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Have had my lashes done a few times now and Stacey is very friendly and puts you at ease!
Thank you so much Charlotte for our amazing hair and my make up on Saturday. We both recieved many compliments and that was all down to your talent. We'll definitely be back again 😘 xx

We are an up to date modern Salon Specialising in all aspects of Hair, Beauty, Nails & Aesthetics. Stockists of Hair Choice Extensions & Locks of London.

Ooh the joy when your day starts early and your in the @costacoffee drive through 🥰 I’ve missed this sooooo much #costa #skinnylatté #hazelnutsyrup #costalover #coffeelover #morningslikethese 😍🙋🏼‍♀️

Please bare with me ladies. I’ve got messages from every angle but so I don’t miss anyone can you please call the salon in the morning so I can start organising appointments YAYYYY. See you soon gals 🤪🥰😘

That shine though 🥰 #smoothsilkyhair #shine #colour #adorable #hair

Let’s make you an appointment ladies... Call today on Tel:- 01695 575 772

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[07/08/20]   Sorry ladies we are struggling with WiFi in the salon at the moment so if you would like to make any appointments please give the salon a call on 01695 575 772. We will get you booked in as soon as possible 😃


For sale Stunning and in fabulous condition 2 x used mirror side cabinets £350 each. RRP £1000 measurements H980 W1800 D510. Please feel free to message for more info.

2x mirrored Side cabinets for sale £350 each. Absolutely stunningly gorgeous and from a smoke free home. Please private message for more info 😃

😁sorry ladies all furniture is now sold x

Girls DONT PANIC!! I’ve been getting lots of txts asking if I’m closing with selling all my beauty furniture. YOU DONT GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY!!! Haha nope I’m treating you all to an upstairs refurb to be ready for when Boris let’s us open the beauty & nail side again. SO DONT PANIC IM STILL HERE!!! 🥰😁🙌🏻

Complete Salon furniture for sale. £600 open to offers. Ormskirk L39 area. 2x Nail desks with fitted working extraction fans, 3 Polish Wracks, one side board, One matching Tall boy display cabinet, one matching 4 drawer chest of drawers, one small two drawer black side table, four black velour diamanté tall back chairs. One black & orange fold up beauty bed. Needs to be gone ASAP. Nice little salon start up for someone.

Well yesterday was an unexpected whirlwind in many ways. It had its highs and some very low lows. GOOD NEWS Serenity Hair will be open from Next Saturday 4th July but BAD NEWS Serenity Beauty side will remain closed until government tells us otherwise🤮. So no nails or beauty on offer just yet I’m afraid BUT between 11am & 1pm today I will be in the salon taking appointments ready for opening up on the 4th. Feel free to pop down or give me a call on 01695 575 772. Obviously social distancing applies so only three customers in the salon at one time. One person being stood at the desk, one person being sat on the far side of reception bench and one person sat on the end salon chair. Can’t wait to see you all soon x

It will feel very different but bloody Roll on 4th July 🙏🏻. Can you imagine the first day though...🤣🤣💇🏼‍♀️💅🏼🤞🏻👏🏻🙌🏻💃🕺🏻🏃🏼‍♀️#nuts #crazyconversations #atmosphere #lotsoflaughs #sweatinglikeabeasttolooklikeaqueen #friends #loyalty#happytimes #happystaffhappyclients #ormskirk #ormskirkbusiness #churchwalksormskirk #serenity

As some of you maybe aware due to government regulations of social distancing salons are limited to the amount of staff allowed in the salon at one time. Due to this once we are back up and running, I’d like to offer you the chance of a home appointment for any of the following... Sewn in Hair Extension (Invisible Weave technique), HD Eyebrows, Shellac Nails only. Bookings will be taken once government guidelines lift the hair & beauty lockdown. All mobile treatments will be carried out by Geri on Monday’s, Wednesdays & Friday’s. In-house salon appointments also available with Geri hopefully from Saturday 4th July #mobilehairandbeauty #serenitymobile #hairextensions #eyebrowtreatment #shellacnails #beautyathome #beautytoyou #beautytoyourdoor #salononthemove #salonandmobileappointments #ormskirk #skelmersdale #burscough #lathom #halsall #dalton #aughton #maghull #aintree #formby #southport

