Tropic with Annie

Tropic with Annie


Planning to spend a lot of time in a sauna and hot tub over the next couple of days....

What are your recommendations (there's only a tennis tiny bit of purple mask left 😔)
So excited my order came, can’t wait to try the underarm and pillow spray!! Thanks so much for the thank you card too Anneliese Yaxley 😘😘
That moment when you are excited to get into bed, you do your tropic routine then u drop your lip scrub on the glass surface and it breaks 🤦‍♀️ thankfully the lid is still able to sit on top despite not being able to do up tight! What a tit I am 🤣😢 x
Thank you for my card 🙂🙂
Thank you so much for our goodies lovely they all smell amazing can’t wait to use them ###
Recieved my giveaway today 😍 thank you Annie. It smells absolutely gorgeous, and my hands feel loved again. Big thanks to Emma Andrews again for nominating me xx
Looking forward to trying my lovey new products! Made my day receiving this today! Thank you Annie 🥰
Been meaning to post this for ages!!! But just wanted to say that if anyone struggles with shaving rash i.e bikini line, armpits, legs or even husbands with a sore neck after shaving - this stuff is AMAZING!!!

I apply some as soon as I get out the shower and I never get shaving rash anymore. Having struggled with this for years, especially on my legs and bikini line - Tamanu balm is an absolute god send!

It’s also pretty AWESOME on cold sores too! Again something I have struggled with since being a teenager - I used the Tamanu on a cold sore last week out of pure curiosity and it was gone within two days! It normally takes me a week to shift them and even then they leave me with really dry skin in horrible condition.

It’s a wonderful product and it lasts so well as you hardly need any at all! Great price and fab value for money like most things Tropic!

Thank you Anneliese for recommending it to me! ###
Hi Annie, I’ve just received my order - can’t wait to get in the shower and try out the body wash! There was no catalogue in the bag - do you have one please? xx
I have just received this and I am in love with the smell!!! It is honestly the best lip balm EVER!!! It smells so fresh like citrus and it’s very smooth to apply. Not greasy just feels lovely. Another fantastic product from Tropics! I can’t rave about them enough and the lovely Anneliese is always on hand to help with recommendations and what is best to try! Wonderful company = wonderful products 🥰🥰🥰

You NEED Tropics in your life ❤️❤️
Bagged myself one of the Tropic bags with my latest order! Absolutely love the packaging of the products! And it's my first time trying the new foundation, so cant wait to try it once my current one runs out.
Iv just used the skincare discovery kit & mini tamanu balm for the first time,it feels so nice & smells amazing,can’t wait to see how it helps my skin more in the future. X

Tropic is a beautiful range of Pure, Vegan friendly, Cruelty free & affordable Skincare & cosmetics. Hello and welcome to my Tropic Skincare page where you can find out about everything Tropic!

Tropic products are made using natural and pure ingredients which we will always share with you on all our packaging. The beautiful products are Vegan friendly and cruelty free!! You can host a pamper party with your friends and have a girlie night, coffee morning, whatever you fancy. Or you can host an online party from the comfort of you bed and still receive all the benefits of being a Tropic h

Operating as usual

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With recent events, I’m a bit behind with the challenge, but todays theme is “in my hand”

I had lots of ideas for this post, but I finally decided to share this 🥰

In my hand is the gorgeous limited edition So Sleepy body pebble 🥰

Offering the same refreshing cleanse as a body wash, your pebbles are a more concentrated, eco-friendly version.

💚Your beautiful Body Pebbles are not a soap. Soap is an alkaline and can often disrupt the skin’s natural pH and cause irritation, whereas these pebbles are far gentler to skin and can be used on super-sensitive skin.

💚Each pebble contains a carefully selected blend of essential oils for a refreshing shower experience.
Nourishing shea butter soothes and conditions skin.

It comes in 4 gorgeous scents:
💚Zesty Mojito

Which one would you choose??🤔


Sooo, I’m not sure how we got here?! But here we are. Coming into double digits until the big day 🎅🏼🎄

Having a December baby means I really do have to be organised. Especially with the way everything is increasing 🙈

I am not ashamed to say that I have already started my Christmas/birthday shopping 🛍

We also have quite a few birthdays to celebrate in the run up to the big day too 🎁

I’d love to know, when do you start your Christmas shopping?? Have you already started?

