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Hi I am Karen, I am a registered nurse prescriber and have been offering aesthetic treatments for the last 12yrs. My aim is to slow the ageing process naturally so you become a more confident you without looking overdone.

Operating as usual

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Do you always look like you are blushing?
Are you suffering with inflamed bumps and pimples?
Do you have visible blood vessels?

If this sounds like you then you could have rosacea.

There is no known cause or cure, but symptoms can be controlled so it is more comfortable 😊

If you suffer with this skin condition then I can help 😁 please give me a message for more information.


What can I say 😁 it has certainly been a mad month πŸ€ͺ

Here is a snippet of my month.

Looking forward to April and all it has to bring 😁😁 🐣🍫


Every week I am asked what can I do for the tear trough area without having fillers.

After looking around I found @drucheacademy who had the answer 😁

Soooo I am excited to announce I have passed this tear trough course going through other options 😊

Practical training next then I will be offering this treatment soon 😊

Always learning and updating πŸ˜‰

Message below if you would be interested in this?


Would you like an appointment to see me? 😁

Here are my April clinic dates message me or the clinic directly to book in.

@bliss.beautytherapy @rrskinclinic


When the damage has been done. πŸ˜”

➑️ Eliminate triggers for example ( over washing, over exfoliating)
➑️ Focus on gentle cleansing hydration and protect from the sun.
➑️ Be patient skin repair takes time.

Maintenance 😊

➑️ Keep skin moisturised.
➑️ Do your skincare in moderation. Do not over do cleansing or exfoliating.
➑️ Use SPF to protect your skin from UV radiation.

Not sure what to use? then give me a message and let me help you. πŸ˜‰


Are you aware when your skin barrier is altered beyond its self repair this causes increased water loss and an increase of antigens.

If you have any of the above could mean your barrier is impaired so your skin is at risk πŸ˜”

Do you want to help your skin barrier? If so give me a message and let me help you achieve healthy skin.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mums.

Be kind to yourself if you are struggling and embrace the mum you are πŸ₯°


Vouchers and bookings still available for Mother’s Day πŸ₯°

Still looking what to give your mum?

This facial will be a lovely treat full of active ingredients that will make her skin feel soft, smooth and glowing 🌟


Lips πŸ‘„ what can I say ?

Enhancing what you have naturally πŸ˜‰

This enhancement only had 0.5 ml of filler.

Never overfilled, minimal to no bruising and virtually pain free 😊

Only premium fillers used and .


Who loves a cocktail? 😊

I do love a skin cocktail πŸ˜‰
To slow the ageing process my own routine includes antioxidants, retinol and SPF.

Would you love a skin cocktail 🍹

Give me a message and let me loose at the cocktail bar 😁


Who wants results?

Who wants skincare that works?

Who wants to stop wasting money on products that do not work?

Who wants to improve their skin health?

If this is you ⬆️ then give me a message to get you active 😊


This is my passion and what I am about 😊
Helping you achieve your goals.
Enhancing what you have naturally.

This is my why πŸ˜‰ this is what I do.

If you feel you look old, tired, dull and need your sparkle back then give me a message and let’s talk about what I can do for you 😊


Who wants to treat their mum?

Look no further I have just the perfect treat πŸ˜‰

A lovely facial or peel targeted to their skin type,
plus skin care products (cleanser, moisturiser and SPF to last 10 days) for only Β£60!!

Message me for availability 😊


When you finish from a busy day and find this in your inbox 😊
Thank you so much for the feedback 😌


All it took was 0.5ml to achieve this result.

Natural lips is the only way I go 😊


Are you aware moisturiser’s and serum’s work differently on your skin?

Moisturisers work on the surface of the skin to increase hydration by binding skin cells together more effectively.

Serums penetrate deep into the skin to deliver targeted active ingredients to help treat skin concerns.

Combining these two products will help your skin cells communicate better to obtain results 😊

Want to know more? Give me a message and let’s chat πŸ˜‰


Happy International Womens Day πŸ’•

Shout out to all the women out there.

We have got this πŸ’ͺ🏻

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Are you a skin sinner 😈😈

Want to know why these sins are not good for your skin … book a chat with me to find out πŸ˜‡


Mum always knows best πŸ˜‚

Double tap if this is true?


Plump juicy fresh looking skin 😊

Who wants some?

All it takes is 20 mins of your time and chatting to me. πŸ˜‰
Then 5 mins in the morning and evening and you too can have healthy plump glowing skin 😁

Message me to find out more?


Have you been thinking about having treatments?
Not sure what treatments are available and what they do?

Then come and see me and I can put a bespoke plan together just for you. 😊

Message me for an appointment ☺️


I completely forgot to post my eyelash results (menopause brain) πŸ€ͺ

I am absolutely thrilled with my results I have longer darker lashes.

I never got on with false lashes as they kept on falling out, or I would keep rubbing my eyes so ended up with gaps 😬

Now I have my own lashes πŸ˜‰

If you would like to enhance your lashes give me a message 😊


Our Story

Hi I am Karen, I have been nursing for the last 26 years, and started offering aesthetic treatments 11 years ago. All of my training has been completed by surgeons and Dr's with years of experience in facial rejuvenation. I offer a range of Award winning treatments such as Profhilo, plasma , FDA approved fillers for lips, cheeks and other areas, antiaging consultations, Alumier chemical peels and skin care products and microdiffusion. Trained to manage complications. Fully insured by cosmetic insurance. Also a member of ACE.

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What can I say 😁 it has certainly been a mad month πŸ€ͺHere is a snippet of my month.Looking forward to April and all it ha...
Every week I am asked what can I do for the tear trough area without having fillers.After looking around I found @druche...
Would you like an appointment to see me? 😁 Here are my April clinic dates message me or the clinic directly to book in.@...



Profhilo, Plexr plasma for loose skin and removal of tattoo's, skin tags and warts, anti aging consultations, lip and facial fillers. Alumier skin care including skin peels and facials. Aquagold microdiffusion facials, Fat dissolving. Hair loss DNA testing.




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