Slimming world Loanhead

Slimming world Loanhead


Hiya, joined once again this week and my first dilemma is.. Burns night! What's the syn value, am I allowed it, am I better with veggie haggis??? Thanks in advance ❤️
Hi Lynette my training was cancelled so I am available to help out at 5.30 tomorrow if needed. Aileenx
Asda straiton just put these out on shelf

Weight loss support for members

Much excitement in group this week - new Hifi’s - choc honeycomb crunch... details of our new recipe book - Free food A-Z, a special photoshoot (watch this space) and for this week only returning members pay £9.90/£9.30 only 😀😀😀
The Spanish rice shown from the new book - this feeds a family of 4 for £4.76 from Asda. Food optimising can be done on a budget
#thatfeeling #foodoptimising ❤️
See you at 5.30 or 7.30 pm today 9.30 or 11.30 am Tuesday Loanhead miners

It’s finally Friday 🙌! Take your taste buds on an adventure with a slimming-friendly fakeaway – packed full of Free Foods and all the flavour of a take-out classic! 🍔🍕🌮🥙Who’s already started planning their fakeaway for tonight 👍🏻 – share your fave Friday-night food choice with us in the comments below⬇. #fakeaway #slimmingworld #fridayfeeling #thatfeeling

Just in time for our 4th birthday we have the new chocolate honeycomb hi fi bar 😀😀😀launching next week. Limited edition so get your hands on it soon ❤️#thatfeeling xx

A soup kind of day. What we do is take the food you like to eat and teach you with a few small changes to food optimise it. Fat off the bacon for example. The largest plate of minestrone ever #freefood #foodiptimising #loanhead #hatfeeling ❤️

If you'd love to #slim more easily than you ever thought possible whilst eating and enjoying real food that will satisfy your appetite (on even the hungriest of days!) whilst being part of a positive uplifting group of people who respect and value you - then one of our warm & friendly local groups is for you! Choose your own dream weight and continue to receive support to stay a healthy weight forever! Find your local group at #thatfeeling #scotland #slimmingworld

Did you know you can have this for breakfast... lunch or dinner? Diet food? Think again
#thatfeeling #freefood #loanhead ❤️

Slimming world Loanhead

Beat the Monday blues with #ThatFeeling of a fresh start to losing weight while tucking into delicious food and being part of a friendly and supportive community 💙! Find a group near you at or get in touch with me and I will be happy to help.
#thatfeeling xx

Lots of happy faces in group this week - not just because of the weight lost.
It’s the almost instant effect of how free food makes us feel. Less bloated and lethargic. More energy. Your skin and hair quickly feels better too. Would you like #thatfeeling too? These are some of our members meals. #itsnotadiet #freefood xx

Last week to pick up your 2020 success for free. Also free membership with 12 week (block) countdown also - saving you around £15. Want #thatfeeling? Come along and we’ll show you how
5.30 or 7.30pm Today
9.30 or 11.30 am Tuesday ❤️

It’s not just our physical health that changes for the better but the impact on our mental health can be huge. We look at the way we talk to ourselves which is certainly not the way we talk to our friends/family. We will give you hope #thatfeeling xx

My name is Lynette and I’m your consultant in Loanhead. After showing your our lovely venue on Monday and a bit about group I realised I hadn’t told you anything about myself.
I live locally and wanted my groups to be in that community.
I joined slimming world in August 2014. Someone told me I wouldn’t be hungry and I could still eat pasta so that was me sold!! I was taught to make little changes to the meals I enjoyed and cooked for the family. Most of those - I didn’t even let on to the teenage ones. As they’ve grown up though and learnt to cook they automatically reach for the store cupboard essentials that have become my best friends. Anyone that knows me knows I love to eat, plan my food, talk about food then eat again in quick succession! My work colleagues couldn’t believe the amount I could eat. And that I could have chilli for my lunch when they were eating our usual sandwiches and crisps but then still pasta for tea 😀 a steady 2 1/2 stone saw me get to target in April 2015 while still enjoying a holiday, nights out and family time. I can hardly believe that this April - thanks to free food - will be my 5th anniversary of getting to target. And that’s despite the longest special birthday celebrations ever 🍾. Group gives me new ideas to try so that free food never becomes tired. Group will give you support. Our wee group will be 4 in a couple of weeks but my passion for free food and the utter privilege of getting to play a part in changing peoples’ lives will never get old. To give people hope. Our members have been granted IVF, got pregnant, had babies reversed their diabetes, reduced cholesterol and blood pressure - been granted life saving surgeries, felt amazing at proms, grad balls, weddings. Been able to play with children and grandchildren. Leave the house. Get back on their horses or play football again. Would you like #thatfeeling? Call me ❤️#loanhead #freefood #foodoptimising #loanheadminers

Our first groups of 2020 with our free Your 2020 recipe book.
Last year in Loanhead alone our members lost 772 stones which equates to 4902 Kg.
This is more than 10 of the camels below!!!
If you want #thatfeeling then come and see us. Free Recipe books still available next week too ❤️xx

Loanhead miners 9.30 & 11.30 am. This morning
Get yourself back in more ways than one!! #thatfeeling

Back to work back to school. Back to healthy eating but don’t want it to be one of those resolutions we can’t keep up?
Come along this week - groups are back to normal times on Monday and Tuesday and find out how this isn’t a diet but a sustainable way of healthy eating for life and you too will have #thatfeeling #hope #healthyeating #foodoptimising #freefood #loanhead #slimmingworld ❤️

How would you like to look and feel as incredible as Michelle did at her Christmas party? Lost 8 1/2 stone and been at target for 6 months
No matter where you start you can have #thatfeeling by your holiday, special event or next Christmas.