Don’t bet me wrong, I will save a few bits to get during the festive period! I love late night shopping and the excitement that is in the air in the lead upto Christmas 🥰 And then the mad panic of wrapping everything Christmas eve and promising myself that next year, next year Annie we are going to be more organise than this 😂😂 But it never happens! And I love it 🥰



Cocoon your skin in comfort with a natural moisturiser from this amazing selection ☁️

Whether you’re loyal to one or a mix-and-matcher, this organic range is here to suit every skin need 🌱

If you have ultra-sensitive skin, you can even try the unscented version of Skin Feast 🤍

Why not Save this post for when you need a new moisturiser in your routine 😊

If you would like more info, or help on choosing your skincare routine, please pop me a DM for a free skincare chat 🥰

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Day 4 of our challenge is all about back to school 🏫

Little bit late with this one due to recent events🖤

But this kid was more than ready to go back and see all of his friends last week!

So much so that I didn’t even get a goodbye mummy as he literally ran through the classroom doors 😂🥰

It makes my heart happy though that he loves school so much!

I was never a big fan of school, and I hated high school. I never want him to have those same feelings I had🖤

The first week back has been a success and we look forward to a fun year of learning and experiences 🥰

Have you had back to schoolers this week? 📚


Absolutely heartbroken to hear of the passing of our beloved Queen this afternoon 👑🥺

Wether you’re a fan of the royals or not, the Queen was an incredible lady. Serving your Country and Realm for 70yrs 👑

The world lost an Angel today and is a little bit darker.

May you rest in peace and spend an eternity of happiness with your beloved Prince. You definitely deserve it💗

Thank you for all you have done 👑



The perfect bath time duo 💤

This gorgeous relaxing duo is back, but only for a limited time!🥰

Have you got yours??😴


Todays prompt is all about reading, which is actually very fitting as today is 📚

Do you like to read? I loooovveee to read 🥰 Nothing better than getting lost in the pages of your imagination 📖 Since having long covid, I struggle to focus long enough to read. But I do love a good who done it murder mystery 🙈

Did you know though that our gorgeous Glow magazine has some really fab articles and blogs that you can enjoy!? Grab a cuppa and your Glow mag, put your feet up and enjoy 📖

Now only are the articles fab! But there are also some yummi vegan recipes in it too! If you’ve not got a copy yet, please give me a shout and I’ll get one to you ☺️

Anyways, what are you currently reading??📚


Todays theme is - I enjoy… there are lots of things I enjoy,
✨I love to get my craft on when I get chance,
✨I love to bake 😋 I always bake the tiny humans birthday cake 🎂 I think my favourite ever was his lockdown Batman birthday cake lol
✨I LOVE Disney! We spent the tiny humans 4th birthday🎈 there and it was so magical 🥰
✨I love spending time with my best friends 💕 These girls have been stuck with me for years and been through some of the highest moments of my life- like becoming a mumma 🥰 and there to pick me off when I’ve hit rock bottom! They are my ride or die and I love them more than they could ever know 🥰
✨I love to swim 🏊🏼‍♀️ I love getting lost in the sound of the water and the counting of the strokes - it’s my therapy
✨I mean shoes… who doesn’t love shoes right? Especially when they are from @irregularchoice 🥰
✨I love our garden 🌹
✨But the thing I enjoy doing most… is spending time with my tiny human - my best friend. He reminds me to have fun and smile, to not give a s**t what others think and to live in the moment 🥰

What do you enjoy??

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A very happy Sunday to you 🥰

A few friends and I have decided to do a 30 day challenge ☺️ And day 1 is introduce yourself… which I realised I haven’t done in a very long time!
So here goes…

✨I am Annie, 36 from a small ish town in Norfolk,UK.

✨Single mumma to the most beautiful 6yr old who is my world 🥰 and the reason why I do all of this!

✨We have a furbaby called Crystal who loves snuggles and chasing things 🙈

✨My favourite animal is the penguin 🐧 I think they are awesome!

✨I am a huge fan of Disney 🥰 And very excited for the new Cars movie to come out 🏎

✨And my family are my best friends! Being a single mumma is hard at time and I’d be completely lost without them all! My mum is my rock and if I can be half as good a mumma as she is, I’ll be happy 🥰

I’d love to know about you! So please feel free to share some random, fun facts about you and also if you are a small business owner too 🥰


🍂Well hello there September 🍂

Where did you come from so quickly?? 🙈 Not quite sure how we are in the last quarter of the year already, but here we are!

August was an amazing month for my new sparkly business 🤩 Little bit quieter on the Tropic front but we keep going 💪🏼

How was August for you?✨


Morning 🥰

Happy Monday!🙌🏼 Even better, it’s a bank holiday Monday 🎉 Do you have much planned for the day?

I appear to have caught what the kid had last week 🤒 Feeling somewhat sorry for myself 🙈 On top of feeling rough, I have also completely lost my voice - which the kid finds hilarious 😂

Today is the last day to enjoy that amazing bank holiday freebie offer 🥰 You can find the link in my bio 👆🏽 or pop me a DM.


