds me pelvic floor exercises are for EVERYONE and for EVERY AGE
No leak is normal.
Gentlemen - you have a pelvic floor too and the exercises to strengthen it and take control of your bladder are very similar for you so no excuses - get to it!
Athletes - you’d be amazed how a well functioning pelvic floor can contribute to athletic performance!
Whether it’s Dartmoor or coast path this weekend most loos are closed and convenient trees to duck behind can be in short supply so take control and do those exercises! Women's Health Physiotherapist Helena Costiff joins Active Devon's Hannah and Gareth to discuss key issues that often go under the radar.


Bombers Physical Training

Great video Tom.

If you struggle to get a handle on your snacking, watch this video, all the way though. ⁣

Try this method that will help you take control of your daily nutrition.⁣

There are also a couple of simple, actionable tips in here that I continue to use, especially to overcome my evening addiction to shreddies.⁣

By breaking down your daily nutrition you can identify problem areas, and create a plan to set yourself up for success. If you leave it up to chance, more often than not you'll end up with your hand in the cookie jar, or the box of shreddies.⁣

#snacking #nutrition #optimisation #fitness #bomberspt #onlinecoaching⁣


I am very excited to announce the launch of ONLINE PHYSIO & REHAB. This service will help you get yourself back on track or sort those minor niggles out that could get worse if left untreated. If you have any aches or pains, need some advice or exercise prescription, you can book your video consultation now. I look forward to seeing you online.


It is exactly 30 Years ago today that as a very nervous 18 year old, I completed my line up at the London Judo Society to earn my 1st Dan.


High level spinal mobility and strength exercises

Progressing the spinal mobility routine to higher demanding exercises.

[03/18/20]   Thoracic spine mobility PART 2: Progress the exercises in Mondays post with this more functional approach.


Thoracic spine mobility part 2

Thoracic spine mobility exercises


Thoracic spine mobility

Introduction to the thoracic spine and how it moves


Bombers Physical Training

This class looks awesome.

This is our new class, PowerStretch.

Improve your flexibility and mobility using a range of techniques.

A friendly, relaxed environment and suitable for beginners

Monday & Thursday in Modbury



Sports injury, back and neck pain, joint pain, muscle strain.


The physios 10 top tips to keep you running well: .
1. DON’T IGNORE PAIN – this may simply be a warning sign telling your body that it is overloaded and further loading (i.e. running) may cause tissue damage that could take a long time to recover. You may simply need to allow your body to recover. Try active recovery techniques such as aqua jogging, swimming or cycling where you will be loading different muscles but also maintaining fitness.
2. IDENTIFY WHY YOU ARE GETTING PAIN – running related injuries are commonly as a result of a training error – too much too soon, inadequate recovery, poor running shoes (the list is very long)! However, there may be biomechanical factors contributing to your symptoms. This often leads to recurrent injury (one that keeps coming back) and ultimately - frustration. Inadequate strength and mobility are two common causes of running injury that can easily be addressed with smarter training.
3. AVOID LARGE INCREASES IN TRAINING VOLUME – Many runners I see with pain have reported a rapid increase in mileage in the build up to an event. Have a look at your training diary and identify any increase or change in training volume (this could be mileage, frequency of running, speed or type of training). If you notice any increase in training volume, you could be setting yourself up for injury. Monitor your training (keep a training diary), factor in rest periods and consider increasing your training volume by no more than 10 percent weekly.
4. WARM UP PROPERLY – the activity that you do before a run can have one of three outcomes on your performance: Firstly, it could have negative consequences (i.e. you perform badly or worse, you get injured – this maybe because you have been sitting at a desk all day and then gone straight out for your run with no warm up; secondly, it could have no change in your performance; and thirdly, it could prepare you for the event and contribute to a better result. It is obvious that option three is our preferred outcome especially in a race. However, there is a situation where option two maybe acceptable and this is if the warm up activity contributes to a longer-term plan to maintain or develop whole body mobility and strength (see point 10).
5. PERFORM LOW LEVEL FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS IN YOUR WARM UP – this will simultaneously mobilize multiple joints and the muscles across them replicating how your body moves and not in isolation. This improves not only flexibility but functional mobility, joint control and stability – imperative if you are to perform well and avoid injury.
6. ADD STRENGTH TRAINING TO YOUR PROGRAM. When we run, we absorb 2.5 to 3 times our body weight with every stride. Stronger leg muscles will assist in absorbing this force and dissipate the load through the whole leg. In this way, no one joint or muscle becomes overloaded. Stronger muscles will also fire quicker and more efficiently contributing to better running economy and will have a greater resistance to the onset of fatigue: Win-win situation!
7. DO SOME CORE WORK – The core is the link between the legs and the arms. A strong core will be able to transfer force from the upper body to the legs and vice versa through controlled trunk rotation. This contributes to the natural gait pattern and is very important in running. Therefore, include core exercises that are dynamic and in multiple planes in order to replicate the demands of running.
8. PERFORM SINGLE LEG ACTIVITIES Running requires you to load your legs alternately, therefore exercises focussed on single leg activities are preferred as these will train the stabilizing muscles of the hip and lumbar spine better
9. FACTOR IN REST DAYS Our bodies adapt to load by getting stronger and therefore more resilient to injury. In order for the adaptation to occur, we need to ensure adequate rest periods. You should also consider a longer period of down time where your body can fully recover maybe after a long training cycle or a big event. This can also take the form of active recovery where you include other activities such as Pilates, yoga, cycling and swimming into your program.
10. APPLY THE R.A.M.P. PROTOCOL TO YOUR WARM UP This is a sequence of activity designed to prepare you for running but also for long term athletic development. By incorporating simple functional movements to your pre run preparation, you can build lasting mobility and strength throughout your body which will develop running robustness, improve performance and reduce running injury. Click the link beloow for a more in-depth explanation of the R.A.M.P. protocol