Can’t wait to get creative again 😍🤞🏻. Sculptured Acrylic Nails I’ve missed making you 💅🏼 not long now 🙏🏻

Can’t wait to be using my gorgeous Lycon pinkini again... HELL TO THE YEHHHH 🙌🏻#lyconwax #hotwax #hotwaxing #pinkini #hollywoodwax #smooth #hairfree #painfree #clean #fresh #intimatewaxing #specialisedwaxingspecialists #serenity #churchwalksormskirk

Who wants their weft placed in the invisible weave way 🙋🏼‍♀️ hell yeahhhhh!!! Well we at Serenity have been keeping busy during lockdown training with the BEST!!! Girls your gunna love it! No more beads, thread or tapes on show when the wind blows 💨 #invisibleweave #comingsoon #hairwefts #nobulkiness #windwhocares #confidenceissexy #bighairdontcare #trainingwiththebest #cantwaittogetstarted #watchthisspace

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OK GIRLS Summer’s just around the corner and it’s time to make sure your hair looks its absolute BEST BY PROTECTING IT... so have you ever thought about how the sun affects your hair? Just as it can damage your skin, the sun can also damage hair and scalp. So it’s time to learn how to protect your hair from sun, heat, and humidity with some more of Geri’s very long winded hair & beauty tips 🤗.

Why Should You Protect Your Hair from the Sun?

Your hair can get damaged in many different ways during summer time: Overexposure to harmful sun rays, sweat, sea salt, and chlorinated pool water. Ok so lockdown has saved the majority of us for the time being from sea salt and chlorinated pools 😩 but...

Here’s why we should:

You may have healthy hair almost all year round, but in the summertime, your hair may turn limp and lifeless. This tends to happen because the sun dries out your hair straws and the increased humidity makes your hair fall flat. Sweat and dust increase hair problems like dandruff and split ends. The worst case scenario is hair loss and thinning hair. Summers can be harsh on your scalp too – causing dryness and sunburns and at the moment we may still be only in May but we are having some PRETTY GOOD SUNSHINE! Some people believe that hair protects the scalp, but that’s actually unfortunately ladies thats not the case. In the end, dry scalp can damage your hair roots.

Here is how to protect your hair from sun damage in 7 steps;

1. Start Summer with a Fresh Haircut... ok a bit hard right now but as soon as we can open get your bums on seats ladies...

Whether you have long or short hair, the summer weather can make the ends of your hair dry and brittle and that’s certainly not a good look!

Summer is the ideal time to give yourself a new haircut or opt for regular trims that will keep your hair in good condition and reduce the risk of split ends.

SERENITY TIP:- Regular trims – every 2-4 weeks – can bring even the most damaged hair back to life! 😘🙌🏻

2. Care for Your Color, If you have color-treated hair, you need to take extra care of your hair during summer. Chemical treatments mixed with the burning summer sun can lead to color fading, maximum damage and hair dryness. Choose hair care products made especially for color-treated hair.

SERENITY TIP: If you want to change your hair color during the summer after lockdown, do it as soon as we open this way it’s a month before the sun hits hard, if the government still allows us to open in July that is. However, if you have recently colored your hair, try to avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight as much as possible as it may bleach your hair – Here a cool cap or bandana may come in VERY handy!

3. Use Conditioner, If the damage is already done and your hair has become damaged, dry and brittle, you can help restore some moisture y using a nourishing, quality conditioner. Get one that suits your hair type and texture. or my personal favourite home rescue as you all know is... COCONUT OIL!!! I’ve got natural curly frizzy hair so apart from the blessed coconut oil I also like to use One Spray and Pantene Intense Hair Masks which you can get from our local Superdrug BUT if you do have a few pennies going spare right now try and invest in Olaplex treatments, we use them in the salon and they are AMAZING!!!

SERENITY TIP:- If you are going for a swim in the pool or ocean 🤨hmmm dunno if that’s a bit insensitive of me to talk about right now, ooops sorry but just in case you are lucky enough... apply a thin layer of my beloved coconut oil or conditioner in your hair before jumping in to protect it. The silicones in the conditioner will keep chlorine and other chemicals away from your hair. I love my coconut oil and girls I only pick mine up from Home Bargains it’s not a mega expensive pot and I also use it in all my cooking and my daily beauty regime so it works out soooo cost effective.