Did someone say Bank Holiday offer??🙌🏼

Check back tomorrow to find out what freebies you can enjoy 🎁


Post upto 5 photos of what you offer.

No links please, if someone likes your goodies and wants to know more, they can then ask for your link 🥰

Have an awesome day 🌟


I am so super excited for my very 1st Pop up shop experience that is happening next Saturday!🙌🏼

27th August, you will find myself and 6 other amazing local businesses taking over The Place in Kings Lynn town centre for the day 🥰

Cannot wait! Not only will I be sharing my love and beautiful Tropic goodies, I will also be taking some of my gorgeous new @parklanejewelry sparkles too 🥰🌟

We are so excited to see you! If you are passing, please do come on in and say hello ☺️👋🏼

There will also be edible yummi goodies, wax melts, puppy treats and more on the day too!🥰


Today will mostly be fuelled by caffeine and nana naps 🙈💤

It’s been a moment since the tiny human was poorly (which I am super thankful for) but we are on day 3 of high temps and my neurotic mumma mode is in full swing 🙈😂

Think I work every hour last night to check on him 🙈 Good job though as his temp was 38.8 at 04:30 this morning 😔🤒

There is sooo much I need to do and sort- I still need to send out my birthday deals on WhatsApp and newsletter 🙈 But that can wait another day.

Today lots of mumma snuggles are needed and I imagine I’ll be spending most of the day watching YouTube - send help!! And Gin 😂😂

How do you get through those days where your tired is tired 💤



“It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday “ 🎶 Well it was my birthday yesterday (Saturday)

I had the best day with some of my most favourite people 🥰

The kid wanted to take me out for breakfast… he suggested McDonald’s 😂 I countered with a trip to the Pavillon in Gaywood- as it was my birthday, I was allowed to win for once 🙌🏼

We had a few tears last night as I forgot to take him gift shopping this week as we were away 🙈 But daddy came to pick him up for the weekend armed with flowers 🌺 and a card, and Mema also had a gift and cards 🥰 So all ended well lol

An afternoon of sunbathing and drinks with birthday cake 🎂 and birthday watermelon 🍉😋 just made the day perfect!

This evening we went out for dinner and cocktails 🍹 and a dance or 2 🥰

It has been a fab birthday- turning 37 (god am I really that old already?!?🙈) hasn’t been too shabby 🥰

Any other August babies around?? 🎈



🧳 Holiday Mode Activated 🧳

Super excited to be taking some time out to make new memories with my not so tiny human 🥰

It started today with a fab day out picking sunflowers 🌻🌻 We saw this fab farm on Facebook @westgate_farm_walsingham and my nephew adores sunflowers 🌻
The kids had an absolute blast and we’ve got some gorgeous flowers that we can hopefully use the seeds to grow our own in the garden 🌻

We drove home via the coast and spent the afternoon shouting “I can see the sea!”🌊 and singing along to @justinfletcherofficial badly lol

I have a few posts ready to share over the week, but I won’t be around as I plan to switch off and be more present with my little boy making lots of wonderful summer holiday memories 🥰✨

Don’t worry though, my link is in my bio if you need any Tropic goodies And I will check in and check my messages when I can 🥰 Can’t keep me away completely haha

We hope you are having a fab summer and making lots of memories??☀️



I know, I know 🙈 I’m a few days late with this - again!!

It’s been a crazy busy few days here. Work has been mental busy! Sooo many beautiful babies being welcomed into the world 🥰 And I worked nights at the weekend 💤 So that has left me physically and mentally drained 🥴

Buutttt it’s August 🎉 The BEST month of the year 🙌🏼 Why you ask? Well… it’s a certain someone’s birthday month 🎈 And by that, yes I mean me 😂🙌🏼🎈

Although, the closer I get to 40, the less I want to celebrate 🙈

Are there any other August babies here?? Give them a tag so we can celebrate together 🎉🙌🏼

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The perfect bath time duo 💤This gorgeous relaxing duo is back, but only for a limited time!🥰Have you got yours??😴
Todays theme is - I enjoy… there are lots of things I enjoy,✨I love to get my craft on when I get chance, ✨I love to bak...
Unpack an order with me… 🥰
Just a quick reminder that this amazing offer ends tomorrow 🥰🙌🏼If you are wanting to get a gorgeous gift 🎁 Or top up on ...
🎉 Ends TODAY 🎉Don’t miss this amazing of.fer 🙌🏼If you need to top up on your favourite Tropic goodies, today is the perf...
💆🏼‍♀️ M A K E   U P  R E M O V A L 💆🏼‍♀️I meant to post this video a few days ago… but yea it didn’t happen 😂 So hear it...
My evening Skincare Routine💆🏼‍♀️



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