The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper


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Well week 5 weigh in and I've only got 4 1/2 lbs I think it was Petula get my 2 stone so far I've lost an amazing 16 inches
Thankyou Petula xx
Oriental chilli soup 🍜 yum
8lb loss in 2 weeks 🎉👍love CWP
Almost at the end of week three now and feeling great you can't notice my weight loss but I can sure feel it in my jeans 😊 my next challenge is this weekend I'm going away however I have packed my products and I'm going to prove to myself I can still have fun without stuffing my face with everything in sight! Bring on weigh day 😝
Day 12 and the plan is much easier now feeling very full after products especially the bolognese one 😊great support this week from Petula Cooper as always 😊 look forward to seeing you on weigh Day ###
Nearly at the end of day 3 on Cambridge weight plan and I've not been feeling as hungry as I thought. The food also has more flavour than I was expecting and it's lovey to know petula is only a message or phone call away full of support. Now to look forward to completing my first week and getting the results at the end. 😊
Looking forward to getting started next week :) Petula Cooper

Highly Commended 2018 Award Winners. We are mother and daughter who have both lost weight with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.We have helped hundreds of clients lose weight and maintain.

Between us covering Norfolk/London "Are you ready to start your Cambridge Weight Loss Journey?"

Hi I'm Petula, I'm a passionate and dedicated Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant based in Terrington St Clement, Kings Lynn and surrounding areas. My life changed for the better when I discovered the Cambridge Weight Plan! I have struggled with my weight for years and tried various diets and

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The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper is now on WhatsApp. 17/04/2022

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper is now on WhatsApp.

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper is now on WhatsApp.

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper is now on WhatsApp. 17/04/2022

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper is now on WhatsApp.

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - Kings Lynn / London - Petula Cooper is now on WhatsApp.


We have been tinkering with our brand new Green Pesto Flavour Pasta - it's extremely adaptable for incorporating in your own extra ingredients, like yummy veggies!

Full recipe:

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The 1:1 Diet is one of a kind - the Plan, Products and People! Have a chat with me to start your journey.

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Jason's maintained an eight stone loss for four years - well done you! Read his incredible, award winning story here:

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Are you craving a diet that gives you yummy and nutritious food? This is the one. Would you like some of the weight gone? Do the one-to-one. Try our products today.

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The 1:1 Diet has a Plan for everybody - even you! Get in contact and I will be your ultimate cheerer-onner.


Why not try the tasty Cottage Pie with a yummy side of cauliflower cheese? Creamy and cheesy it is a family favourite that's sure to get your mouth watering! Check out the recipe - it's suitable for Step 2 and above!

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Craving a you-shaped weight loss plan? One-to-one diet Consultants are here for you. Reach out to me today.

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"I'm living my best life more than I could have imagined. I'm now loving helping others to reach their goals and dreams." Fiona is a true champion, have a look at her journey here:


The 1:1 Diet Plan is an amazingly easy to follow and really adaptable too. Why don't we have a chat about the best Step for you.


When you get to Step 2 and you need some inspiration, why don't you try this amazingly simple prawn recipe, made with our new Green Pesto Flavour Pasta!

Full recipe:

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Don't about reaching out for some help. Speak to me today for a friendly chat to find out more.

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Katy's Consultant Heather "has now become not just a life-changing coach, but a life-long friend." Have a look at her story on why one-to-one assistance is crucial to success:


Don't wait until tomorrow, get started right now with me! Have a chat with me.

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Got a burning question about The 1:1 Diet? I'm here to answer them.


It's time to reveal our first ever savoury snack range! Available in three incredibly delicious flavours; Original, Chilli & Lime and Sour Cream & Chive. Which do you want to try first?

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Fancy a job making people be happier and healthier? my team and become your own boss. Contact me and I'll tell you how.

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Are you on the go all the time and concerned about all the meal prepping? The 1:1 Diet is super simple, real easy to follow, ready to go… plus you will have me to help you! Get in contact.

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It doesn't matter what your weight-loss goals are, we have a Plan just for you! Speak to me about The 1:1 Diet!

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"I now focus on what a fantastic future I can give my son and he will never go without doing the things we take for granted." Have a read of Family Champion Award winner, Joanne's story:

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What if I told you that you'd be eating chocolate on a diet? Guess what? You can on The 1:1 Diet. Drop me a message to find out more.

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YOU + me = diet success. So why wait? Contact me now to take it on together.

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The 1:1 Diet is so unique is because you get me! Your very own diet Consultant to motivate you every step of the way. Get in contact!

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Tried our tasty bites yet? They're great for people that are always on the go! Get in touch and try them today.

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Fantastic WhatsApp weigh-ins and one-to-one video chats now available. Learn more by asking me.


It's a new day and an excellent opportunity to get closer to get closer to achieving your goals! Contact me and get started on The 1:1 Diet.

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Have you heard about the ? I can help you stay right on track! Get in touch to find out more!

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You've got this. Let me help you achieve your goals. Let's discuss now how to get you started!

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Everybody needs a little support from time-to-time! I could be your weight-loss cheerer-onner. Get in contact today.

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Fran and Pete are so excited about their next (slimmer) 25 years together. Take a look at how they achieved their goals together:

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Are you always super busy? We've got bar, bites and a lot more for those days that you're always on-the-go! Contact me today!

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It's your time to shine! No matter who you are, if you want to lose weight - I'm here to provide a big dollop of support! Let's chat.

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I've got a lot of deliciously nutritious meals and snacks for you to taste. Which do you think will be your fave?

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Looking for a personalised weight-loss Plan? Try this one. Want the weight gone? Do the one-to-one. Get going today.

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