4. Shampoo with Care, Shampooing your hair every day is not recommendable. A good rinse in cold or lukewarm water will do the trick on days where you don’t use shampoo. Honest look we’re not going anywhere who cares if we look like a sweaty Betty behind closed doors, this is defo going to help us swing it like a Pro in our after lockdown party and YOU KNOW IT!!! Glossy Hair Models we will be!!!

If your hair gets easily greasy and sweaty and you feel the need to shampoo every day, choose a mild shampoo. Focus on cleansing the scalp and not your hair. BUT JUST DONT GURLS NAHHH JUST LEAVE IT Chill out and relax 😘🙌🏻.

5. Beat the Heat, As your hair is already exposed to the heat of the sun, avoid tools like flat irons and blow dryers as much as you can during the summer. Go slow on the blow-dryer and, if needed, let your hair air-dry as much as possible.

If you must use your blow dryer, opt for the low or medium temperature setting and always remember to use heat protection like our fabulous Serenity favourite the One spray.

6. Tried an Overnight Hair Treatment?
Prepare your hair for summer by using an overnight hair treatment. All you need to do is apply a leave-in conditioner from roots to ends and wrap a towel around your hair – leave it in overnight and wake up in the morning with soft, smooth hair or crispy curly hair if you have frizzy hair like mine BUT DONT SWEAT IT it’s all good I just jump in the shower and simply rinse it out and dry as normal. My neighbours have seen me sporting a good few odd looks during the 8pm claps I’m telling you. The dried crispy curly hair mask one has been known to be one of my favs for the 8pm trend haha.

7. Meet Your New Summer BFF, The sun’s got the best of your hair and now it’s both greasy and oily, crying for a shampoo?

Don’t panic! Instead of washing your hair, go for a quality dry-shampoo! Home Bargains is a winner for me. It really does a great job soaking up excess oil without causing your scalp to produce even more. On top of this, it’ll save you loads of time in the morning. But be aware: It can be quite addictive 😉

Ok so remember if your staying home make use of closed doors downtime POSSIBLY NOT ON A THURSDAY BEFORE 8pm but ok let me share...

SERENITY Secret tips
There are lots of different, crazy and epic homemade ways to help your hair stay excellent during the summer season and of course lockdown, For example, you could try.

Vinegar as an extra treatment:
Rinse your hair in vinegar before you apply shampoo. This will make your hair appear cleaner and shinier and it’s a good way to treat dandruff as well. Go for organic apple cider vinegar. But if your anything like me oh jeez watch your eyes kills coz it’s a stinger for us buffs who daydream of normality whilst blasting out a bit of Whitney in the shower. No I can not sing but I’m a No1 artist in the shower 🤣💪🏻

Egg & Mayo to treat dry and damaged hair:
Eggs are rich in protein and can help to recover damaged hair. Mix ¼ cup of plain yogurt, ¼ cup of mayonnaise and 1 egg white and distribute it evenly in your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Defo don’t blast out Whitney classics like a pro on rinsing girls the end result isn’t great 🤢.

Well, how do you care for your hair in the summer? Feel free to share your tips below with me and all of our other bored ladies who read my helpful LONG 😴🥱essays to the end, and actually it’s giving us a good excuse to hide from the kids for 10 minutes as we are doing research arnt we girls haha. Arrrh well nothing else left in my brain to give you this morning after that apart from a little bid of far well, a keep safe y’all and a simple SERENITY MISS’s YOU ALL!!! 😘🌈💪🏻💓

Can’t wait to get our hands on you again... Roll on July 🙏🏻💓🌈 🙌🏻

Guys do yourselves a favour and enjoy the culinary delights off Bramley’s to you page, fabulous home made treats delivered straight to your door 😁🥰

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Not only am I desperately in need of my hair doing but so is my very fluffy fur baby 🐶. @shampoochesgrooming1 we are going to be so happy to see you haha 🙏🏻😁x


We are all ready to keep our salon safe for you ladies & gents 😁🌈🙌🏻

Hi you gorgeous lot just thought I would share Bramleys in Ormskirk fabulous takeaway afternoon tea deal with you all in case you might want one for a birthday or a special occasion or just a treat.