Find out how we can support you to get #thatfeeling ❤️

For many Slimming World-ers, the start of a new year is a time for reflection and resolutions. If yours include a weight-loss goal for 2020, you can read up on fab slimming strategies to stick to throughout January and beyond 🚀 over on our members' sites!

Diabetic? Pre diabetic or simply worried you may develop diabetes. We have many members who have reversed their type 2 diabetes by following our safe and balanced plan. Approved by gps #thatfeeling when you get your blood sugars under control by changes to your diet ❤️

Free membership with a 12 week countdown. Saves you £15. 12 weeks of building those new habits. Of enjoying free food and not being hungry. Giving you hope of getting #thatfeeling and one step closer to being #slimforlife ❤️free 2020 recipe book too

Many dairy free options to ensure that you are still getting enough calcium. Going dairy free made such a difference to my IBS ❤️#thatfeeling

We are suitable if you are following a gluten free diet and want to know how to eat healthy

When time is short but you want some free food - head to Iceland/food warehouse.
#Thinkfreefoodfirst #thatfeeling when you do ❤️

Mix up your new year menu – and get #ThatFeeling of dining on delicious dishes while losing weight – with the latest additions to our #MySWFrozen range at Iceland Foods! From 2nd January you’ll be able to enjoy eight new meals – and there’s something for everybody to enjoy 😋.

Whether you are vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan or dairy free we have options for you. And your own guide to food optimising ❤️ #thatfeeling

I met Clare on training 4 years ago. This year she earned club 50 in our 50th year. She’d lost more than 50% of her body weight and life has changed completely. It’s never too late. Yes she is young but it took everything she had. If you are worried/have questions/thinking about it then message me
07940 918383 #thatfeeling

I wish I could tell 22 stone me a few things...
My very first time in group was my lowest point. I was there because I'd tried everything else and failed. I couldn't hate myself more. I was screaming out for help. I was desperate.
I then found group.
A place that I felt accepted from that first moment.
People who genuinely wanted to see me sucseed!! They literally cheered me on!!
I wish I could phone 22 stone me up and say its going to be OK. You're going to live a normal life. And today, you walked about penkridge leafletting with no back ache. You tied your own laces because you could reach them. You didn't fear people seeing you incase they laughed at you. You fitted in tight places between cars. You saw a friends child and they ran up and cuddled you, they flung their arms around you!! Not just your front. It's the loveliest feeling, real big cuddles, I'd missed out on before.
.. And mostly.. you're OK. Xx
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Slimming World Consultant in Penkridge! follow me on my @slimmingworlduk journey for all things SW!! Join me every monday 9am, 5.30pm and 7.30pm at Hatherton hotel, Penkridge 07540230320 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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@ Penkridge

It could start as early as Sunday ❤️#thatfeeling

New start new you ❤️#thatfeeling

Ask me how ❤️ without hunger or deprivation #thatfeeling

Good news we can help!!
If you want to avoid the January rush then we are open for new members at 9.30 in the main hall Loanhead miners on Sunday 29th December #thatfeeling

Christmas parties in group this week - our members wanted to make donations to local foodbank both essential items and some nice treads too. All handed in to Loanhead parish church who are doing a fantastic job of coordinating it all. #thatfeeling

It’s not a diet!! ❤️#thatfeeling

With just four weeks until the big day, now’s the time to start thinking festive 🎄 when it comes to food! Whether you’re plating up your meals on Christmassy crockery like Mindy (mindy_cherry on Instagram) or serving up some slow-cooker soups and stews, let us know know how you’re getting into the spirit of the season at mealtimes 🥣.

Our members in Loanhead lost 11 stone this week whilst still living their lives and getting to eat. Would you like #thatfeeling ? #loanhead ❤️

Think you can’t lose weight at this time of year? 🤔 with free food you can ❤️

True story ❤️

Monday and Tuesday in Loanhead.
#freefood #thatfeeling

#thatfeeling ❤️
Free food - true story

What could you achieve by Christmas? Think you have too much on to lose weight? We want you to be able to enjoy whatever you have planned but still lose. Find out how ❤️

During the month of August we encouraged our members to get moving more.
We gave just sent £521.50 on behalf of our groups in Loanhead. We really do change lives.
Come along and find out how small changes - with no hunger - or deprivation - can make all the difference ❤️

[10/05/19]   This is Freda, Freda wants to join Lynette’s Slimming World group but it’s Freda’s wedding anniversary in 2 weeks and a few weeks after that it’s her daughter’s 21st 🎈🎉...then there’s Halloween 🎃 and bonfire night 🎆not long after.

Before you know it Christmas 🎅🏼🎄will be here! Freda is going to join in the new year 🎊 maybe February, after Valentine’s Day ❤️ but definitely before Easter 🐣, as long as Easter doesn’t fall early next year, in which case she will wait until after Easter 🐣 or when the clocks ⏰ go forward as lighter nights are better...

Don’t be like Freda come and join our group now and get started on your weight loss journey.

**Pick up Best magazine from today for FREE MEMBERSHIP**

I believe in our plan, now believe in yourself, that you can do this with great support from group, members and myself

Come and join us on Monday & Tuesday xx

Would you like to be at least a waist size smaller? 🤔❤️ plenty time.

A warm welcome is waiting for you ❤️

If you are interested - either just turn up or txt me on 07940 918383 ❤️

If it wasn’t the right time for you before? Could it be now? Golden parties in group next week - with free food tasters everyone welcome ❤️ it’s all about the free food

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