Thank you very much to all that attended the RUN BETTER workshop last week McCaulay's Health Club Ivybridge. It was a great turn out and everyone participated very enthusiastically. I hope you took away some great exercises and understand the principles of how to improve your running robustness. If you missed it, feel free to sign up to my newsletter where you can get all of the information and videos. I will be doing another one in the future so if you are interested please let me know.…


Thank you to all who attended my running workshop. I hope you have some new exercises and tips to keep you running well and reaching your goals. You can access the content of this on my website or by signing up-to my train smarter newsletter.

Really interesting presentation from Nic Costiff Physio & Rehab in Ivybridge tonight on how to ‘Run Better’

FREE clinics on how to run better, developing running robustness.

✅Improve your running
✅Prevent injury
✅Optimise performance


One more day to go until the first of 2 FREE workshops. Learn how to warm up for better performance, add strength training and plyometrics to your running training, avoid injury.
The first one is Tuesday 25th Feb at 7 pm McCaulay's Health Club Ivybridge and the second one is at 2 pm on Thursday 27th February. Call now to book your place


Tom is a great personal trainer, I can highly recommend him and he has a load of training experience to back him up. Mobility is something often neglected and can really boost your training. This will be a great class.


⚡First session thursday 5th March⚡

🗓️ Mondays and Thursdays 1330-1430

-Flexibility & posture
-Core strength

Please email
[email protected]
For more information!

To book, please create an account on our online booking platform:


Knee pain when running?

Do you get knee pain when running? Find out more about this at my FREE workshop at McCaulays Gym Ivybridge on 25th Feb at 7pm and 27th Feb at 2 pm


Why choose Nic Costiff Physio?

Specialist Manual Therapist combined with exercise and sports rehabilitation - helping you recover from injury and get back on track


Free RUN BETTER workshop 25th and 27th February @McCaulays health club Ivybridge

Call now to book your place on the interactive RUN BETTER workshop on 25th Feb @ 7 pm and 27 Feb @ 2pm


Free Running Workshop - avoid injury!

Tuesday 25th Feb at 7:30 pm and Thursday 27th Feb at 2 pm at Mccaulay's Dinnaton. Book now: 01752 892512


More than just physio

Musculoskeletal and sports injury specialist in Ivybridge. Getting you back on track


Why do we get injured?
Injury can often put you out of running for extended periods leading to a loss of your hard earned gains and frustration. There are several reasons why runners get injured; The first thing I ask runners when they come to me with an injury is "have you changed anything in your training program?" Often, an injured runner would tell me that they have increased their mileage for an event, started to include hilly routes or changed terrain. It may even be a new pair of running shoes. these can all place unaccustomed load to the body resulting in pain or injury. Training errors are the most common factor leading to injury and these include:
Inadequate recovery period between sessions
Rapid increase in load (training)
Poor recovery/sleep
Inadequate strength
Poor mobility at joints and muscles.

We will discus these training errors in greater depth at my free RUN BETTER workshop at McCaulay's Health Club Ivybridge along with some strategies to avoid training errors and some very effective exercises that all runners should be doing to avoid injury and run better.
Tuesday 25th Feb at 7 - 8:30pm
Thursday 27th Feb at 2 - 3:30 pm
To book in or for more information please contact me or reception at McCaulay's Health Club Ivybridge


Some great top tips to keep your gym and exercise motivation up there!


1. Put the results you want to achieve in writing.

Having #goals is great, but writing them down is even better—especially if you put the paper you jotted them down on somewhere you’ll look often. That helps remind you why you’re going to the gym, which is so, so key for staying motivated.