They are £12.50 delivered locally and there is a Prosecco option £15 or a chocolate option
£14 delivered. These will be carrying on for Bramleys after the lockdown as a lot of older people aren’t able to get out.😊. You can contact Christine on the Bramleys page or the website or call her direct to order on 01695578801. Enjoy 😁🌈###

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Can’t wait to see you all soon. 💋

Want to brow like a pro..... then go to Geraldine Edwards Serenity Salon Facebook profile and find our all what you need to know. I’m sharing all my Brow Specialists secrets ladies so this is definitely NOT TO BE MISSED!!! 💋#browgame #browgamestrong #hdbrowspecialist #laminationbrows #browspecialist #browtips #browhowto #sleekbrows #skills #sharingiscaring #wegotyou #staysafe #youcandothis #serenitysalon #churchwalksormskirk #ormskirk #wecareaboutyou


Ok ladies so by now your lockdown brows will have started to become a bit or yeh let’s not beat around the bush A LOT UNRULY. So let me help you. As you all know I’m a HD trained Brow Specialist so I adore slick angled brows as apposed to the new fluffy laminated brow looks of this year BUT as I specialise in both I’m going to give you a few trade secrets so you can get shaping like a pro!!!


Now the fun begins....


Step 1.

So your not reading forever I’ve cropped my face shape brow info in to easy pics for you to easily pick out and just read which one suits you.

Step 2.

Facial map your face to get your unique brow shape. Grab yourself a pencil or pen long enough to reach from your nose to your brows and check out my how to mapping pic.

Step 3.

No brow tint at home, no brow pencil or brow pallets.... NO PROBLEM!!! Eye shadow! Yes dark brown eyeshadow is my absolute go to when I’ve ran out of my brow products. It’s light and easy to use just be very light handed and use an angled brush. You can dot out your HD brow points using my facial map technique with the tip of your angled brush and a little eyeshadow powder on then simple start to join the points by lightly framing your brows. Start from the underneath of your brows then repeat above. Then lightly brush up in the middle of your brow to fill in. Hey presto you are a SLICK BROWED GODDESS!!!


Step 1.

You need to grab yourself PEARLS Soap or any translucent soap you can find seems to work best. Spoolie don’t have one... NO PROBLEM! Just wash an old mascara wand and hey presto you now have a spoolie 👌🏻


Wet your spoolie with water and then coat with the soap so it’s quite thick. I have a water spray on my makeup desk for ease.
Brush the soap through the brows in upwards motions so your hairs are kind of going straight up (it’ll look a bit strange!) Take a minute to do this and make sure there’s not loads of excess soap and the brows are looking neat.

Step 3.

Take your clean spoolie and neaten the brows and brush through, I go along the top and bring some of the hairs back down if they are a bit too wild.

Step 4.

Now grab your brow pomade. I buy mine from Superdrug. I find this works best for precision. I use my angled liner brush and then gradually add on the hairs in quick, small strokes. Layering is key, you want the hairs to look as real as possible.
Brow gel – optional if you have it. I like to finish with a layer of brow gel just to add a tiny bit more texture rather than the brows looking too flat to the skin but you don’t have to use this as the soap does fix them into place and believe me they WILL NOT MOVE!!!

Step 5.

Use a concealer or similar to blend and neaten under the brow. I use my trusty Benefit High Brow. This opens up the eye and gives a little more life and light to the brow but any concealer will do if you want to use one. This is how I’ve been trained so I’m stuck in my regimental ways but honest girls you don’t need to do this your still have great looking laminated brows without it.

AND THERE YOU GO GREAT LOOKING LOCKDOWN BROWS!!! notice I’ve not suggested tweezing... so here’s why, YOU CAN GET CARRIED AWAY AND OVER PLUCK!!! ✋ please for the love of god don’t do this just follow my brow steps above and then AND ONLY THEN will you be able to see what fluffy brow hairs need a little tweeze. These hairs will more than likely be resting underneath your new defined luscious sexy brows so carefully take a gooooooood look to see which way the hair is growing then get your tweezers as close to the growth as possible, keep your skin around it taught with one finger and simply grip the hair and pull to the side this will give you less watery eye moments that we all hate haha.

Ok ladies I hoped this has helped you and remember take your time it’s trial and error and you can always wash your face and start over. GOOD LUCK, KEEP SAFE AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON. Love, Geri x

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