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If only it was that easy 🤪

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If only it was that easy 🤪 #russianlashes #russianvolume #volumelashes #russianvolumelashes #lashextensions #lashes

An example of what you do not want your lashes to look like 🤦🏼‍♀️ These will cause so much damage to your natural lashes, look how stuck together and clumpy they are 😩 it looks like pre-made fans have been used here (no hate when used correctly), along with too much glue and possibly incorrect isolation has just caused the lashes to clump. These will be painful! From the front, these lashes look unreal, and you will get amazing retention because of how stuck to each other they are 🙈😂 but that is not healthy for your lashes, and they also are not meant to last forever! Please do your research girls, and if any lash techs ever need any help on how to not make their lashes look like this, my DM’s are always open 🤍 #lashextensions #clumpylashes #ruinedlashes #lashes