2. Make gym dates—with yourself.

Plotting out your workouts ahead of time will make you way less likely to skip them. At the start of each week, decide which days you'll be hitting the gym, and plan out a routine for each one.

3. ...And set reminders.
Once you've got your schedule in place, create calendar reminders.

4. Eat breakfast

Having a smart a.m. meal will help your body stay energized throughout the day and ready for a workout. Nosh on a solid breakfast with protein, a fruit or veggie, and a complex carbohydrate (like whole grain toast).

5 Use the buddy system.

Instead of making plans to meet up with a friend over cocktails, schedule a fitness class to catch up. Although you're probably not going to be chatting it up during a tough bootcamp class or treadmill interval workout, the fact that you're meeting a friend there will make you less likely to back out.

6. Remind yourself exercise helps your mind, too.

“Exercise not only calms the mind, but it enhances brain function and encourages innovation.
So if you’ve got a big project coming up, need to be extra-focused for something at work, or are trying to get through a particularly hectic week, use that as extra reason to exercise and put yourself in the best headspace possible. “Get that workout in and gain a mental edge.”

7, Share your progress.

Talking up your gym gains is a great way to hold yourself accountable. By posting on social media or telling a workout buddy what you've been up to at the gym, you’ll automatically feel more motivated to keep up the habit. Because, hey, you never know when someone will ask you how your fitness goals are going.


Functional rehabilitation

A 3 phased approach to help you return from injury. 1. basic rehab, 2. corrective conditioning, 3. whole body integration.


RAMP warm up for runners


Great looking sessions Tom

Thursday boxers 🥊🥊

This class has been so popular we need to get another one going!

Keep your eyes peeled for news 💪


FREE Running workshop:
Call me or message me to book on


FREE Runners workshop 25 & 27th Feb 2020 McCaulay's Health Club Ivybridge, in Dinnaton starts at 7pm on 25th and 2.00pm on the 27th

Learn how to:
Integrate strength training into your running schedule for better performance
Apply the principles of plyometric training into your workouts
Optimal mobility training for runners
Understand the biomechanical factors leading to injury
The current thinking about warming up - "are your wasting your time?"
Learn 4 great core stability exercises every runner should be doing.

Practical workshop, all abilities very welcome. Please call me for more information or to reserve your place. 05/02/2020

Can running help us process emotions? A new study says yes The research could further explain why going for a run is so beneficial for our wellbeing.


Check out Februarys newsletter: Part 1 of the running related injuries articles explaining the training errors and biomechanical reasons that lead to injury. This accompanies my workshop on running related injuries and how to run well on 25th and 27th February McCaulay's Health Club Ivybridge. This will be packed with top tips to help you identify injury, add strength training, core stability and plyometric work into your training program and optimize your performance. All abilities very welcome.

Our Story

I joined the Royal Marines in 1991 with the aim of becoming a Physical Training Instructor. In 1999 I completed the PTI course and was then training Royal marines recruits to become fit to pass the Commando course. I soon specialized within the PTI branch to become an Exercise and Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI); this involved working as part of the rehabilitation team at the Commando Centre to help injured recruits recover and get back into training. This was a difficult job but very rewarding and one that I wanted to carry on doing. The next step for me was to embark upon physiotherapy training.

Sheffield 2004 - 2007: This was a great period for me. No money, no worries, but we were all in the same boat: study hard - play hard. I made some great friends and one that I now call my wife. On graduation, we left Sheffield and set up in the South West. During this period there was a trip to Perth, Australia where I completed my Masters degree in manual therapy and several house moves before eventually settling on Dartmoor (a familiar stomping, or should I say ‘yomping’ ground) near Ivybridge. I took a post at 42 Commando Royal Marines as the physiotherapist where I was able to rekindle old friendships and combine my passion for physiotherapy within a setting I was very familiar with.

This wasn't enough! I had always dreamed of having my own practice so I set up ‘Nic Costiff Physio & Rehab’ in 2014. Now I was able to combine my physical training and rehabilitation skills with my ever increasing physiotherapy knowledge to help everyone. this formed a great balance for me and the private work was going so well, that in 2017 I was able to form a partnership with McCaulay’s gym in Dinnaton where I continued with my private work attracting patients from Ivybridge, Modbury, South Brent, Ashburton, Plymouth and beyond.

In 2019 I moved into a new clinic within Dinnaton with a relaxing consultation area and purpose built rehabilitation gym. It also has the added benefit of a lovely view over Ivybridge golf course.

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Nic Costiff Physio & Rehab
Thoracic spine mobility part 2
Thoracic spine mobility
Why choose Nic Costiff Physio?
More than just physio
Free Running Workshop - avoid injury!
Functional rehabilitation
Specialist Sports Physio
Runners - 5 top tips to add strength training to your program
More than just physio


First class physiotherapy assessment and treatment



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