Laser tattoo removal
Here at skinworkx we use the best laser in the industry
A Lynton luminette laser
Always proving great results

Operating as usual


Few apps left with me today, message to book, also anybody thinking of booking in or need a quote get in touch on here or Facebook


Laser tattoo removal Got the odd spaces left for tomorrow message to book



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A sneak preview of this weeks episode, all about laser

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Valentines special offer

Need an ex’s name removing for good??

Message today to book any name tattoo, to receive the offer of pay for 3 sessions up front to receive a fourth FREE….

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Almost gone 😱

Results speak for themselves

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Laser tattoo removal
HATE your unwanted tattoos, there’s only one way to remove them, the lynton laser is the best in the industry and is NHS approved ✅
80 percent of people are just lowering there original tattoos so they can have a newer, better cover up,
Or you can fully remove a tattoo and be gone for good,
Start the new year off with a BANG and be gone for 2023

Message me for any info required



Jimmy came to me for his arm tattoo lightening enough to have a cover up over the top, these aren’t the best quality photos as there my clients but he’s now at the stage where he can now finally have a cover up, pictures speak for them selves, once again fab results


CHRISTMAS GIFT VOUCHERS available now, message me or call in the studio, vouchers available for any amount, and for use of new and current clients


BEFORE and IMMEDIATELY after first session, the white dots is called FROSTING, which disappears after a few hours, the tattoo continues to fade through the next 4 weeks until the clients second session , follow for future progress pictures,


Current progress picture, results after 3 sessions
Healing absolutely amazing as you can see
For any information required Ito book a consultation feel free to dm me


Client hated the hair and face of his tattoo, so we’ve lightened it enough for another tattooist to go over it again after today’s last session, overall happy client


💥Christmas offer is back💥

Pay for 3 sessions as a bulk and get your 4th session free

Offer For new and ongoing clients


Client now fully clear of her u wanted finger tattoo 💥


This passive Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser will help you fade and remove professional, amateur or traumatic tattoos,
Lynton has established its reputation as the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aesthetics technology, and they are proud to be listed as a preferred supplier on the NHS Supply Chain.
The results speak for themselves

For any information required or to book a consultation please feel free to DM me and il try my best to answer any questions as quick as I can
Thanks 🙏


💥Lynton laser
💥NHS approved
💥message me to book a consultation or for any information required


Client came to me with this which was a drunken mistake 🙈 before pic and immediately after one treatment, so there’s white frosting which will fade off within a few hours but as you can see it’s taken the ink straight off 🙌


Feather rib tattoo fading very quickly,


2 sessions 😱 client will only need another or 1 or 2 to be fully removed,

Message me for any information required or to book a consultation


More and more a lately I seem to be getting air of ladies with micro bladed eyebrows that there not happy with, the shapes are sometimes wrong and many occasions it’s the colour that’s changed,
Please come and see me if your unhappy with your eyebrows as they can always be sorted out,
This client has had ONE session for these results and now is ink free, the results are amazing.


Client came to me for removal to lighten his tattoo so he could have a better cover up, and now he’s just had his cover up,

There’s no need to just have a really dark cover up anymore, 80percent of people come to me just for lightening so there tattoo overall will look more amazing than just to cover it straight away



Removal process in stages


This was a memory from 6 years ago, client wanted area lightening so he could place something else in the gap


Got the odd gaps if anyone wants them, message me for any info required or to book a consultation


Little break ✅ now back to work


I always take pictures at every session and gradually put them all together, because when a person is seeing the same tattoo day in day out they don’t see the difference as much, my client came back to me after 2 sessions and said it doesn’t seem to have done anything, to which then I showed her the pictures and she couldn’t believe it, you can see the results for yourself from 2 sessions,
For any laser enquiries please feel free to DM me
Thanks Becky


A quick reminder that I’m now out of office until the 2nd September
But will try and answer messages as soon as I can
Thankyou Becky 🥰




4 sessions for this result, client just came in for her last session,

On average it takes anywhere between 4-12 sessions to fully remove a tattoo
Or between 2-6 sessions to lighten enough for a cover up

For any info required or any quotes feel free to message me on here


Old skool Indian ink tattoos are normally very difficult to remove as the needles usually go too deep but this one is coming off great, clients wanted this removed for over 30 years and now he’s nearly free

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